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The Creation Building Blocks are a working level approach to creativity. They are a set of individual concepts and principles that seem to most influence or affect our creativity. The are needed in one way or another to become a conscious creator.

Using them requires little explanation or understanding as to how or why the building blocks exists the way they do or where they came from. In this regard, in many ways the provide a parallel approach to accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity to the approach used in the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines. They provide a way to address the infinity of creation/Creation and proverbially, eat an elephant. (More on ..... origins of the Creation Building Blocks)

As a set of building blocks, they can be used and assembled in the way we wish to use them. Several approach are provided in the discussion entitled the "Building Block Approach."

A list of the Creation Building Block topics with no explanation is provided in the file “Creation Building Block List

The topic “Creation Building Blocks” provided a short working summary of each building block. The building blocks can be used based as suggested in the Building Block Approach.

Both the “Creation Building Block List” and the “Creation Building Blocks” contain hyperlink to discussions on each of the individual building blocks.

The topic “Overview and integration of the Creation/creation building blocks” provides a discussion as to how one can see how the individual building blocks integrate with other building blocks and any overall creative efforts.

Areas of Applicability

The Creation Building Blocks accessed here can be used to guide us in any creative endeavor. They can are applicable to finding creative solutions, innovative ideas, or an alternative way of approaching any situation. They can be applied to living our life and/or respond to any given set of conditions we face in life. They are applicable to any or all areas or aspects of life - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, private, professional, social, individually and/or collectively within a group or organization to create whatever we desire.

Truth in labeling and up front full disclosure

Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or “up front" full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding and/or lack of appropriate information.

Relative to our creative endeavors and/or pursing the release of the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity, there are several topics that fall under truth in labeling and/or up front, full disclosure considerations. The most of important of which is that the use of the material provided here will change your life. How big a change depends on how you choose to use these concepts and principles and what you choose to create in, and with, your life. (More ... on truth in label and related issues)

Truth in labeling disclaimer

The understanding provided here can be used, and has been used, for health related issues. However, no claim is made about the effectiveness of this technology in managing and/or dealing with your health issues. The material provided here is based on a based on a different perspective than that found in the healing professions. It is based on a creativity perspective on health and the focus is quite different than a healing perspective.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is for your creative endeavors and creative needs. Most importantly it is for what your are willing to take direct responsibility for creating. As a creative tool, it can become a powerful ally for you if your creative endeavor is to create health. However, because of the "physics" of the creation process and how we create the experiences we do, even if our creative endeavor is to create health, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material should not be used as a substitute for, or in lieu of, any traditional and/or nontraditional healing modalities, counseling or therapy for your health needs. It can be used in conjunction with such healing practices and arts if your are willing to take responsibility for your health. That is, take responsibility for what you have, or are, creating in, and with, your life, including your health, or lack of it, whether or not you understand how you are creating it. (More... on creating health)

Why Free

There are a variety of reasons why the material on this site is provided free. In particular, we cannot give what we do not have. This material provided in hope that we may become a more conscious creator of the experiences we have and take full creative responsibility for our life. In that awareness we will then create the space for others to become and give the same. The creative guidelines accessible through this web site have been developed to help us to achieve this goal (More on .... why free)

The next step

The recommended next step is to look at the topic “Building Block Approach” and use the method most applicable to your creative needs and fits your preferred way.

Creative Building Block topics
Creation Building Block List
Creation Building Blocks
Building Block Approach
Origin of the creation building blocks
Overview and integration of the Creation/creation building blocks

Hyperlink links to any one of the individual building blocks are found in the topics “Creation Building Block List,” “Creation Building Blocks” and “Overview and integration of the Creation/creation building blocks."

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Discussion groups and forums

Many individuals have found this material stimulating and/or exciting. Some have requested conversations with other on these topics or desire to communicate with like minded individuals. To assist these individuals, discussion groups and forums brought to the author's attention have been, and will be placed, in the file "Discussion Groups and Forums on Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Topics" to help individuals make contact with each other.


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