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Creation is a ebb and flow of energy into and out of form. It is the unfoldment of a flow of energy within an environment which can sustain the flow and allow the flow to dissipate and return to the source/Source. For the creation to unfold, the flow of energy must be free to follow its natural course into and out of form within the environment in which it finds itself. The key here is to realize the energy is free to flow or not to flow. That freedom or lack of freedom determines the creation experienced by consciousness.

The essence of the creative/creation process to create an experience can be seen as entangling, entwining or otherwise binding the free flow of our creative spirit or energy, our ability to create, in a way that allows us to experience what we do the way we do.

We can use the combination of the model of the vibrating string and freezing water analogy  to help explain how this works. In the vibrating string model fixed beliefs causes the flow of our creative life energy to resonate in a particular way to cause a form to come into existence. In this regard, we can see creation/Creation as a flow of energy that gets “captured” and resonates by the beliefs we hold and what we desire to experience. The captured, resonating energy then create an illusionary form that we experience as Creation. In the freezing water analogy, the energy that resonates to form the illusionary form becomes fixed and frozen. It is now unable to flow into a new creation unless the beliefs which case the energy to resonate and become fixed are released or changed.

If we become emotionally attached to the experience we have and hold it in our memory, we keep some of our creative energy bound in that memory. It doesn’t matter if it is memory we enjoy and cherish or a traumatic event we wish to never repeat. Any emotionally charged memories cause some of our energy to be bound. In fact, any memory for which we have a positive or negative preference binds a portion of our creative life energy small as it may be. Although most of our emotionally charged memories then to be memories of unpleasant experiences, those that are overwhelming please can also bind our energy. Whenever we live our life in avoidance of or in preference to certain types and kinds of experience we are binding our creative life energy. We are not allowing ourselves to live the full range of our creative potential. Emotionally hold a memory robs us of the energy we need to create the next experience. Over a long period of time, more and more of our energy becomes bound. In many ways this is what death is all about.

Another way of looking at this is that holding cherished memories causes us to run toward certain types and kinds of experiences we perceive will allows us to repeat that past. Similarly, in holding traumatic experiences we run away from what we will perceive will be a repeat of the past. In either case, running toward or away from anything is at the expense of other experiences and limits what is possible.

Sometime an experience can be so painful to us that we suppress or literally lose a part of our creative spirit. That is, there is a part of our creative spirit that become totally unknown if not alien to us. In these cases some form of soul retrieval is necessary. That is, we need to go back and recover that part of our being that we left behind.

Whenever our creative energy within an aspect of our life becomes so bound so as to not have the free energy to something new, a death must occur. Hence, the ancient recommendation to learn to let go and flow with what is - to live in the “now” not bound by expectations of the future or the event of the past.

Now there is nothing wrong with binding our creative energy and holding it in a given form. That is how creation/Creation works. We just need to learn to dance. Dance between holding and letting go. We need to hold onto those beliefs and memories that serve the life we wish to live and let go of those that bind our energy and rob us of the energy we need to create that life worth living.

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