The ebb and flow of creation into and out of form


The basis of the creative process

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If we observe Creation, we can come to see all of creation/Creation is about an ebb and flow. The most basic creative/creation process is separation into some particular form of creation followed by recombination back into a wholeness. Creation results from the ebb and flow of energy into and out of form and gives rise to a duality of opposites that arises in any creation as a result of the observer - observed pair.

There is a localization of energy into what is perceived by consciousness as a form - a form as small as a thought or feeling, as expansive as a universe. Then there is the dissipation of the energy in that form back into a non localized energy. The process is never ending and on going. What causes the energy to localize in any given form is the environment in which it finds itself and the awareness or unawareness of consciousness associated with the process.

All is energy consciousness. For the consciousness to experience what it is, it must separate into consciousness, an observer, and energy or rather the manifested form of energy, the observed. This then give rise to the fundamental duality of Creation and the dance of duality. In order for consciousness to experience what it is there is the need to create an observer - observed pair and this occur at every level of being.

The observer is the awareness and witness of what is. The energy forms itself into whatever shape consciousness chooses to experience. The thinking process is a dualistic process where there is the separation of the observer, the one who is observing the thought, and the thought. All thoughts are energy and each thought is only one of an infinite number of particle forms the energy can take. It takes the form it does by how the observer, the mind, experiences and observes the energy creating the thought.

In this regard, the process is self feeding and self destroying. The environment gives rise to the way the energy localizes based on the thought of consciousness. That is, the way the energy takes a form as desired by consciousness. The environment through which the free flowing energy flows causes the energy to change its form. The environment causes the way the energy localizes and the amount of energy that can localized. In turn, the energy localization changes the environment. As the environment changes the energy localized changes. It is an never ending interconnected process. The environment and the creation are integrally linked.

As the environment changes, consciousness awakens and goes to sleep. When consciousness is aware and awake it too change the environment further stimulating the process. When consciousness is asleep the environment continues to change such that when consciousness awakens it may not remember itself because all the references to its past found in the environment have been changed. In this case, consciousness perceived itself as only coming into existence where in fact is has many cycles of awakening and going to sleep.

Thoughts bubble into and out of existence until a thought is held and persists. Then separation occurs. There is the thought and all that is not of that thought forms into an experience. If there is a desire of consciousness accompanying that thought, then energy is put into the though and the separation grows greater.

This inherent aspect of observer - observed duality also gives rise to the masculine and feminine aspects of being or the polarity that exist between the masculine and the feminine. All creation is dualistic because of the need to separate into an observer and the observed and similarly all creation is either a masculine or feminine act depending on where one stands in the creation of the duality. The masculine aspect of being is the choice of mind to observer and seek what it desires. As such it thrust itself into a particular manifestation by exercising its will.. Hence all thinking and mental acts are masculine and cause separation into the observer - observed pair.

The energy of energy consciousness becomes or rather assumes the feminine and forms itself into the shape that consciousness desires to observe. The energy holds, nurtures and sustains the creation and experience desired by consciousness. All actions which involved surrendering to the energy within ones being that sustains creation is the feminine aspect of creation and nurtures and supports the creation being made manifested. Additionally, it is the energy in its existing form which must be sacrificed. It must be sacrificed to become the fertile space for a new creation to be formed by consciousness in its desire to experience something different. In its desire it forms a new creation and a new observer - observed pair

What needs to be understood is that there is only oneness and there is separation. To say I am one moved from the oneness of being into the duality and separation of that which is I and that which is not I. To be in oneness, one must move to a space within ones being of I-less-ness, that is, to just be. Any thought of I is to become a masculine presence and trust oneself and what one believed into energy consciousness forcing the energy to assume the shape of what is I and what is not I.

As one holds the concept of I and I am... the energy of the universe resonates between those boundaries as a vibrating string vibrates between two fixed points causes and shape to come into existence. The longer we hold the thought, the more solid the shape. Any movement to step out of I and surrender to what exists exactly as it exists is a feminine act and one that sustains and nurtures creation. For Consciousness to awaken to the realization that I am also causes the movement of energy into a form where I am exist and is separate from I am not. That process sets up a separation and the tension for I am to desire and long for what it is not. It longs for I am not if for no other reason that to experience what it is not to better define what it is. The creation process then utilizes the opposite poles of this polarity or duality to energize a creation and this polarity arises because of a separation which has occurred.

Creation, all creations, come from the duality and separation of this observer - observed pair. Any new creation comes from this observer-observed pair recombining and annihilating each other to allow the energy consciousness to dissolves any existing form and become nothingness, a no-thing-ness, to reform itself into a new creation. All creations require the merging of two existing forms into a oneness only to be reborn into a new creation. We see this played out physically when a male and female life form come together to mate and a sperm and an egg or the pollen and the stigma unite to disappear and from a new creation. However, a similar process occurs at every level of being. The masculine aspect need to be joined to the feminine aspect to create a new creations. The masculine act that created the observer-observed pair and the feminine act which sustains and nurtures the observer-observed pair must reunited and combined into a nothingness to from a new creation.

Creation is multidimensional and infinitely dimensional. In any one moment there are an infinite number of ebb and flows with varying amounts of energy and at various points in the process. They are all overlaid to give rise to creation. In addition any one creation is also infinitely dimensional. As such, within any one creation there can exist an infinite number of ebb and flows within it.

As a human, we are being of infinite dimensions which came into existence by the creation of an observer - observed pair at each of these infinite levels. We can transform ourselves into completely new being by allowing each of these infinite dimensions to recombine into a nothingness and creating an new creation from this nothingness.

We do this all the time but we do it subconsciously. Creative awareness and conscious creating is about bringing these processes into consciousness and knowingly choosing how we wish to manifest our reality rather than doing it at a subconscious level. What you will find is that when in physical form as a human, we can create any reality and any experience we wish but there is only one requirement. The requirement is that what we create we do it and experience it in a human body for that one of the major reasons we incarnated - to have the experience of being physical.

The tension set up between the duality of the observer - observed pair act like the poles of a battery. If acted upon an energy is allowed to flow between them. The greater the tension, the greater the flow of energy and the greater the creation that will occur. We can feel this tension and the flow of energy within our being. If we deny the tension and or suppress it in some way, we keep the energy bound in a fixed form and reduce the amount of energy available to create something new. The importance of desire in the creative/creation process is that desire is part of the raw material of creation/Creation. It is what creates the tension and if we curtail our desire in any way, we are impacting what we can create. We do not need to try and rid our selves of desire. Rather, it is essential to understand our desires and what they are really causing to happen in our life.

The typically opposing poles are called the masculine and feminine. They can also be called good and evil, positive and negative, acidic and basic, higher and lower, right and wrong, and many other pairs of opposites we can choose from. Yet we cannot distinguish which is masculine and which is feminine until the masculine acts for the terms masculine and feminine really refer to the act of creation and not the poles of the polarity. Either pole can become the masculine. On this note, although the terms masculine and feminine can be related to the body when it come to the act of sexuality for the male thrusts into the feminine, they do not necessarily have anything to do with being male and female as in the male and female body.

For a creation to occur these opposite polarities need to come together. The masculine and feminine must join and merge into a the new creation for they are what supplies the energy. In much the same way as an electron and positively ionized atom come together releasing energy in a chemical reaction, so too with Creation. The energy of the combining frees the energy to manifest the new creation or at least creates the seed condition for that new creation to grow. This process can be observed to occur at every level of being and will occur at every level of being. The deeper the longing, that is, the greater the separation, and the more levels of being that encompass the longing the greater the energy release when the two parts combine.

What is important for each of us to realize is that Creation is multilayered. We, as individual humans, are an ongoing creative process, a creative living process, within layers of on going processes - layers above us and layers below us. Physical Creation lies within a larger Creation. The Earth lies within Physical Creation. We reside on Earth. Within us are multiple processes. Within us are organs and within organs are cell, each within their own creative process. We are influenced by the layers above us and below us as we influence them. Yet all these layers, including ourselves, arise from the same source of energy. Only in developing discernment and becoming mindful and aware as a detached witness can we being to see what is really influencing and controlling our life and where our true creative power lies. The question becomes, What processes of which we are a part can help us to create that life worth living and what processes within us are creating the greatest influence in creating or not creating that life worth living? One of our goals in life is to discern those process and follow their path to create that life worth living.

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