Energy generation in the creative/creation process


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Energy generation in the creative/creation process
Energy generation is about change
Energy generation
Enter consciousness and energy consciousness
The energy for creation
The source of energy for creation
Calling forth the energy for creation
Energy generation process
An initial quantity of energy
Experiencing the energy generation - an experience of chaos
Calmness in the chaos of the creation process
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From the creative/creation process the third step in the creation process is stated as: energy generation [annihilation - union or coming together of essential components - sacrifice - single point focus - Cauldron of Creation - masculine and feminine joining - rainmaker - chaos - establishing internal harmony - forgetting and becoming lost].

For any creation to manifest, there needs to be a flow of energy which both creates and animates the creation. The third step in the creative/creation process is about the generation of this energy. What needs to be understood about this step is that it may occur once in the life of the creation, it may continue for the entire creation, or there may be periodic spurts of energy generation. For example, the creation of a single note of music requires an initial energy generation to create the note. The creation of a song or melody requires many different individually created notes strung together in a continuous stream. To create a song, there is a continual generation of energy throughout the entire life of the creation. To create a symphony, some instruments play almost continuously where as others have spurts of performance, coming and going as needed.

Energy generation is about change (Top)

To understand the generation of energy for a creative endeavor we undertake, it needs to be understood that creation starts from where we are now. All of the energy that we need to access to create what we desire is either in an existing form or flowing into a given creation. To create something new, something which currently exists must be changed. Understanding energy generation is about understanding the types and kinds of internal and external changes that will accompany our creative endeavor. Exactly what type and kind of change we will experience and how we experience the need for a sacrifice for our creation will depend on what we desire to create.

We rarely understand the magnitude of the change that accompanies our creative endeavor for the human being is a creativity machine functioning within an ever changing existing creation. The human being is always creating. Since we are immersed in the process of creation/Creation we never realize that many of the changes we experience in life are self generated through our own creative efforts. We take change for granted. There is an old proverbial saying that the only guarantees in life are change and death. We expect change yet there are things we hold onto and try to keep from changing. We do not understand from where the change comes and we think we can prevent the change from occurring.

Key to becoming a conscious creator is to begin to understand from where the change comes in our life. It is to being to understand and discern which flows of energy that we experience in change are the result of what we ourselves generate. We need to distinguish self generated flows of energy from the flows of energy that lies outside our power to control. In learning what we have generated we can begin to explore the reasons why and how we might change those flows of energy into something that better serves us and creates a life worth living. For those flows of energy which lie outside our power to control we can learn to see where they are flowing and adjust our lives accordingly to access that energy, avoid that energy or simply to flow with it.

Although it may not have been observed, the previous two steps in the creative/creation process, Conceptual Formation and Creating the Space for Creation, were about changing the exist form we experience in our life. Conceptual Formation was about arranging our inner world to what we desire to create. Creating the Space for Creation was about moving internally and externally to find the space to create the what we desire. Energy generation is about making the changes that allow for the energy to flow to manifest what we desire to experience based on the first two steps.

Although three steps are presented, in reality what occurs in these steps often occurs simultaneously and they are more of an iterative process than a single one time action. For example, as we explore our thinking to get greater clarity in our intention, we are actually creating a space within ourselves to manifest that intention. As we see what is possible, we may find ourselves becoming more and more excited as to what we can accomplish. That excitement then drives a deeper look at possibilities and we being to actively see how we can manifest what we desire externally. We being to look at options available in the external world. In essence, we are creating the space to manifest our intention.

Energy generation  (Top)

Energy is defined as the capacity or ability to produce and effect or the ability to do work and there are various forms of energy. The two most basic forms are kinetic energy and potential energy. Kinetic energy is energy in motion and potential energy is energy stored in some way. Depending on how the energy is in motion we can further define energy in motion by the type of motions such as rotational energy or radiant energy. Similarly, we can further describe potential energy by where it is stored such as chemical energy, gravitational energy, nuclear energy and the like. What is important for our discussion on creativity and physics is Creation is the dance between the forms which energy takes.

From a creativity perspective the first thing to understanding about energy generation is that energy is not physical. It is not physical in the sense that we can hold it. A form of energy gives rise to the physical but the energy itself is not physical. Rather, one form of energy is physical. We can often feel it if we have the means to sense it. We can work with its effects. We can transfer it from one object to another. We can store it to some degree. But we can’t hold onto it as we would a piece of mass. Yet, mass is energy. In holding mass, we hold energy. But the energy we can hold must be converted to another form of energy before it can be used to give us the ability to produce an effect. Energy that is held in form is rendered unavailable to energize our creativity or creative actions.

Energy is what gives rise to the physical. Our experiences of the physical world give us the impression is that energy is of the physical world and some other material exist in the unseen world. We access energy sources, like oil, coal, gas, sunlight and the like and use it to power motors and machines to do work for us. We use it to make things happen. So we think energy is of the physical world and something that is physical. However, energy is of the unseen world and something else exists in the physical. What exists in the physical is the experience of energy.  It particular it is the experience of energy localizing into a given form. 

The important point here is to understand that energy, or rather a flow of energy, is what gives rise to creation/Creation. Technically creation/Creation is not energy. Creation/creation is the experience of the flow or movement of energy.  The contrast of what is fixed and what flows is what gives rise to the form of creation/Creation we experience. Without a flow of energy there is no movement. Without movement thee is nothing to observe or experience. As such, as we adjust and/or change the flow of energy, we experience a different creation/Creation.

Physically, we generate a flow of energy by moving or changing the positions objects with mass relative to one another in a way that a flow of energy is generated. We say we move an object form greater potential energy to one of less potential energy. In the process of that movement we generate a flow of energy to create or do something. For example, objects fall down. The object falls from greater potential to less potential. We can harness the energy in that fall as we do in the power obtained from hydroelectric dam as the water flows down a mountain to the sea. We rearrange the atoms of chemical fuels like that of hydrogen and oxygen to create water and energy. Our bodies rearrange molecules to generate the energy of life. We rearrange the nuclear structure of Uranium and Plutonium with neutrons and create nuclear energy which can be transformed into electrical energy.

In the physical world, we rearrange the objects of physical creation to release the energy stored in the arrangement of the atoms and nucleons and in the gravitational force between objects with mass. In time it would appear all the energy of physical Creation will be released and dissipated such that physical Creation will cease movement.

Enter consciousness and energy consciousness  (Top)

Within an existing creation, energy is neither created or destroyed. It is only transformed. Within the creativity perspective and energy consciousness model perspective, all that energy that is dissipated in physical creation still exists as potential accessible through, or by, consciousness. Consciousness by how it focuses it attention and awareness can “concentrate” energy. Or, alternatively said, consciousness causes the energy to localize into a particular from or flow. Consciousness can  seemingly create something out of nothing. Yet, all it is doing is transforming energy from one form to another. Consciousness transforms the potential of energy within energy consciousness into a form of energy it can then use to make something happen. The form of energy that consciousness uses is thought energy or the energy within, or giving rise to, thoughts.

In this regard, the human being is a creativity machine and an energy transfer device that allows consciousness to easily and readily translate or transform thought energy into a physical manifestation. As experienced by humans, consciousness creates thoughts. It then uses the body to amplify that thought energy and convert that thought energy into action through the mechanical and chemical processes. Consciousness then uses the body’s actions to rearrange the world in which it finds itself to create what it desires.

What need to be realized is that although thoughts are massless, they are nevertheless things. Just as we can rearrange things in the external physical world to generate energy, we can rearrange our thoughts to generate the energy and passion to create and to generate a creative passion. As we rearrange our thoughts we change the focus of our attention and awareness. That, in turn, shifts where we direct our creative life energy which lies at the essence of our creative ability and creative power.

The energy for creation (Top)

Physical Creation runs extremely well in a relatively automatic way based on the physical laws and rules of Physical Creation. Only in the past few hundred years has humanity really begun to understand and tap into these laws and rules and use them creatively. But anything created by a human arises from a single thought within a human and that human having the passion and energy to act on that thought.

All creative endeavor, no matter how big or how small, arise from a feeling within our being to act to create. Generating the energy for creation is about feeling and having a feeling that generate the energy and passion within our own being to create what we desire. We can have a very clear idea of what we would like to create, but unless we have the energy, passion and motivation to act, nothing will come from that clarity of our idea or the desire we have to manifest that idea. Something must energize and call us forth to act. What calls us forth to act, what stimulates us to become passionate enough to create, can come from an internal or external source.

The source of energy for creation (Top)

Creativity, there is only one source/Source of energy for creation/Creation. Energy is energy no matter where we find it and use it. It all comes from the same source/Source. It all is just the ability or capacity to produce an effect. We are never removed from the source/Source for we are the energy of the source/Source manifesting. However as a human, there is an illusion and it appears there is an internal source of energy and external sources of energy. Yet, in reality, there is only the source/Source.

Internally, our power and ability to create arises from the feelings and passion we have to act to make something happen. Externally, we tap into the energy stored wood, oil, coal, the radiation from the sun, the nuclear structure of atoms, the arrangement of objects in the gravitational field of earth and a variety of other external sources. For most practical application, and as reflected in most of our experiences, internal energy is separate and unrelated to external energy. However, they are connected and their connection becomes very important if we wish to explore and understand the depth and breadth of our unlimited creative power and ability. The web site Creativity Physics and the topic introduced in “The physics of the creative/creation process” provide the discussion to understand this connect and how to use it. The focus here is access the internal source/Source of energy to give us the passion to create and act in the world to create what we desire.

The source/Source for our creativity lies in the feelings we have to act and there are two way to access feelings. One way is to access the internal energy for creation is to have it called forth by something external to the essence of our being. The other way to access the internal energy is to have it arise from within our being such that it pushes or forces us to act. Whether the energy to create is called forth from something external to us or it is allowed to arise from within our being, in either case our mind stands at the door way.

Our mind, and what we think and believe is actually external to the essence of our being. It is not who and what we are. It is only a lens or filter we use to experience creation/Creation. How and what we think and believe determines if our creative life energy is free or not free to flow into any idea we may hold. Sometimes nothing blocks the free flow of our energy and we are totally free to express ourselves. At other times, our mind prevents the free flow of our energy and it must be called forth from something external to us, we must rearrange our thinking to allow it to flow or it simply remains imprisoned with the cage of our own making by how and what we think.

Energy generation is about arranging our beliefs and thinking to cause the feeling to arise within our being that can give us the passion and energy to create what we desire. It is to rearrange our beliefs and thinking to create a creative passion.

Calling forth the energy for creation (Top)

In understanding it is our feelings that we access which gives rise energy and passion to create, we need to explore what allows us to feel and become excited about what we desire to create. Most of our creative endeavors are done subconsciously in that the passion and energy to act to create something arise without our conscious awareness. Whether we are excited from something arising from within our being or there is something external to us that excites us, we are not necessarily aware of what is causing the excitement. The Energy Generation step is to be aware and consciously arrange the circumstances that allows the energy and passion to create to arise within our being.

One way is to rearrange the existing materials of creation/Creation in a way that catalyzes us to act to create what we desire to create. This means that we look for that job, cause, person or other external focus, our muse in one form or another, that allows us to become excited, passionate or at least have strong feeling for creating. Part of the Creating the Space Step is to find that external world that allows to become excited. When we find that world, whether in the form of a job, person or cause, we jump into it allowing ourselves to be totally consumed by it and in essence annihilating a part of our life to give to what externally excites us.

The other way to find the passion to create is to look within and see what is really worth creating and allows us to create a life worth living. Here we look at what we think and believe to see what allows us to become passionate about what we desire to create. Then when we understand what is motivating us allow ourselves to be totally consumed by it and again, allow a part of our life to be annihilated and given to what we believe.

Ideally, we have idea that we explore in the Conceptual Formation Step that we think is worth creating. We then look to see how we can create it and where. We look both internally and externally to see what we need to do to obtain the space that will allow us to create what we desire. When we have the idea, and understand what we need to do create it, we then need to allow ourselves to become excited and passionate about creating it. Hopefully we both align what we thing and believe with something that directs us externally to create what we desire.

Often we are excited internally about creating something but cannot find something externally that calls us forth to create. There is no one who supports our effort or is interested in what we have to offer. There is nothing to ground our energy and allow it to flow into manifestation. Similarly, we find talents and ability to do something externally and the opportunities are there to manifest many creative ideas we may have. Unfortunately we find there is no passion or feeling inside us to do.

It is at these times, we will need to create something from nothing. If there is nothing external to us that calls forth our excitement, we will have to create it. Similarly, if we cannot find the excitement within to capitalize on the opportunities that may present themselves, we will have to create it.

The optimum way to create something is to look at two things. One is look at what allows us to feel the fulness of being and/or creates a fulness of life within our being. Anything that falls into this category of endeavors will ensure the internal excitement that comes from within and is not dependent on what occurs externally. The second thing is to look at what we think and believe that does not allow us to do what optimizes that fulness of being and/or creates a fulness of life within our being. Often we find things in life that truly excite us at the depth of our being but we fail to do what truly excites us because of some judgement our mind holds about what excites us. If we deny what excites us, we will be denying the very flow of energy we need to create. The more we can live in an internal excitement, the greater creative power and ability we will access.

Whether done in the conscious or unconscious mind, we rearrange the elements of creation to release energy to create what we desire. The goal of the Energy Generation Step is to bring into our conscious awareness the subconscious aspects of our being that allow us to get excited about what we desire to create. It that awareness we can then look to see how to rearrange both our internal and external world to excite ourselves even more to have the passion to create.

In many ways it will appear will are creating of something from “no-thing-ness.” It appears we are creating energy and passion where there was none before. In reality we are not creating something from nothing. Rather we are just rearranging that which exists as potential into an actual manifestation. It is not really different that taking the potential energy source in any physical fuel such as oil, coal, gas and the like and extracting the energy. The only difference here is we access the energy that lies as a potential accessible for release within our own energy consciousness and how we have structured our belief system to allow or not allow our passion to flow.

What does need to be understood is that the existing seen and unseen world, including what we think and believe, is what is determining how much energy resides in the realm of pure potentiality of energy consciousness and that which is manifested as Creation. To access and change the amount of energy that exists in manifested physical Creation, that is accessing the pure potentiality, requires physical Creation to change in some way. We are part of physical Creation. We are the conduit for accessing the potential that lies in energy consciousness. We in someway will need to change to be that conduit to carry a greater flow of energy if we wish the potential of what is possible to be accessed. If we are not willing to accompany and become the associated changes then we will not be able to access the pure potentiality. As such, the energy generation step is all about changing ourselves and our environment as described within such concepts as annihilation - union or coming together of essential components - sacrifice - single point focus - Cauldron of Creation - masculine and feminine joining - rainmaker - chaos.

Energy generation process (Top)

Although we may not be aware of exactly what we do when we rearrange what we think and believe, but in reality we uniting complements joining the masculine and feminine aspects for it is the tension which gives rise to the energy for creation results from the separation of the masculine and feminine. Their joining, in turn, is accompanied by the annihilation of an inner and outer forms analogous to the annihilation of opposites as in a particle and antiparticle coming to release the energy for a new creation.

As used here the word annihilated can be seen in one of two ways depending on whether we see creation as a rearranging of existing forms or the creation arising out of a “no-thing-ness.” Annihilation seen as rearranging existing forms means that each opposite or complement is consumed, eaten and digested in some way to either supply the energy for the new creation or assimilated into the new creation much the was we use food in our bodies. Annihilation for creations arising out of a “no-thing-ness” is seen as the opposites or complements coming together and dissolving into a “no-thing-ness” or returning to a state of free and unbounded energy to be available for a new creation.

At first glance there appears to be three ways for the energy of creation to be generated. One is to rearrange our inner world to create passion to create. In this case it is much like the way a rocket carries it own energy. We draw the energy to create from within ourselves and do not depend on outside sources. This first way to create gives rise to the of ego no matter how noble or profound what we desire to create is for it is based on what the “I wants and desires.” The second is to access the energy and passion to create from an focus outside ourselves. We draw from our environment in some way what we need to instill a passion which grow and unfold our creation. This gives rise to the concept of the muse and the need for our creative energy to be somehow grounded or focused externally. To generation the energy for creation/Creation using either of these two ways is to experience separation form the source/Source of creation/Creation. Each of these ways will cause us to experience ourselves as somehow incomplete.

The third way is to realize the inner and outer are connected. It is to allow an annihilation between aspects of the inner and outer world such that they are transformed to become part of the new creation. This third way is to realize the inner and outer are not separated and the creation and its environment are integrally linked to each other. It is here the true oneness of creation/Creation is experienced. It is here we have the possibility of stepping into the true depth and breadth of our creative power. It is here we find the wholeness. Here we find we are never removed from the source/Source of creation/Creation and experience a wholeness and completeness within our being. Here the ego is shattered and although the muse and/or a ground point or focus will probably still exist, one does not see themselves separate form what lies outside themselves and what calls forth their creative energy and creative passion.

Although we may think we can rearrange our inner world and our outer world independently of each other, ultimately they are connected. Although we may not be aware of it, for every internal change there will be corresponding outer changes We cannot make inner changes without affecting how we respond to the world. Similarly for every external change there will be inner changes. As the external world changes it causes us to respond in a different way. The real question is, “Do we allow our inner changes drive the external world we experience, do we allow the external world to determine what we experience in our inner world, or do we realize the inner and outer are connected realizing our outer world is only giving us the experiences we desire at some level of our being in our inner world?”

Within the creativity perspective, the focus is on understanding the connection between the inner and the outer. It doesn’t matter if we become a light unto ourselves or we a catalyzed by a muse or the search for the beloved/Beloved. It is recommended energy generation be done in the awareness the inner and outer are connected.. Even if we are a light unto ourselves, we still need a focus external for our actions. Similar, although we may be catalyzed by a muse or seek the beloved/Beloved, all we are really doing is accessing a part within ourselves reflected in the muse or we seek within ourselves what we see in the beloved/Beloved.

The easiest way to see how this interconnection works and how energy is released in annihilation of an inner and outer form is the reverse of the pair production phenomenon using the paper cut out analogy found in the topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors,” The energy for creation ultimately arises from the annihilation of the inner and it corresponding outer.

The pair production phenomenon provides us an analogy to see how something (mass) is created out of nothing (energy with no rest mass). The production of the particle and antiparticle that arises our of the pair production phenomenon also provides an analogy through the paper cutout of seeing how our inner world of consciousness can be reflected to manifest in form in the outer world of energy. As such, the reverse of the pair production phenomenon, the annihilation of particles, allows us to see how our inner world and outer world can merge to create the necessary energy to form the new creation.

In the creative/creation process part, if not all of the parts, are annihilated and return to a state of “no-thing-ness” from which a new creation, a new from can arise. The energy released in the annihilation become the creation. The Creation you and I experience is a weave of an infinite number of parts and many times removed form the specific aspect of consciousness which separates itself and returns to a wholeness through annihilation. As such, we do not see the complete annihilation of things that interact to form new creation unless we pay close attention to what changes internally and externally as we move through a creative endeavor. Further discussion on annihilation of the inner and the outer is provided in the topic “Annihilation of inner and outer component parts.”

An initial quantity of energy (Top)

One important note needs to be made here about the energy generation for a creation. Energy generation is about the arrangement and movement of objects in relationship to each other. What this means is that each creation unfolds with a given initial amount of energy which flows toward some ground point where it is dissipated. When the flow is dissipated, the experience of the creation ends. If you wish to use the rain-river analogy for creation, the initial amount of energy is determined by the height of the mountains on which the rain falls.

To sustain a creation, there will have to be some arrangement of objects that allow for a continued generation of energy. Relative to the masculine and feminine joining this means that the masculine will have to continually be focused on the feminine and yet never be able to fully merge with it. If they merge, there would be an annihilation and that aspect of the masculine and feminine pair would be gone. However, if the masculine and feminine continued to dance with each other and never fully coming together, there will be a seemingly endless supply of energy generated. However, other parts of the environment would have to be transformed to allow the particular masculine and feminine pair to continue their dance. In this case the arrangement in the environment would be supplying the initial quantity of energy.

Experiencing the energy generation - an experience of chaos (Top)

Creative process takes us into the unknown. The creation process creates new experiences that have not been previously experienced, mind and its current thinking and beliefs will be of limited usefulness. The realization and experience of this energy being released is chaos. It is the dissolution of the old form into the new. As such the transformation process and the accompanying annihilations appears to mind to be vary chaotic, unpredictable and unknown. Within the creative process, and hence in any creative endeavor, there is a chaos as aspects of the past are dismantled and/or destroyed to make room for the new creation to unfold. This chaos and destruction is inherent to the creative process and will occur to one degree or another, in one form or another.

Additionally, Creation occurs at many different levels simultaneously. At each and every level the existing creation must dissolve back into its component parts only to be recast into a new form. As beings of infinite dimensions, there will always be a part of ourselves dissolving and being recast. If we are creating, there will always be aspects of our life that are chaotic and seemingly in turmoil. There is nothing wrong with this. It is part of the process. Chaos is part of the creative process and will always exist to some extent. The chaos of this creativity can occur inside yourself, external to you or both inside and external to you depending on what it is you are trying to creating. So you can expect to chaos to enter that area of your life or you actions that are truly creative.

Overlay this chaos, the multidimensional aspects of Creation, and accompanying destructions with the unknown all of one’s worst fears can be projected into, or onto, the creative endeavor. The transition from new to old always has this element of chaos and any chaotic situation always brings a certain level of anxiety if not outright fear. The anxiety of creation in this chaotic period will always fuel the anxiety of the unknown. It takes courage and strength of will to hold to an intention and to not doubt when mind has no way to fully understand what is happening.

It is what occurs in the Cauldron of Creation as we feel the heat requires to dissolve the existing bonds and attachments. This stripping away can be experienced as a dark night of the soul. Yet, as this bound creative energy is released and enthuses our body we may literally feel a heat or warmth and/or experienced as euphoric feeling described as the Kundalini or Kundalini rising. There is an extremely good chance you will feel extremely sexual and a sexuality you have never felt before in the flow of your creative life energy as it breaks free of the past confinements created by the mind. Because there is such heat and seeming fire in this reformation process calling what we experience as the Cauldron of Creation is the most appropriate analogy.

The particular thought that we need to carry with us from this discussion is that chaos and the feeling of chaos will be present in every creative endeavor. It is natural and inherent in the process. If we can’t feel the chaos in some way within our physical being we have probably sufficiently numbed our feelings or we have denied our feelings in some way. But it is our feeling were our creative power lies.

Calmness in the chaos of the creation process (Top)

Since we are multidimensional being and the creative/creation process is occurring on all of these levels at different rates and at different points in the process, there are periods if not a general feeling of anxiety that comes from the chaos of the energy generation. If we have not numbed what we feel there is always something we can feel anxious about and something to feel joyful about. Many desire a feeling of calmness so they seek a way maintain such a state of being.

In the creative process there are four places where a calm and stillness can be seen to exist. Only one of these four places is enduring. As discussed in the topic, “Dance of creation/Creation,” the creative/creation process itself is and outflow of energy into separate arising from desire and reuniting and flowing back into a wholeness as the desire is satisfied. One place of stillness is at the moment before a creation emerges. That is all has dissolved and the has not yet begun to form. But this calmness and quiet is somewhat of an illusion because one is not observing the complete process. It is only a moment and this moment is better described as a turning point where the inward flow of energy to dissolution of the existing form has stopped and the now form for the new creation has not yet begun to form.

The second place of stillness is where there is no energy to create. Either all the energy is fixed in a given form or all the energy has been some how removed and become bound. Here there is no creation for all is frozen and the consciousness has gone to sleep. If it were to awaken, simply the focus of awakening would cause energy to flow. As a conscious awareness, we can never experience this state of perfect stillness where there is no flow of energy for consciousness is a flow of energy which has awaken to existing. It may not be aware of its own existence, but it nevertheless is aware of existing.

The third is actually a combination of the first two. This third place is a consciously created state of a place of no-thing-ness where consciousness removes the energy to intentionally hold a stillness. This place of calmness actually the space or the empty container in which a new creation can form. Many esoteric traditions recommends one focuses their attention and awareness to create a calm state of “nothingness” within one’s being like a calm, ripple less pool of water or the space between thoughts. It is to focus on that space before the new creation unfold From a creative perspective, the most profound way to view this state is to understanding that silence and nothingness does not mean nothing is happening, it only means you are not focusing on the whole creative process and in some way denying or discarding the larger process that is occurring.

The fourth place of calmness in the chaos is to become a detached witness. It is to watch the annihilation process of which we are apart standing outside the process. Here one views the creation which is occurring in their life much like the analogy of the paper cutout. Although they are within the creative process and capable of feeling what is occurring, they know any creation arises from the material of creation to produce the object and a hole. That is, any creation arises from the fabric of creation to create particle and a hole. If we view form either the hole or the object, we will experience chaos as part of the whole is dissolved to form a new creation. However, if we take the perspective to look at both the hole and the object as one, we can always in a place of calmness for we stand outside the chaos. We stand outside of that which is forming and recombining. Our mind may panic and feel frightened at the prospect of the internal changes it is experience or the external change it see occurring, or we may feel some anxiety at the destruction which is occurring, we can nevertheless find great solitude in the realization what we experience is only consciousness at play with itself and we need not be pulled into the drama. This awareness can help create an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world. It is this awareness which allows one to freely surrender to what is occurring and flow with the events as they unfold for they see the creation process for what it is.

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annihilation - union or coming together of essential components - sacrifice - single point focus, Cauldron of Creation - masculine and feminine joining - rainmaker - chaos - establishing internal harmony - forgetting and becoming lost

(Top): Annihilation arise from the fact that our inner world is reflected in our outer world. Each change we make internally is somehow reflected externally. When ever we make an inner change there is an outer change that will follow. Similar if an outer change is occurring there will be accompanying inner changes. Although most of the annihilation process occur at a subconscious level, we can learn to focus our attention and awareness on any inner or outer change to know what is happening and why.

Union or coming together of essential components
(Top): Creation is the experience of a flow of energy into and out of form. As discussed in the topic, “Dance of creation/Creation,” a separation arises as a result of our desire and a flow of energy is created as a result of the tension of the separation moving outward to close that separation. This closure is experienced as the masculine or feminine attraction for the other. Consequently, every creative act is a experience of sexuality. In the masculine connecting with the feminine as the poles of a battery, there is an annihilation which occurs and a flow of energy is created that gives rise to a new creation.

(Top): There is always a sacrifice in creation. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. All the energy of Creation is either in a existing form or flowing into some new form. To create something new, some of the existing form or existing flow of energy must be sacrifice for the new creation. The existing form of energy can be seen as dissolving in the Cauldron of /creationCreation

Single point focus
(Top): When the existing form is dissolved to release the energy into a new creation there is a fluidity in what can be created. All possibilities exist in that moment. The form that is created depend on the focus of our attention and awareness. Holding a single point focus allows the energy that is released to flow into the creation we desire and not be scattered and fragmented by competing internal influences and external influences.

Cauldron of Creation
(Top): The Cauldron of creation/Creation refers to the part of the creative/creation process where the existing creation is dissolved and the energy freed to form a new creation. The experience of the dissolving of the existing creation can be experience as a “heating up” process or fire such as the fire seen in the phoenix experience. If some ways you can say it is the sacrifice of creation put on the fire to be burned. If we are unwilling to let go and allow the changes required by the creative effort to occur we can experience a dark night of the soul. If we surrender and allow the changes to occur, we can experience a release and free flow of energy described by many as a kundalini experience.

Masculine and feminine joining
(Top): The joining the masculine and feminine aspects of creation/Creation is what supplies the energy for creation/Creation. In many ways the masculine and feminine joining is like joining the terminals of a battery. When the poles are connected an energy flows. In the creative/creation process, a tension is created between consciousness and what the desire it created in the Conceptual Formation Step. Seeking to Create the Space is the masculine thrusting out to join with the feminine to fulfill that desire. The masculine looks for the suitable space and way to manifest the desire. In creating such a space and the correct environmental conditions, the masculine is connect to the feminine aspect of being and a flow of energy results. That flow of energy unfolds into manifesting an experience of the desired creation.

(Top): The rainmaker is not always present in a creative endeavor. When the mature nurturing feminine creative energy is available, the rainmaker is usually unnecessary. In many ways, the creation rainmaker supplements and complements the feminine presence to bring it up to a level of the mature nurturing feminine creative energy. When they are present, they do two things. One is they help to create the safe and secure space for the free flow of the creative energy and for the individual’s creative spirit to freely express itself in the way it needs to be expressed. The other is they hold the individual accountable to the intention they created. It is very easy to become distracted in a creative effort and/or to try to escape the anxiety of creation experienced during the transit through the chaos of the Cauldron of Creation. The rainmaker help’s to keep the individual focused especially if the individual faces a dark night of the soul as the individual’s current world is stripped away. In essence, the rainmaker is capable of becoming more feminine that the individual’s inner feminine to nurture what lies in the individual’s heart. Similarly, they are capable of becoming more masculine that the individual’s inner masculine to hold the individual accountable to their truth so as not to become distracted by the mundane of the world and/or the enculturation of mind.

(Top): Since energy can neither be created or destroyed some of the existing world must be destroyed and sacrificed to both free the energy and create the space for the new creation. The destruction of parts of the existing world is experienced as chaos. Chaos in the creative/creation process is inescapable. Although it may be experiences as an anxiety of creation one can become a detached witness to remain in a place of calmness during the creative/creation process.

Establishing internal harmony
(Top): To create anything we desire it is essential that we have both clarity of intent and single point focus for our activities. Internal harmony is having all aspects of our being align with what we desire to create to help create that single point focus. When we undergo the creative/creation process it provides an unparalleled opportunity to create an internal harmony. It is done in the easiest way possible through a clarity of intention established in the Conceptual Formation Step and carried as a single point focus throughout the creative/creation process especially into and during the energy generation phase. Clarity of intention carried into the Energy Generation step help us to create and “solidify” that single point focus of our creative endeavors.

Forgetting and becoming lost
(Top): An important part of the creative/creation process is the need to forget and becoming lost in the creation. If we do not become lost in the creation we will not fully experience what we have created. Similarly, if we remember exactly how we create what we do, we will attempt to change the creation whenever there is an aspect we may not enjoy. Memory is of mind. Being overwhelmed in the feelings which arise in the energy generating process takes that out of mind. Being out of mind, the chaos of creation, the anxiety of creation and the annihilation of aspects of the existing form of allow us to forget how we created our experience. The overwhelming feelings of the dark night of the soul and/or the euphoria of the Kundalini in the flow of released energy allows us to become lost in the experience of the creation. These phenomenon, in turn, only prepare us to fully experience the creation we desire.

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Seeding the creation - planting the seed and/or uniting complements

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Creating the space for creation - preparing the environment

Steps in the creative/creation process

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