The energy and creative power/Creative Power available in a given creation/Creation



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The energy and creative power/Creative Power available in a given creation/Creation
The energy to create the life we experience
The energy which gives rise to our life as a human being
The energy which gives rise to Physical Creation
Returning to the Source
Becoming the Source

Background (Top)

To understand what creative power/Creative Power and energy is ultimately available and accessible in the external world is to understand two things. One is that energy and consciousness are different forms of the same “stuff” out of which Creation arises. The second is consciousness is ultimately the cause of creation/Creation. The role of consciousness in Creation is be the cause of creation by what it hold in it’s mind. The energy that flows in any creation flows in response to the focus of the awareness and attention of consciousness. The role of energy in Creation it to become the Creation. Or, alternatively said, energy is the experience of the focus of consciousness. In essence, energy molds itself into a form determined by the focus of the attention and awareness of consciousness.

Energy and consciousness exist in a never ending cause effect relationship. Consciousness awakens and becomes sufficient aware to focus its attention and awareness. That focus creates a flow of energy. That flow of energy become the cause of the experience of consciousness. If the consciousness is not conscious and aware it will simply response to the energy and a never ending cause effect chain beings. It is in essence the proverbial wheel of karma. That is, there is a continual experience of the same flow of energy. This continues until consciousness becomes sufficient aware to choose to change the focus of its attention and awareness. In that choice, consciousness becomes the cause and a new or different flow of energy is created and a new or different cause effect chain beings.

In this energy consciousness dance into and out of form, the focus of attention and awareness fixes the amount of energy that flows by its focus and what that focus causes consciousness to desire to create. Similarly, the form of the energy fixes what consciousness experience. As such, within an existing creation, the energy can neither be created or destroyed only transformed within the bounds of the creation. Additionally, consciousness tends to hold the energy in a fixed creation and energy in a fixed creation tends to hold consciousness to a fixed focus of its attention and awareness.

Nevertheless, there is a dynamic creative living process at work where. Consciousness continually recreates itself by what it experiences. If it is unaware that it has the option of choosing how to respond and become the cause, it always experiences the same flow of energy but in a slightly different way. That is, consciousness experiences a flow and has an experience. It responds to that experience but not in a way that allows it to become the cause. Consciousness is affected by the experience it has. The experience either reinforces what it believes or is shift what it believes. If it is not aware and awake the experience reinforces what it currently thinks and believes. In any case, because of the experience consciousness has had, its response causes the flow of energy to appear different and the process continues in a somewhat circular fashion continually repeating the past in a different way. Each iteration is slightly creative but insufficiently creative to really become the cause and shift the flow of energy form it overall form and direction.

To change the total content, form and/or direction of the energy within a creation we need to go back to the level of consciousness which give rise to the creation. To access the level of consciousness which gave rise to the creation is an inward journey not outward. The outer world is the manifestation of the flow of energy must as discussed in the lava analogy for the energy of Creation. That is, what is causing Creation to arise is inside not outside. An outward journey will not take us to the Source of Creation for the outer is the manifestation of the inner which flows from the Source. To be in creation is to seen and experience only part of the creative/creation process. To experience the Source, we need to see the whole creative/creation process. Our awareness needs to encompass both the role of the seen and the role of the unseen in the process. This is what it really means to transcend physical Creation and/or the human body. It is not leave either. Rather, it is to awaken a sufficient level of awareness to see the whole process for what it is. In that awareness, one can create whatever they desire for their life or Physical Creation for they are not bound by the fixed form of energy and consciousness that gives rise to our life and/or Physical Creation. .

What needs to be understood is this process is we can backtrack the creation process and do what is called reverse engineer of the creation we experience. It is to continually pull the string on “Why this experience and not another?” An experience of Creation is possible because consciousness goes through cycles of awakening and going to sleep. When it goes to sleep the conscious memories of consciousness go into the pool of subconscious and unconscious memories and consciousness no longer can readily separate out the real from the imaginary. This, in turn, gives rise to consciousness forgetting how it created the creation its experiences and becoming lost in the creation for the purpose of having an experience of Creation.

In looking at external world as viewed from within the human body from within Physical Creation there are three level of external power for there are three creations which we experience. One is the experience of Physical Creation. The second is the experience of being human being in Physical Creation. The third is the life we create as a human being.

Building on the concepts discussed in the topic, “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors” there exist three energies which we experience. There is an energy split between Physical Creation and its creator which gives rise to the existence and experience of Physical Creation. Then there is the energy that is split between us and the Physical World we experience which gives rise to us as a human being. The third is the energy we use to create or experiences in Physical Creation as a human being. The first energy split is what gives rise to Physical Creation. The second energy split is what gives rise to us as a creation within Creation. The third energy is split between animating our live and the experience we have. It is to be a creation within a creation, namely Creation, creating a creation. All three of these energy are fixed by the focus of the attention and awareness of the consciousness which gives rise to the creation and is experiencing the creation.

The energy to create the life we experience (Top)

Although we are unaware of it, the portion of this third energy, which gives rise to us as a creation within Creation creating a creation, which lies within our being is controlled exclusively by us. It is what gives rise to our world and only we can manage it. This energy is bounded or fixed by the consciousness which gave rise to our life and is determined by the intention for our life.

We are an infinite independent consciousness or an independent infinitely creative being. We possess a creative imagination that is unlimited in what it can conceive. Yet, we exist within a physical body for the purpose of experiencing physical Creation governed by the intention for our life.

A significant portion of this energy is used to allow us to have a physical experience as a human being. A portion of the energy is that equivalent of creating the rest mss of the particles in the pair production phenomenon. As such, a part of this energy is not readily available to us. But it is the part which is the equivalent of creating the rest mass of the particles in pair production that gives rise to mind body medicine.

The remainder of the energy is essentially free for our use. As such there is great latitude in what we can create within our life. However, it needs to be noted it is said “essentially” free. There is a portion of this energy directed toward certain types and kinds of physical experiences reflected in the intention for our life and is continually influencing our life and an underlying undercurrent. Only in these experiences do we find the fulness of being and an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what it we experience in life. It is this portion of the energy where we find and access our creative passion. It is this energy which gives us a passion for life and for living. Living it allows us to reveal our charisma and our gift to Creation.

Our independent consciousness has been created and is sustain from the Source of Creation. Our awareness as a detached witness arises as a result of this energy The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective provides a way to understanding how this detached witness was created and its relationship with the Source of Creation. The “I” that becomes awareness of its own existence, and recognizes its own existence as a separate being and who defines itself by the experiences it has in life, has little power to change that fact that it exists. We cannot make ourselves not exist because we already are. We exist and we continue to exist because there is an energy that sustains our being and that energy is reflective of a consciousness, namely our creative spirit.

We can increase or decrease the awareness we have as an individuated consciousness or as this detached witness. That in turn affects the creative power we can access. However, the “I,” the ego if you wish to call it that, that arises from the experience cannot change either the flow of energy or the amount of energy that is sustaining it for it is a produce of the flow. It is the detached witness which changes the flow.

This flow of energy which creates the experiences which gives rise to the ego is represented by what is symbolized in the heart. Analogous to the way the physical heart is completely enclosed within our body at the center of our body, this flow of energy and it awareness lies at the center of our being. It is what gives us life. Our life is the outward expression of the flow. It is what gives us a passion for life and for living. Accessing it is what supplies the passion for life. This flow of energy can be viewed as that traditional spirit if you wish but it is a creative spirit and desires to create and express itself true to itself. Otherwise, it tends to become wounded and withdraws from life.

This world of inner energy which we can follow back to the Source is beyond our normal abilities to manage and control. It is beyond or outside the “I” and ego which as been created by the physical experiences we have had. However, there are ways to learn to mange this energy if we are willingly transcend the “I” and our ego. Without transcending the ego, we will can still influence this flow of energy that sustains us but we will be unable to manage it. Rather it will be controlled by our programming for it lies in the unconscious aspect of our being beneath the subconscious programming.

There is a great deal we can do in life to concentrate this energy under our direct control. It is much more powerful than we realized. It is much like the difference between a normal flashlight and a lasers. In a normal flashlight the light energy is scattered in every direction and is only focused because of the parabolic reflecting mirror in the flashlight. However, in a laser, the same amount of energy is focus in a very narrow powerful beam. This is what we do when we create a single point focus in our life or the intention we hold. Depending on how efficiently we hold focus, we turn our flashlight focus of attention and awareness into a laser to create what we desire. Most never come close to fully accessing and realizing the energy the already have available to themselves. But we must concentrate this energy before we can effectively move to the next level or otherwise our subconscious programming will continually scatter and fragment any energy we have available to us and what we access will be of limited use.

The energy which gives rise to our life as a human being (Top)

To change the level of the energy available to us in our life we need to access the next level of our consciousness. The next level is what gives rise to our existence in Physical Creation as a human being. Our life is a result of the intention for our life. That intention is held totally within us by our transcendental mind which, in turn, is found and accessible in our unconscious mind. It is available to us if we are willing to do the work to make our unconscious conscious. Or, rather, at least make those aspects of our unconscious mind influencing what we desire to create conscious. Here again, we can access and focus portions of our unconscious or we can go into to explore deeper. However, unless we create that single point focus of our transcendental mind, what we hold in our transcendental mind will simply scatter the energy we access at deeper levels.

Our transcendental mind is really no different than our enculturated mind. But it lies deeper. In addition to creating a single point focus we must also work with the fact that which is in the transcendental mind cannot readily “live” or “exist” our current world. It is like taking a fish that lives at a great ocean depth to the shallow waters of the surface where the water pressure is much less. It will not survive the change in pressure unless something is constructed to preserve its life.

The energy that gives rise to us and our experience in Physical Creation as a human being is split between us and the Physical World. The portion that is controlled exclusively by within our being allows to create the experiences of our life. This portion of the energy was discussed above. The portion of the energy that lies outside us in the world we experiences is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. It is this shared control that allows us to have a relatively common experience of Physical Creation with others. It is what keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we don’t like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is our body which holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation and accountable to the “rules” of Physical Creation. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important.

The energy which gives rise to Physical Creation (Top)

It is through the awareness of the body that allows us to access the next level of consciousness. It is this level of consciousness which gives rise to Physical Creation and to experience any aspect of Creation depending on how we focus our attention and awareness. To experience this level of consciousness, we will need to pass through the experience of the collective and the pull of the collective. Unless we are hope to all we feel and are willing to process what we feel, we will never be able to consciously look through the eyes of another and/or into another creation. The pull of the collective is what keeps us bound in our own world just like the pull of gravity keeps us bound to earth - but we can escape it under the correct conditions.

Returning to the Source (Top)

In returning to either the source of Physical Creation or the source of our life, or the source of our creativity in our current life, it needs to be realized that all arises from the same Source of Creation. When we are the cause of the experiences we have, or at that cause of our physical life, or the cause of Physical Creation, we are at the point of creative power/Creative Power. We are at THE point of power for there is only one point of power. It is the Source of Creation. We are at the point of power when we return to the Source of Creation. When we are at the Source all is possible. To return to the Source is to return to that pool of pure potentiality, that pool of infinite possibility, where we can cause any creation to come into existence.

However, we have a problem. The problem is our mind. As discussed in the topic, “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind” whatever we experience at the Source we will be unable to effective characterize what we experience. We cannot effectively characterize the Source because we do not have that minimum set of experience to characterize the infinite. Additionally, the pull of the collective and the pain of the collective keeps us in our own little isolated world.

If we return to the source through our mind and what we think and believe, we are limited to describing the infinite by the mind set we have about our life. That mind set is insufficient to accurately describe the Source of Creation. It is to attempt to put infinity into a box. If we access the source by going back into the transcendental mind and the intention for our life, we are again limited by our enculturated mind and what it is capable of understanding about the unseen If we return to the source through our body, we step out of mind expanding the potential. But again, what we access is limited by our body, and the transcendental mind which gave rise to the body and what our transcendental mind is capable of understanding about the unseen. To actually work with the power that is available at the Source is beyond enculturated mind, the transcendental mind and body. We have to be out of mind and body. But that cannot really be done while in the body. Also, it can’t really be done as long we hold to any identity based on a transcendental ego, such the identity of a spirit or soul, or enculturated ego and body.

Becoming the Source (Top)

 (The answer to this seemingly dilemma is to become the source/Source. That is to become the cause and to choose to create the reality of our experience - all of it. It is to choose to become the creator of the experience we have and the reality of those experiences. This action appears totally illogical and insane as viewed from the perspective of mind. It is an experience that our finite mind can not fully comprehend. But the awareness of consciousness through the use of clear intention and creating a single point focus its intuitive guidance can perform. It is the essence and the foundation of the statement many mystics make in claiming to be God in one form or another. Such an experience is open to all of us. But it is an choice of mind. To make such a choice requires an inward journey and a change of mind which will be reflected in a change in our environment. It requires going inward to stand at the bridge point between the inner and outer creative power/Creative Power. The discussion topics “Learning to Dance” and “The Guided Path” provide some guidance in this area.

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