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Gardening our thoughts
Creation is about growing and unfoldment
Thoughts as seeds
Creating and working seeds in the mind
Learning to garden our thoughts

Creation is about growing and unfoldment (Top)

In observing Creation it should be noted that creations rarely instantly manifest on the physical plane. Not that they can’t. Rather, unless conditions are correct, creation will grow and evolve into your life. Almost even things that seem to occur instantaneously such as lightening can be shown to have a finite time lag between the event which causes the effect and the appearance of the effect. Sometime that time is extremely shore on the order of micro or nanoseconds. At other times it is quite long. It is as though the whole purpose of the Physical Creation is to put a time lag between what we desire and when it manifested. Some would even say that is why we are here. We are here to learn to control our thoughts so we don’t have instantaneous manifestation of reckless thinking.

Creativity and creation are like learning to grow plants from seeds in two ways. One is that the seeds we plant, will look nothing like what it produces. A tree looks nothing like the seed from which it came. Nor does a human being look like the fertilize egg in its mother. To know what seeds we plant, we will need to become very observant and aware of what we plant where in our life to learn to see the fruits of our efforts. This of course brings up the fact that we will need to become aware of what the seeds themselves look like that we are planting.

The second way creativity and creation are like growing plants from seeds is that for a seed to grow, both time and proper nurturing is needed. Our creations will not necessarily spring up overnight. Although some may very well do this much like how mushrooms seem to be capable of doing when conditions are correct. Of course, mushroom grow from spores and not seeds.

In planting seeds, depending on conditions, we may or may not have to provided water and nourishment to the seed we have planted to produce a fruit of our liking. In most cases for a seed properly planted, unless one is outside the natural environment of the seed, the natural environmental conditions will be more than adequate to water and nourish the growth of the seed and subsequent plant. However, there are times that the environment is insufficient for the particular type and kind of seed we plant so we will need to supplement its growth with proper care and attention. This supplemental care may including weeding out competing plants that are robbing the plant of water and nutrients. Also it needs to be realized although some fruit usually will be produced for everything that we plant that receive proper nourishment, the fruit itself may not have a taste that we savor.

In gardening, it is also important to know the plant to which we will attend. We need to know the growth cycle and time to harvest. Some tree take years to mature before they bear fruit where as some plants produce fruit quickly. Some plants return year after year and other die after one season. Some plants return but need care and pruning if they are going to produce abundant fruit year after year where as other need little attention. Obviously, the more that is properly planted, the greater the harvest that can be expected. If we don’t properly harvest the crop we have, we can expect it to fall to the ground only to overpopulate our field at the beginning of the next growing season. When it comes to our creative endeavors and the seeds we plant, we can expect to have analogous considerations.

Thoughts as seeds (Top)

The seeds we plant to create the life we experience are the thoughts we hold for our actions unfold from what we hold in our mind. Our thought are a result of what and how we believe and they are the seeds to our creations. Our mind will characterize the energy we experiences as thought based on the past experiences it has had.

What we experience in life is then the unfolding of the seed conditions we create if we continue to hold conscious or nonconscious focus of our attention and awareness as a single point focus for the duration of the creation. The bridge point is where the seed takes root and grows. This is where we need to learn to garden our thoughts and our life. We will need to become mindful and aware of the types and kind of thoughts that we have and what we believe and don’t believe for they are the seeds of the experiences we have and the reality we experience.

Our problem is two fold. One is we get distracted and our creation does not manifest fast enough for us and we let go of what we desire to create. Here we need to trust the process until we know the truth of the process. This, in turn, is the importance of the subconscious and unconscious in the creation process. They continue to hold focus even though our conscious mind is continually distracted. The second problem is that our enculturated program plants many seeds within our mind. Some serves us and other don’t. Some compete for our creative life energyand cause less to be available to create what desire. Gardening our mind is about ensure our conscious and nonconscious mind is focus to create something that serves us and creates a life worth living.

Although we are multidimensional and infinitely creative being we see ourselves as a human being having a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspect. The uniqueness of human is that our mind appear to be designed to collapse the non localized energy of the universe into localized energy in the form of thoughts. Thoughts and ideas are as natural to the human mind as the clouds come and go in the sky. Our mind will grows thought as a field grows the seed which fall on it. Our mind creates seed conditions which then unfold and grow into the creation we desire. Our emotions water and nourish the thought causing us to act to manifest them the world. We each need to learn to garden our minds much the way a gardener weeds and tends to their garden.

Creating and working seeds in the mind (Top)

We have a free will and we are free to create whatever we desire. There are no judgments on what we create but there are consequences for the time and place of our creative efforts. If we do not set a conscious intention, the intention for our lives is the sum total of the “direction” of our beliefs that we carry conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions we may hold including the intention for our life. The composite intention will also include avoidance or attractions held in our memory and expectations we have of, and about life. Any conscious intention we hold and the passion we have to create it may or may not be strong enough to override the sum total of the opposing beliefs and intentions. But, in any case, without the conscious intention, we will be going somewhere with our life. We just won’t have much control over our life.

Our belief structure, the composite of all that we think and believe and how and why we think and believe what we do causes the non localized energy we experience and/or sense to collapse into thoughts. Our intention and the perspective we hold cause a preferential direction for our thought. That is, different intentions will cause different thoughts to form in the same energy. The way to understand this is if we are looking in one direction we don’t see things behind us. We may hear a noise but if we don’t see what is making the noise we will characterize what is making that noise much differently that if we see its cause. Our intention and the perspective we hold does the same thing. This is one reason why a creativity perspective is recommended. It allows us to seen in a much more creative way and options not normally seen as compared to most other perspectives.

Not believing in intentionality or not having clear intention allows “any old thought” to take root. Clear intentionality is like the gardener who carefully sifts and looks through their seeds to ensure they only plant the seeds that they want planted. They don’t allow any old seed to be put into the ground. Only seeds of their choice are planted. In the same way, they look carefully at what sprouts, to ensure only the selected plants are growing and the others are pulled up and discarded. It is clear intentionality that chooses the thoughts we will grow in the mind. It is being mindful and aware of our thought and the experiences we have that will tell us what we have planted.

When a thought is formed any fears, as are other beliefs, about the topic become embedded in that thought. It is like splicing part of a foreign gene into a gene sequence and then allowing that spiced gene to grow and unfold within the seed as the seed germinates and grows. As such the fear will be embedded in the unfoldment. How much will depend on how strongly the belief was when the seed was formed and how big a “tree” the seed forms in one’s life and how much of the forests or field it dominates.

We exercise our free will by choosing what thoughts we keep and discard, act or do not act upon. Here is were gardening is most essential. We need to come to understand what thoughts serve us and which do not. There is the ancient recommendations - good thought, good words, good deeds. However the question remains, how does one determine what is good? The recommendation made here is that we look to see what thoughts allow us to expand into the infinity of our own being.

The emotional energy we put into the thoughts we hold is reflective of how much nourishment we give the seed. Our emotional energy waters and nurtures the thought we hold and catalyze us into action based on those thoughts. In some way you can say our emotional energy amplifies the growth of the thoughts we hold. The emotional energy may be through a longing or an actual physical act to go and do something. How enthusiastic we can embrace the thought is what determines the amount of energy that goes into manifesting it.

Each thought that we hold onto is a seed. Each of these seeds has a whole reality or unfoldment embedded in it. It is analogous to the way an entire oak tree or the entire person is already embedded in the seed form which each grows. For example, consider the thought of a individual in 1800's thinking, “I wonder what it would be life is man could fly?” We only need to look at the changes which have occurred in the world from such a single thought to realize embedded in a single thought is an entire world.

The seed only needs some fertile space to grow and the unfoldment is determined in part by the environment of that fertile field. That fertile field is our mind. But it needs to be noted and emphasized the unfoldment looks nothing like the seed and we forget the connection between the two. We do not look to see what the thoughts in our mind manifest to know what thoughts produce which experiences. The oak tree looks nothing like the oak seed and a man or women looks nothing like the seed form which they grew. We are usually unaware of what seeds we have planted and even less aware of what gene sequence or beliefs we may have spliced into that seed

The point in our lives at which we form the thought and where and how we plant that seed of thought is a lot like throwing seeds on the ground without paying attention to where it is planted. Our minds are always forming thoughts. Each thought we have is actually a seed planted since it represents what the characterization of the energy our mind perceives at that moment. However, fortunately for us, few of these thoughts get emotional energy attached to them. Most fall on unfertile ground.

Thoughts come and go, but the thoughts that we capture and hold onto even for a moment, unless it is consciously dismissed, is planted with the energy that is equal to the amount of attention that was placed on that thought. Or said another way, each time we think that thought or one like it, we plant another seed and nourish all the seeds like it.

Each thought held is a seed planted, but at any instant in time, although the seed is inserted in the mind, the environment may not be suitable for its germination. It is like walking down the road and across a field dropping seeds as we go. Those that fall on the road don’t grow. Those that fall along the road grow but not as well as the seeds dropped in the fertile field that we cross. However, some in time many which fall on the road may be washed or push into fertile ground where they germinate if conditions are correct.

As in any unattended field, a multitude of seeds grow and compete with each other for nutrients, room and the like. Some grow overshadowing others and killing them or stunting their growth. Others only partially grows until older and bigger vegetation dies or is cleared from obstructing the growth.

What needs to be realized is that we can always make fertile ground wherever we are grow our thoughts. Even if we are sitting in the middle of an asphalt road we can place a seed in a pot of soil specifically chosen for the seed and we can grow the seed. Similarly, in the same way, We can be in the middle of winter and plant a seed in a green house controlling the conditions of growth. Now we may be able to keep the seed in the pot or we may have to transplant it at a later time. But what we do with the germinating seeds doesn’t really matter for this discussion. What needs to be understood is that we can grow seeds wherever we are if we prepare the soil and are prepared to attend to what germinates.

Creative play, freedom of worry, and enjoyment of life are all ways that can be used to make fertile fields or fertile pots of soil to plant seeds. Clear intentionality in addition to determining what thoughts form, is about removing and clearing obstructing plants, rocks and the like to make the soil fertile to grow the seed we choose to plant.

Our lives are like traveling across a vast continent. As we travel across this continent, there are rivers, lakes, swamps, mountains, fields, forests, deserts and the like that we must pass through. But each breath we breathe we create thoughts and those thoughts are planted exactly where we are at and that instant in time. If we are in the desert, the thought gets planted in the desert. If we are on top of a mountain, the thought gets planted on the mountain. If we are full of joy and inspired the thought may shoot forth causing us to change our life

Now some soils, some conditions. just do not support the growth of the particular seeds we planted. Yet some soils are very rich for what is planted. As such, we get vegetation in our lives bearing fruit that seems not to make sense. We have experiences that cause us to ask, “From where do these experiences come from?” In such cases, we need to remember those emotional thoughts that we had when our life glided along as thought we were waking through a lush, fertile river valley but we kept fearing what tomorrow would bring? All those thoughts of fear are planted and bear fruit at a latter time.

This is why sometimes we must go in and rip up entire fields and parts of fields. We need to go into our belief structure and change our beliefs for they are embedded with the fears and uncertainties of the past. Every harvest time we reap the fruits of this vegetation that has been planted in the past and harvest comes at different times for different plants. We need to be mindful and aware of both our thoughts we have, for they are planting the seeds of tomorrow’s experiences, and the experiences we have now, for they are the fruits of the seed we planted in the past.

There are times in our lives that we were walking through the most fertile fields imaginable and we were planting seeds of fear, scarcity, self doubt and the like. If there are a few trees here and there or a few weeds one can always cut them down or pull them up. But when you have planted a whole field, there is nothing one can do but go in, rip it all up, plow it under and start over. Otherwise, you will continually reap the seeds of this unwanted harvest. Only in looking at the experience we have in life can we being to understand what we have planted in our mind.

Now different seeds germinated and grow at different rates even thought they may be in the same field. In the same way different colored tulip bulbs germinate and grow on different schedules, some earlier than others, so are thought seeds that seem very similar. All we can do is watch our life each moment to see what fruit you are bearing.

We can change what we have growing in our mind by letting nature take it course and let things evolve or we can go in plowing fields, clearing land, harvesting the forest whenever and wherever we wish. We can go back to the fertile fields of childhood or the recently planted seeds of last week. Rituals, metatheater, clear intentionality, conscious choice of what we read and to whom we talk as a multitude of other techniques allows us to use our free will to choose what grows in our life.

It is as if when we are born, we choose a continent on which to travel. Each continent has it own seasons or types of seasons and each has different terrain. The lust warm year around temperatures in Amazon in South America is much different than the frozen tundra of Siberia in Asia and the Urals are very different than the mountains of Chili and Peru. As we experience the environment of our continent, we plant seeds and those seeds grow and bear fruit. As we grow older in life, we have more and more vegetation bearing fruit - some we judge good, some we judge bad. Unless we care and attend to what we plant we have little room to be creative since our mind is totally overwhelmed with the vegetation of the past.

Also, since each continent has its own climate, some types of seeds grow more readily that others. The seeds that readily grow in the forest are different than the seeds that readily grown in the plains or in a meadow. If most of our life has been like living in a think dense forest it will continue as such for a forest can only support certain types of seeds. To grow something new, we may have to cut down the forest. To grow grass in the forest, we will have to clear some trees to allow the sunlight to reach the floor of the forest to grow the grass. Similarly, if you wish to plant trees in an open plain, the trees may need to be supported and protected from the wind until they grow strong enough to be on their own.

The feeling, memories or issues that seem to keep coming up in our life are no more than the vegetation of the past bearing fruit. Unless we act to properly address what arise, we simply replant only to see it again in the future but maybe appearing in a slightly different form for the seed has slightly evolved, but it comes from the same field of vegetation. Unless we goes back to find out what is continually bearing that particular fruit, we will always have it reappearing in our life at harvest time.

In the right climate, some trees bear fruit all year around so we continually see the fruits of these kinds of trees in our life all the time. Others bear fruit maybe once a year. Only in looking at the experiences we have in life can we being to see the seeds we are planting.

Learning to garden our thoughts (Top)

The following comments/observations are made to help in gardening our thoughts. As always the recommendation is to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. If what is provided here is effective to help you to garden your thought, use it. If not, find something that does. But in any case become mindful and aware of the thought you have that the experience in your life. Only in the awareness of them can you change them.

We need to remember the we are Divine Consciousness looking for it Playmate  having experiences It has not had before. There is no blueprint for the correct action. At best there are generalized directions and it is up to us to fill in the details. The best we can say is that there is an optimum arrangement for all parties involved, but that does not negate there are other options that are just as positive and constructive in their own way.

Ultimately, everything will be a trade off in some fashion, since being in physical form requires us to choose limits and barriers to contain the form. The question is, “Are you choosing our limits and barriers to optimize the expansion and unfoldment of our creative spirit and our consciousness and all parties involved, or choosing out of fear and clinging to hold to the status quo?”

As presented in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, we are all created in the image of the Creator for we are the Creator experiencing its Creation. We are consciousness at play with itself. As such, everything is interconnected and our intentions are instantaneously known in all parts of the Universe. Nothing we experience occurs without our consent to participate or in fact we created the experience. The process starts with the energy we sense and the thoughts we have. We need to become aware of what we really are requesting to experience.

Our creative life energy flows into an experience of where we focus our attention and awareness. In essence, we become what we think about. We draw into our life an experience of that on which we focus. We are, and we become, what we think about.

The words we think and speak provide the focus and attention for our energy. We need to be very clear in our choice of words because of this focus. In this regard, relative to our creative endeavors, words need to express the present tense, not the future or the past. Creation begins the moment we think the thought. Energy is in flow all the time and we need to be present for that energy. If our words are in the future tense, our focus will be on the future as opposed to the present. Similarly if our words are on that which has pasted, our focus will be on the past.

We need to know both components of our world, the internal and external. We need to remember: as within, as without and our inner world is reflected in the outer. What we are currently drawing into our life reflects our beliefs and attitudes about life.

We create through a process that is simplified to: intention - thought - word - deed. It all starts with the intention we hold. The intention we hold without creating a clear intention for our life as a single point focus is the composite of our conscious and nonconscious intentions.

The function of the conscious mind is to choose and to focus our attention and awareness. It is not to dwell in the past or the future, but to be aware in the here and now.

Our creative power arises from the inner dance of our inner masculine and inner feminine. Our inner masculine is key to the dance. We need to learn to speak and walk our truth in all ways. Not an enculturated truth or a truth we adopt to satisfy the world. We need to surrender and walk true to the flow of our creative life energy and desires of our creative spirit and its reason for incarnation reflected in the intention for our life, not our mind.

The unconscious mind is connected to the oneness of all of Creation and we access it through our intuitive guidance and feeling. Our Intuitive guidance and feeling allows us to get the information we need to manifest the intention we hold. We need to listen and act on our internal guidance honor the guidance we get for it will be the information needed to manifest your intention.

We create with what is symbolized in the heartthrough our feelings and emotions. The energy for acting on our thoughts comes from our emotions. We must not deny our feelings. We need to be open to feeling. We need to learn to understand and work with what we feel and appropriately act on them. In doing so, the creative life energy is then directed into that which we desire to manifest.

The strength of the focus of our attention and awareness is reflected in our strength of will, coupled with the emotional energy and passion we can put into our desires.

The energy within a given creation can neither be created or destroyed. All the energy with Creation is either in a fixed form or flowing into form or animating the form. We needs to give something up to make room for the new including what is in our mind. We needs to remove thoughts of the past to clean house and make room for the new thoughts which will cause our desired creation to unfold. We especially need to give up those memories that contain emotional attachments to the past in the areas we are trying to recreate. We need to remember it is the emotional energy, the flow of energy that we feel and call emotions, that is the energy of creation. We can’t recreate that which you are holding onto and won’t release.

Allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. Use what is effective for us to create what we desire. Discard that which is not useful and that which is not ours. Discard that which we no longer use.

We need to dwell on the thought and feeling that which we desire as already obtained. We need to remember the seed is planted and growing the moment we think it and hold it. It is manifesting in the present. What is delayed is its unfoldment but Creation is nevertheless rearrange itself to accommodate what we hold as we can see form the implications of the pair production phenomenon.

Doubt interferes with the manifest process. The seed is planted and growing. Doubt is the same as digging up the seed we just planted to see if it is growing because we don’t have fruit a week after the seed is planted. We must let it grow. We can go around digging up our seeds.

We need to honor any ideas which come into our mind relative to the intention we hold. We water and nurture our intention with action. Our intuitive guidance will will lead us to the correct action. If we don’t or can’t act on the insight we get because we doubt or it appears risky, we can create a simulation of some type like a ritual or metatheater to act out the idea. As we act to make it real, we will get further guidance.

The inner is reflected in the outer. We cannot move within and stand still without. We need to accept the changes that come in our external world. Things will move into our life and things will exit our life. We must allow the changes to occur or we will interfere with our own creation.
Every obstacle that can arise will arise, including our fears. We need to walk fearlessly into our fears and overcome the obstacles. Nothing is insurmountable. We need to look at the real hazard within the fear and address the hazard. We cannot allow the fear to paralyze our action or divert our actions. If there were no obstacles to overcome, we would already have what we desire. On this point, it needs to be noted, in some cases, we may already have what we desire, we only need to awake, look around and we will see it - the only obstacle maybe only our own awakening.

We need to give thanksgiving for everything, deny nothing. As a creator, all that occurs either we created or agreed to participate. To deny what is, is to deny the creator/Creator at any level.

Mind only knows the past and cannot provide us the answer that lie in the unknown. To create means to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced. As such, mind is of limited help. We can put no expectations or possible outcome on the way things and events will manifest for they are simply mind projecting the past. We need to give up expectations as to how our intention will manifest. We must let the universe supply the details and trust it will supply all our needs.

There are no mistakes in creativity and practice makes perfect. We need to look at the lessons learned from our experiences and the experiences of others to give ourselves confidence that the process works.

The thoughts we hold will grow like seeds and unfold. As seeds, our thoughts will need room to grow. They will have an outer reflection. We need to give them the space as they unfold into our life. Although they are growing within, we must make the corresponding necessary external changes if we desire out creation to grow.

There will most probably be a lag before that which is intended is physically manifest. We need to let the particular seeds we planted grow in their own time.

Along with environmental change, our physical body may change as a result of the change in our inner world as our intention unfolds. As we begin to think differently our body will become different. We can expect to feel the change as they occur.

The bottom line is that we need to be thankful, live in gratitude and be happy with what is for after all, we are only experiencing our own creation. If there is something we don’t like in that the creation does not serves our being and/or help us to create a life worth living, then we have to do the work to change to something that does. The path as to how to change it is best accessed through our internal guidance.

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