Inner masculine and the mature inner masculine


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Inner masculine and the mature inner masculine
The inner masculine
The mature inner masculine
The multidimensional aspect
Translation of the inner masculine into the external world
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Energy consciousness is neither masculine or feminine. It assumes a masculine characteristic when it becomes aware and awake and chooses to act. The masculine aspect of the creative process is any thrusting by consciousness to create, to mold reality into a new form. The masculine act is to cause energy to localized into a given form. The thrusting by the masculine to create what it desires creates a separation from what is. The desire that is held creates a tension. The separation creates a tension between the masculine and feminine that fuels or energizes the creation. It is a tension for that energy which has been thrust out to return to the wholeness. That separation is then followed by a feminine flow of energy back into wholeness.

The inner masculine (Top)

The inner masculine functions as any other masculine aspect. It is just that it lies inside our being and we experience it as a part of our being. The inner masculine aspect is the thrusting by our individuated consciousness to create and mold reality into the experiences we incarnated to have. Or, if you do no like the concept of the individuated consciousness, it is the trusting of the consciousness that created us such as the desire of God.

A choice by a consciousness (our individuated consciousness or a desire of God, wherever you prefer) thrust into creation creating the body as the perfect vehicle for the desired experience. Because our body arises in direct response to the masculine aspect of our being thrusting into Creation, the inner masculine aspect of our being is literally encoded in our bodies. The form of our body “sets” the intention of consciousness analogous to the way concrete forms sets the shape of concrete. The body we have then provides us a basic, generic set of desired experiences characteristic of a human male or female for the time and place of our incarnation. We then simply need to align with the flow of energy that sustains us and we will be carried to what is desire upon incarnating.

In this regard, we can use the body, the body wisdom, and what makes us feel alive with life to access some understanding for the intention for our life. An initiation starting point to access this understanding is provided through the internal compass and learning how to calibrate the internal compass and use it in our lives.

The essential masculine act is to establish the connection with the feminine for the energy of creation to flow and to hold that connection to keep the energy flowing until the creation is finished. Selecting the overall form of our body sets the inner masculine and the creation of the body and its animation is the feminine aspect. In choosing to remain aligned to the flow of energy within our being, our inner masculine connects with the feminine. This flow of energy then gives rise to both (1) thoughts, ideas, desire and the like which our mind will use to guide us to the desired experiences and (2) a passion to act and thrust into the world.

In surrendering to the feminine, the flow of energy that sustains us, we find a passion that comes from the depth of our being to act in the world. Passion is the inner masculine becoming sufficient excited and catalyzed to thrust into the world true to oneself. The inner feminine calls forth the inner masculine to act. It excites and inspires the inner masculine through feelings.

For inner masculine in being excited from a passion to act that arises from within our own being we, in essence, impregnate the inner feminine with a particular seed conditions based on the intention for our life to grow and unfold or cause a creation to form and come into existence. When the desire to act arises from a thought which arose directly from the flow of energy we experience that arises from the intention for our life, the inner feminine becomes free to nurture her creation. That is the creation which manifest has its origins in the flow of energy which brought it into life as opposed to the energy flowing to nurture a creation that comes from the outside through the enculturated mind.

In this regard, the inner masculine must defend and protect the manifesting creation or otherwise the creation may be destroyed by the environment and what lies within the environment. The inner masculine must protect the connection the inner feminine creates to nourish her offspring. What this means is that the inner masculine must thrust into the world based on the insights and thoughts that come from the flow of energy from within one’s being. It must also work so as to not to become distracted and diverted from outside influences.

The masculine act is to connect the two poles of the battery terminal. How the connection is made determines what flows. Here the inner masculine’s work becomes challenging. The ideal connection is that the all the actions we take in life arise from the insights, thoughts and desire which arise from the flow of energy within our being. That is the feminine flow of energy directs the inner masculine which in turn directs our actions in the world to keep the flow optimized. But here our enculturated mind enters the picture.

The masculine chooses what we believe and don’t believe. The question is do we choose based on the inner masculine in alignment with the body wisdom or do we choose based on what mind has come to think. Mind functions to switch and channel the flow of our creative life energy from manifesting the intention for our life into what mind desires to create.

Creation requires surrender of the masculine. That surrender gives rise to the dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of being. In the inner world, we can cause to come into existence a series of Creations. At one extreme is the creation that raises from the dance between the inner masculine and the inner feminine which is a dance of harmony. That is, the inner feminine catalyzes the masculine to become excited and to thrust out in passion based on the needs of the feminine. In doing so, the inner masculine creates a space such that the inner feminine is free to nurture her creation, her offspring because the energy she supplies nurtures the creation which came from her. There is harmony here because the inner masculine directs the flow of energy into the desire that created the flow and the inner feminine excites the inner masculine to create the space to allow her to nurture what is true to her. This in turn gives rise to a inner satisfaction and an inner bliss and joy that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world. This is because the source of the joy and happiness comes from the tension of the inner masculine and inner feminine. That, in turn, is something that is carried wherever one goes no matter what is happening in the world. This harmonious inner marriage fulfills what we incarnated to do.

At the other extreme is the dance between mind and heart which is a dance of conflict. Here the enculturated mind and what the enculturated mind has come to believe imposes its desires on the flow of energy, the inner feminine aspect of being. Here the inner feminine is directed into some of which she did not excite the inner masculine into doing. Here the inner feminine is harness by mind to do what mind wants. If mind has been programmed by outside authorities, in essence the inner feminine becomes harness to do the work of the outside authorities. She becomes a slave to others. Here her energy is drained and she cannot excite the inner masculine and give it the passion to act. Here the individual carries a separation that arises from within one’s own being wherever they go.

The mature inner masculine (Top)

The importance of the mature inner masculine is that it is not diverted by the mind and what mind thinks. One is very clear on what they must do. They act from an inner wisdom, guidance and passion that is, in essence, outside of mind. The mature inner masculine allows us to stand firmly in our own truth and thrust out in the truth of our own being following our internal guidance. This cannot be done from an ego space and/or an enculturated mind. The ego seeks to protect itself. The enculturated mind seeks to satisfy the world which created it. This mature masculine is required to make it safe for the inner feminine to freely nurture her offspring which is the unfoldment of the intention which created the flow of energy which sustains us. If the male or female has not learned to nurture their own truth first, they will become consumed by the creative/creation process and very possibly become trapped by or in sexuality discussed below.

The masculine is energized or catalyzed into action when it is loved, accepted and embraced by the inner feminine for who and what it is, as it is, without the need to change For the inner masculine to mature, a mature inner feminine is needed. That is the inner feminine must be fully directed into nourishing and nurturing our own truth and not be diverted by the desires of the ego and/or enculturated mind. Yet the inner feminine cannot become mature unless it is protected and impregnated by the mature inner masculine. This creates a seemingly “chicken or the egg” scenario and how to approach this issue is discussed in the topic, “Catch-22 in the Masculine - Feminine Relationship.”

The multidimensional aspect (Top)

Our multidimensional nature can be summarized as each of us having a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect to our being. Each of the aspects also have a masculine aspect which we must honor. Each of these must be must be nourished in the way they need to be nourished. What this is that we each have a truth related to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical understanding that is not based on enculturated programming or dominated by ego desires. These truths must be honored.

Translation of the inner masculine into the external world (Top)

What is most important about the inner masculine is that it gets translated into our external world and colors the experiences we have. Exactly the way it manifest externally depends on the individual and the environment in which they live.

One common issue is that we cannot find direction for our life from our inner masculine, we will look to the external world and authority figures to determine what we do. In terms of individuals relationship, we look to someone who can help fulfill that leadership role in our life and/or create that our inner satisfaction. If our inner masculine in not mature, we will look for external to give us what we need.

For many the undeveloped inner masculine causes us to look externally for “daddy.” It causes is to look to another to become that father figure in our lives. At one level, we see an external father figure to replace the lack of inner guidance in life. That in turn robs our inner feminine of the energy she needs to manage what should be her creation. Rather that focusing on her desired creation as she would under the protection of the inner masculine, she puts her energy into the services the creations of others and what other consider important. That in turn, drains the energy from our life. It robs of our creative power to create the life we incarnated to live. It doesn’t matter whether we are male or female.

At another level we look to another to provide that protection for our inner feminine. Much the way a female wants a male to help create the security and a safe place in which to raise her children, our inner feminine looks for the masculine to give her a safe space to nurture her creation. If she cannot find that protection and strength from the inner masculine, see look outward looking to another to provide that protections.

Whether we look outward for the inner guidance, or look outward for the protection the the inner masculine should be providing, looking outward for anything that should be coming from within robs us of our creative power. It makes us a victim and lying at the mercy of the external world. It causes us to think we can do certain thing because the power lies outside ourselves when in fact, it lies within.

What is suppose to happen is that there is a marriage between our mature inner masculine and our mature inner feminine. That marriage creates an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our lives. Since it is internally generated, we have fulfillment in life from within.

This does not mean we do not cherish external relationships. Rather, we do not need the other individual for our inner fulfillment. We desire to share creation with them. We desire to share from our abundance and our inner fulfillment. As such we do not seek to own them or in any way hold that other individual. We do not seek to have them provided what must come from within our own being. We can literally give them the space of freedom to be free to who they are.

Since we are not seeking to “suck their energy” their inner feminine is free to call forth and nourish their inner masculine. As their inner masculine begins to mature it learns to protect the inner feminine in the way it needs to be protect. That in turn, allow the inner feminine to further nurture the inner masculine and a “boot strapping” states were the inner masculine and inner feminine pull each other toward maturity and the marriage they were meant to have.

Whether we are male or female, whenever we look outward to get what is not being supplied from the inner masculine, what we are really seeking is to compensate for an inadequate inner feminine. That is, we do not know how to nurture out own truth and what we need to do to express that truth. We do not know how to love ourselves and give ourselves the type and kind of nourishment that we need.

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