The need to become lost


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The need to become lost
Why the need to become lost
How we become lost
Loss of focus
Our vehicle is too small
Sleep in the creation process

There are two way to experience creation/Creation. One way is to create something and sit back and observer or watch the creation. This is much like a artist painting a picture then looking at the picture.

The second way to create is to create something and then participate and/or experience the creation. That is, to create a piece of music and then perform the music or create a theatrical play and then perform the play as an actor.

When we talk about Creation, many see God as the Creator of Creation and sitting back and observing Its Creation. Although that may be the case, the premise of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is that God has elected to participate in Its Creation. As described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, Consciousness shattered Itself into an infinite number of fragments in order to create a playmate of Its equal. We each are one of these fragments destined to become a Creator fully equal to the Creator in every way including losing ourselves in our own Creation.

Creation is about choosing to create. Our birthright is to become the Creator. It is to come to the awareness that Creation is “setup” or designed that it is too much to believed that we are the creators of what we experience and the reality of those experiences. It is designed this way so that we can have an experience of our creation.

Why the need to become lost (Top)

As a consciousness in Creation, we create a desired experience and then experience it. Or, maybe better said, we both simultaneously create and experience our creation. Our life is our create which we experience as we create it.

Our problem is that if we know we are creating what we experience and we can change what we experience, we would not allow ourselves to have the experience. If we remember exactly how we create what we do, we will attempt to change the creation whenever there is an aspect we may not enjoy. To have the experience of our creation, we need to somehow forget we are the creator, forget how we created what we experience and we need to become lost in our creation.

Probably the easiest way to understand this point is through an example. Suppose we desire to have the experience of being lost in something like a forest. We wish to know the feelings and what we would think if we were truly lost. To have the experience of being lost, we need to somehow lose ourselves with no hope of finding our way out. If we know we have a way out of our situation, we would not have the experience of becoming lost. We must somehow totally forget how we created our situation or even why we are there.

In a forest we would go deep into the forest such that no matter what direction we traveled for as long as we traveled we would still be deep in the forest. Additionally, we would make every tree and all the brush look very much alike. There were be little noticeable difference for us to have a reference point. The sun would never set such that it always remained fixed exactly at the same spot overhead.

Now what needs to be realized that if we know we are lost to have the experience of being lost, we would not feel we are totally lost. We would know that we arranged it and have somehow set up a default such that at some time in the future we will be rescued. To know there is the hope of being rescued, we will not feel the true depth and breadth of what it means to be totally lost. To feel lost, we must become totally lost with no hope of finding our way out.

For the creator of any experience to have an experience of their creation there is the need to forget and become lost in the creation. The creator cannot experience being lost in their creation unless they are lost with no hope of finding a way out. To truly experience our creation as a creation we have to be in it and come to think our creation is all that exists and we are forever trapped in what we experience.

Hence our dilemma as a human being. Everything we experience in Creation points to believing that we are our bodies and when we die that is the end of everything. Most know of no one individual who we have personally experienced that has come back. There is no real “hard” evidence that reincarnation is the truth of reality. Few have experiences in life that give them a true personal understanding and experience of their mortality. Those that do, for example a near death experience, it is argued it is only a creation of their mind. Many religions and spiritual traditions have worked for centuries trying find a way to give people a experience of their own immortality. Meditation is popular but the ancient Egyptian method of putting a person in a sarcophagus until they almost suffocate to have a near death experience seems one of the more dramatic. Yet, there still remains little evidence that the human is something more that being born, live and die and that is the end of it.

But when we learn to look at our awareness, as in a detached witness, we find something else. We find something that does endure. It is this awareness that always persists no matter how much the external world changes that gives rise to the view that humans are a spirit that is having a physical experience.

But the point few come to realize is this awareness which persists is a creator and it is simply the creator experiencing its creation from within the creation. It is only when this awareness chooses to create and become the creator that it begins to understand the creative power inherent in its own thinking.

What needs to be understood here is that all we experience tells us that we are not the creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. That is, unless we look and observe very carefully as that detached witness. Then we can become to see we are the creator of our experiences and we can even being to see how we do it. Then with a little more observation, we can begin to see how we are the creator of the reality of our experiences. Then with a bit more observation we can being to see how we each are the Creator of all that exists.

To become the Creator, we need to choose to have that experience of the Creator. Unless we choose for it to happen it will not happen. Rather, we will remain lost in our creation/Creation. Creation is about learning to use our free will to consciously create the reality of our choice. Unless we choose, nothing will happen. We can wait for an eternity for our birthright to be given to us and nothing will happen for we already have it. We just don’t use it. We have to accept it and take full responsibility for what we create. It is there we being to access our true creative powers/Creative Powers.

How we become lost (Top)

How we become lost in our creation is accomplished in three primary ways. They are loss of focus, our vehicle is too small and sleep in the creation process. 

Loss of focus
(Top): One is to be continually distracted by the mundane and loss of focus. That is we lose conscious focus and our nonconscious mind, the subconscious and unconscious mind, picks up the focus to create the experiences we have. In some ways you can look at our conscious mind choose to create a stage play. Our conscious mind begins by choosing the stage the scenery and the props but then gets distracted by all that is going on. Our unconscious mind holds us to the stage on which we are going to have a play. The subconscious mind arranges all the scenery and props on the stage our unconscious mind chooses to hold us to. Our conscious mind then goes running around experiencing all the scenery and props on the stage. Our conscious mind has the ability to change the scenery and props on the stage if it chooses do to so. Similarly our conscious mind has the ability to take us off the stage and go to a completely different stage. However, it is usually too preoccupied with running around on stage responding to what is happening to realize it has such powers.

The antidote to this situation is to create a very clear intention, hold it with a single point focus and create some type and kind of experience, like an initiation ritual, to imprint our unconscious and subconscious on what we desire to create. The imprinted experience will allow us to hold focus if and when mind becomes distracted by the mundane.

Our vehicle is too small
(Top):  The second way we become lost is that we choose a vehicle for the experience of creation which is limited in what can be perceived from with that vehicle. That is, we have an experience of an infinite creation but the vehicle we use only allows us to see a small portion of that infinite creation in any one moment. Since we can only see a small portion, we become distracted by all that is available to experience and simply overwhelm our ability to take it all in. This is the purpose of the ego and the identity which we give ourselves. The ego gives us an identity form which to experience any creation in which we choose to enter. The issue is not our body or being physical. There is no need to transcend the physical or the body. We need to transcend the ego. The issue is the ego.

The antidote to this situation is to step out of mind and what we think and believe about how and what we are. We need to step out of the identity which we have given to ourselves because of the experiences we have had. It is to create something that seems impossible to our mind and the ego will cause us to transcend our mind and our ego. As a human, choosing to become the creator of the reality of our experiences and choosing to recreate the world we experience through the use of our intuitive guidance and the infinity of our being will cause us to step out of mind and the identity which we created based on the experiences of mind.

Sleep in the creation process
(Top): Sleep, as best can be determined, is a natural process of consciousness. The role of sleep in becoming lost in our creation its to cause all of the memories of mind, both transcendental mind and enculturated mind, to become mixed and hold exactly the same weight of important unless we have bound emotional energy with those memories. Sleep causes all our memories to be confused with what our creative imagination can create such that we can question whether or not what we remember is real or simply something our imagination created.

This role of sleep can be seen by simply looking and going to sleep one night and awakening the next morning. When we awake, we can think back over the day before we went sleep and see what we remember. Then we can think about a day a week, a month, a year earlier and see what we remember about that particular day and any experience on that day. Unless there is a strong emotional attachment, the memories are experienced the same way. We can’t really tell them apart. The memory and experience we had a week, month or year ago could have occurred yesterday from a memory view point. Similarly, we could have just imagined we had that experience or we could have had a dream that seems as though it was a real experience in our past.

The issue here is once we have an experience and it goes into memory everything we experienced, imagined and dreamed gets mixed together and, without strong emotional attachment or clear reference points in the physical world, we don’t really know what are real experiences. A real experiences looks same as the memory of a simulated experience from a ritual or metatheater, or the memory of dream or imaginary experience. In essence we don’t know what is real.

This is in essence what the Buddha faced in becoming enlightened. When he faced the daemons which arose within his being, he continually touched the ground to remember what was real and what was arising form within his own being. What is real is what we feel. The flow of energy within our being that we feel is real. In this regard, the memory we have, no matter what we remember, is simply mind characterized the energy of a thought or memory based on the experiences we have had. What mind presents is not real. The energy mind is attempting to characterize is what is real.

The antidote to this situation is to realize two things. One is that our creative life energy molds itself into an experience of where we focus our attention and awareness. The second things is that all our memories are in one being pool that are used by our mind to characterize what we experience. The memories which energetically correspond to what we are experiencing arise in response to the composite intention we hold. Any intention we hold is a focus of our attention and awareness and that focus will cause the energy within our being to flow in that direction or toward that end. All our conscious and nonconscious intentions total to provide an overall direction for our life. In any one moment one intention may dominate our life but, overall, it is the composite which determined what we experience in life.

The memories energetically matched with what we experience arise to characterize what we experience. All we need to do is create a very clear intention for what we wish to access and make it our dominate intention. It will then surface energetically the memories most aligned or related to that intention. Using this process, we can surfaced the cause for the experiences we are having. That is, there is a process we used to become lost in our creation. We can pull the string and “reverse engineer” the process to understand the cause. Similarly, we can use this same process to determine how to proceed to create what we desire.

Using clear intention with creative play as close as possible to the most creative state of being is probably the fastest and easiest way to either (1) understand why we experience what we do and access the root cause and/or (2) to determined the best way to act to create what we desire.

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