Seed condition for creation


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Seed condition for creation
The seed condition
Creating the seed condition for a particular creation

Everything we experience unfolds from a set of starting conditions. We can look at this phenomenon as everything growing and unfolding from a seed condition or a seed being planted in fertile ground and, with adequate nurturing, will grow and unfold. Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model, everything is seen growing or unfolding from a seed condition. Most are familiar with the way a tree grows from a seed or the way a child grows from a fertilized egg. But the unfoldment from, or around, a seed condition goes much deeper in the way reality works than just considering how living things grow and unfold

The ultimate seed condition of reality starts with a thought, an idea and intention that is held by consciousness. But as with a seed it takes more than the seed itself to grow. The conditions for that seed to grow must also be met.

It needs to be remembered, everything emanates from a single source. The essence of everything is the energy consciousness. We, as human beings, experience an unfolding Creation from within an unfolding creation. There are a variety of unfolding levels or aspects within Creation that we can experience. Each of these levels or aspects is unfolding at its own pace. As a result, we do not necessarily see how consciousness in any one case is transforming that thoughts it holds into experiences, including the thoughts we hold in our consciousness.

The seed condition (Top)

The work that goes on in the conceptual formation step of the creative/creation process is to create a seed condition. The seed condition is one of two things. One form of the seed condition is to create a seed if planted in the correct soil will germinate, grow and unfold. Here the seed is a particular thought that just needs the correct conditions for one to act. In this step the correct thought you wish to hold is created.

The second form of the seed condition is to create all the necessary conditions that are needed that lie within one’s power. When the appropriate complementary aspect is found and the two parts a brought together a seed is produce much the way sexual reproduction works. The seed that is creating in joining then grows and unfolds. In this second form there must be a marriage or union with something external for the proper conditions for growth to form.

The main difference between these two forms is that in the first case, the seed is self contained and nothing is needed from another or other to create the correct conditions and environment for its unfoldment. In the second case, another is needed to supply something for the final seed to be produced that will unfold into the desired creation. What this means is that even if conditions for unfoldment are favorable and correct, no creation will occur unless the complement is available and engaged.

Creating the seed condition for a particular creation (Top)

The deepest realization about the nature of the universe we can obtain is how the external world is a reflection of our internal world. The two are integrally connected. We must understand that we must become inside what we desire to create externally. That is, our inner world is reflected in the outer and vice versa. The topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors”  provides a way to see how this is possible.

Our problem in that “stuff” inside us, our thoughts and feelings, look nothing like the physical objects and experiences we have externally. What is inside seems to be made of different material than that which is outside. The inner world seems to be a totally different world than the external world. Yet, the two and integrally linked. One cannot change without the other changing.

Although we are not consciously aware of the process we use, we use it all the time to create the experiences we have. But, rather than looking within for what we need to change to experience a different external world, we keep looking for the external world to change. We then get annoyed and/or frustrated when the external world does not meet our desires. Yet, we fail to realized that world is as it is and as we experience it is only a reflection of what we ourselves chose to experience.

For example, acting to seek an answer externally is an internal action. It is reflective of some ongoing internal change that is reflected externally. Yet, we nevertheless are focused outward rather than inward to get our answer. We may find what we seek and create a change in the external world because of what we have found. However, the magnitude of the change we create and the true potential impact will never be realized because the true cause of external conditions we are creating is not realized. Our internal world, is not recognized and realized for what it is and how it is causing the changes we are making in the external world. In not making the necessary internal changes, in essence all we will be doing is recreating the past in a different way. To truly create we need to go deeper internally and see what is giving rise to that for which we seek externally and why.

What needs to be noted is that this process where the inner is reflected by the outer is the process that you currently use to create every aspect of your life and your being. It is how we create whether we realize it or not and is happening all the time in our subconscious processes. It is just that mind keeps stepping in thinking it knows better what action needs to be taken. As such, we continually plant seeds of creation and then rip them out before they grow and bear fruit for mind is continually changing desires. Unless one learns to develop a conscious or subconscious single point focus, they will never create what they desire. The ultimate goal is to show how this process is possible and how you can consciously use it to create anything you desire. As such, we can apply this understanding to any area or aspect of our life or our whole life. We only needs to understand how and why they are creating what is currently in our life and then choose to change it.

To understand how and why one is creating what is currently in our life, we needs raise the subconscious aspects of our being that are influencing the aspect of our world we seek to change. Then in the light of our conscious awareness, we can act to change what we seek to change. As long as we remain asleep and unaware of how and why we are creating what we do, we will never have any hope of making permanent changes.

To become the creator and create that initial seed condition to use this process means to take full responsibility for all that exists within the world that we experience, everything as it is - no exceptions. It means to not judge what exists as it is. Rather, it is to realize that at some level of our being we have created or accepted things as they are for what we ourselves wish to create and experience. In doing so, we desire to create something new not because there is something wrong with what is, as it is. Rather, what exists just no longer represents who and what one has become inside. What is no longer serves us.

It needs to be realized if we are trying to create an external condition in the world that we have created within themselves, then we have to look within to see exactly what we have created and why. For example, we seek peace in the external world. We achieve what we experience as a deep meditative state of peace but that peace is not being reflected in the external world. Then we must look to see exactly what we have created and if it is really the correct seed condition no matter how blissful and joyful what we created appears to be. That is, what we have created inside is not recreating the world we experience. As such we experience a world of separation between the internal and external worlds.

Similarly, the same can be said if one achieves great external wealth but we do not see wealth shared in the world. We must look to see exactly what we have created. We are not alone in Creation. Creation is done with others Without others we have no way to discover who and what we are. If we try and create anything without consideration of the external influence, we will not create something that can be sustained in the world.

If we explore our creative power, what we come to understand is that each part of the world we experience is a part of us. Each part of our world is communicating something to us about ourselves. For any condition or aspect of Creation we see externally we have to go inside ourselves and surface what condition or aspect of our own being is creating that condition. If we don’t do this, whatever we create will be not be sustained in the world. We can create anything we choose as long as it is done from within the physical body..

To fully use this understanding and gain maximum benefit we must create an inner condition that is reflected externally to provide the experience that is desired. Additionally creating this inner conditions is necessary if we do not desires to create a change externally resulting in a duality that is experienced as separation. The process to create without experiencing separation is as follows. We must set a clear intention and a clear understanding for what we wish to manifest. Then we must create what can best be described as the internal “seed” condition within ourselves which allows us to feel the full magnitude of what we desire to create. To do this we need to create a state of being within ourselves that allows us to explore options and come to understand what is our real intention and what it is that we really seek. It is to understand the “why?” behind the intention we set. That is, why this intention as opposed to any other. It is to create an internal state of play to explore what is truly possible.

To create the correct seed condition for our creation, we need two things. We need the clarity of intention and the passion that a drowning individual has for air. Unless we have a clear intention, preferably with a single point focus we will be unable to create the correct desired seed condition within ourselves. Anxiety, fear, mental judgements and the like will destroy the creation, abort it, stunt its growth and/or cause it to become infertile. We will need to playfully explore our anxieties, fears, and the basis of our mental judgement to see which serves us and those that don’t.

The intention we set also creates a new identity for us. It can shatter the old ego. Shattering the ego will serve to cause the energy that is holding the ego to be released to mold itself according to the intention we hold. That release of energy can be quite euphoric. If we try and hold on to or seek the euphoric aspects of this process when we release the past and feel the rush of freed energy we can create an addictive pattern which also can destroy the creation.

The second thing we need is energy. The seed condition also includes creating a way to access sufficient energy and passion to create what we desire. We something that will propel us forward for the duration of the creative effort. This does not mean we need to have a full supply of energy to create all that is desired at the start of the effort. Rather it is about having a way to continually access the energy that is needs. It is here the concept of the muse and grounding become important.

The muse is something external to us on which we can fucus and seek. It is what call forth our energy or which causes our energy to flow. Seeking that soul mate or the beloved/Beloved are things that catalyze our actions. The muse is an identifiable or identified “beloved.” That is where as the beloved/Beloved are something we seek but don’t really know what they look like, the muse is a real person or issue that we desire to obtain in our lives or we seek to address. Creating the seed condition is to realize what it is that will ground our energy.

Grounding our energy is something to which we can literally and/or figuratively “plug into” which allows our creative life energy to flow. Analogously the way you can plug an electrical device into a household outlet, turn on a switch and the device begin to operation, so too our creative endeavors. There are things on which we can focus that allows our creative energy and passion to flow. Exactly what those things may be are unique to the creative endeavor. The conceptual phase of creating a seed condition explore exactly what that “plug” looks like to which we must connect what we think and believe to allow the energy to flow to manifest our desires creation.

Finding the plug or the muse to allow the energy to flow is part of the creative/creation process step, “Creating the space for creation - preparing the environment.”

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