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The creative/creation process to many looks mysterious. Creative ideas, thoughts and inspiration seem to arise out of no where. They seem to arise out of a “no-thing-ness.” Many meditation traditions talk about observing the space between thoughts. It is seen as a quiet silent place. A place of “no-thing-ness” out of which the thought arise. However, few talk about the origins of thoughts and where they really come from. The seem to simply arise out of a “No-thing-ness.” Yet, nothing can be father from the truth.

What needs to be understood is that there is no mystery as such and nothing eludes us. It is only a question as to whether or not we have sufficiently and accurately focused our attention and awareness on what we desire, on what we wish to create or wish to unravel or understand.

Creation is considered a mystery for several reasons. We think we don’t know how it started and many of its processes seem to be unknowable. Many humans perceive there to being unseen realms to Creation. These realms are seen as realms of spirits and other none physical entities. Some perceive the unseen realms is where God or the Creator of Creation resides. These unseen realms are seen as something causing Creation to arise and the lie behind Creation. How much these unseen realms influence Creation can be a matter of debate and depends on the school of thought to which one subscribes.

A mystery is something that is not or cannot be known, understood or explained. Similarly we consider a mystery is any action or thing that arouses curiosity or suspense because it is not fully revealed or explained. A mystery seen as something obscured in a darkness and it is especially seen as something that conceals a secret.

But is this really the case? Is Creation really a mystery and are its processes mystical and secret? Are their unseen realms controlling or influencing our fate? Is Creation something that cannot be known? Or do we loose our selves in Creation both forgetting how creation works and forgetting what we came to do?

It is here where we run into the first issue in understanding creativity, that is, there are two parts to this mystery. One part is the mysterious aspect of ourselves and the second is the seemingly mysterious aspect to the Creation external to us. The perception of mystery in Creation only exists because we have allowed ourselves to forget what we came to do. We forget because of both the habits of our mind and the distractions arise from Creation itself and the creative process. Whether we realize it or not, we have in fact created our own mysteries. We set that stage to fall into this predicament of forgetting by the perspective we choose to hold.

From the creativity perspective, and embracing the to concept Creative Relativity, the mystery that seems to exist about the creative process and about what occurs in the unseen realms is because of the perception we hold and how we are viewing what we are observing. There are two perspective or two aspects to the perspective we hold that keep us from seeing the creative process. One is the perspective from which we view Creation and the other is the perspective from which we view ourselves.

Understanding the view from within the creative process

Creation is a process of ebb and flow into and out of form. When you are inside the process, inside the ebb and flow, or looking at the creation from within the world of the creation, every creation will have a life cycle. That is, you will see a birth or creation, a manifestation and sustaining of that creation, a death or destruction of the created form, and then silence or non existence.

However, the silence or non existence one experiences is only another life cycle that happens in the unseen realms. When you are outside the creation process one sees something slightly different. Seen from the world of creation the creative process there is a birth, manifestation, destruction followed by a dissolution and reformation in the unseen that, in turn, is followed by another birth.
The unseen outside the world of creation appears as a silence when viewed from the world of the seen or rather the world of experience. That is you are experiencing the creation itself. But in the unseen part of the cycle there is no silence. Rather, things are happening, they are only unseen because you are viewing from the part of the cycle where you experience the creation. This perceived silence is the period that allows for a dissolution of the created form into the raw materials necessary for the new manifestation.

Understanding the perspective that allows us to forget we are the creator of our experiences

As discussed in the topic “Making music analogy for the creative/creation process,” a way to being to understanding these two perspectives is best represented by the example of how we make a musical note. When music is made, a string is plucked or a string is struck by a hammer and a sound is made. However, in the silence after the note there is an unheard finger getting ready to pluck the string or a hammer being raised to strike the string again otherwise there would be no more music. Preparations are being made and action is being taken to make the next note.

In this example, hearing is the world of the seen, hearing is the world of experience. To the world of hearing, the world of the seen, the music if followed by silence. But in the world of the unseen, activities are occurring for the next creation. It is just what is happening is not “heard,” seen or experienced in the world of experience. This is true for any creation. The silence following the death or passing of a creation is only the preparation phase for the manifestation of the next creation. What is occurring is only unseen to the world of experience.

In looking at the music analogy, you can see how the existence of an unseen realm is only because of the perspective we hold in viewing the creation. Whenever we view from within the world of the creation whether as the creation or from within its world, there will be a part of the creative/creation process that will be unseen. The overall creation process is more of a sine wave oscillation into and out of a created form, or if you wish look at the creative process being two life cycle curves. One life cycle is the creation and manifestation and the other is the dis-creation and dissolution or the reformation.

If we acknowledge the equivalence of energy and consciousness, we can look to nature to get an unbiased understanding of the creative/creation process. Then in becoming a detached witness as suggest in the topic “Making music analogy for the creative/creation process” we can see into the unseen realms to look for the creative/creation process that is giving rise to what we are experiencing and/or our own life.

Whether we realize it or not, there is an organization to the unseen world. It is infinite. We do not normally see it and experience it because it is not the world of physical experience in which we have become accustomed to living. We are not observing in a way that allows us to see into the unseen. It is much like the example of music. When we are experiencing listening to the music, we do not experience all that goes on in the unseen world, that world you cannot hear, to make the music.

It must be understood, the eye through which we are trying to see the unseen will not allows us to see it clearly. In many ways becoming physical blinds us to the world of the unseen. That is by design so that we can have the experience of creation/Creation. All we can do is feel our way thought it for it is a world of energy not really any different than physical creation. But it needs to be understood, this world is not separate from us. It is here and now, fully present before us and within us. That is why we can feel our way thought it. If we had different eyes we would see it but all that can been seen from a human perspective is a bright light. It is much like looking at the sun - all we can see is a bright light and we become blinded to seeing anything else. Yet under the correct conditions we can observe this unseen world and that is what mystics have tied to create for millennia. However, even if we see into this unseen world it must be remembered we are experience on a tiny fragment of an infinite Creation. It is like coming from another planet and visiting a large city and saying the rest of earth looks exactly like the city you experienced.

As we being to work with the creative/creation process we will begin to see, or rather it should be said, feel some of the organization which exist in the unseen. We will be able to come to use this understanding to help us to create our reality and the experiences we desire. We have repeated evidence of this in our lives because “any old thing” does not manifest. Rather only specific things under specific conditions will manifest. The fact that creation and manifestation is condition dependent in itself points to an organization to any unseen realm. It also clearly points to the fact that we only need to become aware of what environments cause what type of effect. We only think things are unknown and/or chaotic because we have not observed sufficiently through our ability to feel them to characterize them.

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