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When feelings are strong we call them emotions and name them based on what we think gives rise to them. As used within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, emotions are strong feelings that are readily discernable the we have we have named and characterized because they appear to arise from recognizable sources. For example, hate and love are considered emotions because they are associated with strong feelings and tend to arise from a discernable cause. We feel the emotion of love as a result of a spouse, family member or friend. Similarly we feel the emotion of hate for a detestable enemy.

Anything we characterize as an emotion or emotional is only mind’s way of having characterized and interpreted a previous flow of energy within our being. From a creativity perspective, anything mind labels as emotion or emotional is not the same as characterizing the flow of energy as it is actually being sensed. Rather, mind is simply overlaying the past on what is currently being experienced and it may or may not be an accurate characterization. To not allow mind and “our emotions” to interfere and/or bias what we experience, we need to become very mindful and aware of exactly what we are feeling. Rather than labeling what we are sensing and experiencing as an emotional response, we need to allow ourselves to just be with what we feel and experience the feeling. We must allow ourselves to explore exactly what we are sensing. If we don’t, we will be simply projecting the past and masking the truth of what is happening and where the energy of the experience is flowing.

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