Developing a creativity perspective is to develop a childlike perspective

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The goal of the creativity perspective is to be freely and readily able to enter the most creative state of being is a state of being when necessary. To adopt a creativity perspective you will find you will ultimately need to revisit the reasons why you are not capable of entering this state of being at any time and at any place. You will need to do the work to regain this ability and many of these reason go back to childhood. Some of which go back into childhood before you developed the conscious mind to know exactly why you developed the response pattern to life that you did. In these cases you will need to rely on your intuitive guidance and how and what you feel to guide you. Mind will be of little use to explore the origins of the response patterns to life that develop before it became consciously aware of what was occurring.

The process to go back and deal with the reasons that prevent you from reentering this creative state is not as difficult as mind would have you believe. You can do it in a faster, gentler and easier way than what mind thinks is possible. To regain the ability to readily enter that most creative state of being you can begin by holding your creative sacred. To hold your creativity sacred, there are two things you will need to do. One is to have clarity of intent and hold a single point focus on that intent. The other is to develop the awareness of what you feel as is used in the internal compass, to both guide you to this state and to guide your exploration and to exactly what you need to do to hold it sacred.

It needs to be understood that you remember the feeling of this state of being. You can become consciously aware of the feeling as you move closer to this state of being. The awareness of your feeling can take you back to it. Learning how to use your internal compass will help you to reenter this state of being. There is an ancient recommendation to have good thought, good words and good deeds. Sound advice, but how do you know what are good for you for you are a unique being. The answer lies in what you feel. You can feel what thoughts, words and deeds are good. You can feel which give you feel of expansion, fullness of being, wonderment at creation and/or other similar feelings such that you know what serves and doesn’t serve you. You know if the thoughts you hold, words you speak and deeds that you do are allowing your creative spirit to freely unfold or you are causing it to become restricted and/or limited in some way. Here again, your internal compass can help guide you.

When one does these two things to learn how to hold their creativity sacred, one can then pursue a fast or slow way to regain that creative state. The fast way is to directly ask your intuition, “What do I need to do to recreate that state of play?” Then, honor the intuitive guidance that you get. Acting to honor the intuitive guidance causes you to enter a state of play. That play, if you can allow it, can evolve into spontaneous play and in the process reveal how and why you shut down your ability to be in that state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world. You then need to ask your intuitive guidance how to address the issues that have surfaced to regain your play. Here again, honoring your intuitive guidance you get, holding focus and iterating the process will give you the fastest and easiest way but not necessarily always the gentleness. The gentleness is added through a combination of wisdom and learning from one’s own experiences and the experience of others and learning to use and follow one’s internal compass to know what serves and doesn’t serve one’s being. When you combine all of these you can create a faster, easier and gentler way than what mind would direct.

The other slower way is to create the space for the understanding within one’s being to take root and grow within your being. It has been observed that if an individual is able to focus inward and hold an inward focus to explore and “pull the sting” on the “why” behind what one experiences, they can then surface exactly how and why they are creating their experiences. In doing so, an awareness grows within about the process and how we create our experiences. It may take on the order of several years but there is nevertheless an expanding awareness about how we are creating or have created the experiences we have. To reveal the information as to how we are creating our experiences, one needs to be told little to nothing. All that is needed is for the individual to be held accountable to holding an inward focus and hold them accountable to what they see within their own being. Then, help them to understand what they see and to honor what they see.

An important point about both of these approaches is that the individual ultimately does it their own way and in a way that is directed from within. In doing so, they access both the inner and outer creative power/Creative Power. If they follow their internal guidance and do it their own way, in the end they arrive at the same conclusions as others who have explore the nature of creativity and Creation before them. They will come to see the truth of what is and it will come from within their own being. It will be their truth. It will not be the truth of another. They may even find they access the Source of Creation.

Our problem is our mind thinks it knows the way and/or that the way it understands is the way. Or it thinks the way of another is somehow better or The Way. The truth of the matter is we each have our own unique way to access the truth of how and why we create the experiences we have. That way is determined by feeling. It is not based on what mind thinks and believes. There are things we can learn from others. But the path is within and unique to our own being. No one can give it to us or tell us what it is even our own mind cannot do so. We have to allow ourselves to experience what works and doesn’t work in our lives and use what allows us to regain our state of play.

There a truth about how we create our experiences such that each of us can come to a common understanding of that truth if we focus on how we create our experiences. Given the nature of physical Creation and what science has taught us about Creation, we know there are some common rules to physics independent of what an individual thinks and believes. There is a set of common truths we all can access about how we create our experiences. We just need to hold the intention to explore Creation relative to revealing that truth. Each individual’s intuition will lead them to the same point if they focus on how and why they create the experiences they have.

Here again, we do not have to do all the work ourselves. We can use the wisdom and lessons learned by others. We can use an approach analogous to the way we learn physics and chemistry. When we learn these subjects, we do not have to redo all the experiences that give rise to effective physics and chemistry principles. We use the principles of physics and chemistry that are useful for our situation and the do our own experiments to both verify their effectiveness for our application and whether or not we need to expand our understanding and do new experiments. So too the approach we take to creativity. We can look to those who stepped into the unknown before us to learn what can be expected. Yet, because we do step into the unknown, we must be prepared to find our own way. The most powerful way to found our way in the unknown is through the most creative state of play coupled with our intuitive guidance. It is to enter this state of play with clear intention and single point focus and allowing our intuitive guidance to lead our efforts. In essence, we need to learn to navigate from the heart.

What we need is a way to get ourselves interested in, and excited about, holding focus on how we are creating our experiences. In looking at the inner work people must do, if one adopts a creativity perspective about how we create our experience and uses it, we can create that faster, easier and gentler way than having to go through years of inner work. The question is, “How does one make the inner journey appealing to our mind?” The answer lies available to us through our internal guidance. We only need to ask ourselves the following (or its equivalent) accompanied by some type of symbolic ritual or ceremony performed in your own way to concretize the request within your memory of a physical experience making the request. We only need to ask, “How can I regain the ability to freely enter the most powerful creative state of being and how do I make that journey something that my mind will want to do and I can have fun doing it in the fastest, easiest and gentlest way?”

Our intuitive guidance will guide us in the best way it knows how. All we then need to do is step out of the judgment of our mind as to what we think is the fastest, easiest and gentlest way. The key is to use mind and hold the intention with an unwavering single point focus. Then, allow what we feel to guide us. It is to allow the feeling of an inner expansion and fullness of being to guide us to that most creative state. It is to use mind and the intuitive guidance we get to attend to the detains of honoring the intuitive guidance to make it happen. It is to use what we feel to navigate the unknown and allow the mind to attend to the details to make it happen.

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