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Relative to our creative endeavors, accessing our own truth and holding our creativity sacred, there is one guiding principle that is recommended. It is to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. It is recommended and necessary for several different reasons.

First and foremost, a truly creative endeavor takes us into the unknown. It takes us into experiences that have not been experienced by us and quite possibly not previously experienced by others. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. It will not necessarily know the truth of a situation unless it has the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what it sees and experiences.

Within the creativity perspective, we each are seen as a unique infinitely creative being. We need to see the truth of what is as we perceive the situation we face. How and what we perceive is unique to us. No two individuals perceive any situation exactly the same way even if they are standing right next to each other at the same point in.

What works for me, may not work for you. You are unique. By using, and relying on what is personally effective for you, then you will access your own truth and you unique creative abilities. The more you try and live someone else’s truth and deny what is effective for you, you deny your own creative abilities.

The truth and the effectiveness we are talking about may be as simple as watching a movie. My truth may be that I like comedies. Your truth may be that you like drama. If my intention is to be entertained and I deny my truth by watching a drama to please you, I limit myself and my own creative abilities. If however, my intention it to help you to be entertained and I take you to a drama and sit with you through that drama, I am not denying my truth for my intention is not to be entertained but to help you to be entertained.

In the same way if my intention is to have you entertained and your intention is to be entertained, and I take you to a comedy because I like comedies, I deny my own truth which it to have you entertained by deny you what entertains you. In doing sow, I cause you to deny your truth because you are watching something to please me that does not really entertain you. In this process, we both lose access to our unlimited creativity because we are denying our truths and do lose what is effective for us to achieve our desires.

Whether or not what we observe is completely correct for the situation of which we are a part is another question since creation takes us into the unknown and mind only knows the past. We may or may not have been involved in a similar and parallel situation and we will be unable to infer what is true as we would like to do. Yet, we can take what we observe and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. If what we observe is effective for what we wish to create, and the inferences we make seem to be correct, then we can probably safely say that what we observe is consistent with the process of which we are a part. If it is not effective, then we have to look to some other understanding or make some other assumptions about the process of which we are a part. If we truly understand and see the truth of, or within, a situation, we will be able to influence that situation based on that truth and have it responded to our influence the way we desire. If it doesn’t respond the way we perceive, ne don’t know the truth of the situation.

When we understand something, and the method that we use allow us to repeated achieve what we set out to do, we have an understanding of truth In that understanding we are effective for what we are trying to do. Similarly, if we are effective at what we are trying to do, we must possess some understanding of truth. It is encouraged that we apply the same approach to our life allow what is effective in our life be the measure of our truth. If it works for us use it. If it is not working, then try something else.

We may never know ultimate truth of a given situation we face but we do know what is effective in our lives to create what we desire. So it doesn’t matter what we think and believe or are told about something. If it is effective we will be able to create what we wish. Something that is truthful is effective and we can let its effectiveness be our measure of the truth for the situation we face. If something is effective, it is predictable in that it will work the same way all the time under the same conditions. You never have to doubt because it is truth.

Even something that is probabilistic or random functions the same way under the same conditions and we can learn to work with the randomness. Although there is a randomness to something that is probabilistic, there is a pattern to the randomness that can be predicted, for example, using probability theory. And here lies the power of truth. When something is true it is predictable in that if we know the conditions that exist the outcome will be predictable. The outcome maybe random but nevertheless predictable.

The important point here is that when we access a truth, we can use that truth to effect a change that is lasting. If we effect a change that is not based on truth, things will go back to the way they were for we have not accessed and changed the truth of the situation. If we cannot get two stones to stand on top of each other, we have not accessed the truth about the stones we are trying to stack. If we cannot break a habit of mind, we have not accessed the truth of that habit. So, if we run across something that is effective in our life and capable of making permanent changes, then we can be sure there is some truth within what we see that is effective. So we can let effectiveness be our measure of truth.

The more effective something is across time and space the greater the truth we have accessed. All that we need to understand for whatever is effective in our life is whether or not we have accessed something that is a relative truth for the situation at hand, a personal truth unique to who we are, something true for us and not necessarily true for another, or an ultimate truth that spans space, time and all facets of Creation. However, we will not know the level of truth we access until we do some experiments to see its depth and breadth, or lack there of.

Since creation is about transforming from one way of being in the world to another or replacing one part of our world with another, we will need some type of performance measure for how we will determine success for whatever we set out to do. It is recommended that here we also allow effectiveness to be the measure of what is true for us. In any change we can always look at how effective we are either moving towards what we desire to manifest or what we desire is actually manifesting in our life.

This principle is an utterly practical one when we face new experiences. Using effectiveness to be our measure of truth allows us to organize and act upon information in the way most suitable for the purpose at hand. What needs to be understood is that any organization or system of knowledge organizes the facts for what it desires or was designed to create. A different organization of the same knowledge could be just as valid for other purposes.

Whether we realize it or not, effectiveness is, and always has been our measure of truth. If we are effective at getting what we want, we are perfectly happy with things the way they are. Just look the lives we live? Do we really attempt to change things that we believe are effective? Normally some outside influence disrupts, or threatens to disrupt, things as they are that forces us to change. The same exist at every level of our being and even when we are in relationship with other individuals. We believe we are being effective and it normally takes some outside influence to disrupt, or threatens to disrupt, things as they are that forces us to change.

However, many of our problems start because we are doing what we believe is effective when in fact what we do has little effectiveness and little to do with what is happening we do more in unawareness than we consciously realize. Unless we are desperate because some change has already occurred, our lives tend to work and we don’t challenge our assumption about how effective we are. Additionally, since life seems to be working, we do not wish to change anything in what we do or we assume we will lose the effectiveness we have. And, as we all know, since change always seems to be disruptive, why disrupt what is effective? Why change what is effective?

It needs to be noted that the difference between science and superstition is that in a science, we know what each and every step of a process achieves. In superstition, we think that something in the process works, but we really don’t know what. So whatever it is we do, we don’t want to change it. If we know what we are doing, we will know how to change what we do and what results we will create. If we understand what we experience and know the “science” behind what we experience we are free to change it. Otherwise we will be holding onto the past. If we don’t understand what we do, we will be terrified to change anything.

Although we are inundated with science and technology today, we rarely apply a rigor to our life to examine what we do in our lives and see if what we do is effective. Of course, to learn what is effective, we will have to be free to play, explore and experiment with our life. Sometimes what is working has nothing do with the process we are using. The reason for this is that there is a flow and a pattern to energy and all the manifested world is based on the flow of energy.

In this regard, much of what we do in life is superstition since we assume that what we are doing is the cause of our effectiveness. A boat on a river with the motor running but the motor is not connected to the propeller will be pushed along by the currents. It is common to believe the motor is making a difference when it isn’t. Yet this is what we do. We never examine what we do to understand what other ways or what other options can be pursued and be just as effective. If we did, then we would realize that there was no real basis to assume that what we did was the real cause of our effectiveness. In many cases, the process of the activity in which we are engaged, or life itself, determines what needs to be done, and our actions and our choices are much less important that we realize. We often we assume we have more choices available to us than we do. We think we are the cause when in reality, we are the response.

Similarly, the revers is true. Often we have more choices that we assume but yet we never seem to see all the choices that are available in a given situation because of what we believe about how things have to be done.

The creativity perspective recommends and encourages that one allow effectiveness be their measure of truth. If it is works, use it. However it is equally effective at challenging what one believes to be true because what they believe appears to be effective. The approach in the creativity perspective is willing to challenges what one assumes about the situation to determine what really needs to be done to be effective. It will work to eliminate all that is directing one’s creative life energy into ineffective uses that does not support what one desires to create in their life.

On this note, there is an additional step we may want to take to explore the depth and breath of the effectiveness that we experience. For any truth that we have that we think is effective, we may want to experiment to see how effective it really is. For example, we think we know how to shoot a bow and arrow because we can stand a certain distance away from the same target and continually hit the center of the target. And of course we do, for we are effective a repeating our performance. However, if we shorten or increase the distance, or we create a moving target, we may no longer be effective at hitting the target.

What this means is that we are effective for certain conditions but not in general. To become effective for other conditions, we will have to modify how we shoot our arrows. We will have to change what we do and know when to change and not to change. Yet once we make those corrections, we can vary the distance of the target and move the target and still be accurate. Hence, we have increased the truth of what we know about shooting arrows.

So too with any aspect of our life and what we think and believe is true especially if we think we have an ultimate truth. Unless we do some experiments any truth that we know may only be applicable for a very limited set of situations. If fact, the experiment that is suggested is you take this principles, “Let effectiveness be your measure of truth” and do some of your own experiments with it and see if effectiveness does measure truth?

Relative to the development of our creativity, some thing and activities are more effective than others. We will have to experiment and see what works for us. It is recommended that we allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. But what is considered creatively effective?

If we find what we use allows us to expand and allows our creativity to deepen and broaden, then use it. If we find what we use causes us to contract, shrink, withdraw or cause us to remain stagnant, then find something that better suits our unique needs. Allow ourselves to be and feel as if we are a flower unfolding and blossoming where the blossoming never ceases. We are such a flower. We are an infinitely creative being unfolding into an understanding of our own creativity. Since our creativity is unlimited, we can always be flowering and unfolding and never contracting if we choose to do so.

The only recommendation that is made here is that we allow a little time to see if something becomes effective or not. Since many efforts will grow over time like seeds, we may want to give sufficient time to our endeavors to see if the bear fruit. If we wait a sufficient time and nothing is growing in our life in the direction that we are choosing to go, then we may want to look for more effective techniques.

The question then become, “How long do we wait to see if something is effective?” In this regard, it is recommended that we look to our internal compass. In the same way the needle of a compass sifts as we change directions but it may take us some time to reach our objective in this new direction, effectiveness and listening to the internal compass work the same way. The feelings within our being we wish to create is our compass needle. We will need to discern and learn what we desire to create feels like.

Since we are a unique creation, what we will feel in a given situation and/or for a particular desire will be like no other feels. We will need to learn what our desires feel like and follow our own internal guidance, not the guidance of some external authority or reference. As we choose an action we need to allow what we feel to be that compass. As long a we move true to what we feel and toward what we desire to create, we will come to see how effective our actions have been at getting us where we want to go.

When we reach the effectiveness of our actions, or rather reach the limit of their effectiveness, we will experience a change in the feelings which comes from the action and we will know we have to change what we do and utilize a different technique. However, mind may have created a habit and have become comfortable with what we were doing. We may find that to change what we do to follow the new direction we may need to break some habits of the mind that have now become personal preferences.

If one can’t do something with the information and beliefs that they hold and make things happen in the world around themselves, why be attached to them and hold them in our life? Holding ineffective beliefs and information in our mind is much like having our house full of “things” that we no longer use and only cause us to stumble and have little freedom of moment to maneuver in our own home. We are challenged to look carefully at what is and is not effective in our life and to replace them with beliefs that are effecting for obtaining the world we wish to create.

There is however one note of caution in using effectiveness to be your measure of truth in any creative endeavor. In using effectiveness to be our measure of truth we need to realize whatever we perceive as being effective is based on the past. If one relies only on what has been effective in the past, one will recreate the past. In this regard, one needs to be careful about how much of the past one projects into the future by using what has been effective. The way to get around projecting the past in using effectiveness as our measure of truth is to continually seek a way that is more effective that we have. So, allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth but continually seek to explore and discover how to become more effective.

In allowing effectiveness to be our measure of truth to create what we desire we do not compromise our truth or the truth of another. In doing so we can come to see Creation as magical enough to allow our creative spirit and that of any other to unfold true to itself.

If what we think, believe and can act on in the world is effective for holding our creativity sacred, then use it. If not, then find something that is effective. If something we think, believe and/or do binds our creative spirit and/or is painful in some way, look to see how and why we are being bound and from where does the pain arise.

Returning to a state of play to see what is effective

This brings us to the concept of play and a way to see what may be effective in our life. The most powerful and effective creative state is that of play. Many of us have so clouded and denied our own truth that we don’t really know what is effective for our own creativity. Many of us have denied our truth for so long even our play, which is suppose to reinforce our creativity, actually ends up denying our creativity for we have turn play into such things as a competition and doing what we learned was acceptable as play rather that those activities that truly allowed us to play. By returning to a state of creative play we can recalibrate ourselves as to what is effective in our lives to give us life and make us feel alive. In learning to what makes us feel alive and give us life, we can learn to follow our own internal truth gives us the inner satisfaction that never runs dry that we all ultimately seek.

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