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Incarnation as used within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology refers to the process of our creative spirit localizing into a physical body. How it does so, why it does and what it brings into the incarnation are discussed in the hyperlinks. This topic addresses the overall concept.

Energy is the ability to cause an effect and/or make something happen. Within the creativity perspective, energy and consciousness are seen as one and the same. They are different forms of the same “stuff” of creation. Both energy and consciousness are the ability to make something happen and/or cause an effect. Consciousness is just a flow of energy that has become aware of itself. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. So too consciousness. It can be aware and awake, asleep or dormant, but it cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.

This “stuff” of creation can be “individualized” into separate individual creative spirits or flows of energy. It is much like an ocean currents that can exist as separate and identifiable part of the ocean. As a current, the current is one with the ocean and does not stand apart from it yet it can have an identity unto itself and be very different than the surround waters of which it is a part. Or, if you wish, look at an ice cube in water. The substance of the ice cube is identical to the water out of which it forms. It is created from the water and one with the water Yet it is separate in an identifiable form.

In the same way energy can exist as a wave or a particle, a flow of energy as a creative spirit can exist free and unbounded or it can localize into a particular form such as a human body. What the current is to the ocean, and the ice cube to the water, our body and our being is to the material of Creation out of which all Creation arises. The flow of energy of the creative spirit in turn animates and gives life to the body in which it inhabits. It is crudely analogous to the way we can step into a car and drive the car. You can say our presence in the car gives life to the car. However, here the incarnation analogy of getting into a car presented in this way does not totally work and we must shift our view.

To have life, a car also needs gas or diesel fuel to run and oils and/or lubricants to keep it lubricated and a spark in the engine to get it started. Unlike getting into a car that runs on gas or diesel fuel, when our creative spirit incarnates into a body it give life to that body. But it also supplies a portion of the fuel and supplies the oil and lubricants for it to run. It supplies the binding energy that keeps the car together in its particular form. It also supplies the spark to act and get it going.

Stepping out of this discussion for the moment, the spark that starts the incarnation process, like that battery in the car, is the urge your parents had to procreate. Believe it or not, your creative spirit was part of that process form the very beginning. It was your desire to experience physical life and the need for a particular type and kind of physical vehicle that brought your parents together. In this regard, your body is the perfect vehicle for the experience you desire to have and is, in essence, encoded with that desires. It is your desire for a physical experience that supplies the binding energy to form your body as it is from the very beginning. And, it continues to do so.

It is the way this creative spirit binds the energy of the body to have a particular physical experience that gives rise to what we call healthy or unhealthy conditions. In the same way a car need oil and lubricants to keep the parts in working order so they don’t wear out, our creative spirit supplies the lubricants to keep the body running. We experience the lack of properly lubrication as a body part failing to perform.

Although there is one caveat on this statement, you can say we finance health. That is, when our creative life energy is free to enthuse the whole body it properly oils and lubricated the body, the body runs well. When we divert too much of our creative life energy from its intended purpose, it cannot finance health. Parts of our body and our life are not lubricated and wear out causing the body to no longer function in some way. Then, at some point, our creative spirit decides to step out of the body, as we would step out of a car and turn off the engine, and the body ceases to run.

When this happens, the creative spirit or flow of energy that was animating the body does not cease to exist. As an energy, as a consciousness, it cannot die. It simply transforms. It simply move into a state less bound that a human body. Where it goes and what it experiences is entire determined by what you choose to create just as it chose to create a physical experience. So there is some need to continually look to the future to see what you may wish to create.

If was stated there is one significant caveat to the statement, “you can say we finance health.” That caveat is that we may elect to also finance an unhealthy condition or even a accident, illness or disease for the experience that they can provide. It needs to be realized that there are some physical experiences that can only be obtained when one experiences an accident, illness or disease. For example, to know what it is to experience human life without legs can only be had without legs. One cannot experience it any other way. To act as if you have no legs or to be paralyzed from the waist down and have no functional legs is not the same experience of having no legs.

Now you may ask two questions. The first is, “Why would I want to have such an experience?” I, nor can anyone else, answer that question. Only the person having that experience can answer that question. But there are answer to such questions for we all are part of several larger processes than what we normally perceive about our life.

The other question is, “Are you saying that everyone with illnesses, diseases, and the like create them only for the experience of them?” No, I am not saying that. There are times we create experiences we do not desire or intentionally choose create. There are many times our creative life our energy become so scattered and unfocused we cannot finance health. Or, we fall prey to programming that does not serve us and we suffer some type and kind of injury, accident, illness or disease in the process.

These types and kinds of questions are address in the variety of topics under the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity application web sites. Probably the place to jump into such material is to explore the discussion “Creativity Perspective on Health and Related Issues

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