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The are many different perspectives that can been viewed as a creativity perspective. Some views are just more creatively powerful than others. The creativity perspective used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is one that sees each individual as an infinitely creative being with an unlimited creativity. It gives a view of Creation such that one is able to continually expand and grow the creative ability they find within themselves and within another. Within this perspective, Creation is seen as magical enough to allow each of us to live true to the truth of our own being and yet allow the other to remain free to do the same.

The creativity perspective used with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology looks to see how to become more effective and efficient in oneís creativity and the creativity of others. Creative effectiveness is used as the measure of truth. Within this perspective, you are free to create whatever you desire. There are no judgments on what you create. However, there are consequences for the time and place in which you create. If you are going to consciously create, you need to be willing to accept and deal with the consequences. You will have no one to blame or to hold accountable for what you experience but yourself for you are the creator. For many, this is too much to be believed but it is nevertheless true

This perspective views whatever you are experiencing as a flow of energy created by the intention you hold at some level of your being. The energy itself must freely flow and fully dissipate. Otherwise your creative energy will become bound and/or somehow cause your creative power to be entwined and entangle in what you experience as am attachment to what you experience. Since you are experiencing what you choose to create, you cannot seek to hold anyone or anything outside of you as the cause of what you experience. Rather they are only the occasion for the fulfillment of a desire you hold at some level of your being. You are only experiencing something you have choose to create or in which you have elected to participate at some level of your being and must allow the energy giving rise to the experience to fully dissipate. Hence one needs to go within and uncover why they have created the experience they are having if they truly wish to get to its root cause.

Although you are unlimited in what you can create, because you are currently in a human body, the only constraint on what you create is that you experience it from within your body until you complete your physical experience. In this regard, it makes no sense to try and transcend the physical or some how escape what lies in your path. Rather, it is to know the energy giving rise to the physical experience in which you participate must be dissipated. If the energy is not dissipated, a part of you remains bound to that experience until that energy is released and freed to dissipate. So the goal should be to become like the wind. The wind comes with nothing and leave with nothing and just dissipate the energy possess by, or in, the wind. We should strive to enter each experience we have with no attachment and/or expectations and leave with no attachment. It is to be fully present to experience what happening as it is happening. This of course, is sometimes very difficult to do. In any case, we should look with, and allow, the energy within our being to carry us into the experience we came to have without the imposition of mind. Learning to use our internal compass will help us to do that.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is itself a creative perspective. By using this material, you will be viewing Creation in the most creative and expansive way found to date found by the author. There may be others but they havenít been found to provide the freedom within he perspective presented within this material and related web sites.

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