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We are perfect as we are


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We are perfect as we are
We are the perfect expression of the beliefs we carry
What is perfection?
Perfection and our experience of healing

We are the perfect expression of the beliefs we carry  (Top)

As we work with the body wisdom and become aware of the way it communicates to us, we have to be come very mindful and aware of its presence. As we do this more and more, there is an awareness that grows within our being and that is the awareness is that there is no moment but now. A difficult concept for most individuals to accept let alone embody is that there is no time but this time, there is no moment but this moment. This moment is the perfect expression of the beliefs that we hold at this instant. We are perfect. We are the perfect expression of our beliefs. One of the main reason for creating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to help individuals to understand how it is possible that we are the perfect expression of our beliefs.

In understanding we are the perfect expression of what we believe, we can being to learn to accept what is, as it is, and the fact that at some level of being we have created what is. In accepting with is, as it is, we allow ourselves and open ourselves to seeing exactly how and why we have created the experiences that we are having. But in any case, we cannot experience what is unless we are fully in the present, in the here and now and accept responsibility for what we experience. To be fully present in the moment, we can not be attached to the past or the future.

In realizing reality will molds itself to what we believe and what we believe is manifested in the most suitable form for the environment in which we find ourselves, that is, a given environment has molded itself to our beliefs, we can being to understand that we are perfect as we are. We are the perfect expression of what we believe in the environment in which we find ourselves. With the same beliefs, in a different environment, our expression would be different but it would be none the less a perfect expression of what we believe.

On this point, we are the perfect expression on the physical plane of the beliefs we carry. In the same way there are beliefs that have no expression on the physical plane and there are beliefs that have a component of their expression on the physical plane and simultaneously have expressions in other realities. We are a multidimensional being. We assume that of the earth plane is solely of the earth plane. We do not realize that beliefs can have simultaneous expression in many other realities.

This simply means that if we donít like what we are manifesting we have one of four primary choices. One choice is that we simply move to an environment that will allows us to manifest what we believe in a way more suitable to our liking. The second is that we change our beliefs to a set of beliefs that allows us to manifest something more acceptable to our liking in the environment in which we find ourselves. The third way is to modify our beliefs and our environment to something more acceptable. The fourth way is to change our liking and accept what is as it is.

What is perfection?  (Top)

To understand how it is possible we are the perfect expression of what we believe, we need to understand a little about exactly what is perfection.

For something to be perfect the two most useful definitions of the word for our discussion as defined in the dictionary are as follows. The first is to be perfect is to have all the elements or qualities requisite or necessary to its nature or kind. It is complete. The second is to be perfect is without defect, blemish or any imperfection. Our problem with being human in seeing that we are perfect as we are and the world is perfect as it is is that there are these two definitions of perfection. As a human being, we are perfect according to the first definition yet seen by many as totally inadequate by the second. The reason for this is that the first definition is independent of our judgment. The second is very dependent on the judgment of our mind.

The first definition is that to be perfect, we have to have all the elements, qualities, requisites necessary to our nature. In this sense we are perfect for we have all of these. We are fragments of energy consciousness and we create in the way consciousness of All That Is creates all that exists. We, as individual points of consciousness, create just as Consciousness creates. We only do not realize how we do it. If we were to become awake and aware as to how we create our reality, then we would see that we are perfect and the world is a reflection of the beliefs we hold and what we ourselves chose to experience.

This brings us to the second definition of perfect. Since we often donít like what we experience we have judged what we experience as some how defective, blemished or imperfect and often we become angry when the world does not meet our expectations. Yet, defective, blemished and imperfect are only judgments of our mind based on some criteria or standard of comparison we are using to say something is defective, blemished or imperfect. Our judgment has nothing to do with the truth of the situation unless we use the correct standard of comparison. Our judgments are not based on the truth of what is but rather on what we think. We have to be out of mind to see the truth which would allow us to have no judgments that interfere with what we see. Because the world does not meet our standards we judge ourselves, others and the world as other than perfect. Rather than looking at our own standards of comparison to what is the true elements, qualities and requisites of ourselves and the reality we inhabit, we continue to use standards of comparisons that are out of alignment with the truth of our being and the nature of Creation.

As we give ourselves permission to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and experience our own unlimited creativity we will see differently. In seeing how we create the experiences we have, we will come to understand the world is the perfect manifestation of the beliefs we hold. It is only our lack of understanding about Creation and the creation process and our judgments and biases that are not allowing us to see the perfection that already exists.

Perfection and our experience of healing  (Top)

In realizing all is perfect as it is and we are the perfect expression of what we believe in the environment in which we find ourselves, one has to question the concept of healing that we hold. Relative to healing, we act as though something is not correct with what is such that it needs to be healed. Yet we are only manifesting what we believe. There is perfection in all that we experience including what we call accident, illness, disease misfortune, and the like..

At one level, we believe we have to be healed so we need to pursue healing. There are conditions in life that we experience in which we say we need to be healed for they are considered unacceptable. Both as individuals and as a society we have standards of one type or another that we believe and use to determine that we need to be healed. Granted, life is more often enjoyable when we do meet the standards for health, yet to compare what is, as it is, no matter what it is, to anything, whether it be to a past, present or future standard of comparison is only a judgment of the mind. It needs to be understood, the need to be healed is only a judgment of the mind.

On this notes of comparison and that the need to be healed is a judgment of the mind, two things need to be understood about healing. One is it is either a journey into the ego inflating and sustaining the ego to create what the ego and mind wants. Or, it is a "feeble" attempt to claim our birthright and create the reality of our choice where the unhealthy condition is only a call to take charge of our life.

As we come to work with releasing our unlimited creativity and recreating our reality, we will come to see how accident, illness and disease and other related "unhealthy" conditions only provide the incentive for us individually and collectively to take control of our lives and recreate our reality. Health or unhealthiness is only a reflection of something our nonconscious is attempting to communicate to our consciousness. The unhealthy condition most often pulls us away from what our ego wants to do and tries to get us to listen. Yet we rarely explore what it is communicating. Rather we try and fix the condition and/or the experience we have without getting what the experiences is trying to communicate.

Pain and unhealthy conditions are alarms and wake up calls warning us about what we are creating. We donít like to be sick and we donít what to be sick. We donít like pain and we donít want pain so we choose to create something else. [That is, of course unless we have found being sick and in pain allows us to exert a level of control in our life that we otherwise would not have. Often the illness one has is the only control an individual has over others.]

It was said above accident, illness and disease can be seen as "feeble" attempts at claiming our birthright and consciously creating. It is a feeble attempt because it is only directed at an issue or particular condition of the body and/or oneís inner self without looking at our whole being and how our beliefs caused what we experience. To change a part without consideration of the whole causes one to continue in the patterns of the past. Frequently, if not routinely, continuing with the past leaves the door open to cause what we changed only to evolve itself back into what it originally was before we made the change or some new version of the old issue.

It is much like clearing a field within a forest to farm. As long as we farm the field it will remain as a field. However, if we leave the field unattended, it will return to its original state of being a forest because the fieldís environment has remained essentially unchanged and the original state of the field is the one that is naturally supported. This brings us back to the ego. In regards to the environment that created an unhealthy condition the ego is engaged in doing something or other. The ego does not like being taken away from what it is doing by an unhealthy condition. Naturally the ego seeks to change what is taking it away from what it desires. Hence, healing, as we know it, starts with the ego and a dissatisfaction with what is. Ego want to remain as it thinks it should be so it will do almost anything to remain in the world it knows. In this regard, healing is an ego trip.

There is a Eastern mystic who discusses this issue of ego quite clearly but never follows up on the realm meaning of the ego dissatisfaction. The following quote is from a speech Paramahansa Yogananda gave entitled "How Seekers First Found God" given on November 11, 1994 as found in the book Manís Eternal Quest by the Self-Realization Fellowship.

"We can readily understand how man first conceived of a science of medicine. He suffered physically and therefore sought a method to heal himself. But how did man happen to try to find out about God? The question gives scope for profound reflection.

"In the Vedas of India we find the earliest true concept of God. In her scriptures India has given the world immortal truths that have stood the test of time.

"Every material inventor is actuated by material need - Ďnecessity is the mother of invention." Similarly motivated by necessity, the early rishis [seers - inspired personages] of India became ardent spiritual seekers. They had found that without inner satisfaction, no amount of external good fortune can bring lasting happiness. How then can one make himself really happy? This problem the wise men of India undertook to solve."

What is reflected here, at least in the opinion of this Eastern mystic, is that both the Eastern seekers and the Western scientist undertook their respective journeys because they were in pain and were not happy with what is. As described here, this was and still is an ego journey. To seek happiness over unhappiness is a judgment of mind where one is somehow better than the other. In being dissatisfied with what is, their mind and ego had to judge there was something better than the pain they were feeling. That judgment biased what they saw on their journey Neither explored the possibility that the pain was in fact a gift and was telling them something about the world they created.

It is interesting to contrast what the conclusions are made are about God and the nature of the universe when one explores starting form the position that they are happy with what is as it is. In being happy with what is as it is, one is only discovering and exploring the universe in a spontaneous and innocence childlike play. Our whole understanding of God and the universe is quite different from this alternative view. The immortal truths of India to which this mystic refers have withstood the test of time because the human journey has been one of trying to escape the physical plane and the pain one experiences here in the physical and these truths provide a basis of such a journey. However, a very different truth is revealed if one starts from the perspective of being happy with what is and pursing that spontaneous and innocent childlike play and/or exploring Creation as a creator/Creator experiencing its creation/Creation. It is not contradictory but a much more expansive and joyous revelation.

What needs to be understood reality molds itself to what we believe. There will be differences based on what one intends. To intend to find happiness and avoid pain will result in a different set of experiences and understanding than to playfully explore the universe in being happy with what is.

The ancient traditional paths of understanding have viewed life as having a goal. That goal has been to become liberated and free from conditions and/or circumstances of life, especially the conditions natural to physical life. In this view, life is a journey and a search for liberation and freedom from physical existence. Similarly, health is seen as a search or journey to be free from the unhealthy condition and pain.

If, however, one understands there is no goal, no liberation because one is already free to create what they wish, any unhealthy condition is only something one has created for some reason. In this case, the nonconscious mind is only trying to communicate something to the conscious mind. The process we need to follow that ultimately cures us and restores, or doesnít restore, us to health is the process being revealed in the pain and the information embedded in the pain if we know how to listen to what is being communicated.

Here we need to realize creativity is the language of consciousness. Our nonconscious is creating an experience to communicate something to us which the conscious mind judges as unhealthy. An unhealthy condition is not something to be just be cured, fixed or healed. It is something that needs to be listened to and understood. In following the natural healing path, the path of least resistance that oneís intuitive guidance and body wisdom would give, one will both cure and heal the cause and receive the message. It is receiving the message that ultimately will heal at the root. To not hear the message only creates the space for a different way for the message to be communicated. Once the message is heard at some level of oneís being, our creative life energy becomes available for a new creation.

Here it does need to be noted following one's intuitive guidance and body wisdom to heal a condition does not necessarily mean we do not seek some type and kind of tradition or not traditional medical or professional help. Creation is not done alone. The unhealthy condition we experience may be the way we meet certain other individuals who we would have no other way of meeting. Or, we may have our unhealthy condition to give the healing an experience they desire to have to have the identity of a healer. All in Creation in interconnected and it can be very convoluted as to how we fulfill our intention and how we assist others in fulfilling theirs.

In any case, eventually both the Eastern approach and Western approach dealt with the cause and origin of pain as it was perceived in some way. The East tends to encourage one to not desire and not become attached for desire and attachment is perceive as the root of pain. The Eastern approach encourages one to go into a meditative state and live "out of mind" in the calm state between thoughts To do this requires is to change our life to some degree.

The Western approach tends to be an opposite approach. The Western approach is to create a solution that allows the individual to essentially continue to do what they did before. For example, pop a pill and we are healed and can go back to doing what we were doing as we were doing it. Its approach is to address what appears to be the cause of the pain and either fix the pain such that it no long interferes with what one wishes to do or remove/numb the pain in some way without fixing it. The goal in the Western approach tends to be to allow the individual to remain living the life they were living as much as possible. However since the time of this Eastern mysticís writing, there has been some shift in the Western approach to acknowledge and to address how the life style itself can contribute to the illness.

Yet neither approach talks about how we have created the situation we experience. Neither talk about the painful and/or unhealthy condition is only a result of our own creative choices to have a particular type and kind of experience. Neither talk about the pain being tied to what we desire to create and the pain is only a step in the creative process of becoming aware of how we create our reality and how we create our experiences. It is not that we desire that is the issue as suggested in the Eastern approach. Rather, it is not learning what the pain is communicating to us when we desire and not releasing what needs to be released for the required sacrifice in the creative process.

Our issue is we are too wrapped up in our own ego and what it wants to do. We do not realize the pain may be telling us something about our journey and we are not listening to its message. Pain is a gift and all pain is not necessarily bad. The question is whether or not the pain is helping to lead us to expand and grow past who we think we are or causing one to shrink and run away from life and the physical experience itself. Similarly, accident, illness and disease may be what our creative life energy/creative spirit is using to get the experience we incarnated to have. We tend to look at an unhealthy condition as something that needs to be fixed so we can get back to living our lives in the way we want to live it. That is an ego trip. We donít look at the pain in whatever form we experience it, as an indicator as to how we are creating our experiences and/or how we are processing the energy within our being. We donít consider the pain as only part of the process we are using to create what we desire because of how we have come to think and believe. In this view, it is not about healing. Rather, it is about coming to the realization that we may need to change either what we are creating or come to understand how we are creating it.

Most of our thinking about heath is of the mind and we will have to get out of mind before we see the real reason for our unhealthy condition. The issue is not healing and fixing something but recreating something different and something more to our liking. We tend to go to healers or rely on some external healing process and think they are doing the healing when in fact it is us who are taking action to recreate the world we have created. The healer is only playing a role for us. We fail to see how our internal changes are only being reflected externally and the healer or method we use only corresponds to the decision we make in our own life to heal.

It is import to remember, what health really is. Health is seen as a soundness of any living organism, vigor of the body and mind and freedom defect and disease. As such, health is based on a standard for health chosen by mind and hence is a judgment of the mind and has little to do with the reality of the situation. In one case a disease can be considered a liability. In another case, it may be the doorway to an experience we could not otherwise have.

A similar problem exists about healing. Healing is seen to restore health or soundness or to make healthy again. It is to bring about a remedy or a cure as in a disease or to repair or mend as in a wound or a breach between two individuals or the individual and their "God." In this latter type of healing, healing is seen as a cleansing of sin, grief or purifying the spirit to be acceptable to "God." This definition assumes this God has a standard to which one must measure up to and meet. Here again it is all judgment of the mind. The definition of soundness and vigor is a choice by mind. Similarly, a remedy or cure does not necessarily eradicate the cause. When it come to healing a breach between two individuals and oneís God there is an assumption the situation should be other than it is. Here we must ask what is the creator/Creator is attempting to manifest? Our seeming breach may be the creation/Creation the creator/Creator desires to experience so there is nothing the heal. Rather, it is to be experienced for the experience which is offered.

The whole point here is what we describe as an unhealthy conditions is only a creation we ourselves have created. It is only one of an infinite number of creations we could create and there is a reason why you have created the one we did. There is a cause effect relationship at work here. What we experience may have been created consciously or nonconsciously. The question is why did we create what we experience and how does it serve the life we are attempting to manifest. Until we understand how the unhealthy condition is serving us, we will never learn to step into our unlimited creativity to create something which serves us just as well but less painful.

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