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Whether we realize it or not, and are willing to accept it or not, we are consciousness at play with itself. The play goes on at two levels.

One level is what we can experience every moment. We are constantly remold our energy and our passion by how and what we think. The only problem we have is we keep so much of our energy fixed by the beliefs we hold about the past and the way we perceive reality to work. As such we never realize there is another level to our play of consciousness.

The deeper level is that our creative life energy flows to create an experience of whatever on which we focus our attention and awareness for the environment in which we find ourselves. If we include the environment in which we find ourselves as part of the focus of our attention and awareness we can change the reality we experience.

The adult creative state of play is about realizing we are consciousness at play with ourselves and taking responsibility for what we have created and what we are creating by how and what we are thinking. It may take us a while, but the more we work with and practice consciously creating the world of our choice to express our creative passion, we will come to the realization and conscious understanding accompanied with and experiential knowing that we are Consciousness at play with Itself. We will come to see our individualized consciousness, the awareness of I that we experience, is only one of and infinite number of views that we can have. We can evolve that understanding to see that we are only one of an infinite views that Conscious can use to simultaneously experience Creation. In this realization, we will begin to see how we have to look within to see what we must change to change the external world for us, our body and the world we see and experience externally to us both the physical and non-physical are One. We are both the Creator and Creation. We are the observed and the observer and the context of observation. We are Consciousness at play. We only need to decide what it is we wish to create and to experience and take responsibility for it and its consequences.

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