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In learning to live our truth in complete trust with the creative process of creation/Creation we hold our creativity sacred and we can being to recognize who and what we really are. We need to understand that we are already complete as a human being and already complete to live a life on earth. We need to obtain nothing. We already are. Yes, we do need food water and the like but we are whole and complete as we are. It is an illusion to think otherwise. It is the judgments and expectations of our mind that do not allow us to experience the truth of our being as to see Creation for what it is.

When a human is born into the physical plane, it already is prepared and adequately sufficient to live the life on earth that it intends to live. All that we carry into the world is exactly the way it should be. Our environment of incarnation will prepared us for the experiences we desire to have. Whether or not our enculturated ego can accept that we came into the world complete and sufficient, as do the others in our life, is another matter. Much of the human physical experience does make us think otherwise. There are things we need to learn to do in this life and about the world in which we incarnated for the given time and place of our incarnation. Nevertheless we are complete.

To become a conscious creator and transform our life, we begin with the understanding that we are already complete. We are capable of transforming our current world and remanufacturing our future. We can overcome our fears. We can harness the ego to overcome the enculturated ego and its expectations of who and what we are. We can become synchronized with the world around us, the people, places and things in our environment by ensuring our words match our actions and that our life and beliefs are consistent in all ways. It is only when our thoughts and feelings are not aligned that our find discomfort. When we honor our own inner beauty and accept ourselves as we are, we can honor and accept others for who and what they are. In honoring our own creative talents and inner beauty, we provide the nurturing environment we need to grow and to become who we came to be. In doing so, we allow the space for others to do the same.

Confidence frees our energy to move forward without fear. To have confidence, we need to accept ourselves and operate from the space that we are worthy, good and a gift to the universe from the universe and we have a gift to give. It is learning the two views of creation and to trust our heart and to believe the opportunities for growth will manifest from the unknown.

Judgments of ourselves and others generate fear rather than confident action. We need to understand many fears arise in that we believe we will not meet the expectations of our mind and its preferences. Judgments are a comparison. Mistakes are made only against some standard of comparison and past actions. We cannot make mistakes in the unknown. There are only learning experiences in creativity. We cannot compare our actions to those of another in a true creative endeavor.

It is hard to sustain confidence in an environment of judgment. The mind judges the actions of the past and leaves us stagnant in the present and fearful of the future. The best way to heal ourselves and strengthen our personal power is by removing our limiting beliefs and judgments and confronting any emotional tension that arises. We cannot deny who we are. We must learn to acknowledge and embrace our feelings and remove judgment from that which is. We must learn to let our heart decide our actions, not the critical mind. In not denying who we are, we find the passion to carry us forward into the free unfoldment of the our creative spirit.

Fear, as do needs, looks different to each and every individual, and each view is no better or no worse than another. It needs to be clearly understood, fears come from within. As such, there is no greater enemy than one’s own fears. We cannot run away from them and we cannot escape them. They are always with us. They go were we go. Unless we face them and somehow overcome them, they will always be with us in some way. If a fear arises in a creative endeavor and the fear is not overcome, it will continue to block the intention that we have set.

Fears coming from within but are of the past. They reveal much about our internal world. The hazard which we fear may be real but the fear comes from within and are based on judgments of our mind as a result of what we have experienced. The fear is not in the hazard. The hazard can be mitigated but the fear remains. When a fear arises, we can do a hazards review and mitigate the hazard and/or institute compensatory measures. Then we need to go in and replace our belief structure and how and what we think and believe to get at the root of our fear.

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