The Siddhis

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Siddhis and reported and/or desired abilities

There are a variety of reported magical and/or supernatural powers and abilities that individuals hope to obtain in accessing the Source of Creation. This list is not complete but some of the more common ones are noted here and a brief discussion as to their obtainability.

One question you will have to ask yourself about any of these powers and abilities is, “Why do you want such abilities and what would you do with them - violate another’s free will?” Because of how our mind operates, what abilities we consciously walk away with when one accesses the Source of Creation depends both on what one thinks and believes and what we are seeking both consciously and subconsciously.

The Siddhis: are supernatural powers reportedly attained thought such activities such as mantra repetition, meditation, and/or yogic practices. The Eastern traditions tend to identify eight major siddhis and are as follows.

Anima           Ability to reduce one’s body to the size of an atom
                    This siddhis is said to be used to travel to subtle realms.
Mahima         Ability to expand the body to any size
Laghima        Ability to make the body light - levitation
Garima          Ability to make the body heavy
Prapti            Ability to attain everything
Prakamya      Ability to see one’s wishes fulfilled
Ishatva          Ability to gain lordship over everything
Vashitva       Power to attract and control all things

The ability to heal: Many who enter the mystical real and/or access the Source of Creation, whether accidently as in a traditional shamanic initiation experience or through some type of tradition, are reported to obtain the ability to heal. It may be knowledge about healing and/or a healing touch or related ability. What is curious about the list of Siddhis, is that it does not contain the ability to heal. The issue of healing and healing abilities is discussed under the topic of “The Creativity Perspective on Health.”

Psychic abilities: Psychic abilities are about being able to see through time and or know things about the past and/or the future.

Out of body experience: The ability to travel out of the body to where one desires to travel. The experience is of leaving the body behind and one is free to roam at will.

Remote Viewing: A combination of psychic ability and out of body experience where one can place their attention and awareness at any location they chose. However, in this experience there is not necessarily a sense of leaving the body.

Aura reading: Ability to read the subtle energy emission of the body. Where the color one perceives is interpreted to indicate spiritual, mental, emotional or physical conditions.

A comment on the Siddhis

When you work with creative the power and ability available to each of us and learn how to focus your attention and awareness to create a single point focus, you can achieve similar or equivalent types and kinds of abilities. There is really nothing special about them. In many ways you already posses these kind of powers and abilities and more, much, much more. You are just not aware of them or how to consciously access them. You have never been taught you already possess them to one degree or another and you have never been taught how to use them. The two stories under the topic of the “Human Condition as Seen From the Creativity Perspective,” illustrates what we each face as to our true identity and our creative spirit. Our creative spirit is the door way to the source of our creative powers and creative abilities. Someone needs to create the space to call forth that creative spirit.

You are the creator of the experiences you have and the reality of those experience. The only question is, “What is it you desire to create and experience and why?” Whether you realize it or not, you already have your wishes fulfilled. You are just not aware of the wishes you carry into this life and the wishes you have been programmed to fulfill because of the world in which you grew up. When you do the inner work to clean up such programming, you can readily see how your wishes are already filled. Within the clarity obtained in cleaning up the past and washing our internal and external filters, you can see how your wishes are, or are not, fulfilled.

Similarly, you are the creator of the reality you experience - all of it. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and the applications web sites are an attempt to provide you some ways to understand how this is possible. As such, you already have lordship over everything you experience and attract and control all things you experience. However, you currently do it subconsciously so it appears to you that you are not the creator and have little power in those areas. Yet, that is only how mind creates or gives you the experience of being in Creation. If you were fully aware of exactly how you created the experiences you have and could readily change them. That ultimately would not be very enjoyable. You would, in time, limit yourself to a very narrow prison of the past constructed of only of those things you think you like. You would never open the door to much more enjoyable experiences for fear you may find you create something you don’t like. So, as the creator, you learn how to forget so that you can enjoy the experience you created.

Relative to any special powers and abilities that you wish to obtain you may want to ask yourself, “Why do I really want this?” Pull the string on the “Why” as far as it will take you. You can almost be guaranteed that you will find it is solely for ego gratification in some way. The reason why this is said is that when you pull the string sufficiently, and come to the realization that you are the creator of the experience you have and the reality of those experiences, such powers become unimportant. There is much more available to you than a few powers that seem superhuman. Rather, you will find you re the creator of the experiences you have and the reality of those experiences. You will find you already have all the power you need. Besides what you will find is there is a magic but it is not what you expect and that you are already actively engaged in creating something you desire.

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