The Ultimate Accident


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The ultimate accident is about finding and having a conscious experience of the true source/Source of one’s being. It is an experience that will secure the freedom of one’s creative spirit.

It is referred to as “an accident” because it is not something you can plan to have. It is something that happens unexpectedly. Most often it happens when you least expect it. You can set the intention to experience it and either consciously do what you think will get you there or allow your intuition to take you there. But you cannot plan to have it. It happens. It is more like a probabilistic effect where you can increase your chances of having it but it is not something you can guarantee by following a logical path by doing A, then B, then C, et cetera. You can increase the probability of experiencing the ultimate accident by learning to step out of mind and surrendering to what is, as it is and/or enter a state of creative play.

The ultimate accident is what can be described only as spontaneous mystical experience where there is, or the potential for, the spontaneous recognition at the deepest levels of our being of who and what one truly is. That is, consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself, and what it means for our life. In the ultimate accident, you are in a state of being where there is only wonderment and “Ah” of life - that is, all that you can say that can express the experience is “Ah” and there is an accompanying profound awareness that is impossible to put into words. Whether or not a person recognizes the experience for what it is depends on whether or not they have the minimum requisite set of experiences to understand and recognize the experience. Here again, what you remember about the experience and how you can use and benefit from the experience will be determined by your past.

Almost everyone has had, or will have, the Ultimate Accident in their life but few recognize it for what it is. It is available at every moment but we are too preoccupied with life and our past to recognize the experience for what it is. There are other types and kinds of mystical experience and/or spontaneous mystical experiences you can have, but the Ultimate Accident is different. It is different in a very special way. It specialness is that it allows one to recognize they are consciousness at play with itself. It provides an unparalleled free expression of one’s creative spirit. The memory of the experiences will secure the freedom of the creative spirit.

It is not an experience of one’s God or what they think God is. It is not an experience of tremendous bliss and joy although some may interpret the experience in that way. Rather it is the spontaneous awareness of exactly who and what you are. That is, the creator of the experiences you have - all of them - for you are consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself and your creativity and creation are the language that you use to express yourself. The experience radically changes one’s life in that their life becomes play and they see the play of life. In this awareness they can freely enter life in that most creative state of being with a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of Creation.

By play we mean that one accesses an awareness that they are the “stuff” of Creation manifesting what it desires. They understand they create what they experience by how and what they think and believe. They can see that they are the creator of the experience they have. Some call this state enlightenment. Some call it transcending mind. It does not matter what you call it. What matters is what happens when you experience it.

When you experiences it and if your mind properly characterizes it, you will be profoundly changed and your life breaks from the past. The experience gives you an awareness that you are free. You are free of the past and can create whatever you choose to create. You realize you are bound by the past only by choice.

However, the instant you remember or realize “I” as in “I am” or in whatever form you realize your uniqueness, you will leave this state and localize your awareness into whatever your mind believes about what you have experienced and what you believe about Creation. The question is whether or not what you believe allows you accept that you are in fact the creator of the experiences you have. For most, because of what they think and believe, this is incomprehensible to their mind for their mind has no way to understand it. It is too much to be believed. However, if you learn to hold your creativity sacred and you stumble onto, or into, this awareness, no matter what form the awareness takes when you come out of this state, you will remember that you are the creator of what you experience. You may even realize how you do it.

Although the Ultimate Accident is a spontaneous event that you cannot make happen, you can create the conditions to increase its probably of happening. There are three primary ways that have been found to create the space for the ultimate accident or rather significantly increase the probability of the ultimate accident happening. These three ways are discussed in the topic, “Setting the stage for the Ultimate Accident.”

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