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Key to creating anything in life is our inherent creativity and our creative ability and creative power. For whatever condition we face, we need to become aware of where we do or do not hold our creativity sacred and we have or do give our creative power away. The most creative state is where our creative spirit is free to enter as state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play where we are free to feel and follow the flow of our creative life energy wherever it leads. For this to occur, we needs a safe and secure space and we must move past our fears and the limits and barriers imposed by our mind. However, few are given the safe and secure space they need for the free unfoldment of their creative spirit. Most are controlled in some way by fears of the past and/or hold their creative spirit in a cage of our own making. Most develop habits and response patterns to life to protect ourselves but these habits and patterns hold our creative spirit captive rather than holding our creativity sacred. Yet, without our creative power, we will be unable to create what we desire. So the question we all face is, "Where do we not hold our creativity sacred and how have we given our creative power away?"

A sample of where we are not holding our creativity sacred is reflected in three questions reported to the author that some shamans ask when someone asks the shaman to help them heal. The three questions are, "When did you stop singing," "When did you stop dancing," and "When did you stop dreaming?" In essence, all three of these questions are really directed toward a more fundamental question. That question is "When did you stop playing or no longer free to play?"

The most creative state of being is a state of being where we are free to be in spontaneously and innocently childlike play at each and every level of our being in the discovery and exploration of ourselves and the world we inhabit. We all were in such a state of being at one point in our life. We entered life in this most creative state of being. We slowly lost the ability to freely be in this state and/or enter this state of being as we began to experience life and lost the freedom to play for whatever reason we may had. It may have been a injury, an early care giver thwarting our action or simply being unable to find someone with whom to play in the way we desired to play. Whatever the case may be, we slowly learned response patterns to life which, with our child of a mind, we thought was protecting our creative spirit but in the end slows put our creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

The cage in which we put our creative spirit is much like a box with six sides. Top of the box is our concept of God and the creative powers of Creation. The basic question here is do we learn where our creative power stops and that of Creation takes over such that we take responsibility for we are responsible for doing and leave to Creation with it responsible for doing. Many find it hard to believe that we in fact do create our experiences and we create the reality we experience. It is just that we have elected to have the physical experience as a human being in Physical Creation which is a the shared creation with rules by which we abide by having a physical body.

The bottom of the box is sexuality. The basic question here is are we free to creative use our sexuality as the creative tool that it is to create what we desire and/or a life worth living. The side are what we think and believe about how we need to be in the world. Here the questions center around whether or not we are able to live true to ourselves or do we try and please the external world compromising our truth along the way.

To hold our creativity sacred is give ourselves permission to break through all the sides of this box and allow ourselves to enter this state of spontaneous and innocent creative play whenever we feel lead to do so. It is to allow the creative life energy within our being to freely flow within and allow it to lead however it desires to lead.

The door way to holding our creativity sacred and entering the most creative state is to allow ourselves to freely play is our creative imagination . Entering the most creative state of being starts with our creative imagination. If we are not free to experiment and explore all options in our creative imagination, we will be unable to find the creative solution we seek and bring it back into our life. Or, through the process of complex integration or a similar process, bring back the real part that is applicable to our life.

The bridge which will allows us to do our own experiments in Physical Creation to make what we find in our creative imagination  real and begin to see what is really possible in the world in which we live are rituals, metatheaters and the like. Here we bring back what we find in our creative imagination and "play out" in a playful non binding way options that are available to us. When we find the solution which seems to work best, we can create a ritual or metatheater which allows us to create a deep feeling which allow us to never lose focus on what we desire to create.

Some of us may find that before we are free to explore all options in our creative imagination  we will need to call back our creative power. We need to look back at our life and the experiences we have had, as through a life map or telling our story, to find out where we have given our creative power away because of what we have come to think and believe about ourselves, the world we inhabit and Creation itself.

Some may find creating a creativity tool box a useful exercise. Creating a tool box is where we collect and place symbols of the various aspects of our creative power as a useful way to focus our mind on how we gave our creative power away and how we need to call it back. Placing all the symbols together in the tool box is a way to visualized consolidating our creative power as we call it or take it back. Or, we can create a little ritual or metatheater around the process of getting the symbol and placing it in the tool box.

Probably the best criteria available as to where we have given our creative power away or where we are giving it away is the feeling of freedom and the fullness of being. Our creative power lies in feeling. When we are in our power, there is a feeling of fullness. We can feel the energy and passion looking to burst forth into a creation. It is much like the moment before a blossoming as in the blossoming of our creative spirit. The more power we consolidate the greater the feeling and passion.

When we move to act on this energy, there is feeling of freedom. It is a freedom to be like the wind. Coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments and an experience of calmness as this energy dissipates in the experience. We can feel when the free flow of our creative life energy is being thwarted or we are giving our creative power away. We can also feel how we are becoming attached to what we are creating and cause a part of our power to be lost such that we will need to reclaim it at a later time.

Becoming open to feeling and open to the awareness in what we feel we begin to hold our creativity sacred. In dong so, we can know when and how we are giving our creative power away and what we will need to do to call it back. The experience of creation/Creation is about binding our creative life energy into a particular form in which we desire to experience. We do so by how we focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe. In being open to feeling we know whether or not our attachments and what we think and believe is serving us and the experience we desire to have or we are robbing ourselves of our own creative power. The key is to continually move to a fullness of being and an inner freedom knowing what serves and doesn’t serve us.

It does need to be noted here that as we look to see where we do not hold our creativity sacred and call back our creative power, we increase the possibility of experiencing the Ultimate Accident or the ultimate mystical experience. That is, an experience of the Source of Creation or the experience of the infinity of our own being. The more we can live our life holding our creativity sacred, the greater the chance in us coming to know and understand the true nature of Creation.

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