The intention for our life is the source of our current life


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The dream of the heart or the intention for our life is the source of our life. It represents the concentration of the creative energy and power that brought us into life It is what supplies the direction and flow of energy for our creative spirit to unfold into life if it is in no way thwarted in its actions. It is what gives us a passion for life and for living. It possesses a life giving wisdom that can be used to manifest the intent for our life

It is said to reside in the heart, symbolized by the heart, or is a dream of the heart, for it is what ultimately gives us life and is the source of our life and creative power. It is much the way our heart is the source of the flow of the life blood that keeps or physical body alive. So, metaphorically, the heart is the proper organ to be seen as holding this dream or intention. It is the reason why we are here and the creative energy we possess is a direct result of this intention.

On this note of creating life, the creative spirit will create conditions of health and/or disease or illness to give us the life the experiences we have chosen to experience, in one way or another, at some level of our being. Although mind may think the actions of this unfolding creative spirit are reckless, damaging if not outright stupid and suicidal, the reverse is true. Mind thinks it knows how to give life but does not really know how give life or to lead us into life. In reality mind only knows how to sustain the past based on the experiences it has had and seeks to protect the life it knows. Yet, in seeking to protect the life it knows, it stifles and suppresses the unfoldment of life.

Mind knows how to lead us to what we like and away from what we dislike. It will look for a way to make life more enjoyable and pleasurable. It looks to correct and or prevent conditions of accident, illness and disease but it does not know how to create life itself. Mind does not realize the accident, illness or disease we experience, may be the life we desire to experience and/or be the vehicle we need to get the experience we desire. Mind looks to see what sustains life or preserves the life that currently exists and it has even figured out how to clone life, but it does not know how to create life for mind does not really understand what life really is. Mind is a product of life and as such it has difficultly understanding its creator, the experience of life itself and the flow of energy that gives rise to life. Here again, surrendering to what arises from within is frightening to most of us for we have never learned how to discern what is our personal truth and what we need to experience as opposed to something we have been lead to believe based on our environment and the experiences we have had.

The key to accessing the life giving wisdom provided by the intention for our life is look at those activities that give us the feeling of a fulness of being and a passion for life and a passion to engage life.

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