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The gift we incarnated to give - our charisma

Charisma in spiritual and religious traditions is seen as an extraordinary spiritual gift or grace granted to individuals for the benefit of others. Charisma tend to be seen as the power to heal, and similar abilities that seem to arise from the unseen and are not fully explainable in human understanding. In a more secular way, charisma is also seen as a unique personal power belonging to exceptional individuals capable of securing the allegiance of large numbers of people for spiritual or secular purposes.

As used here, it refers to unique gifts and talents we all possess but need to be called forth or brought forth. They become manifest when we are able to nurture the truth of our own being and that truth is given a safe and secure space to be free to unfold true to itself in the world. It occurs as a result of the mature inner masculine and the mature inner feminine. Living and freely expressing our creative passion is the source for creating the space for the maturation of our inner masculine and inner feminine to create our charisma and a gift we give to the world and ourselves.

We each are a unique infinitely creative being. We each have something unique to offer creation that no one else can give. The genes within our body attest to this fact. Even if we are an identical twin we have a unique personality such that it appears fifty percent of who and what we are is genetic and the other is something unique to us.

But for our charisma to manifest the conditions must be created for that gift to be conceived, gestate, be birthed, grow and unfold in the world. The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine is what provided conception for that gift. As we live true to the life created by the marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine, our unique gift(s), our charisma, will grow and unfold in the world.

If we do not move past the limitation that mind can impose on us, our charisma can still be expressed but they will be less than they can be. In essence, it is like planting a tree where there is insufficient sunlight and nourishment. The tree may grow but it will never grow as big as it possible and it may never bear fruit for the conditions are not correct for it to mature. For example, the authorís charisma is about creating a safe space for an individualís creative spirit to become free. His charisma was released at age twenty-two. But it could not be sustained true to itself because of what he thought and believed about both himself, Creation and the unseen  energy of Creation. His charisma became a relative shallow expression of what was possible in twenty five years of in the area of nuclear, industrial and occupational safety and teaching people how to create safety in their lives, in the workplace and in society.

When it was re-released as result of the Ultimate Accident, it came out gain in a different way. But now it stayed out. The Ultimate Accident allowed his internal feminine nurturing creative energy to awaken and nurture the truth of his being. His truth was still focused on safety and to teach people how to create safety. But now it is about the safety of their creative spirit and what gives and sustains their life. In this way, he, as we all do, became the scarab, the dung beetle, a sacred symbol of ancient Egypt, and recycle our past. When our creative spirit is free to express itself we still use our previous talents and abilities. But we use them in a new way, a new expression of them. We use them in a much more expansive and encompassing, if not profound, way.

In many ways we can look what is within the body as a seed and that seed must be fertilized. As a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer, sexuality, and what we think and believe about sexuality, is the shell that keeps it confined must be penetrated and broken for what is inside to come out. That is, there is an inner masculine and inner feminine that must mate to fertilize the seed to grow into our charisma. However, two thing happen. One is the inner masculine and inner feminine must reach maturity to for the fertilization to occur. The second is our inner world gets reflected in our outer world and this includes the relationship of our inner masculine and inner feminine. Because we are taught to look outward, most look outward towards an external male or female to get what must come from the inner masculine or inner feminine. The external focus retards if not thwarts the development and maturity of the inner masculine and inner feminine. Hence, our sexuality, and what we think and believe about sex and sexuality become doorway. Rather than use what gets reflected externally to tell us what inner work is necessary, we get trapped in external relationship to address what must be addressed within and never do the inner work.

In many ways it is why sexuality becomes an issue in adolescence. As the individual starts to become mature, sexuality raises it head as an issue to create a life for the individuals charisma be born and go out into the world to create the life the individual incarnated to live. However, the conditions to create the charisma have never been established for the inner masculine and inner feminine were never allowed to come to maturity in childhood. That is, we are not taught to learn to nurture and live our truth. Rather than understanding the relationship of sexuality with our creative spirit and sexuality supplying the energy to create the life for the charisma to unfold, it is seen as more as a biological function. Individuals are not taught how to access the inner nurturing feminine creative energy and to create the conditions for the truth of our being to be conceived, gestated and birth into the world. When our the inner masculine creative energy thrusts out into the world, rather than trusting from our own truth, we thrust out based on our enculturation. That causes us to look outward for that opposite or even same sex to fulfill what is needed to be filled within.

Both males and females who have not learned to nurture their truth looks for that feminine energy to nurture what they cannot do themselves. This, by the way is the conditions for most of us, even most of the females. Those who have not learn to thrust into the world in their own truth look to an external authority figure to give them truth and tell them what to do. They look to God, a teacher, an social author, a parent, whatever, to tell us how to thrust. Most of us are like castrated bulls for our inner masculine is castrated early in life. That is, our inner masculine has never been allowed to grow and mature so we are lead by those whom seems to know better than us. When one learns to access their nurturing feminine creative energy to nurture their own truth and thrust out with the inner masculine in their truth, they become a light unto themselves. Many of us will need to recreate ourselves later in life to correct this condition if we every desire to find the truth of our being and release the depth and breadth of our charisma.

Relative to external sex, sexuality under the incorrect conditions keeps what is within the body captive. Sexuality under the correct conditions will release what is within the body and release untold gifts, talents and abilities Most important the individual will become a light unto themselves and function extremely will with an internal compass without the need of an external reference other than a point to which ground their energy or focus their creative efforts. But they will not be lead by the external focus. It will simply become a grounding point for the flow of their creative energy.

There are correct conditions for sexuality and incorrect conditions for sexuality. It has nothing to do with marriage, what society or religions says or anyone else can say. The correct conditions are unique to the individual and the individual must follow their intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and their own internal compass to create them. That is, follow their own truth. Most importantly, the correct conditions also depend on the intention one holds for what they desire to create in their life and with the other individual. The correct conditions will both activate and release our charisma and create the energy, a life, for this charisma to go out into the world. Although not correct for you, some observations about the conditions that seem to indicate the correct condition for sex are that will help release our charisma are found in the topic, "Some observations on the correct conditions for sex."

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