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Wholeness as discussed by a human is about the feeling of being whole as opposed to feeling a separation. Wholeness is about being complete unto ourselves. In reality we are already whole and perfect as we are. It is only the illusion of mind which causes us to feel separation. The challenge is to get past what we have come to think and believe to both know and feel the wholeness within our being.

When we both know and feel the wholeness within our being, we become a light unto ourselves that is self sustaining in that we find the nourishment of what we need within our own being. We do not need another to give us what we lack. Rather, the other assists us in having the experiences we desire to have. In this way they fulfill a need and give us something we do not have. But we lack nothing for fulfillment and/or inner satisfaction. The other does not give us anything we cannot find within ourselves. They may be the occasion to cause what is in us to arise but they do not give us what arises.

Although creation/Creation is not done alone and we will always need another for the experience we desire to have, we do not need to get our nourishment and satisfaction from them. We do not look outside ourselves for what we need to give from within. We have no feeling of separation such that we think and believe what we need to provide us with an inner satisfaction comes from outside ourselves.

We each carry a wisdom and understand that another does not have. We carry it because of who we are as a individualized point of consciousness of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. It is not something another has in the same way we do. We, as are all of us, are unique. There is no other like us and carry what we carry within our being. If we live the truth of our being, what we carry can, or would allow for our charisma, our gift, or whatever we wish to call it, to manifest in the world.

This wisdom and understanding within each of us is only accessible and comes out in our creativity. But we have to create and be truly creative for it to come out. This is the sticking point for all of us. Most importantly, what we create must come from within ourselves and not come from another or copied from another. That is, it must be truly original from us. It must be something no other has yet done. That is, it is not something we copy. We can sing a song created by another or play a piece of music created by another. But it must be sung or played in our own unique way expressing our unique creative passion. It must be unique to ourselves and not based on our enculturated baggage and programming we have in our mind about what is appropriate and not appropriate to create, acceptable and not acceptable to the world, successful or not successful in the eyes of the world. Unless we live this truth and create what we need to create to express this truth we will feel a separation within our being.

But to create from this level of being in this way raises the issue of how and why we shut our creativity down both as a child and as an adult. It is here the past takes control and most never allow our creative spirit to freely express itself such that this wisdom and understanding also come out. Rather, this wisdom and understanding remain locked with the pain, fears, embarrassments and the like of the past. Exactly what needs to be done to let it out is different for each of us. In this regard, we each have a unique path to follow. If we donít follow our own unique path, we will never access this wisdom and understanding that is available to us.

It is when we create something that comes from the depth of our being and we donít care what anyone thinks about what we create that this creative spirit begins to become awakened. But to awaken that spirit at this depth of being, this creative spirit also awakens to the memories of how and why it became afraid to come out and express itself. The memories within this creative spirit then stand in the way of the wisdom and understanding within each of us from being released in the world.

As we grew up in this world, we learned to compromise our truth the same way we all do and we put our creative spirit in a cage.

Along with the power and ability to create, this creative spirit brings a wisdom and an understanding. This wisdom and understanding only comes out when we create. It is as thought the wisdom and understanding lie on the other side of the creative endeavor. We must first create what needs to be created then the wisdom and understanding reveal themselves. If we donít create what needs to be created, the wisdom and understanding do not reveal themselves. It is why so many "artistic" types seem crazy and driven to create. It is only in creating that which is inside is released. The question is what must be created for the wisdom and understanding to be released. The issue is not to become trapped in the creativity and making it the end.

As a feeling, wholeness, or rather the feeling of wholeness, can be felt several different ways. As such there are different things we can do depending on how we are experiencing separation and lack of wholeness.

Intention for our life: When we are in alignment with the intention for our life we optimize our creative power and we will feel no separation within our being. However, if we are not aligned with the intention for our life there will be a feeling of separation and a fragmenting or scattering of our creative life energy. The greater we are out of alignment with the intention for our life, the greater the feeling of separation. Often the feeling of separation can feel like a discomfort or dissatisfaction. However, it can also can be quite painful. Painful to the point that we will act to numb or suppress the pain leading to an addiction.

Separation of our conscious and non conscious mind: Ego is how an individualized consciousness defines itself or identifies itself. It is the identity it gives itself based on who it thinks and believes that it is because of the experiences it has had or what it has come to believe from whatever source for whatever reason. The human ego is actually composed of two parts - a transcendental ego and an enculturated ego. The enculturated ego is who we have come to think we are because of the experiences we have had in our current life. The transcendent ego is who we think and believe we are based on the experiences we have had that transcends our current life. The transcendental ego is what gives rise to the intention for our life and the desire for certain types and kinds of experiences in this life. The transcendental ego is what gives rise to the concept of a human being having a spirit, an identity, a soul, that is separate from the human body. It is also what gives rise to the past lives an individual believes they have experienced. The transcendental ego and how it arises is really no different than the enculturated ego. Only the experiences that are used to define each are different. We will experience of wholeness of being is when the transcendental ego and enculturated ego are united into one coherent identity based on our true nature. In may ways this is an alternative way of say when we align with the intention for our life.

Lack of being responsible: Yet there is more to wholeness that just aligning with the intention for our life. It needs to be understood we can follow our inner feminine to meet the intention for our life but yet deny the situation we experience. That is, we decouple ourselves from the responsibility for what we experience and the aspect of our being which created it. In essence we separate ourselves from our own responsibility. It is here we live in separation rather than wholeness. We move into a wholeness within our being when we honor all that we experience internally and externally as our own creation/Creation. Until then, we live in an inner separation.

Few realize that to look for satisfaction in what we desire causes us to live in separation and feeling separated from the source of our being. Rather, to find satisfaction in who and what we are as a creator allows us to feel a wholeness within our being and experience a oneness in our life within Creation. Here our desires arise from a desire to share the abundance from within our being rather than looking outward for another to satisfy our need.

In looking to what we desire to create as providing our satisfaction, we will feel separation. What is not recognized, because we are creating and mind is of limited value in a truly creative endeavor, mind experiences separation because of its limited view. However, in stepping out of mind the illusion of separation from what we desire, what we feel is the feeling of wholeness, completeness or satisfaction at what is happening for we know we are manifesting what we desire as the creator. Creating what we desire as the creator is to be whole for that is who and what we really are. However, most create what they have been programmed to create as a result of the experiences of our life and enculturation. As a result they feel some type and kind of separation within their being. Whether what we create is satisfying and enjoyable as we expect entirely depends on how much our enculturated programming and experiences of this life divert us away from the intention for our life.

Lack of freedom to play What lies at the Source of Creation is freedom of movement in any and all directions and possibilities. For us to have the experience of being whole and complete, there is the need for our creative spirit to have the freedom to freely play. If not free to play in the world in which we find ourselves, at least free in our own creative imagination  to explore options without limits and boundaries and use the concept of complex integration to bring those options back into the world. If our creative spirit is not free to play we will never be able to have the feeling of a wholeness within our being for ultimately we are consciousness at play. We feel a separation within our being and long to return to that Source where we experience freedom.

Something requiring healing: Healing is often seen and/or experienced as mending, restoring or fixing something that is broke. Often the issue of non health or lack of health is seen as some type of separation within and healing puts us back into wholeness of being. Although the idea we are not whole is an illusion created by the mind the experience of wholeness is not a guarantee against accident illness, or disease if the non healthy condition is the vehicle to have the experience we desire to have. Rather, wholeness is about having reconstituted our creative ability and creative power.

Creating the feeling wholeness

We create wholeness within our being by to stepping out of mind and the illusion of mind to access the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity and live from the truth of our being. It is to live without separation between the our truth and what we think and believe. In essence we have move pass, or drop, any enculturation we were given to find and live our own truth in whatever form it takes

The crux of what needs to happen is about getting ourselves into a place of wholeness and completeness within our being and getting us to create from that place of wholeness and working from that place with another. Until we get to that place, we look externally to fulfill needs which must come from within. We need to find the wholeness within our own being and allow both the inner masculine and inner feminine to both mature such that one become a light unto themselves. We need to remember, we cannot give what we do not have. We need to create with the light that is in us that arises from deep within our being. It serves no one to create with our wounded part or the wounded part of another.

We donít need any other when we find that inner place of wholeness or are at least close to finding it. It is from this place of wholeness that it is safe to create with another for in that place of wholeness we know our own truth and we know when we live from that truth or we are compromising it for another or for some creative endeavor. But to create anything, there is a part of us that must surrender and die to the creative effort if the new creation is to come into the world. That is inherent in the creative process and that surrender and death is what frightens most from creating from the depth of their being.

We will recreated the past as long as we are not in that place of wholeness. The only place we can be to not recreate the past would be to create from that place of wholeness. A place were I donít need you to complete or fulfill my life and you donít need me to complete or fulfill yours. Rather, we create together because we complement each other. We share the truth of who and what we are in a way that can be truly satisfying to each of us and give that truth and understanding within each of our being to the world.

There is a side note to make here. It is that our creativity and what we create stand at the door way to accessing this wisdom and understanding. But sexuality is part of our creativity and creative power. If it is thwarted, this wisdom and understanding remain locked. But the same is true for other expression of our creativity whether it be singing, dance or whatever. What every expression of our creativity is called forth and we are not free to act on it, we deny our truth and will feel separation.

This is where the spiritual aspects of something like Tantra and sex arise. My feel a separation in the sexuality they experience and what sex gives them. Yet there is something in the sex that they know will give them wholeness for it is a part of their creative power. So many look to something like Tantra hoping Tantra can show them the way to take the separation they feel within and/or in or about their sexuality into a spiritual experience to gain wholeness. Yet, they never look to their own creativity to see what is it is asking of them.

There are some individual for whom sexuality is a big part of their creative expression and when it is releases, there is a deep and profound wisdom and understanding. Hence the use of sex to obtain enlightenment. That is, a direct connection between the sex and the wisdom and understanding are revealed. But everyoneís path is not about creative expression through sexuality. For others, sexuality is not part of the creative expression. Rather the sex is a by product  and/or sex is a tool in the creative endeavor. Here sexuality functions differently.

It is not the sex that bring the wisdom and understand but the creativity that is expressed or the creation that occurs of which sexuality is part of the overall expression of the creative energy within oneís being and/or the vehicle to create with another. Sexuality tends to arises is when the body itself is the vehicle for creative expression and the sexuality is just part of the body being fully expressed. This is often true for individuals who tend to be psychic where they use the body as an antenna to feel the unseen energy of Creation and have their psychic powers enhance and opened in, and through, the feelings of the body. Hence the feelings that go with sexuality become a very powerful tool in opening an individual to their psychic abilities.

This issue is not sex standing at the door but our creativity stands at the doorway. The issue with sex is the correct use of sex as part of, or in the creative endeavor.

On a personal note, in working with others to release they unlimited creativity the author has found, observed and experienced in others, all these aspects of sexuality relative to the individuals creative endeavors. He found what is experience depends on the intention we hold for what we wish to create. The issue is not sex. It is understanding how to use the flow of energy for the intention we hold of which feelings of sexuality may be one of the ways this energy is being expressed.. But the intention we hold is a sum total result of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions. Hence the confusion about the role of sex in spiritual enlightenment and creativity and the opinion of mind as to how it should or shouldnít be used. To properly act on the feelings of sexuality to be able to experience wholeness within our being, we need to know form where the feeling arise. We can only do that if we pull the string on what we feel and why we feel it.

What stands in the way of us accessing the truth of our being to experience wholeness within our being is that it is released in our creativity and being our creativity. But our creativity is not the end point. The wisdom and understanding which gives rise to the wholeness lies beyond the creativity. Our creativity allows that truth and understanding to be revealed.

It is also about truly creative endeavors. It is not so much about what we create and what our creativity looks like. It is to create until that energy that is driving us to create is dissipated. Then in that dissipation there is a wisdom, an understanding, a clarity and a feeling of wholeness and completeness. Sex is only an issue in that it must follow the creativity as much as anything else. That is, if the energy calls us to paint and we deny painting we thwart the flow of energy and keep the wisdom and understanding bottled up and feel separation. If the energy calls us to be sexual and we deny the sexuality, similarly thwart the flow of energy and feel separation. It is about holding our creativity sacred and all else malleable that we find wholeness for we are the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality we experience. It is about following the creative spirit and the flow of energy until the energy is dissipated. It is about looking to see what we are called to do then finding that safe and secure space to do it. It is in being true to who and what we are in all ways at every level of our being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, that we find and experience wholeness.

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