The human experience is a sexual experience


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No matter how we look at it, the human experience is a sexual experience. We each are the product of sexuality and humanity needs to engage in sexuality if the human species is going to continue. Whether or not we as an individual engage in physical sex and/or sexual activity another issue. Our personal experience may or may not involve physical sex. But the human experience and the human experience as it resides in the human collective is a sexual experience. This has a profound impact on our understanding of the creative process. The issue here is the creative process will be seen and interpreted by our mind as a sexual process especially when that process is about creative a new life at some level of our being. Creatively, we will have to face our sexuality in one way or another. The reason for this is the way mind will characterize any creative endeavor in which we participate.

The separation inherent in the creative tension will causes us to seek a way to resolve what we feel. Although the tension may be the result of the tension to create something in particular that is not sexual, because the human physical experience is a sexual experience, the creative process is often characterized by our mind as a sexual experience. Or, it is characterized by the desire of a sexual experience when sex really isnít the issue.

What we need to understand is that mind only knows what it has experienced. It will characterizes what it experiences based on what it has previously experienced. That is, its past experiences. There are many aspects of the creative process for which mind will only be able to characterize what we sense as a sexual experience. Additionally, any creative endeavor we undertake will be an experience mind has not previously had. When mind experiences the creative process in any of these creative endeavors mind will look to what it has previously experienced to characterize it.

If we step out of our mind then we are faced with the perspective of the human collective. It too will see the human experience as a sexual experience. Some may even be faced with the pain of the collective around sexuality in their creative endeavor as described in the topic, "Female collective and the pained female archetype." If experienced, it can be quite debilitating to a creative endeavor if not causing it to be aborted.

In talking about sex and sexuality from a creativity perspective it needs to be noted it is not about being male or female or what think about sex and sexuality as a result of being male or female. Nor do the roles we experience as a male and female within any given society truly allow us to understand the creative roles of the masculine and feminine in the creative process.

It has been observed there are six primary ways we will face sexuality.

The first aspect of sex and sexuality that with which we are all familiar. Biologically, sexuality is about creating biological offspring. It may or may not be a role we are called to do. Or, for whatever reason, lead to do. It is important to understand the intention for our life may call us to create physical children. Creation and/or the Creator of Physical Creation may desire the mixture of our genes for whatever reason it may have. Or, whether or not the intention for our life call us to have children, we may be programmed to have children because that is what our family and society demands and/or expects of us. Then we may develop the desire to have children simply because of what we have come to think and believe that is what human are suppose to do. Some even believe having children can give them an element of mortality. Then again some people have children so there will be someone to take care of them when they are old. And of course, there are always the accidents of one simply seeking pleasure in or through sexuality.

The second aspect of sex and sexuality that is related to the first but actually quite different. That is, sex is about creating life at any or all levels of our being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Sexuality is about energy generation. Whether we realize it or not, whether or not a biological offspring is created, energetically there is a life, a flow of energy, that gets created in sexuality. Sexuality causes a flow of energy to be generated within each individual and between the individuals. As an individuated flow of energy that flow of energy is a consciousness unto itself. It can and will have a life of its own. If we do not nourish that life it will die but also a part of us dies with it. The issue of sex is about bringing life into existence either into the world and/or into our being. Whether or not we recognize that life doesnít matter. It happens. If our relationship nourishes the life created within ourselves, the other individual and the life between us as result of the relation, we will find an expansion within our being. If we do not nourish them, we will find a contraction and shrinking in some aspect or part of our being if not every part of our being.

It needs to be remembered that creation/Creation is intentional and the role of consciousness is the cause by how it focuses its attention and awareness. Intention is what creates the flow of energy which gives rise to any creation/Creation. In this regard, we need to become very aware of the intention(s) we carry when we engage in sex or sexuality. Sexuality and sex gives rise to flows of energy within our being and the sexuality and sex amplifies that energy into a creation.

The third aspect of sex and sexuality we face is that any creative endeavor and all creative endeavors are the product of the joining of, or the pull between, a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect. Whether or not we recognize the masculine and feminine aspects or their joining or pull is irrelevant. They are still present. It is the joining or pull of the masculine and feminine aspects of creation/Creation which give rise to the flow of energy that manifests and animates the creation. It is analogous to the way the positive and negative terminals of a battery must be connected and joined for the energy to flow. Additionally, it is the feminine aspect of our being which will need to nourish the creative endeavor. If our inner feminine is poorly developed it will interfere with what we can create and nourish to maturity. Similarly if our inner masculine is poorly develop or the inner masculine is castrated, we will be unable to find the creative solutions we seek and/or thrust out to manifest them.

In any case, as a result of the masculine and feminine aspects which give rise to our creative endeavors, we may find our creative endeavor makes us feel sexual or we will find our sexuality being arouse in our creativity. This is the underlying phenomenon which give rise to the muse in that thee will be there is an external facet of what we feel internally. But rather than being free to surrender to where the energy is leading, we overlay all our thinking and beliefs about sexuality because of the sexual feeling we have arising from the creative process We believe the sexual feelings we have are about sex rather than the creative process and get diverted from our creative endeavor by the our interpretation of what those sexual feeling mean.

The fourth aspect of sexuality we face is what we experience in Physical Creation through a male or female body. The fact that we are male or female causes us to sense what we experience differently than the opposite sex. Also our understanding of the role of the masculine aspect and feminine aspect in the creative process is significantly colored and biased by our experiences and programming as to the role of the male and female in our society. Then what we think and believe about sex and sexuality for whatever reason, how right or wrong it may be, then influences our creative ability and creative power either robbing us of our creative power or assisting us in what we desire to create.

The fifth aspect is that we develop a perspective of sexuality and what it means to be male or female and what we expect males to be and females to be based on the early care givers we experience in life. This is a different perspective that which we get from society. The first exposure to what a woman is to a man and what a man is to a women comes from our early care givers. Those early examples become etched in our memory and form the raw response patterns in life relative to what it means for us to be a male or a female and what we expect of a male or female in our world. This is separate from our own experiences in life and what our society expects.

Because of how the inner and outer are reflected, the issue is if the inner masculine and inner feminine the lack of the maturity of the inner masculine and maturity of the inner feminine gets reflected in our external relationships. In this regard, the way we see the external relationship our earlier care givers are reflective of their internal issues. We tend to pick them up if not copy them. Subsequently we have no idea that we have copied and are holding the patterns of our early care givers. These copied patterns become puzzling to fix because we have no idea of what our early care giver faced to cause them to respond to the opposite sex the way they do. We of course can change that raw pattern and evolve it. But we start with what we see and react to it in some way.

The sixth aspect we face is related to the third aspect of the creative process. It is that we do not learn to do what needs to be done to allow our own inner masculine and inner feminine to come to maturity .We then mirror our own inadequate inner masculine and inner feminine in our external relationships. This in turn causes our personal experiences as to what it means to be a male or female to move father and father away from the true role of the masculine and feminine in the creative process.

Because the human experience is a sexual experience as described in these six ways, we will have to dig through all the issues about the male and female, the masculine and feminine, our social conditioning, the inadequacies of the inner masculine and inner feminine of our early care givers, plus all of our own experiences about sex and sexuality before we have the clarity to see what sex and sexuality really means for us and our creativity and moving beyond sex to be able to use the body, its wisdom and the awareness which lies in feeling.

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