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Exploring the creative power of sexuality and as a creative tool and the bottom line on creative sexuality
Stepping into sexuality
Considerations in thinking about exploring the creative powers of sexuality and/or as a creative tool
The bottom line on sex
Some thoughts on consciously using sexuality

Stepping into sexuality (Top)

There are many different aspects to sexuality and how it can influence our creativity. But it needs to be emphasized, how we approach sex and sexuality relative to our creative endeavors is our choice. Whatever we choose, two things need to be remembered.

There is no judgment by the universe on what we choose but we do have to choose and decide how and what we will do and be willing to accept the consequences on our actions.. We have been given a free will and we are free to choose how we wish. There are no judgments on what we choose by the consciousness within, or behind, Creation however we interpret that consciousness as in our beliefs about God. However, there are consequences for the time and place of our choice. It is wise and best to create consequences that we will ultimately enjoy.

Second, we cannot give what we do not have and we will give what we do have and pass it on into the future through our sexuality. Sex in its essence is about passing something on to the future. If our intention and goals are anything other than allowing the full growth and unfoldment of ourselves and the other no matter what it looks like and we are not willing to support both our growth and theirs, we will do two things. One is we will be hurting ourselves and will scatter and divert our creative life energy at some level of our being. It is guaranteed. We will cause the flow of our creative life energy to literally and figurative dry up or essentially die. In the most extremely cases it may even result in physical illness if not death. It cannot be under emphasized that there are toxic relationships and may of them are build around sex and the individualís control of sex. The second thing is that we will also create a space where our partner ultimately feels used and abused. That in turn hurts them and will cause them some level of pain and suffering causes their creative life energy to also shut down.

No recommendation about sex or engaging in sex is made other than the standard recommendation made within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material. That is, take ownership of our creative endeavors and hold your creativity sacred. Become aware of what serves and doesnít sever your creative spirit. Seek to create a life worth living. Set a very clear intention as to what you wish to create in, or with, your life. Consult your intuitive guidance at how to create that life. Then honor the intuitive guidance you received iterating the process. Allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth relative to what you wish to create. If sexuality arise in any way as your move to manifest what you desire to create consult your intuitive guidance as to the best way to address the sexuality which arises. Again, honor the intuitive guidance that you get.

If you have no desire to transform it is recommended you hold the intention that you are only interested in sex for its pleasure and/or for producing children and stay in the understanding of sex provided by the society in which you inhabit. Follow it rules and regulations regarding it.

If you choose or desire to do more in the area of sexuality such as to move beyond sex and sexuality, neither denying it or suppressing it, but understanding it and possibly even using it as a tool for creation, the highly suggested you consider the following: 1) make a commitment to your creative spirit and the other personís creative spirit or the deepest levels of their being to assist them to manifest what the essence of their being desires; 2) become very clear and aware on the intentions and motives you hold and why are you engaging in sexuality with them; and 3) become aware of sexuality in relation to creating and become very aware of what you think and believe about sex and sexuality in your life, those around and what you see in the world.

It is also recommended you do not assume you understand sexuality and how to use it creatively until you set the intention to understand it and then follow the lead of your intuitive guidance. Only in understanding will you know how to use it. Your request will be honored by the universe in a way that you can understand it. You just have to be open to what such a request will require of you.

Become observant and aware of how you see sexuality being used in the world around you and how others are using it in their life. Become aware of how you are using it in your life. In particular, watch when you are engaging in sex. Where are you physically and why have you choose to engage sex there? Where is your mind? Where are your thoughts? What is the focus of your attention and awareness? Pull the string on the answers you receive to what lies deeper as to why that answer and not another.

Become aware of who speaks with authority on sex and sexuality in your life and why they are considered an authority. Since sex and sexuality are such powerful creative forces, if you seek some authority for guidance on the subject of sexuality, ask yourself what authority do you see holding their creativity and the creativity of other sacred when they talk about sex. Someone who will hold their creativity and your creativity sacred will give you the best advice for they will not intentionally advise you in any way that will cause your to be robbed of your creative power.

Take inventory of what you think and believe. Then, read the various discussions available to you. Become aware of what thoughts, judgments, criticisms, agreements/disagreements and the like you have about what is said. Ask yourself why you have the particular thoughts that you do as opposed to any other. Pull the string on what you believe and why and what you think and why. In time, your own awareness will show you things that you cannot get from any book, any teacher, or even in trying to experiment with sexuality.

If you choose to engage in sex, the recommendation is to give some consideration to the items discussed in the topic, "Some observations for the correct conditions" and act as your intuitive guidance and/or body wisdom leads you to act, not how your mind wants you to act.

The recommendation made here is to hold your creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. If what you know and do is effective to create what you desire without unwanted repercussions, then use it. If what you do is not effective and/or there are unwanted aspects that come with what you do, allow yourself to find something that better serves your creative needs.

Considerations in thinking about exploring the creative powers of sexuality and/or as a creative tool (Top)

In thinking about learning and/or exploring the creative powers of sexuality, the first question that can be asked is, "Doesnít it mean that we will have to engage in sex in some way if we are going to learn about it creative power?" The answer is that it needs to be remembered that mind only knows what it has experienced. It cannot not lead in a true creative endeavor. We can choose to explore sexuality by doing what our mind thinks needs to be done and observing and taking notes as to what we discover. However, such an approach will cause many heartaches and disappoints and is not recommended. The recommendation is a said above, consult your intuitive guidance as the best way to proceed and the honor the guidance you get.

In talking about exploring sexuality in any way, we are talking about desiring to truly explore the creative power of sexuality and not engaging in sex for our own enjoyment and/or satisfaction or to use it to control and/or manipulate another in any ways. If you wish to enjoy the pleasure of sex and explore its creative powers, then be honest about your intention and state them as such.

Additionally exploring sexuality does not mean having free sexual intercourse with others. Because of the nature of the creative powers of sexuality, one will learn very quickly they get things they did not expect. Simply said, sex is a mine field and one needs to walk very carefully. But, most important, one cannot be pursuing their own gratification and satisfaction under the excuse of exploring the creative powers of sexuality. Such a dishonest will comeback and haunt us.

In attempting to explore the creative powers of sex, other than going out and having sex, many look to something like Tantra and think Tantra is about sex. Tantra is a spiritual practice that uses sex and sexuality. It is not designed to either explore sex, its creative power or to be used for the gratification of our sexual appetites. Those who enter something like Tantra with a sincere desire to obtain a spiritual understanding and face their sexuality are usually successful Those who enter it expecting sexual gratification leave as hungry as they entered. Those who enter it to explore the creative powers of sexuality will be disappointed. The question can be asked, "What is one to do if they truly desire to explore the creative powers of sexuality and where an the go?" The answer, of course, is into our own intuitive guidance.

It does need to be noted, when entering the realm of sexuality especially to truly explore its creative power, we can fully expect at some time we will be faced with something that causes us to withdrawal. This is the normal track record with people and it is why most never find out who and what they really are. There comes a point they fear what they will lose and cannot see what they will gain. They cannot accept what they feel over what they think.

Those that stay and go the length of the journey will usually end up creating some type and kind of offspring with another for the understanding it about how we create. Hence one will need to be aware there will an offspring of some type. The offspring can take different forms. There may be a biological offspring but not necessarily. But there will are always energetic offspring. It could be some type and kind of joint creative endeavor with another or is may be simply recreating our life around the relationship with another. In any case there will be a new life created in some way or another.

In choosing to explore sexuality, you will probably find most run away before they face their issues around sexuality. Most run away before they can even talk about sexuality let alone acting upon what they need to discover. So you may find yourself running away from what you must face or the partner or partners with whom you thought you were going to explore sexuality. The reason for this appears revolve around two key issue - pain of the past and loss of control.

Pain of the past arises from the fact that the best way to explore sexuality is to move as close as possible to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play. To enter a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play to discover and explore sexual means to face all the reason why such an ability was lost. Most lost that ability early in childhood. So there is the need to go back and face both the pain which gave rise to losing the ability and the response patterns we created as a child to protect ourselves from such pain in the future. If, and when, the pain of the past is addressed, we are then faced with two loss of control issues.

The first loss of control issues is that the last time we experience childlike play was in the body of an infant or a very young child. If we do the work to return to a state of child like play, we are faced with the fact we now have an adult body with a sexuality we never really explored. Consequently we are faced with the need to explore our own body and our own sexuality in a way we have never done before let alone explore the creative powers of sexuality. This is a significant issue for most. Here again, the best way to do such an exploration is spontaneously and innocently in childlike play.

The second loss of control issues arises around what we come to understand in the feelings that arise in such a childlike exploration of sexuality. If we explore our body and our sexuality in a childlike play we will come to find there is an awareness in what we feel and the awareness is relative to the intention for our life. It arises in sexuality because the feeling is related to creating life. Namely, it is related to creating the life we incarnated to live. When we discover there are things we incarnated to do, we lose control over our life for we now find we are not quite as free as we thought were.

Most become entwined with the sex and never explore the feeling behind the sex. Nevertheless, it is in exploring our body and what it feels including its sexuality we access the intention for our life. Most never get to this feeling we need to experience to access to know the intention for our life because there is the possibility of having to face sex in some way, and maybe even exploring it in a way mind loses control, frightens them off.

Then, of course, in exploring sex there are the issue related to the fact that it is the second most creative state we can enter. As such, the thoughts and intentions we hold for engaging in sex becomes very important. Additionally there is the issue that sex is about mixing energies. Analogous to the way the DNA mixes to create a child, the energy of each mixes and creates an unseen child, a new life in some way, whether or not the individuals realize it. Individuals wonder why their lives can become so "screw up" after having sex. Quite simply, they don't realize they took on a part of the other person and a different life is created in them and between them. Most are not prepared for what that new energetic life means for them.

When it comes to sex, the observation has been made that many fool themselves saying that they engage in sex to free the other individualís sexuality or to take someone into the pleasure of their own body. But in reality it is about finding their own pleasure. If one does not see the enormous work involved in freeing an individualís creative spirit especially when it come to sexuality, they are lying to themselves about their true motives. Rather one must be willing work with a person and their sexuality and face whatever raises. If they are not willing to face what is involved and learn to move past the sex, they are lying to themselves about what they really seek. It needs to be remembered that the sacrifice of creation in the creative process requires as death of some type to create life and there will be a death in sexuality.

This is why it said the best way to enter an exploration of sexuality is in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself, another and the world in which they find themselves. Having regained that ability to creative play and understanding how and why it was lost, one is much better able to deal with what arises in sexuality and creative address it without losing their ability to play. By regaining the ability to spontaneously and innocently creatively play, one is about to create a faster, easier and gentler way of dissipating the pain and bound memories of the past which arise around sexuality.

The bottom line on sex (Top)

The bottom line on sex based on the observation and lessons learned in individual accessing their creativity for whatever reason is as follows. For whatever reason we give to engage in sex, sex is about creating life at some level of our being with the creation of an energetic offspring in some way. If we are not surrendering to the biological urge to propagate the species through smell to get the best genetic match, then all the preferences we have for a partner that are mental preferences. There are many social ideas about sex but if we step out of ego, sex becomes a powerful creative tool and a tool for mixing energies.

What needs to be clearly understood, the spontaneous and innocence childlike play of discovery and exploration when accompanied by sexuality is the door way to the most creative state of being. It will give what is desired in the traditional concepts of heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana. That is an inner satisfaction that never runs dry. In this state of being all can be made available to us and it is the most powerful creative state we could ever enter.

This is why sexuality has been so control though out human history. Those who truly understood these concepts were, and are, a menace to those who wish to control their world for one stands at the doorway to have direct access to the Source of Creation. In realizing that sexuality is such a powerful tool for creating, it needed to be well controlled.

In attempting to control the creative power of sexuality, the spontaneous and innocent childlike play took care of itself. Childhood has always been sufficiently painful to shut down that ability. One only needed to control the sexuality in such a way that is did not become a vehicle for awakening the body and the awareness that lies in feeling to the feelings beyond sexuality. If we look at most traditions, what is taken away from sexuality is its use as a tool to create physical intimacy and its use reserved for procreation. Additionally, in very old traditions, procreation was also well controlled with little freedom of choice permitted and, if choice was permitted, it was usually more control by a dominate male. Either the dominate male over the female (the female serves the male) or the dominate male of the society where the ruler could pick and choose how sexuality would be used.

Although the modern world is escaping many of the traditional ways sexuality has been controlled, it needs to be realized, all our sexual preferences are only that, preferences. They are of the ego and bind us to who and what we think we are and what we think as a human. Until we become aware of what we feel and why we feel what we do become aware of the awareness which lies in what we feel, we will never break out of the trap of being human.

This is why celibacy has been encouraged so much in spiritual traditions. Unless we come to see all of our sexual urges are not biological, sex keeps us in the identity that we are a human being. Many of the sexual urges we experience arise from the sexuality inherent in the creative process and/or the intention for our life and do not arise simply from the biological urge to procreate. Yet, engaging in sex even if the urge arises from the energy of a creative endeavor will make us think we are human unless we understand we not our body and can feel what is really giving rise to the energy.

The body has needs and sex is one of them. It has evolved and a basic preference in humanity.  The issue is not sex or having sex. The issue is our preferences and fully understanding our preferences. There is not a person we can not passionately and intimately love at each and every level of their being. All that stands in our way are our own preferences. Those preferences lie in our conscious and nonconscious mind. Many of the nonconscious aspects lie within the body as a unique sensing entity as it is and in our genes and the preference of our genes to carry on the evolutionary chain. Unless you become fully aware and awake as to how we feel and how we think and believe and why we feel what we do and why we think and believe the way we do, we will never become creatively  free.

Some thoughts on consciously using sexuality (Top)

How we chose to act and use sexuality to manifest our creative endeavors is our choice and could be the subject of several books. It is hoped the discussion here and available through the topic, "Discussion on sexuality and creativity" provide some insights about sexuality in relations to our creative endeavors.

Probably the most important consideration is that understanding and using sexuality as a creative tool is much like accessing nuclear energy. It needs to be realized sexuality as an energy source for creativity is much like comparing the energy available in nuclear technology to wood, oil or gas as an energy source. There are orders of magnitude in the energy that can be made available. It is extremely powerful energy source and can be very beneficial.

With nuclear energy, there is way to use nuclear energy explosively or controlled and in a way that results in long lived waste products or way that is relatively clean. Sexuality and be used in a similar fashion. It can be used explosively in a dirty fashion is much like a nuclear bomb creating great devastation to every one around leaving a long lasting residual effect. Or it can be used in a controlled fashion much like fission technology in a nuclear reactor. Here there are also waste products but they are well contained and manageable. Yet there is still a cleaner way and that is to use fusion technology. Here are no long lived waste products that need to be managed and maintained.

Generating energy in a controlled fashion with fission technology, splitting the nucleus, is relative easy to do within the existing technology. But we will need to provided a close focus of our attention and awareness to control unwanted byproducts. However, to use in fusion technology, fusing nuclei, we need to create a different kind of vessel that is not readily available in today world. Although we have used fusion technology to build bomb, we have not yet learned how to capture the process in a controlled fashion to generate electricity.

Metaphysically, the same is true for sexuality although the technology is farther along. Sex can, and is ,used as a tool for creating but it is used in a somewhat messy way and usually at a nonconscious level. With a little design work to make the nonconscious conscious such as with the appropriate personal work to step out of our ego, our attachments, our desire to control and with appropriate understanding it can be used quite powerfully and beneficially. Yet we will still need to provided a close focus of attention and awareness to control unwanted byproducts for we are still using sexuality in separation from the source of our creative power.

If we are willing to go even further to create the appropriate vessel and transform our ego to move past sexuality we can use it to fully align with the intention for our life and access the equivalent of fusion technology. That is where we use the merging power of sexuality as in the fusion process. Her we create a phenomenally clean creative energy source. All that stands is the way is the ego and who it thinks it is and how it thinks the world works.

When it comes to sexuality, we stand at a cross roads. The understanding is available to use our creativity and its accompanying sexuality for great benefit and to create a world of abundance. Or we can remain in our ego recreating the pain and suffering of the past living in separation.

Creatively, there appears to be only three basic reasons to engage in sexuality - for oneself, for anther and for each other. The first reason is to create life within oneself no matter what the reason we give for engaging in sexuality. This is what most do nonconsciously and is very ego based and reinforces the ego structure. It also tends to be parasitic.

The second reason is to create life within another. This is more related to awakening and releasing the creative spirit within the individual. This is a very powerful but it cost the individual who creates life in another and the individual will need to be prepared to give unconditionally for they will experience some type and kind of death. Used in this way, sexuality can be seen as healing. But it can guarantee the person who creates the life in another will not see themselves as a healer. If they do, then they are not really helping to heal the other individual but they are on a ego trip. Engaging in sex to bring life into another will destroy the ego if not annihilate it. One has to be totally committed to giving unconditionally to the other and the otherís freedom in every way at all levels of being.

The third reason is to create an life to go into the world. This is not about creating a physical child but it can be. It is about creating a life within each person that allows a new life to go into the world. This can be done three ways. One is where one person wants the life but not the other. The second way is the reverse. Look at it as the man wants the child but the woman does not or the woman wants the child but the man does not. The third way is that both want the life that is create between them and they want it to go into the world - a true joint creation where each fully participates in that life. Of course there is the fourth way that neither wants the child and they have sex just for the fun of it. In this case there is still a life created but the individuals tend to deny it and create further separation in their life. This is from were most of the baggage around sexuality comes - denying the life it create within and between individuals.

How sexuality is used depends on what the individual or individuals want to create. It has been observed that the most constructive way to use sex is to use it as a tool to create life and freedom within themselves and the other and embrace the life that is create in each other and between each other. Most importantly our attention should have a bias to use sex to create life in the other. This is the safest way for a bias toward creating life in the other frees the other and ourselves from our own ego and attachments.

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