Sexuality in relation to creating

Why sexuality arises as an issue in creativity

an overview


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Sexuality in relation to creating
Why sexuality arises as an issue in creativity
an overview

Some definitions
The basic physic
The major issue
When sexuality normally arises
The source of our creative power
The awareness within feeling beyond sexuality
Seeing the sexuality for what it is - a flow of energy
Sexuality is ultimately a tool

Sexuality arises as a issue in creativity for primary two reason. One reason is there needs to be a flow of energy that flows through our being to cause us to act and that flow of energy will enthuse our entire being, including our sexual organs. The second is the creative process is a sexual process in the sense there is a masculine and feminine aspect to the process that directly parallels the reproductive role of the male and female. Or, better said, the reproductive roles of the male and female are the physical manifestation with the human biological process of the masculine and feminine function of the creative process.

Some definitions  (Top)

To better understand exactly what is meant by sexuality and its relationship to creativity, it is appropriate to review some definitions and a couple of concepts.

Sexuality is defined is a state of having, or being, distinguished by sex, the preoccupation with sex, or the possession of sexual power.

Sex in turn is defined as is either of two division, male and female, by which organisms are distinguished with reference to the reproduction functions. Additionally, sex is the activity or phenomenon of life concerned with sexual desire and reproduction. Some observation which can be made about the biological function of sex and reproduction that eventually relate to our creativity are discussed in the topic, "Some observations from nature about sex."

If we make a word/concept replacement in the definition of sex from a more physical definition to more of an energetic and functional definition, a whole new picture emerges. This new picture provides the reason for sexuality arising in our creativity becomes relatively clear. The words to be replace are male and female with the words and concept of a masculine function or aspect and a feminine function or aspect. Here the masculine function or aspect is seen in the male reproductive function or aspect - a thrusting of a seed. The feminine function or aspect is seen as the female function of being fertilized and carrying the fertilized seed of creation nurturing the seed unto its birth. Additionally, if we look at the sexual reproduction as creation and review the creation process, we will find all of creation, any creation, fits into what we could characterize as sexuality. That is, sex in the form of a division between a masculine and feminine function, inherent to all of Creation. Addition discussion on the energetic and metaphoric aspects of sex within this new understanding is discussed in the topic, "Energetic nature, metaphoric, symbolic and literal functions of sex."

The basic physics  (Top)

The creative process requires the need for a masculine thrust by consciousness to become the cause. That is, the masculine consciousness symbolized by the mind, need to become excited in some way through its desire to act. The feminine aspect, reflected in the flow of energy and symbolized by the heart needs to respond by becoming similarly excited to nurture the creation by flowing into the desired form manifesting and sustaining the creation.

Exactly how the sexuality inherent in the creative process and the energy of creation enthusing our entire being come together within anyone individual to create issues with, or around, sexuality and creativity is quite varied. What arises depends on both what the individual is trying to create and how and what the individual thinks and believe. What is provide here is an overview as to why this happens.

The nature of Creation/creation is that it is all about energy and the fact a flow of energy is needed to animate any given creation. Without a flow of energy there is not movement, there is no creation/Creation to experience. Without some creative tension to generate the flow of energy there will be no creation/Creation. That creative tension at any level of being can be experienced as a masculine and feminine pull.

Our creative power arises from what we feel and having the passion and energy to act to cause something to happen. Without the feeling and passion to act for some reason, we will not act. Whatever energy we feel flows through our entire being animating and bringing life to our being and our body. However, what we think and believe can redirect the flow of the energy so to not supply sufficient energy to maintain a healthy body function. Such action then thwarts the free flow of energy into the desired creation and limiting its express if not preventing its manifestation. Sexuality and our concepts of God and the unseen  are the two major set of beliefs that thwart our creative ability and creative power.

The power of sexuality lies in the feeling it creates and the desire to engage life, seek more of life and to engage another. The feelings can be so strong they are totally irrational. This, of course, is necessary to ensure the propagation of the species. However, this same strong desire can also be reflected in what we feel about a particular creative endeavor.

The major issue  (Top)

The major issue around sexuality and our creativity is that the flow of energy giving rises to and/or sustaining our desires creation enthuses our entire being, including our sexuality and its associated sex organs. How much of an excitement this causes all depends on the flow of energy and what we desire to create. Sometimes the sexuality is key to the creation and at other times it is merely a byproduct of the flow of energy though our being. But in any case, if we purse the sex aspect rather than stay aligned with the flow of energy through any sexuality or sex we may experience, we will thwart the creation by diverting the flow of energy. The issue is not whether we have sex or not. The issue is to stay in full alignment with the flow of energy giving rise to the creation.

The key is to have clarity of intention with a calibrated internal compass to be able to discern and hold a single point focus on the flow of energy giving rise to the desired creation. To fully understand exactly how sexuality impacts our creative ability and creative power, we must be able to move past the sexuality or get beyond the sexuality. We do that through a very clear intention and the ability to hold a single point focus no matter what arises in our life to distract us.

It need to be understood and emphasized, that to move past sexuality and to get beyond sexuality does not mean we deny it or suppress it. Rather, we have to move beyond it into a deep physical intimacy with body, our being and what we feel. We need to be able to discern the difference in feelings that are pulling us toward sexuality.

When sexuality normally arises  (Top)

It is possible that we can create all our life and never feel any sexuality around what we are creating.

Those creative activities in life that give us the most passion and instill in us a passion for living and for life itself and those activities that are most closely aligned with the intention for our life are those that tend to generate sexual feelings as by product of the flow of energy. This is quite understandable if what we are creation is about creating a life, such as in creating a life worth living or recreating our life in some way since sexuality is about propagating life.

The source of our creative power  (Top)

Our creative power lies in what we feel, not what we think. Creative ability lies in what we think and how we are able or not able to direct what we feel to create what we desire.

The source of our creative power as human being lies in the flow of energy which brought us into Physical Creation and sustains our life. We feel it as our creative passion. The creative endeavors in life that give us the most passion and instill in us a passion for living and for life itself are those that are most closely aligned with the intention for our life and will be in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy.

It is the passion that we feel in this alignment is what will supply the energy for us to create and manifest the intention for our life. It is vital and needed for that effort. We are enthused throughout all of our being to create a particular set of experiences in life so that we end a separation we feel within our being. When this occurs the energy will flow through all parts of our body and we will feel sexual for our sexual organs and sexuality are only a part of our body that is being enthused with the creative life energy. Sexuality and what we feel sexually is a part of, and inherent to, the creative life energy as it flows into creation. This aspect of sexuality is different than that which arises as part of the biological urge. They are related but different and will feel different and we can discern the subtle differences in what we feel.

It is here we find one of the most important reason and need to learn to move past the sexuality and into the flow of the energy. The feeling which gives the awareness of the intention for our life, unfortunately, arise and come through the body tending to enthuse the entire body. The feelings lie beyond the types and kinds of feelings which can arise in sex but are often similar. Consequently, because there can be sexual overtones when the whole body is enthused with the feeling of the business of our life or the intention for our life, most never see this knowing or use it for they get diverted by the sexuality. Addition discussion on the intention for our life and sexuality is found in the topic, "Sexuality and intention for our life."

The awareness within feeling beyond sexuality  (Top)

There are profound awarenesses available in the deep feelings that lie beyond sexuality. One of those awareness is about the intention for our life. There are many, many others and many of them are most useful in our creative endeavors where we need to step into the unknown. Additionally, in being in the unknown to manifest a particular creation, we will need to rely on feelings to guide us. However, to access the awareness in feeling and/or allow feelings to guide us, we will need to be able to step past and through the feelings of sexuality. Additional discussion on the awareness within feeling and beyond sexuality is discussed in the topic, "Deep feelings beyond sexuality."

Seeing the sexuality for what it is - a flow of energy  (Top)

Given the nature of the creative process, In many ways we can say that all creation is sexual and about sexuality. Additionally because of how the inner reflects the outer, there will be an inner and outer expression of it. Although sexuality to most is viewed only as a physical characteristic, it goes much deeper than the physical. It arise from the very essence of what generates the energy for any creation.

If we look at the creation process, all creation arises out of energy consciousness and the masculine aspect of being must thrust its desire into the energy consciousness of Creation, the fabric of creation, to manifest a creation that is nurtured and sustained by the feminine. To manifest any new creation the feminine aspect of being forms itself into the creation in response to that masculine thrust. Then, in the continued dynamics of creation, the masculine thought is annihilated by its feminine counterpart to release the energy of Creation which gives rise to the experience of the desired creation only to be dissipated and to return to the Source of Creation, that place of "no-thing-ness" to repeat the never ending process. Analogously in it like much the cycle of the formation of rain and how the water in the rain returns to its source.

The reproductive function of creation is to choose to act on a desire, an intention, or a thought, and thrust it into the energy of creation which forms itself into the creation. So in any creative process the male, more appropriately the masculine aspect of being, can be seen as the one which thrusts and the female, that feminine aspect, is the one that nurtures and sustains, literally forming a part of itself into the Creation. Hence, creation itself can be seen as emanating from a deep sexuality. In this regard, one can come to see that sexuality, the power inherent in the separation of the masculine and feminine functions, is a tool for creation at any and all levels of being for the creative process is the same at all levels. It only looks different because of the environment of its expression.

Sexuality is ultimately a tool  (Top)

When we understand that sexuality lies at the deepest levels of the creative process, we can begin to see and understand sex/sexuality as a tool to create a flow of energy which we experience as life and/or a creation.

To use any tool properly it must first be understood and then one needs to obtain some experience in using the tool if for no other reason that to "get a feel" for the tool itself. As with any tool, how much artistic ability one can bring into the application of the tool depends on the talent and skill of the craftsman or artist using the tool.

Sexuality is much the same, and of course, some of us will be better at its use than others. It is a tool and must first be understood. Then one must learn how to use in the reality of a situation for sexuality lies at the essence of creation at each and every level. However, other than for procreating children and the pleasure is sometime provides, sexuality is poorly understood as the creative tool that it is. In actually it is the most powerful creative tool that a human has available to them and if it is not use consciously it will be used subconsciously whether the individual realizes it or not and/or tries to suppress it or deny it. Exactly how it can be used as a tool is discussed in the topic, "Sexuality as a creative tool."

Summary (Top)

Sexuality is the most powerful creative tool that we have available to us. Yet it is also most damaging to our creative ability and creative power. It is the quickest way to cause our creative ability and creative power to shut down. In this regard, it is very much a two edge sword.

One thing that will need to be understood is that when we chose to become the conscious creator of our experiences, we will have to face and act on our sexuality. Exactly how depends on what we desire to create. If it is suppressed, we will suppress our creative life energy and our own creativity. We will severely curtail what we can create. We may still possess great creative powers but they will only be a fraction for what is possible. If we chooses to become a creator but deny or suppress our sexuality and its free expression, we will, in fact, find we have insufficient energy, passion and ability to accomplish what we desire to create. Quite simply, we would be suppressing the every essence of Creation, the creative energy itself.

There is a very fundamental property of energy consciousness. It is that the flow of energy within a creation must be experienced and allowed to flow freely to dissipation if we are not going to cause a disruption to the energy flow and subsequent disruption to the creation. We must surrender and flow with the energy and experience if we are going to be a creator and claim our birthright as a being of unlimited creativity.

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