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Throughout human history, people have been attempting to communicate their desires to the creator/Creator whomever they think and believe the creator/Creator is in hopes of gaining Its influence to grant their desires. In this regard, some have looked at the Creator as Santa Clause. They give the creator/Creator a list of desires and wishes much as a child at Christmas time in hope that Santa Clause would grant their wish. However, few every think that as children we are asking the wrong entity in the wrong way what we want.

Most of humanity has interpreted the creator/Creator to be God in whatever form they believe God would take. Most have given God attributes that are human whether or not they give It a particular form. That is, humans only know what it is to be human so we base everything we do and think on the human perspective. Few every step outside themselves to look, imagine and see what other perspectives of Creation are available.

There have been a variety of traditions and a variety of ways that have been used to communicate with the Creator. Humanity has built temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and places of supplication and worship. Most traditions have created some type and kind of mediators or teacher. As mediators they are believed to know and understand the finer points of communicating with the Creator and often do it for us. As teachers they are believed to know how to interpret the Tradition as to how it should be lived and implement to appease the Creator.

How successful people of been is open to question. You can find those who claim all of their prayers have been answered and there are those who feel none of their prayers are answered. Most of us probably are somewhere in between. We believe some of our prayers are answered some of the time. Studies that have tried to employ modern scientific technique to study the power of prayer seemed to have obtained mixed results. Again there are those that feel they have proof and those who feel nothing has been proven. Other than maybe the calming effects that can be measured in meditation, prayer and/or contemplation, there seems to be little scientific support one way or another.

What is suggested here is we consider something different. That is, we know from human interaction a doctor speaks differently to another doctor that he/she does to a patient. Similarly, an engineer will talk differently to another engineer than as they do to a lay person. So too musicians, artist, bakers, bankers, investors or whatever. No matter what profession we look at, one member of that profession will talk to another member of that profession differently than to a lay person. The obvious reason is that another professional has the same vocabulary and way of thinking where as a lay person does not have either the vocabulary or they way of thinking.

The same is true about a creator. One who creates will talk differently creator to creator. They understand what it means to live in the unknown. They understand the need to not be biased or focused on the past. They understand there is a process they must follow to create what they desires. They understand the need for a sacrifice and that any new creation will require the death of the old creation in some way.

In this regard, when we are willing to step into the depth and breadth of our creative power and to consciously become a creator, we open the door to talk creator/Creator to creator/Creation to any creator/Creator including the entity that created Creation. To be human is to think and believe as a human. To be a creator is to step outside of what we think and believe as a human being to create that which has not yet been experienced by ourselves or maybe any human.

As long as we try at talk to the creator/Creator as a human being with the needs and wants as a human, it is as if we are a child talking to Santa Clause. We are talking to the wrong entity in the wrong way. We are a human talking to a creator/Creator asking it to give us what we desire. As a creator talking to a creator/Creation we would be asking more for advice as to how we should go about addressing an issue.

If this seems complicated, consider you want to paint your house. As a lay person we would ask a painter "Can, or will you paint my house?" If so, "When can you do it and how much will it cost?" However, if we become the painter and begin to paint our house, we would find ourselves asking the painter either one of two things. One is something akin to "how would you go about painting such and such without making a mess." In this case, we would expect them to tell us how and then we would do the work, not them. They may of course volunteer and say, "come, let me show you how to do it." Or, the other thing we may ask is, "can you come and help me to paint." That is, they donít do it for us, they do it with us.

There is a totally different mind set, way of communicating, and what we expect the other to do or how they will respond when we talk creator/Creator to creator/Creator. On this point, the deeper we go into our own creative ability and creative power, the deeper and more profound questions we will ask about how to create. In this case, the deeper and more profound answers and assistance we can expect. But we will never know the truth of this unless we choose to become a creator and take responsibility for creating what we experience. Of course, the deeper and more expansive the creative endeavor we tackle, the deeper more expansive insight we will get from the creator/Creator when we communicate with them.

This is true whether or not we are seeking to talk to any other person as a creator or the Creator of Creation. It is when we talk creator/Creator to creator/Creator and seek to create with another, including the Creator of Creation that we become intimate with the other and have our most profound insights about ourselves, the other (whomever that other may be) and creation/Creation.

When we are willing to step out of mind and what we think and believe to do our own experiments to become intimate with the depth and breadth of our own creative ability and creative power, and we do not run away from what we find, we open the door to become intimate with another at that same level and to become truly intimate with the Creator of Creation. In doing so, we will find that the creative power/Creative Power of creation/Creation is closer to us than our own jugular vein.

One question that probably initially arises, is, "If I talk creator/Creator to creator/Creator with the Creator of Creation, how will It respond?" The easy answer is internally there will be intuitive insights and/or feelings. Externally there will be synchronicity and occurrences which our mind will judge as pleasurable or not so pleasurable. Additionally, we each vitally need to do our own experiments to see how the other which comes into our life, or is already in our life, communicates to us. More often than not, the Creator of Creation will communicate to us through another for creation/Creation is not done alone. And, after all, our creative spirit did incarnate for a physical experience. The vehicle that is most often used in Physical Creation is our body in some way including feelings within our body and the experiences we have..

On this point, you may want to consider the story in the topic, "Two rowboats and a helicopter - an offer routinely made to claim our birthright." More often than not, the Creator of Creation is continually communicating with us especially on issues we continue to plead for answers. However, as in the story, we re not always listing because we are not willing to step out of mind and what we think and believe to consider some other possibilities and ways of getting what we most desire to hear what is being communicated to us. After all, our lives are a creation,. If we are not going to be a conscious creator, we will create nonconsciously and our communications with the Creator of Creation as a creator/Creator will be through the nonconscious mind, including accident illness, disease and other types and kinds of experiences we judge as misfortunes and/or as a pain or painful. So this, nonconscious communication through pain, as a minimum is one reasons to become a conscious creator.

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