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The body is the perfect vehicle for our physical experience


A Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topic

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The body is the perfect vehicle for our physical experience
A vehicle for the physical experience
The body as creative tool
Creating/obtaining the vehicle to create a gift encoded in the body
Wave particle duality of the body
Accessing and using the wave nature of the body
Exploring the body
Body consciousness and an awareness within the body
Pain and feelings
The unwanted experience
Feeling other realms

From a creativity perspective, the body is a creativity machine and is a vehicle for a physical experience. In particular, our body is the vehicle we have chosen for a particular type and kind of physical experience which we call the human experience. It is a very special and unique vehicle molded to our consciousness or by our consciousness how ever we prefer to see it. It can also be seen as our consciousness manifested in human form. Although we are inseparable from the body for the duration of our physical experience as a human, the awareness that is us is not body nor is the mind and ego we associate with the bodyís experiences in Physical Creation.

Our body, is more than a vehicle and/or a suit for our consciousness to use for a physical experience as a human being. Rather it and its environment is the perfect expression of our consciousness and what it thinks, believes and desires manifested in physical form as a human. If you wish, take a piece of paper and place it over the imprinted numbers of a plastic credit card. Take a pencil and rub the lead sideways across the paper over the number of the credit card. The piece of paper now contains the credit card numbers in pencil. The credit card numbers are perfectly functional on the piece of paper, except for the magnetic strip. For all practical purposes, the piece of paper can function as a credit card. The numbers are what is important, not what they are imprinted on nor what used to make the imprint. Neither the plastic credit card or the paper are what is important.

So too the essence that is us and relationship between our awareness and our body. Our body is much like the credit card or the piece of paper. It is imprinted with all that is us. The numbers survive and exist and are perfectly functional even if the form - the plastic card or piece of paper is destroyed. But as with the plastic credit card, the magnetic strip allows the numbers to be used in a way that the paper cannot.

In talking about the body and our creativity experiences in Physical Creation, we need to remember, creative power lies in feeling. The body, what we feel and how to use the body and use what we feel are the cornerstone of our creative power and creative ability. Similarly, the key to obtaining fulfillment in life and satisfaction in life is not about transcending physical creation or the body. It is about transcending the limits and barriers of the current mind and its ego as to how we define ourselves and to surrender to what the universe desires us to do with our life. That is, fulfilling the intention for our life. For after all, that is why we have the body we do - to fulfill that reason for incarnating - the intention for our life.

The body does two primary things for us. One is that it grounds or direction our creative life energy into the physical experience as a human being. The second is that it allows us to take the energy we sense and the thought which arise from that energy and transform or convert it into actions in the world.

To create is to bring into existence something not seen or previously experienced or significantly different from the past. The raw, essential or most basic material of creation/Creation is the ability to make something happen or to cause an effect. In particular it is the ability to cause to come into existence something not seen or previously experienced. That is a special type and kind of ability. In essence it is about creating something from nothing. Yet we do it all the time and its an ability inherent within our being and it is made easy by the body and the way it is designed. Yet, as discussed in the topic, "Where does victim consciousness come from," the body helps to create a victim consciousness in two ways which robs us of our creative power. One way is not being open to what we feel and understanding where what we feel arises, especially our pain. The second way is not learning to fully use the body. Most of us live a life where we believe we are at the mercy of circumstances and remain a victim rather than learning to call back our creative power. One of the reason why is we never look to see what the body can really do for us.

It must be remembered that our body is the vehicle we chose in one way or another to create our physical experience as a human being and this statement cannot be overemphasized. As long as we are physical, we will need to take our body with us wherever we go and in whatever creative endeavor we engage even if is the creative endeavor of sitting and meditating. If we desire to access our true nature and all our creative power, we need to be able to create a calm mind no matter what we are doing in the body and all the sensations it may be giving us because of what we are doing. This does not mean we numb, deny or somehow become unaware of the sensations. Rather, it means we are observant of each sensation and what information the sensations are giving us but we do not allow ourselves to become distracted from our single point focus for what we desire to create.

The body has a variety of aspect for which we should give consideration if we are going to learn to use its full range of capabilities. Some of them are: a vehicle for the physical experience; the body as creative tool; creating/obtaining the vehicle to create a gift encoded in the body; wave particle duality of the body; accessing and using the wave nature of the body; exploring the body; body consciousness and an awareness within the body; pain and feelings; the unwanted experience; and feeling other realms

A vehicle for the physical experience (Top)

It is said our body is the perfect vehicle for the physical experience we incarnated to have. The question is, what is that experience. That experience is the business of our life or the intention for our life. This business or intention is accessible in a knowing available in, or through, the body. This knowing provides a clarity about what we need to do in life or with our life.

This knowing is encoded in the body and is available through an awareness which lies in what we feel. Although the deeper we go into what we feel, the greater clarity we obtain, we do not need to go very deep to align with the intention for our life and have it carry us through life. We only need to calibrate our internal compass and align with the feeling which gives us a fullness of being, a passion for life and for living and/or a desire to engage life. After all, the intention for our life is what gave us life and brought us into the world and we can recognized it in what gives us life.

As a vehicle, the body must be maintained. Aligning with the intention for our life will lead us in a way that we do learn to care for our body. But many of us are not aware of the intention for our life or how to align with it. We must to cared for our body much like we care for our car if we desire to keep it functioning properly. We need to learn its true needs and supply those needs met and not what mind wants to give it. Otherwise, it will not function properly.

As a vehicle for the physical experience there are two considerations. One is that it is the vehicle for a physical experience as a human being. The second is its pedigree determined by its genes. We need to realize, our body is not the only vehicle available for a physical experience. There are other vehicles that one can choose for other physical experiences. We can look at the vehicle aspect of our body as we would a car, truck, bus, tractor, boat, plane, helicopter, space ship, train, or wherever that can give us mobility to travel around. The question is, what particular type and kind of vehicle gives us the experience we desire. In this regard, a human body is the preferred vehicle for the type and kind of physical experience we desired to have and chose to have at some level of our being.

We could have chosen another type and kind of vehicle but the human body allows the greatest blending of our individual point of consciousness and our freedom to create what we desire yet keep us grounded and present to the physical experience. Our body encodes the rule of Physical Creation and our being attached to our body is what holds us to the physical experience for the duration of our human experience. Although it is a part of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to the physical world in which we find ourselves, it provides tremendous capabilities and mobility that allows us to transcend our physical limitations to reach the far ends of the earth and beyond. Many of the capabilities of our bodies we have yet to explore.

Relative to body as a vehicle, we can look at the genes which gave rise to our body as a refinement of the vehicle. For example, analogously, we could choose a tractor over a car or truck. But there are many different kinds and types of tractors depending on what you wish to do. So too our bodies. There are many types and kinds of bodies. Some or suited for particular types and kinds of experiences better than others.

It needs to be noted that when we are in a task that aligns with our being, we lose all sense of time and we feel no tiredness. If it were not for physical fatigue, we could continue the task indefinitely. Similarly, when we are out of alignment with the flow of our creative life energy we have constant distractions and canít seem to find focus for our life We just cannot settle down to do the task at hand. Everything keeps pushing us away. It is here our body plays and important role. Because our body gets tired, it causes us to break our focus for whatever we are doing so as to not become trapped in what we do or in any particular aspect of Physical Creation. Rather, we must rest and start again. The need to start again where we left off provided by that break gives us the opportunity to refocus ourselves if we have gotten too far off track for what we come to do and/or our lives were being directed in a way that did not really serves us in the long run.

The body as creative tool (Top)

The body is the perfect vehicle for the experiences we incarnated to have in two ways. One way is that it is the perfect expression of our consciousness and what it thinks, believes and desires manifested in physical form as a human. It and its environment is our truth manifested. The second way is that it is a creativity machine and it is a powerful creative tool. It gives us the ability to create thoughts out of a seemingly nothing and manifest them in Physical Creation as an object or experience.

The body is a marvelous sensing device. It is capable of sensing subtle differences of energy within our environment and our being if we are paying attention and aware of what we feel. It will feel the energy we are experiencing. Our body can amplify it to the point that we can perceive it in a way our mind can characterize what we are experiencing into a thought if our mind has the minimum set of experience to do so. However, we need to be open to what we feel and be mindful and aware to what we sense and then have the ability to focus our attention and awareness onto, or into, the feeling.

We can use this ability to of our body to sense energy to feel our way in our exploration of the unknown in two ways. One way is that if we properly calibrate our internal compass we can use our body to sense where we are moving in life to and to sense the flow of energy that will guide us toward manifesting what we desire. We simply only need to follow the feeling created the flow of energy resulting from the intention we hold to manifest our creation. The second way is to use the body and what it feels about a situation to tell us what is perceives. Our intuitive guidance body wisdom, internal knowing are the typical ways we can use the body to perceive and navigate through the unknown.

Creating/obtaining the vehicle to create a gift encoded in the body (Top)

The vehicle we choose is determined by two things. One is the desire we have, or, rather our awareness had for incarnating, and what we, or our awareness, wants to experience in Physical Creation. It is directly related to why we incarnated. The other is what is made available by the Physical Creation. Physical Creation makes available certain types and kinds of vehicles at a given point in time available for our use. It needs to be remembered, a human being is a creation within and ongoing creation. Physical Creation has its reasons, desires and intentions for what unfolds in Physical Creation. We need to remember Physical Creation existed before we came into it and it will continue after we leave. We are only participating in its reason for existing.

Many like to think God created the physical world. But they are unwilling to say there are things God wants to happen and we are just fulfilling an assigned or elected role. In accepting such a thing, we lose control over our life and seem to become a puppet on a string. In this case, we seem to be totally at the mercy of God. In this case it appears all that man has achieved is only God directing our lives to fulfill Its will. However, an alternative view is that there are currents giving rise to Creation. They are like the currents in the ocean and we play in, and with, these currents to create our experiences. However, there are limits in which we can create within these currents as they exist.

In studying and exploring our inherent creativity and looking to Nature at the nature of the creative/creation process, it appears there is the way in which Creation seems to work. We are a creation within a creation and we freely use the currents in creation to create our experiences. In this regard, the recommendation made here is you do your own experiments to see this truth for yourself. Or, you can simply accept what is stated here. But it is recommended you eat and digest what is stated as you would any food. Use what is effective for what you desire to create and discard the remainder.

Each of us, being independent points of consciousness, are capable of entering the Creation created by "Om" to experience what "Om" has created. It is much like "Om" has built a house and invites us over to experience the house it has built. However it is a special house. To fully experience what "Om" has created, we need to wear special clothes and eye pieces that creates the effects "Om" desires us to experience. Namely, our consciousness inhabits a physical vehicle suitable for the physical experience we chose to have, i.e. a body.

Being within a creation, the energy that sustains us in physical form flows within the larger intention of Om. This larger intention is that which created the Physical Creation we experience and sustains the physical plane. The incarnation of our creative spirit into human life is the marriage of two parts. One part is the desires of Om and the other is the desires of our consciousness. Our physical body is the vehicle to achieve both these desires. The intention for our life is really a composite of these two desires. Unless we can fully surrender to the feeling of the fullness of being, to what gives us life and/or the feeling of expansion of our being, we will need to allow for the he marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine is what allows these desires to be fulfilled. Without this marriage we will be unable to fully accomplish what we incarnated to do.

It is to be noted that it is said one part is the desires of Om for Physical Creation Within the desires of Om are the desires of the various aspects of Physical Creation such as the human collective and the society of which we incarnate. Just as our desires have many aspects so do the desires of Om.

From a physical view point, the combined genes of our parents represents the vehicle that is appropriate for what the combination of all these intentions and desires to manifest - both the desires of Om and the desires of our creative spirit. In this regard, we may have experiences in life that represent the fulfillment of all these intention in one way or another. Depending on how all these intentions mixed and in what proportion, there may be things we do for Physical Creation, the human collective, our motherís intention, our fatherís intention and, of course, what our creative spirit desired to experience. Some of these are fulfilled singly or in a composite fashion.

In this regard, we my find our life taking seemingly strange twists and turns as we move from manifesting the desires of one intention to another. If we live the creative passion of our heart we will find there are talents and abilities that lie within our genes that we never knew we had to fulfill these intention. Similarly, quite probably, our ancestors may not have known about what they carried within themselves and have been denying for centuries. It is not improbable there are desires of Om carried since the dawn of humanity in the human genes that have yet to be expressed.

More often than not, when these two sets of desires, that of Om and the intention for our life appear not align it is not because they are not aligned. Rather, both of them are not in alignment with our enculturaion and what our society and family expects of us. We need to realize, as a specific quantity of energy in the form of mass within the energy consciousness model, our body is seen to have a consciousness, an awareness and a purpose unique to itself. It provides a particular unique view and experience of Physical Creation. The body is aligned with the intention of, or for, the physical plane and of Earth for that is from where its essence comes. The body is also in alignment with the intention for our life for the intention for our life is what gave life and gives life to our body. The intention for our life gives our body life and health to give us the experiences we desired to have. In this regard, the body and what we feel gives us life is the key to aligning and fulfilling the intention for our life.

We can be perfectly happy and experience that internal bliss and joy the never runs dry just by surrendering to the intention for our life and play the role we agreed to play. We only need to following our intuitive guidance and body wisdom for our body is encoded with the role for what we incarnated to do. Our body is the perfect vehicle for the experience we desire to have. We only need to trust that there was a deep and profound wisdom that created the intention for our life and no matter what we experience, it has our best interest at heart.

We need to understand the Source of Creation flows though our body manifesting our physical experience. All of Creation flows out from the Source of Creation. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all the energies and their corresponding  undercurrents which create the our physical experience come together to give us our physical experience of Creation as a human being. Our body, as this bridge point, is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Physical Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body, being open to feeling and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access these flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serve us and create a life worth living.

Although all is ultimately consciousness/Consciousness at play and our essence cannot ultimately be harmed, as long as we are in any ego structure which gives rise to the experience we have, we will suffer, or can suffer, pain. In this regard, our body is a form of a physical ego structure, or maybe better said, holds us in a particular ego structure which we call human, created by our transcendental mind to have certain types and kinds of physical experiences. It can be said the body is the ego structure of the transcendental mind made physically manifest. What needs to be understood is that we will be unable to escape the ego as long as we are in any experience of any creation/Creation. But this is really not an issue. In other realms of Creation, we would experience something different. But it would still be some type and kind of vehicle for that realm. We only need to remember the ego will not die but only transform for the new experience we desire if we allow it to transform. Our pain often results in not being willing to let the current ego die for the new creation to unfold.

Physical Creation, which can also be called the world of Om, is a Created form which provides the opportunity view and experience energy consciousness as a duality. Analogous to the pair production phenomenon, the Physical Plane or Physical Creation, forces energy consciousness, the material of creation/Creation to appear separate and experienced separately as energy and consciousness It is a duality which causes that of which we are made, energy consciousness, to be experienced separately simultaneously as energy localized in all its forms and as consciousness in a localized form of our current mind and ego. In other realms of Creation, we would experience energy consciousness as something different.

The human physical experience allows our individuated point of consciousness or our creative spirit to experience the duality of energy consciousness. Because of how our body operates within the rules of Physical Creation we experience the duality as a the separation of energy and consciousness. Our physical body provides the opportunity to experience energy consciousness as energy, as consciousness or as energy consciousness.

Experiencing the duality of energy consciousness is the normal way we experience energy consciousness in Physical Creation. It is to view from the perspective of energy or as consciousness. Our bodies are designed to give us such an experience and hold us to this experience. Our bodies are designed to give us an experience with the default view as being an awareness separated from our body and our environment yet within our body. Physical Creationís primary view is from the perspective of energy (we are our body) or as consciousness (we are the awareness within a body). We have to work at experiencing a oneness and wholeness within our being with no separation between our awareness and our body. Similarly, we need to work even harder to experience a oneness and wholeness with all of Creation as experienced by someone like the rainmaker. But such an experience of oneness and wholeness can not be obtained unless we take responsibility for what we experience.

Wave particle duality of the body (Top)

We need to realize what the body has to offer as a unique and special vehicle. Access to this uniqueness is to work with the wave particle nature of energy consciousness and how consciousness can localized itself by how it focuses its attention and awareness. The energy of energy consciousness is dualistic and has a wave-particle nature. It always is a wave-particle and its wave nature or its particle nature will manifest or be experienced depending on how it is observed within a given environment. The energy consciousness of the universe can be experienced as energy or as consciousness depending on how we choose to observe. In the same way electromagnetic radiation can be experienced as wave or a particle based on how an observer observes the energy, all physical particles can be seen as having a wave nature. What this means is that our physical bodies, as does any physical object, have both a physical form (particle form) and wave form. We have been conditioned by how the physical plane is constructed to observe and experience the particle form of the wave particle duality. We experience the particle from as a result of how we think we are individualized beings separate from everything else as a result of the normal experiences within our body. Most of our physical experiences supports the belief that we are separate and unconnected and our awareness is the body rather than the body being a vehicle used by the awareness.

Unless one consciously has developed and utilize their intuitive guidance and body wisdom and/or what are often referred to as "psychic" abilities or sixth sense where we need to be outside our thinking and controlling mind, and how it focuses our attention and awareness, most individuals never experience the wave nature of their bodies. Also it needs to be understood, developing either the sixth sense or oneís ability to focus but not the other does not allow us to experience the wave nature of consciousness. We may experience its effects but we will not fully appreciate how to use this aspect and work with it every day in our life. Many people know they have psychic abilities but donít really understand how to focus the attention and awareness to effectively use the abilities they have.

Accessing and using the wave nature of the body (Top)

To observe the wave nature of our body, we need to understand and accept that our body is just like the antenna of a radio or TV. The radio or TV antenna senses the electromagnetic signals which are then used to generate the music we hear or the TV picture that we see based on the electromagnetic energy it senses. How we focus our attention and awareness is how you "change" channels.

In this regard, it is inherent in the nature of our body to think thoughts for out thought arise from the energy we sense internally and externally. Our body will think thoughts but those thoughts are not necessary "ours" thoughts. Rather, our mind characterizes the energy we are sensing based on the experiences we have had. The characterization is ours based on the experiences we have had and what we think and believe, but the energy we sense may not be our energy.

In any case, our particular body is unique. It does not pick up the same identical signals as another. We can fully expect to think differently than another. The particular physical body we have (size, blood type, metabolism and the like), our genetic make up (both expressed and unexpressed), and the conditions of enculturation under which we were born (time, place, location, and such) and raised determines the type of antenna that we are physically, how it can be used and what energy we are capable of routinely perceiving.

The enculturation of our life, what we have learn, been taught and the experiences we have had, is what determines how we have been trained to use this antenna. Our current life and the conditions of our life is how we are currently using the antenna. However, for most of us, how we are currently using our antenna and how we have been taught to use it gives us extremely little understanding of the full rage of capabilities it has or of which it is capable. To learn it full range of capabilities we need to do our own experiments to see exactly what it is capable of doing.

What needs to be noted is that relative to the wave nature of the body most have not been in touch with their physical body, have not been properly trained to use it, or are not using its full range of capabilities. Even if we are already a psychic or think we have perceived the ultimate knowledge of the universe because of the experiences we had because of becoming enlightened according to some definition of enlightenment, there is a very good chance we are not properly using our body for all that it is capable of being. If we were, there would not be the need for this type of discussion. What needs to be understood, is that, as an antenna, our body both receives and sends out energy by how we focus our awareness and attention both consciously and nonconsciously. When it is nonconscious it is a continual broadcast or reception of information. When our focus is conscious it is either we are in the process of amplifying an existing broadcast or reception, or turning on a new transmission and transmitting or tuning ourselves to receive a new reception.

Our beliefs act as the boundaries. They determining, in part, the energy that we perceive and they create what can best be described as standing wave form or create a resonance pattern to be more receptive to a particular energy. Our beliefs "lock" the energy that we experience into patterns and we call them thoughts. If we hold our attention on the thought long enough and put enough energy into it, that belief will manifest as a physical experience and we will have turned a conception into a perception. The beliefs we hold lock our energy and our view of reality into an unchanging focus. We maintains this locked focus by the judgments and discriminations we make in comparison of good and bad or one thing or experience being better than another based on the beliefs we hold. The beliefs we hold, in turn, are also the boundaries that prevent our awareness from radiating out in all dimensions throughout all portions of the universe that allows us be the unlimited and unbounded being that we are or receive such energy transmission. These boundaries are really only created in one way. That way is by what you choose to believe. Only in stepping out of mind and what we think and believe do we enter the doorway to break away from the way we are currently sensing the energy of reality and create the space to experience the depth and breath of our true sensitivity.

However one should not be overly excited about trying break out of the beliefs that bind us to our body, for example trying to transcend the body. The body we have best suits who and what we are as an evolving consciousness or rather unfolding consciousness. It allows us to create what we desire yet we are restrained in our creation. We are restrained so as not to create things and experiences on whim that we would otherwise regret. Rather than being able to create on a whim we need to become focused. We must in some way focus ourselves to create.

Our normal way of focusing ourselves in through our composite belief structure rather than one particular belief or thought. If we wish to manifest a particular thought, then we need to also create an appropriate belief structure to support the manifestation of that thought. Usually we do this quite will nonconsciously. If we wish to become aware of how we do it, we must first become mindful and aware of 1) how and what we think and believe and 2) what we long for what is in our hearts to understand exactly what we are creating and how. Otherwise we create nonconsciously and never understand how creative we really are. In essence, we have to make our nonconscious conscious.

Our particular body is the perfect vehicle for what we came to do. Whether we chose wisely in anticipation for what we wished to accomplish in life or we chose impulsively and irresponsibly only to get a vehicle to allow us to become physical, we nevertheless have chosen perfectly. Perfectly for what we were thinking and believe in that moment and for what we needed to learn or to understand about how we create or what we choose to experience. If we are not mindful and aware and not wise but irresponsible then the lesson we have to learn is to become mindful and aware and wise in our choices. Here it needs to be fully understood, that whether we have some type of ailment or disability with our body or whether we like or dislike our body it nevertheless is sufficient and adequate. Illness and disease does not mean we made a bad choice of vehicle or we are somehow punished. Many time the illness and disease is exactly what we needed and desired to experience to create the experiences we desire. It needs to be remembered there is only experience. Everything that exists in any form will pass a way. Only experience is what continues on and on and there are an infinite number of which we can experience.

Exploring the body (Top)

To understand and effectively use the body, you will need to explore it and understand what it is or is not capable of providing us as a tool for the physical experience. Since we each are unique, we each will need to do our own experiments to come to know and understand our body. We will need to become physically intimate with our body to do so.

One of the more important aspects of the body that we will need to explore is how our non localized creative life energy which we call our creative spirit is manifested in our physical experiences and how our thoughts create our health and unhealthy conditions. Exploring the body is about learning how to observe it such that it reveals its hidden and unexpressed nature and abilities.

As an infant, our conscious spends enormous amount of its energy learning to adapt to the body it inhabits and to understand and communicate with the world in which it find itself. Most of us become very capable of doing the physical activities of life that our society opens to us. Most of us assume that as long as the child and subsequent adolescent successfully adapts to the world we live in that individual has successfully adapted to their body and have learned how to use their body. However, most individuals only learn to adapt and fit into the world the best they can. They have not successfully adapted to their body and have learned how to use their body and its full rage of ability.

Adapting to the world is not the same as understanding how to use the body and learning its sensitivity to both its environment and how we chose to observe it. By changing how we observe the body and learn to utilize its wisdom we can reveal attributes and facets we never realized we had. We need to become aware of how the environment itself influences what the body is thinking and perceiving. Little time and effort is spent really learning how to use the body as a vehicle for a physical experience. More often than not, we learn what we need to do to survive and never consider what the body is really capable of providing.

Body consciousness and an awareness within the body (Top)

The body has a consciousness, an awareness and a wisdom unique to itself. As a piece of energy consciousness, it stores memories and has needs and wants. It has likes and dislikes. Many of these things we assume are what our mind desires and wants where as some of these things come from the body itself. There is a perception by many that the body is something to be denied yet it is what we chose for our experience. If we deny the body we deny our own creative power and the wisdom we do have to have chosen the body we have.

To understand the body as a vehicle for a physical experience one will need to discover and explore what the body can and canít do. One needs to learn there are two views to Creation. We will need to learn to listen and discern what is of the mind and what we think as opposed to what come from the heart and the body and is in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy. We need to realize the body and what is senses is in alignment with the heart and the flow of our creative life energy that sustains us. It needs to be realized the body wisdom is an innocent wisdom. Body wisdom is not dualistic and judgmental like the mind. The body wisdom is fully capable of seeing into the realty of what is. It sees into what is through feelings and sensations. Unless we are aware and awake to the sensations and feelings of the body we will miss what it is communicating.

We are creatures of habit and how we have defined ourselves by our experiences. We all carry baggage from the past that does or does not allow us to be present to our bodies. Most of this baggage carries elements of pain, sorrows, resentments, past regrets and the like. Unless we remove this baggage we will be unable to become be intimate with the body and how it feels and what it feels. It is only in a very deep intimacy with our own body will we understand the subtly of its communications. In particular, we will have to learn to pay attention to the alarms and warning signals when its needs are not met and/or how it is suffering damage.

If one understands the "As above, so below, as within, as without" principle, they will understand that our unbounded being is projected into a physical expression in a one to one mapping. In this mapping every facet of our being is represented in some way in our body or the physical reality we experience. In this regard, our body is fully a product of our own thinking. But it is not just the thinking of our current mind but the composite thinking of our total mind. That is, it the composite of both our transcendental mind and enculturated mind. Our body and our environment are only revealing ourselves to ourselves if we are willing to listen. As such we will need to begin to see how our body is mirroring our internal states of being. We need to look to see how we are, or are not, financing health or illness in any aspect of our life whether that aspect is one of the four traditional realms of being (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), or our professional, personal or private life by supplying sufficient creative life energy to ensure the body needs are met for what one is attempting to do.

Pain and feelings (Top)

One area that becomes vitally important and should be explored is the nature of oneís pain and what exactly is pain and why do they have it. For most of us, the body is the primary way we express and feel our pain and it needs to be the primary area of our focus. Physical Creation is about making what we think and believe a physical experience. Our body is the tool and vehicle we use to do this. For example, we may have a spiritual and emotional pain with a perfectly functional body but we are lead to suppress the pain by some physical experience. In doing so we can develop an addiction to something physical which can ultimately destroy the body while we try to numb, suppress or otherwise not feel the spiritual and emotional pain. In this regard, we must honor the body and address the areas in the body for which we have use the body to process our pain.

In facing pain it needs to be understood pain is a warning signal. It warns of a mismatch in the flow of our creative life energy and what we are desiring to create. It is warning that injury is occurring or the potential for injury is present in what we are doing or will occur if the current flow path continues. We can see into the future and often subtle pains are only warnings of future injury or injury beginning to occur at the subtle levels of being.

The normal response we have in believing we are the body as opposed to it being a vehicle for a physical experience as a human being is that we physically point to some external cause and say that is the source of our pain. In doing so we try to "attack" that external cause with the assumption that its remove the external cause, we remove the pain. We talk about mobilizing the body defenses to attach or defend against an illness. We never seem to consider why we got sick, ill or have pain in the first place. All pain is not externally caused. Even that pain which clearly has an external perpetrator like a stone cutting our knee when we fall or we have a positive throat culture for some illness, we need to ask why we lost balance to fall or why did our body defenses become overwhelmed to become sick. It needs to be emphasized we will always find an external cause that we can point to as culprit. It is the way our environment keeps us bound to the creation in which we find ourselves. But, as a result of how  our inner world is reflected in the outer, there is also always an internal cause the is reflected externally.

Similarly, most of us have experienced pains that have no physical origin. These nonphysical pains are what we can use to lead us to the real cause of pain in our life. If we pull the string to follow them to their source, we would soon realize the root of all pain is caused ultimately by some internal condition within our being. In that realization we would begin to see pain as a gift and realize the pain is present only because our body has no other way to get our attention. We have numbed ourselves too much to listen to the subtle communications. More often that not, we numb ourselves by our own thinking. Our mind is too preoccupied with the mundane world to listen to what the body is trying to say. So we have to wait till our bodies scream at us in pain.

The unwanted experience (Top)

Similar to pain, we have experiences in life that seem not of our choosing. Things we donít want, donít desire and even make us angry at what we experience. We find ourselves in places and situations not of our liking and wonder how we got ourselves there. What needs to be understood is that creation is done with another. As the creator we can create the observer and the observed but we really have no idea which is which. Only when we have another who has free will are we able to see what is real for us and what is an illusion. We all have need for companionship that lies beyond what our mind necessarily thinks or wants because we feel differently and think differently when we are with others. If we donít pull the string on the "why" behind the experience and explore why we come to have the experience that we do, we will not see how our actions and the body itself have created those experiences even when they seem beyond our control. It is only when we explore the "why" do we begin to see that what we experience, no matter what, is not beyond our control.

In exploring the why behind the events we experience, the most important aspect of the body we need to explore is why we feel the way we do or why we donít feel in any given situation. Even when we donít feel we need to explore the why we are not feeling. Joy and bliss is a feeling that cannot be explained by mind. We know it when we have it and what gives it to us can vary greatly. Often what mind thinks will give us joy doesnít and often what mind does not think will gives us joy gives us joy. Yet it is a feeling that must be felt.

To live in joy and bliss as peoples desire to do, they must be able to feel each and every moment of their lives. If one is not feeling each and every moment, that means they have shut of their body sensations, are distracted with mind, or simply unaware. The first step to living in joy and bliss each moment of life is to be able to feel each moment of life and be present to the moment. When we donít feel each moment, we need to explore why we donít feel life itself.

Many of us have set our awareness of body sensations to a very high level such that pain is often the only feeling we feel. Most feelings tend to be an order of magnitude or more below pain and some feelings are only a wisp and very fleeting in its sensation. Yet each feeling, whether the faintest whisper or the loudest scream, contains information that body is communicating to our consciousness. We can relearn how to listen and how to understand why we feel the way we do and where any one feeling originates. To do so, all we need to do is set the intention to uncover the information that is being revealed and ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance what lies behind the pain. But we have to have the intention to hear what is communicated. Most donít want to hear the truth. They would rather not listen to what is being said and why it is said. In many ways it is the fear of the truth of reality that does not allow us to hear.

To understand what is being communicated we need to be out of mind and the judgments and opinions that mind has as to the possible origins of the feelings we have. Otherwise the mind will just jump in and mask and distort whatever is being said. To observe and watch our thoughts is one thing. To understand how we distort the thought we have or rather inaccurately characterize the energy we experience by how we observe is another. Depending on how we set our intention the same energy we experience will look different and result in different thoughts. Here we need to remember, a mind which thinks a problem is solvable will look at it differently than a mind which thinks it is insolvable. But the same is true for anything we observed. How we choose to look at it changes what we will see.

Feeling other realms (Top)

We think we are our current mind and our body yet both are really almost completely foreign to our understanding for both have remained unexamined. We are not aware of where our thoughts originate, from where our feelings come and how susceptible we are to the thought of others and susceptible to the environment in which we find ourselves whether it be nature itself or the presence of others. If we really were our mind and our body we would know each intimately for they would be us. However, given the vastness of what we donít know about our bodies and our own minds, we can really canít say they are us for we know so little about them. We live in separation within our own minds, our own bodies and the environment in which we find ourselves and from the Source of our being.

Many feelings we have are not feelings that originate within our being but are communications we have with other entities and aspects of reality because of the oneness and interconnectedness of reality. If we look carefully at our thoughts, we will find some of the thoughts we have we puzzle and wonder "Where did that thought come from?" for it feels so alien and foreign to our being. As humans we are conditioned to use speech and thinking as are primary way of communication. Most of us are not open to how other entities will use other forms of communication. In any case, no matter what form of communication is selected, since our energy does permeate all of reality we can use the focus of our attention and awareness to localize our energy into any aspect of Creation. If we do so, we will feel that aspect of Creation and that feeling will get translated the best it can into a thought that can be understood by our mind. If we focus ourselves into an aspect of Creation and nothing seems to surface that does not mean no information was transmitted. In only means we donít have the minimum set of experience to translate what we felt and sensed into something our mind can understand. It is in these cases, all we can do is only ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance something equivalent to, "What must I do to understand what has been communicated?" We then need to literally follow what surfaces to the best of our abilities. What we are lead to do will give us that minimum set of experiences to understand the communication.

On this note, if we have not fully discovered and explored our own bodies to become physically intimate with our body, we will never see how this is possible and that it is true. We will need to use this approach with our own bodies and feelings. For any situation we only need to ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance the equivalent, "What am I feeling and sensing?" and allow our body wisdom and intuitive guidance to talk to us. It may take some practice. If we receive nothing, here again, we need to ask, "What must I do to understand what has been communicated?" Here again, we will not be open to the subtle feelings we get when we focus our attention and awareness into another aspect of Creation unless we can feel the subtle feeling in our bodies for our own situation and environment. We cannot look to understand another entity and how it communicates when we donít understand how our own body communicates.

Because we feel and sense other quite naturally in the oneness of the universe, many of us carry the burdens of others yet we donít realize that we do and how we do it. We pick up other peopleís pain and carry it as our own. It take a great sensitivity and flexibility with our intuitive guidance to discover whether it is our pain or the pain of another that we feel. Most carry the pain of and dissatisfaction of the parents and/or care givers without realizing it. The physical experiences we have are a direct reflection of who and what we are even if all aspects are not visibly expressed. They are still expressed as a total summation and integrated fashion in the experiences we have. No matter how good and happy we think our childhood was, if our care givers in any way were not free to live true to their essence in all ways for all facets of their being, they passed those limitations nonconsciously onto you. Because of the example they set of how we define ourselves by the experiences we have, those limitations and lack of freedom get transferred to us in the experience we have with our care givers. Because these experiences occur so early in life, and they become very deeply embedded within our being and body memories without our awareness. The end result is we carry their pain and inability to live life freely and we donít even realize it.

Our bodies and the experiences it has are capable of give us information across all dimensions of time and space for it and its environment are a one to one map of our infinite being. Whenever we go into an environment, if we focus properly we can sense the residue of the past events and follow them into the future. In that realize we have the power to change history and humanity. To do so, we only need to discovery and explore our bodies as the vehicles and information tools that they are. As was said and will continue to be said again and again, the easiest way to do it is the spontaneous and innocent childlike play. In any case, the choice is ours to learn to use or not to use the body as the tool and vehicle it is.

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