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It was said in the topic “The Creative/Creation Process”: If we look at our lives as an unfolding creation and we compare these steps to our lives we will find out lives is a superposition of at least two such processes. One process is the creation of our physical human life. It is a shorter duration that the life that is created. It runs the span of the desire to procreation through procreation, maturity of the offspring and its desire for the offspring to procreate. It is a creation process about the continuation of human life. The second process is about our incarnation, the intention for our life, and the experience our awareness has of physical Creation. This process overlays the first. It spans the desire which causes us to incarnate and goes through the death of the body and the creation of a new desire.

What needs to be understood about the creative/creation process as it relates to continuing human life is that it is not something that arises from within our awareness. It arises from within our body and the creation of which we have elected to participate. We are beings which stands between two worlds. One is the world of our creativity spirit which is determined solely by us. The other is the world in which we have elected to participate. As a participant we agree to play by the rules of this world. One of the “rules” of this world is that vehicles for the experience of physical Creation are created through reproduction of the human species. That is, for someone to incarnate, there must be a human conception to provide the vehicle. As a participant in creation, we help provide those vehicles for others.

It the discussion entitled “The World of Om,” it is said that physical Creation is the manifestation of a desire of a consciousness in which we agreed to participate. Whether you consider the creator/Creator of physical Creation God or an individuated, independent conscious awareness much like ourselves does not matter. In the end, we have agreed to participate in physical Creation for whatever reason we may have.

In this regard, there is a flow of events beyond our control and some of those events occur within our own body. That is, the Creator of physical Creation has its desires and wants for physical Creation. We have ours. Physical Creation has Its reasons for us being here and we have ours. Whether or not the two agree is open for debate. But in any case, there feelings we get that have more to do with the desires of the Creation of physical Creation than our own desires. Procreation often falls into this category. That is, we are drawn to certain individuals because a particular set of genes is desired. At other times procreation is purely our choice. What this means is some feelings of sexuality arise as a result of the desires of the body as a physical entity to procreate. However, other sexual desires arise from our mind to experience something pleasurable or they can arise from the flow of energy that enthuses our body and being as a result of some creative endeavors.

There are some relationship that draw seemingly opposite individuals together in totally unexpected ways to create a child. Yet after that child is conceived there is nothing between the two individuals. The normal comment made is that the two individuals could just not control themselves. There is a truth in this but it is not necessarily because the individual just let their hormones rule their life. Rather, the unfoldment of the flows of energy which gave rise to their bodies were destined to mingle to create an offspring.

There are certain combination of genes that give rise to certain types and kinds of insights. When physical Creation desires a certain unfoldment, it will orchestrate the unfoldment. In this case we are only participants in a larger creation.

Whether the parents of the offspring should stay together is a completely another issue - sometimes they should and sometimes they shouldn’t. On this point it needs to be understood, there is an awareness that inhabits the body. It has its reasons for incarnating and it may need to unfold without both parents or at least unfold in a relationship with its parents which is not conventional. We cannot assume that everyone must have a life the way we think life should be.

One of these orchestrations in most individuals is the unfoldment of physical life, in particular, human life. Most human being come preprogrammed to procreate. It is a biological urge. It is the way Physical Creation ensures human continues for whatever reason it desires. Whether we choose to procreate or not is often our choice. This of course, is not a license to just run around procreating. What needs to be realized in a deep mindfulness and awareness one can being to discern from where the urge arises. One an come to see there is not a person in physical Creation for whom we cannot have a deep and passionate relationship. All that stands in our way is our own mind. Something it is the desires of mind that pull to people together. Other times it is Physical Creation.

In any case when we understand each individual has gift to give that is unique to them, we being to see the value in each individual. We being to realize it doesn’t matter whether or not we think Physical Creation specifically desires what an individual has to give. Rather, we see each individual is like us. They have physical experiences they desires to have. In giving them the space and nourishment to freely unfold true to themselves, a gift is give to us, to humanity and to Creation.

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