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Deep undercurrents of Creation
The origins of the deep undercurrent of reality
Exploring these deep undercurrents
Influence of undercurrents
The deep undercurrents and our unlimited creativity

Overview  (Top)

It is probably rather obvious that within Physical Creation there are layers to Creation. For example, The human species is part of the mammalian life from of Earth which, in turn, is part of life on earth. The Earth itself is part of a solar system which in turn is part of a galaxy. The galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies within a Universe of many clusters of galaxies and it is debatable if our universe is similarly part of a collection of Universes within something physically larger as of yet unrealized. Similarly, going downward, within a given life form, there are organs, tissues and cells. In this regard, the physical experience at any level is a creation within a creation and there are many ongoing creation within and without any one experience.

Given the relationship between energy and consciousness, there is a consciousness aspect and an energy aspect to each of these layers. From a consciousness perspective, each of these layers whether experienced internally or externally give rise to what is normally experiences as a collective consciousness. That is, each of these layers is a collective. As an energy each of these layers represent a flow of energy carrying all that lies within that flow somewhere.

From an energy perspective, nothing occurs in Creation without a flow of energy to give rise to, and animate the creation. It is the focus of the attention and awareness of a consciousness in the form of an intention which gives rise to a flow of energy. Within the understanding of the equivalency of energy and consciousness it can be said creation/Creation is intentional Or, alternatively said, the flow of energy which animates manifests and/or animates any creation/Creation is a result of an intention by consciousness and how consciousness has focused its awareness and attention. This, in turn, gives rise to the understanding each of the flows of energy act as an undercurrent in a creation/Creation.

As such, each of these layers of Physical Creation represent a flow of energy and can be experienced as an undercurrent of Creation. Consequently the experience of any creation within creation arises from composite of many flows of energy which act as undercurrents pushing any one creation in a given direction. Creation is then the superposition of all these undercurrents giving rise to each creation within Creation. Analogous to the way the individual musicians and the notes they play combine to create a symphony.

These deep undercurrents can also be seen and/or experienced as the cause effect chain  for the events we experience in life. That is, we are carried by a flow of energy as a result of some cause into an effect. Being open to feeling and with the proper focus of our attention and awareness we can access any of these flows of energy. Additionally, any layers to Creation is the fulfillment and expression of as many intentions as there are undercurrents of energy. In this regard, the human physical experience is a produce of many ongoing undercurrents given rise to many ongoing creations within and without

There is nothing special about these deep undercurrents. In a way analogous to the way your body has different currents of energy giving rise to breathing, blood flowing, nerve impulses, digestion, thinking and the like simultaneously, there are multitudes of energy flows simultaneously occurring giving rise to Creation as we experience it. In may ways the deep undercurrents of Creation which provides the backdrop, stage or playground for our creative endeavors. Often we experience these undercurrents as mystical forces, synchronicity, or other seemingly magical or unexplained occurrences. Yet, they are only the flows of energy trying to fulfill the intention which created them.

The origins of the deep undercurrent of reality  (Top)

There is an aspect to reality that is not readily understood. The physical world we experience is much like the shallow layers of water on the top of a deep ocean. Within the ocean are deep undercurrents and multiple levels that rise to the surface giving rise to the forms that exist on the surface. In the same way the experiences we have in life on earth as we know it exists as a very thin shell on the surface with deep undercurrents giving rise to the creation/Creation and the experiences within or with that creation/Creation. It is much as described in the topic, ĎThe lava analogy for the creative/creation process."

Our desires and intentions, like those of all others, permeate all of reality. Each desire and each intention is only a thought, and a thought is only energy. As energy and the wave particle nature of energy, although localized in the form of a thought, it spreads out across infinity. Some intentions are focused such that more of their energy goes infinitely deep as opposed to spreading all across reality.

These deep intentions set in motion experiences long into the future. They donít mingle with the shallow aspects of being but go to the heart of Creation and originate near the Source of Creation impacting all of Creation. Additionally, since energy and consciousness are the same, each of these thoughts are capable of being perceived as a life form unto itself. Or at least a creation unto itself is not experiences as life.

Often, each of these deep undercurrents of reality can also be seen and experienced as others or even alternative reams. Although appearing without life on the surface, they are full of life much like the depths of the ocean. Additionally, just as we create the physical experiences we have by how we think, as a result of the interconnectedness of Creation, how we think influences the life in these other realms. Often our thinking and our actions create what can be called children within these other realm just as real as the physical offspring we are capable of producing. They are not expresses as such within Physical Creation because Physical Creation is not an environment supportive of the manifestation of the energy of the thought. But in another realm, they can become a life unto themselves.

What we experience as life is to live in the shallow water. We think the surface and these shallow layers are real all that exist. However, in reality, it is only the tip and the expression of that which lies below the surface. It is what lies below the surface that is really sustaining our world. Most of our desires and intentions deal with the mundane of life and remain in the shallow aspects of life for that is what we perceive life to be all about - the needs of the mundane world.

To understand the reality we experience and where its roots really lie, we must enter the world of the mystic and shaman or the world of unseen energy manifestation Analogously, it is much like the world an energy physicist or engineer enters when the work with the unseen energy of the electromagnetic spectrum outside the range of visible light. We must leave the shallow world and go into the deep undercurrents and to both see that these layers exist and then learn how they flow in the way they do. Then we must come back and see how what we experience at the shallow levels is only the manifestation of these deeper currents. In turn, once we understand how these deeper currents express themselves, we can look at the shallow layer forms and how these forms move to understand what deeper currents are orchestrating the world we see and experience.

Exploring these deep undercurrents  (Top)

To study these deep undercurrents we must do two things. One is to be free to leave the world we see and the way we usually experience reality to enter the unseen much like an energy physicist or engineer when the work in the world of unseen electromagnetic radiation. They do so with some type and kind of calibrated instrument. The instrument we use to explore the unseen current so creation/Creation is our own being and what we feel. We calibrate our body be opening to feeling and what we feel, calibrate our internal compass to know what serves and doesnít serve us, and then be willing face the pain of the past where we have raised the threshold on what we feel.

The second thing we need to do is to consciously use our creative imagination  to explore what we sense within the realization that our mind will characterize what we experience based on the experiences we have had. However, all mind knows is what it has experienced. More often than not it will not have the minimum set of experience to correctly characterize what we sense. It this regard it may take us some time to truly understand what we access and more often than not, we will need to do our own experiments to gain the experience we need to properly characterize what we experience. However, it time, we can come to find the unseen world is not beyond our understanding and it is only a matter of how we focus our attention and awareness is determining how and what we experience.

The key to using our creative imagination  is to learn to work with our intuitive guidance and body wisdom will allows us to go into these deeper layers of the universe and understand how and why they flow the way they do. They are our most direct connection with this unseen world that are readily available to us. As we being to process our pain and lower the threshold to what we feel and sense, we can being to use the awareness that lies in feeling.

Relative to our intuitive guidance and body wisdom, our body wisdom is more accurate in accessing and discerning these deep undercurrent. Body wisdom is more in telling us what we are sensing for it stays with the feeling the flow of energy. However it too is subject to the interpretation of mind. Unless we become a detached witness only using the information available as it is, our mindís past experiences, mind will step in with it judgments as to what it likes or dislikes about what we feel. Those judgments bias the interpretation which is provided.

Our body wisdom is always in contact with these deep undercurrents that cause the manifestation of physical reality. Whether we are aware of what we are sensing is another question. The human physical experience normally keeps the focus of our attention and awareness in the mundane of being in the body and looking outwards at the world we experience. We have to work to bring that focus of attention and awareness inward to begin to discern exactly what we feel.

Our body wisdom experiences the energy of the universe at it is. Through our nonconscious mind, our body wisdom will supply our current mind with the best characterization as possible of the energy it experiences. The body wisdom access our whole being and characterizes what we feel as a feeling within our body. It characterizes based on the experiences we have had in our current life time, remembered from any previous existence we had in this and other realms and what we have learned about the nature of Creation from those experiences.

Our current mind will then characterize what is provided by the body wisdom based on what it understand from our current lifetime. It will use what it has experienced to understand and comprehend what we feel as feeling within our body or a feeling within our being not localized in any particular part of our body. Our current mind will then further characterize that feeling into a thought, image or whatever based on based on the experiences it has had in our current lifetime. It is at this point the awareness of what lies in feeling and the interpretation of our mind of what we feel can become radically different. The feeling we have is based on all that we have ever experienced as an independent point of consciousness. No matter how provide the awareness within the feeling, our current mind will trying to interpret what it feels based on our current life experiences rather that trusting the awareness within the feeling. To know something and consciously know we have no way of knowing what we know is the typical way we see this separation of what mind is capable of understanding and the awareness which lies in feeling.

The thought, image, body sensation and/or feelings that arise before our conscious mind steps in and judges it, is as accurate as it can possibly be for what our conscious mind currently understands. In this regard, we must take the information our intuitive guidance provides in the form of a thought, image, feeling and/or body sensation as literal and go into that information fully trusting that is it accurate as can be. However, when it comes to acting on what our intuitive guidance provides in the world, often it is more appropriate to "test the accuracy" of what is provided by honoring the intuitive guidance by performing some type and kind of surrogate experience to see how the insight does or doesnít change.

In doing so one of two things will happen. If our mind has the experiences and knowledge for our current mind to properly characterize the energy it experiences, then the literal meaning of the information will not change and the more we go into it and follow it the deeper and broader our understanding will become. If however, our current mind does not have the experiences and knowledge to properly characterize the energy, then the literal meaning of the information that we get will change as we act on that literal meaning.

If we have set the intention to understand what we feel, the literal meaning essentially takes us to the next set of experiences we need to have to have the knowledge and experience to better characterize the energy our body wisdom experiences into a new image. In acting on the literal meaning with the intention of understand what we sense, we will get a new insight as to what direction we need to next travel to refine what we sense. To access any part of these deep currents of realty, we only need to set the intention to do so.

We need to remember for any intention that we, or any other consciousness, set and hold, there is a flow of creative life energy in the universe to form and manifest that intention. Reality begins to mold itself to manifest that intention in accordance with all the other intentions that we hold and are held by the infinite number of other points of consciousness within any realm of Creation. So, if we wish to understand what an individual is doing in our life or why we are having a particular experience, or how to respond to an individual, we only need to set the intention to do so and our intuitive guidance, our body wisdom, or the awareness which lies in feeling will surface the information or lead us to the experiences to obtain what we seek.

If we ask our intuitive guidance and body wisdom, "How do I characterize the reason this person is in my life?" or "What does my life look like with this person in my life?" an image, thought, feeling and/or body sensation will arise to answer that question. "What" and "How" questions tend to create pictures and right brain type responses and are the most useful for working with our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. "Why" questions, such as "Why is this person in my life?" tend to be more analytical and left brain type response and can cause you to go off into your thinking and judging mind.

In any case, you can always ask "What am I to do with this person?" or "What does our work together look like/" and we will get an image. If we act on the image trusting it fully as a literal answer and move into it manifest it, we will move in alignment with the Source of our being. Again as we move into the literal interpretations, either a new interpretation will be provided or the literal interpretation become a guiding star that never changes. Keeping focused on our insight as a guiding star, we will act in a way that pulls us into a deeper and deeper understanding of what it is we need to be doing relative to the question we ask and the intention that we set.

We can use this process to explore any aspect of the seen or unseen world. Our biggest challenge will be to trust our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. The biggest obstacle we face in using this method is clarity of intention. The clarity of the intent we set should be to be as accurate as possible as to what we wish yet give the universe maximum flexibility in achieving what we desire. The details are not as important as exactly what we seek.

For example, the desire to be in a relationship with a particular person as opposed to a relationship with an individual who can provide us with the optimum fulfillment that any one person is capable of providing are quite different. The latter intention, although seemingly more difficult, is much easier for universe to fulfill because we provide it with much more latitude as to who this particular individual maybe. If we ask for a specific individual, the universe then has to deal with the free will of the particular individual we have selected.

At one level of reality, we can do nothing to impact their free will. At another, deeper, level we can create conditions to cause them to be whatever we desire. But if we reach the level at which we can become the causes to change a personís free will, it can be guaranteed we will probably leave things as they are.

What is said here is true with other realm of Creation. If we intend to just understand and explore these realm we leave the universe great flexibility. If we wish to talk to a particular individual or access a particular aspect of Creation in an unseen realm, they may not want to talk to us and we may not be mature enough or have the understanding to access the particular aspect of creation we seek. People routinely have mystical experiences in these other realms but they donít recognize them for what they are because they do not have the minimum set of experience to recognize and properly characterize what they see and experience.

A second issue relative to clarity of intent that will influence our exploration of these unseen realms is competing and nullifying intention that we already possess. Whether we realize it or not, we all hold many conscious and nonconscious intentions. The fragmentation of our being and our compartmented mind resulting from the separations within our being often does not allows us to see how our intentions conflict with each other. Because we fragment and scatter our creative life energy we never realize how often our intentions are at odds with each other rather than assisting each other. Our intentions rob each other of the energy needed to manifest any one intention. So if we choose to explore these deep undercurrents of reality we will need to "clear our house" so to speak and get competing intentions out of the way. That means developing a single point focus for our life to achieve what we desire.

Influence of undercurrents  (Top)

Relative to any creative endeavor, the influence of these undercurrents can be seen in two ways. One is that if what we desire to create is not in alignment with the intention for our life, that flow of energy sustaining us, we will not have access to the full creative power available to us. We will either be opposed by what our intention requires or we will have a "drift" or undercurrent to our effort such that we always seem to have to correct for something we do not quite understand. It is like trying to cross a body of water that we think is calm when in reality there is a current to it. If we are aligned with the current, things go faster and we are carried to where we desire by the current. If we are opposed to it, thing are more difficult to do. If we are at cross purposes or cross directions, we will have to correct for the pull of the current or we will drift past our target.

Similarly, if what we desire to create is in alignment with an already unfolding creation, we will find we seemingly have much greater creative power even if we are fully aligned with the intention for our life. It this regard, success in life is not always our success. That is, what we think we are responsible for accomplishing in our life may not be as much our accomplishment as much as it is the unfolding of a flow of energy into which we accessed. Some people find success in life and think it is something they have accomplished when in reality, they are only flowing within an existing unfolding creation. Often they are successful in spite of themselves.

If we try and create something which goes against an existing undercurrent, we will find our creative endeavor much harder and more difficult than we would otherwise anticipate. We will be either trying to "swim upstream" so to speak or we will find we are somehow continually being pushed our desired target.

Often people feel they are unsuccessful in their life because they have been unable to create what they desire. Yet, they never realize what they desire may against an existing flow of current and we need to escape the pull of that current before we can being to figure out how to create what we desire. Analogously it is much like trying to escape the pull of gravity to go to the moon. It is not that we cannot do it, but we have to take specific actions and preparations to do so. We cannot use airplane to go the moon. We have to develop a new technology to escape the pull of gravity. So too many of the creative endeavors we wish to undertake. It is not that we cannot do it. Rather it is we have to take the necessary actions which maybe requires us to develop a completely new technology first before we even begin to create what we desire.

When creating within an existing creation/Creation, it is wise to learn the rules of the exiting creation and to step out of mind to look to see where the undercurrent of that creation is going. Then, in the wisdom of that knowledge, decide if what we desire to create is in alignment with the existing creation. If not, we then need to decided if what we desire to create really serves us and the effort we will need to put forth will a life worth living.

What needs to be realized is our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all the energies and their corresponding undercurrents which create the our physical experience come together. Our body, as this bridge point, is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body, being open to feeling and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access those flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serves us and create a life worth living.

The deep undercurrents and our unlimited creativity (Top)

Consciousness is about the ability to be aware and awake to the existing of the flows of energy in our life to influence and/or direct those flows by the choices we make. Most of us awaken only to a very limited extent. We become aware of only a very small portion of the energy that is available to us to manipulate. We can awaken and become "enlightened" about a variety of flows of energy. It is when we being to see and experience the deep undercurrents of Creation which cause Creation to unfold as it does that we being to access our unlimited creativity and are no longer bound by the creative power available in the intention for our life.

Knowing how to access and use these deep undercurrents of Creation which in a physical body is the key to accessing our unlimited creativity while in the body. Although we have limited our unlimited creativity for the purpose of having the physical experience of being a human being, we still possess and inherent unlimited creativity. We never lose our unlimited creativity. It is only a matter of accessing it in a different way and working within the rules of Physical Creation while in a human body. The deep undercurrents of creation/Creation allow us to do that. However, we do it through what we feel and not through what our mind knows.

These deep undercurrents contains truth about creation/Creation and any one consciousness giving rise to any particular flow of energy. These truths lie in the awareness which lies in feeling. As we can come to see, such truths can be accessed and gained. We can begin to access these truths through the relatively simply techniques using out intuitive guidance and body wisdom. Accessing these truth can contribute quite powerfully to any creative effort. In fact, accessing the deep undercurrents of Creation can give, but not necessarily will give, what many call mystical experiences every time they are entered.

Creation can be seen as a vast pool of oscillating energy moving into and out of form. All arises out of the experience we have of this energy moving into and out of form. What we experience is simply based on how we focus our attention and awareness. When we shift our focus, we can see into the future and/or into the past for there are deep undercurrents giving rise to Creation. How accurately we see is another issue. But we can see. We can know how we should or shouldnít respond in any situation. If we are present in the moment, we can feel the changes before they come. Although we can not be fully prepared for the changes before the come, we an have a reasonable idea of how to move.

In regards to accessing the deep undercurrents, it is recommended that when we access these deep truth, we should be in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. If we are in this state of creative play and stumble into the Ultimate Accident to access the Source then we will be in the proper state of being to explore what we find. In many ways, doing this is what gave rise to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding.

The loss of "heart awareness" or the awareness of what is symbolized in our heart causes us to lose the conscious connection with the unseen world and conscious awareness of the deep undercurrent of Creation. As we grow older remnants persist. Most of us only experience the remnants as our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. Many never really learn to trust, let alone use, their intuitive guidance and the many forms that it takes.

To regain access to the heart awareness one needs to move towards having a conscious experience of the state of being characterized as spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe characterized by that play of a child before mind steps in. How our mind developed its view of Creation and itself determines how we lose this heart awareness and the ability to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play. The conscious and nonconscious painful experiences we had and the fear they cause to arise in us, coupled with the response patterns we develop to protect ourselves in the future when our creative play was thwarted as a child, are what prevents us from returning to that state of play and accessing these deep undercurrent. To regain the ability to access these undercurrents, we will have to face the pain of the past, the fear that raises because of the pain and the responses patterns we developed to protect ourselves that holds our creativity in a cage of our own making.

Each of us are capable of accessing these currents to change the reality we experiences. Accessing our unlimited creativity is synonymous with tapping into these deep undercurrents of Creation. These deep undercurrents are alive with life and they will change our life if we incorporate their flow into our creative efforts. Some who tap into these currents personify the currents they tap into as entities that exist in the unseen realms. Some personify them in a human form such as spirit guides. Other personify them as aliens, demons, angels, and the like. Usually individuals characterize what they experience based on the tradition in which they were raised.

All is accessible within and through what we feel and sense through our infinite below the surface consciousness - the subconscious, unconscious and dormant consciousness. We only needs to learn to focus our attention and awareness to access a particular deep current much the way we would turn the channel selector on a television or radio to access a desired station. The space around us is filled with a variety of TV and radio waves. We only need the proper tuner to access them. So too these deep undercurrent of creation. They permeate our bodies and the space around us. All we need is a tuner and the tuner is nothing more that how we discern what we feel in and with our own body. The body functions much like an antenna and our the belief structure we choose to adopt functions as the tuner to what we actually end up perceiving with our mind. We are, of course, free to personify these deep undercurrents of unseen energy however we wish. We can view them and/or personify in whatever way works for us.

More often than not, our mind will personify them nonconsciously based on the past experiences we have had and what we think and believe about the nature of reality. We, of course, will believe what our nonconscious mind gives us. What needs to be remembered and emphasized is the energy we sense that gives rise to what we experience is correctly sensed . However, mindís interpretation of that energy may or may not be correct. It will not be correct and cannot be correct until we get the minimum set of requisite experience to properly characterize what we experience.

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