The gift we incarnated to bring into the world


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The gift we incarnated to bring into the world
Our gift to Creation

The basics
Origins of the gift we incarnated to give

The pedigree of our consciousness
The pedigree of our body

The overall result

When, and if, our creative spirit is free to play natural to its being without the imposition of the judgements of the mind, the dream within our hear, the intention for our life, will naturally unfold. When given the correct condition the dream in the heart which is embodied within the flow of energy that sustains us, will germinate, grow and bear fruit much like a seed. The fruit that comes forth are our gift which we give to the world. We each carry such a dream and a gift to give.

The basics (Top)

What needs to be understood is the energy sustaining our being, sustains us for a reason. The origins of the gift we incarnated to give and the intention for our life is the result of the desire of consciousness Consciousness is very intentional. Although consciousness may act from nonconscious programming, it nevertheless is very intentional. Alternatively said, consciousness at any level creates through intention. It creates by how it focuses its attention and awareness in a particular direction or onto an particular object of focus, concept or idea. If it creates a sufficient flow of energy and passion to go with how it focused its attention and awareness it will create an experience.

We similarly create with our intentions but we mask how we do it by doing it within a physical body. The body, as a particular type and kind of vehicle for the physical experience, has it own needs that must be met to be sustained. As a result, the body and its needs dominates much of our thinking which takes us away from the awareness of how we create with our intentions. In particular it masks the fact that we hold an intention for our creative spirit incarnating into the body in the first place.

Once an intention is set by consciousness and cast into a form and not changed, consciousness (whether acting consciously or nonconsciously) will direct its energy within its span of control into that intention. In this regard, the energy that sustains us and animates our life is directed toward a particular end. There is something we incarnated to do. But, as explained below, there is also something Physical Creation expects us to do or to give because we have incarnated.

Since energy and consciousness are the same, the energy directed by a conscious intention is the embodiment of that intention and it has a consciousness unto itself. The consciousness that is the consciousness of the energy embodied as the intention is capable of acting as an independent consciousness. That is, the flow of energy created can act as a fully independent consciousness within consciousness. If the consciousness with consciousness awakens to its own existence, its thinking will become a further distraction to the original intention creating the flow of energy.

So too with the energy that sustains our being. It is both the embodiment of an intention of a higher consciousness and has a unique consciousness unto itself. In our case as humans, the consciousness associated with the intention for our life and the flow of energy sustaining us is our body wisdom that grows us from a fertilized egg into an infant and into an adult. The consciousness that created the intention for our life is our creative spirit which is embodied in the flow of energy sustaining us. Hence we seem to have a physical and non physical part. Yet both are one and the same. They only appear different as a result of how we have focused the attention and awareness of our consciousness.

But there is an additional factor in creating a human body for physical experience. That is, the human body is based on what can be called a blueprint of what it means to be a human being within Physical Creation and the world created by the creator of Physical Creation and what the human collective understanding of being human in Physical Creation means. It is here, within these conditions that really determine the physical experience we have. They are: the intention of the creator of Physical Creation for creating Physical Creation; the intention of the creator of Physical Creator for creating the human species; and what the human collective understands as to what it means to be a human being in Physical Creation for this time and place.

Origins of the gift we incarnated to give (Top)

The desire held for creating the intention for our life was the result of the merging in creation of two components. Analogously it is much like how our two individual parents come together to create a child. One parent was longing or desire in our consciousness for a physical experience as a human being for one reason or another. That is something we can access if we so choose to do. The other parent was a longing or need in the Physical Creation by the consciousness that created Physical Creation, and/or by the collective consciousness for what our unique consciousness was capable of bringing into physical reality. The collective consciousness is part of Om and since we are human, whatever we do for Om flows through the human collective consciousness.

The fertilized egg that began the growth of our physical body was this intention made manifest in Physical Creation and our creative life energy began to flow to unfold this intention. Our body is the perfect vehicle for the expression of this intention and the manifestation of the gift it brings. At some point, our consciousness choose to enter Physical Creation to allow the whole process to begin the manifestation of our energy into physical form. What needs to be understood about this process is the intention for our life existed before our enculturated mind and its ego existed. Consequently, the intention for our life is not something we will be able to perceive by our mind. That is, at least not until we get the minimum set of experience to accurately piece together what it may be. For some of us, it will take a lifetime to do. For others of us, it can be known in a relative short time. Addition, what we are here to do may be complicated for we carry more than one intention as described the sub topic in "pedigree of our body."

The pedigree of our consciousness (Top): The pedigree of the desire of our consciousness to incarnate is located in our transcendental mind. The transcendental mind contains the memories of all the experiences we have had as a unique independent consciousness. Many see and interpret these memories as past physical lives. Whether we believe in past lives or not, doesnít matter. It is only the way consciousness has chosen to express the energy. When consciousness individuated, a flow of energy was created resulting in the formation of each independent point of consciousness. Hence there is an intention that governs the manifestation of our independent point of consciousness, or soul if we wish to call it as such, and that intention exists before our mind could experience itself and define its transcendental ego by its experiences in the various realms of Creation. What we can do if we so choose is to explore all the relevant memories that created our transcendental ego and establish why we are the perfect creative spirit for the role we incarnated to play and it is just the experience that we desire. If we are willing to shatter or surrender our transcendental ego, this exploration can take us into the intention that created our individual point of consciousness. What we will find in such an exploration is that Consciousness is looking for a Playmate whether we believe it or not. But to know this it is something we must and find out for ourselves. Exactly why our creative spirit wanted to incarnate is something only we each can individually answer. But at some level of our being we either agreed to such a physical experience as a human being or we create it.

The pedigree of our body (Top): It seems rather obvious that the pedigree for our body arises from when our parents joined to create our life. But that is not quite true. There are many combinations of egg and sperm each with different genetic combinations that are possible. Each combination giving rise to a different body. What needs to be understood here is there is an intention for Physical Creation and there is an intention for the human collective. These intentions already existed within the collective consciousness that created an energy flow which brought our parents together. Similarly, there was an intention in each of our parents. One simple question that always exists is "Why did our parents find each other and why did we come to our parent and not another pair?"

The question is, "What intention was really dominating and controlling the action of our parents?" Depending on who we ask as to why our parents come together, we will probably get a wide variation of responses. Many will say they think it was the love between our parents. Some will say it was only biological urges. Some may say is was only an infatuation that needed to be addressed. Then, of course, there is always the arranged marriage. But none of these response are necessarily based on a true understanding of what was occurring unless one is aware of all the competing intention to now what really was dominating the manifestation of the energy into physical form.

From a physical view point, the combined genes of our parents represents the vehicle that is appropriate for what the combination of all these intentions and desired to manifest and what our consciousness desired. In this regard, we may have experiences in life that represent the fulfillment of all these intention in one way or another. Depending on how all these intentions mixed and in what proportion, there may be things we do for Physical Creation, the human collective, our motherís intention, our fatherís intention and, of course, what our creative spirit desired to experience. In this regard, we my find our life taking seemingly strange twists and turns as we move from manifesting the desires of one intention to another. If we live the passion of our heart we will find there are talents and abilities the lie within our genes that we never knew we had to fulfill these intention. Similarly, quite probably our ancestors may not have known about what they carried within themselves and have been denying for centuries.

There are two reason for this. One is that our ancestors may never have allow themselves to live in a way that would express those talents either by personal choice or how they were forced to live. The other is that the environment many never have been suitable for those talents to express themselves. They may have only carried a dream within their heart as a seed until some generation is exposed to the suitable environment. For example, it is hard to express a talent for electrical engineering and/or manipulating energy when electricity and the concept of energy have not been discovered. In any case, if we step out of mind and live our creative passion we will see we have all the talents that we need to accomplish the intention for our life. We have all that we need to have to accomplish what we are here to do. The only two question are, "Do we choose to do it?" and "Do what we have to do?" Depending on the experiences we have had, we may find we have to spend a little time getting in touch with the awareness that lies within the feeling which corresponds to the flow for the intention for our life before we can live that intention.

The overall result (Top)

As we experience ourselves in a physical body, it is a marriage of two consciousnesses. There is our consciousness that enable us to become the detached witness. It is the consciousness that transcends the physical and every experience we have whether the experience is physical or nonphysical. This is the part of ourselves that we perceive as not being our body and what has giving rise to the concept of a soul and that which exists after death. The second consciousness is the consciousness embodied by our body, its mind and ego. This second aspect of our consciousness is highly influenced by the beliefs, thinking, and the desire of the collective consciousness.

The two seemingly different consciousnesses come together to create a new life, the life that we live. In life, the first consciousness is perceived as our heart in what we feel and allows us to see into the unseen realms by what we feel. The second is perceive by our mind based on the experiences we have had in our body and develops our ego. Yet they are not really separate. The separation is the illusion created by mind for the purposes of having a physical experience as a human being.

If we wish, we can imagine ourselves and our experiences of Creation as a seed placed in fertile ground to grow into a tree that produces a unique type and kind of fruit that comes from our actions in the world. Nobody else can produce a fruit like ours. As we give our attention, time and energy to working with our creative life energy, we make space available for our new way of being to grow in the world to manifest just like a tree manifests it fruits over time. The action we take in the world and the way we live in the world are our fruits that fall from this new way of life. This new way of being that flows directly from the Source of being will bring with it untold gifts for both us and others. Some of our actions will fall to the ground to become seeds for future generations. Other will be the fruit eaten by others to sustain them in this life.

However, we cannot give these gifts that come directly from the Source of our being unless we understand how it communicates to, and through, our unique being and body. Hence there is the need for each of us to become very clear as to what fruit we desire to produce. If we desire to produce fruit that come from the Source of being itself, then we need to learn to surrender to the flow of our creative life energy and understand how to communicate with that Source as it flows through us and sustains us as unique creations. If we desire to produce the fruits of our mind, then we need to become very clear on what our mind wants. However, mind cannot give the deep and lasting inner satisfaction that can be found in following what is symbolized in the heart.

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