The mind body connection


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The mind body connection
The starting point for understanding the mind body connection
One view of creating health through the mind body connection
How the mind body connection works with the energy consciousness perspective
An analogy to understand how our body energetically creates conditions leading to health
Working the mind body connection
Accessing the mind body connection


The mind body connection is about understanding how what we think and believe and how we choose to act in the world as a result of how we think and believe causes certain types and kinds of biological conditions to arise in the body. The creativity perspective along with the energy consciousness understanding provides a way that we can understand how it works and what we can do to use the mind body relationship in a way that better serves us.

It is probably obvious that there are certain types and kinds of activities in which we choose to engage that can harm the body. Similarly there foods that we can choose to eat, or do not eat, that nourish or donít nourish the body in the way it needs to be nourished. It is also probably obvious what we think and believe can cause us to worry and in doing so we make our body tense. Many are aware of anxiety, tension and the like influence the health of the body. Many seek something like meditation to create a state of calmness to relax, if not heal, the body. Many choose lifestyles that they think will help to create healthy bodies.

The relationship between what we think and believe and how we choose to act as described above is the essence of the mind body relationship. However, it goes much deeper that what is described. The concept of the mind body connection goes well beyond what we choose to do in the external world. The mind body connection is about how and what we think and believe create our experiences and the create the reality we experience at each and every level of our being including the body and the conditions of the body.

The question that arises is that, "If it is true the mind body connection is real, and we do create the conditions we experience in the body such as health, illness and disease through what we think and believe, where does it occur and now to we access to change what we experience. Additionally, what are the ways of thinking and what do we need to believe to create health?"

The answer to the first question is there is no particular place or point where it occurs. It is an going process which is actually occurring at each and every level of our being. Although there is a bridge point where our creative life energy manifest into Physical Creation, the relationship between the mind and body is always present and exists at each and every level of our being. It is always there. There is no separate or particular place where what we think and believe affects our body. Our body and the conditions of our body are always being affected by what we think and believe.

However, just as we can perceive there to be layers or levels to our mind and/or layers or levels to Creation, there appear to be different levels of beliefs and thinking that affect different conditions of the body. There the question becomes, "To what depth of mind do I need to go the affect a particular condition of the body?" The answer is, "It depends on what condition we desire to address."

As for the second question, "What are the ways of thinking and what do we need to believe to create health," the answer starts with believing there is a mind body connection. Then seek a set of beliefs, a philosophy of life and/or a way of being that allows for the use of the mind body connection and are effective in our life and for what we incarnated to experience. The challenge is to understand the mind body connection and use our understanding to create conditions in our body which serves us and allow us to have the experiences we incarnated to have and/or whatever else we desire to experience.

To understand the mind body connection, how it works and how to influence what it creates, we need a different perspective. If our current perspective was adequate we would already know and understand how to use this connection and we would be living our lives differently. The question is, "What perspective do we need have that allows us to effectively use the mind body connection in our life?"

What has been observed is that exactly how it works lies well beyond what our mind can understand. It is not that our mind is incapable of understanding. Rather it is just that mind as we know it and the experiences we have in life day to day do not give us the perspective we need. We need to be both willing to step out of mind and what we think and believe about ourselves and how Creation works and flush out and discard what we think and believe which do not allow us to see the truth of what it.

Additionally, we need to understand our awareness is infinite in what it can be aware but our mind is finite. It only knows and will always only know what it has experienced. Additionally, what you have experienced is not what I have experienced. On way of viewing may work well for me because of what I have experienced but another way will work better for you. In any case, the best we have for understanding how Creation works are analogies, metaphors and the like that sometimes seemingly conflict. That is, one metaphor is good for one application and another metaphor is good for another. The recommendation is not to hold to any one view or explanation as the final word. Rather, look at any view a stepping stone taking us and deeper and deeper into understanding and be open to change exactly what understanding is needed.

The starting point for understanding the mind body connection  (Top)

The starting point for understanding the mind body connection from the creativity perspective is to understand the relationship of energy and consciousness and the bridge point where our creative life energy manifests into an experience of Physical Creation for the particular purpose of having an experience as a human being.

Based on the relationship of energy and consciousness and reflected in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective it is the premise of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding that we are independent, infinite creative beings and a world unto ourselves that have limited our creative power to have a physical experience. In particular, a physical experience as a human being. We do this by sharing a common Physical Creation with others. Creation is always easier when we use already built materials. Rather than creating a unique reality to experience and sharing the reality we create with others, we enter one already constructed and share the experiences of a shared creation.

It is in the equivalency of energy and consciousness where the mind body connection really lies. It is to realizing our inner world is reflected in the outer through a phenomenon analogous to the pair production phenomenon or the cutout and a hole it create.

We, our awareness experiencing itself as our creative life energy/creative spirit, enters Physical Creation creating a body analogous to the way pair production occurs. Pair production is a phenomenon where radiant energy or electromagnetic energy is converted into mass. However, our awareness, rather than using our creative life energy to create the material of Creation as in pair production. we use and arrange the mass and the material of Physical Creation. We create a particular from of energy which is a reflection of our consciousness. In doing so, our creative life energy binds itself through the body to the "rules and laws" of Physical Creation such that we cannot readily break free of the bind until we leave the body behind.

It is in understanding the existence of the pair production phenomenon and its implications for our creative endeavors that we can see and experience a bridge point. The bridge point is where our inner world and the outer world come together as does the control of the energy which gives rise to our body. It is here we have the possibility of shifting the energy within our experience of Creation including the experience of the body through the mind body connection, shifting the energy of environment in Physical Creation as to what we experience in Physical Creation, or shifting Creation Itself.

But it is not a point as such. Nor is it a fixed form as the heart shaped cutout in the diagram "creating a cutout" of the topic, "Implication of pair production in our creative endeavors." It is a dynamic ongoing exchange and shifting of energy. It is more of a continual reforming whole or in part like in the diagram "Partial Annihilation" of the topic, "Implication of pair production in our creative endeavors." It is a shifting of energy into and out of form as determined by the focus of our attention and awareness. How we focus attention and awareness is determined as a result of how and what we think and believe.

It is to be noted that it is in this exchange and shifting of energy which lies the root of mind body medicine. Here we can change how our energy is bound to the body. In doing so, we create conditions of health or accident, illness and disease. This is the realm of miracles as we shift the energy from one form of manifestation in the body to another. As one can come to see and understand, this point is accessible through what we feel and through our nonconscious mind and what it thinks and believes.

What needs to be understood is that the body, mind, emotions, behavior, thought, and the environment all interact to create the experiences we have. They are not separate from each other. Nothing is really separate from anything else. Separation is the illusion of mind For energy and consciousness, wherever form they take, are different forms of the same material of creation. Each is the same material experienced differently. Another way of saying this is each experience of life is within a given context and that overall context can be considered a manifestation of many individual aspects of our consciousness.

In regards to our experience as being the composite of the individual aspects of our consciousness, both our physical body and the mind need to be better understood to understand how this bridge point between consciousness and energy occurs and we how we create our reality. It is here, in the equivalency of energy and consciousness where the mind body connection really lies.

It can be said, our physical body and the world we experience, is only our current understanding of the energy aspects of energy consciousness manifesting. Similarly, our currently level of awareness and our enculturated mind (who we think we are) and as our nonconscious mind is the consciousness portion of this energy consciousness manifesting. As our awareness changes and expands, we no longer fit Physical Creation. We will outgrow the ability to be physical. It is much the way as a child we outgrow the clothes of childhood. To readily access the mind body connection we need to change our awareness as to who and what we are to change the focus of our attention and awareness that is manifesting our body. We do this by making the appropriate aspects of our nonconscious mind conscious. Learning to make the nonconscious mind conscious starts with an exploration of mind.

One view of creating health through the mind body connection  (Top)

From an energy consciousness perspective, creations within creation provides a way to understand the mind body connection of health. One view of our health within this perspective is that the creation we experience, including our health, arises from the composite of many undercurrents of energy which come together to create our physical body and the experiences we have. Alternatively said, from a consciousness perspective, the creation we experience is the composite of many intentions which come together to create our physical body, it environment and the experiences we have. As each of us are a creation within creation our body parts are creations within a creation. Each of the organs, tissues, and the like in our body are the product of an the intention of an aspect of some consciousness.

Within the energy consciousness understanding, any creation, no matter how big or how small is the result of an intention. Any intention is only the focus of the attention and awareness of consciousness couple with the desire to act to cause the energy to flow into the manifestation of that desire. Each separate organ, tissue and the like is a particular quantity of mass which is only energy. The mass/energy of each organ/tissue can be seen as having a consciousness unto itself and an intention which gave rise to its particular form as any other creation. When all the individual intentions of all the organs and tissues align in the body it creates health. When any intention and/or desires begins to change the aspect or part of the body it creates changes.

Given we are an infinite creative being and our nonconscious mind spans all of creation, what is giving rise to our unhealthy condition is some aspect of our nonconscious mind which has focused a part of our attention and awareness to cause an unhealthy conditions to be experienced in some aspect of our body.. The focus of that aspect of our attention and awareness is reflected in the tissue or organ that is not functioning in concert or in alignment with the rest of the flow of our creative life energy. Some aspect of our nonconscious mind can be said to be out of phase with the rest of our being.

To create a healthy condition, it is necessary to raise the beliefs and understanding of that aspect of the nonconscious mind to consciousness so that they can be changed to something which better serves what we desire to experience and bring it in phase or agreement with the rest of our being.. Of course, it may be difficult finding that particular aspect of our nonconscious mind. Often it is something we desire not to face and what it will mean for us and how we need to live our life. It is our desire to not look at what gives rise to our unhealthy condition or look at what is not allowing our creative life energy to freely flow as it seeks to do.

As a result, we create the conditions which give rise to our lack of health in our nonconscious mind and then wonder why we have illness and/or disease. We being to look externally for some cause for we have no reason to believe the cause lies within us. For example, we look externally for some pathogen which causes us to get sick rather than seeing ourselves weaken our immune system that makes us susceptible to the pathogen. Or, we have a pain in a muscle and look to see what we lifted or how we strained ourselves as opposed to looking for something internal as the cause.

How the mind body connection works with the energy consciousness perspective  (Top)

The mind body connection originates in the relationship of energy and consciousness and how and were we direct our creative life energy at the bridge point where we split our energy in order to have the human physical experience. To enter Physical Creation, our energy split between Physical Creation and its creator and us. The energy that is in us is controlled exclusively by us. The energy that split between us and the Physical World and that lies in the Physical world is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we donít like. Otherwise, if our energy was not shared, we would simply create something else. Our body and our identification with the body as a human being is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important.

The bridge point is the mind body connection. It is where we direct our creative life energy into the experiences we desire to have in life based on what we think and believe and the programming we have received. In particular, we direct our creative life energy into what we think and believe it means to be human and into being the person who we think we are. On this point, part of many of the illnesses we have is to participate in what it means to be physical and a human being. Alternative said, if we have a different perspective about what it means to be a human being that is different than the human collective, there are illnesses  we can circumvent having. But then there may be illnesses we have as a result of living outside of what it means to be human for we are still experiencing Physical Creation.

In realizing our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all the energies which create the our physical experience come together, we also access the corresponding undercurrents of Creation giving rise to our physical experience. Here our body and what we feel effectively bridges the unseen world of the non localized aspects of our creative spirit and the localized aspects creating the experience we desire in Physical Creation. Here the door way to the unseen realms open. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Physical Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body, being open to feeling and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access those flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serves us and create a life worth living, including our conditions of health.

Who and what we are, as a creator of the experiences we have, can experience our creation as consciousness or as energy. As both an awake consciousness and a flow of energy, we can be present to the moment and fully become awake and aware as to what we are feeling and the direction in which our creative life energy is flowing. It is in this awareness we can shift that flow of energy and become a conscious creator. It is in the awareness of the moment that one can: become aware of the pain of not being in alignment with the intention for our life; address the deep longing for the beloved/Beloved; and we can become aware of where a facet of our being is out of alignment with the other facets of our being. Similarly, it is the awareness of the flow in the moment that allows one to follow the flow to stand at the doorway to access the source/Source. Here we stand at the doorway to access source of our creative power and ability and/or the Source of Creation. When we do this, we create a marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine to reveal and bring forth the gift we carry within our beings. It is here we find the inner satisfaction, bliss and joy that never runs dray no matter what is happening in our life.

This inner marriage is also reflective of the marriage of what Om, the creator of Physical Creation, offers in the form of the human body and what we provides as that energy in the form of our creative life energy/creative spirit which animates the body. The body is simultaneously designed to meet our needs and that of Om. This is why it can be said our body encodes the rules of Physical Creation and the human physical experience is our consciousness expressed physically. This marriage of what Om offers our creative spirit, in turn, becomes the basis of the gift we incarnated to give. There is something Om desires in making a body available to us and there is something we desire in incarnating to have the physical experience as a human being. When we focus on the fact there is a purpose to our life and a gift we incarnated to give, we direct our creative life energy into our body to create sufficient health in the body to manifest these gifts and achieve our purpose. After all, they are the reason for us being here. They are what created our life in the first place and our body is the perfect vehicle for this purpose. It only makes sense that in focusing our attention and awareness on the what we incarnated to do, we will create sufficient health in the body to do it.

We can look at our body as a an electrical device such as a radio, TV, or computer. It will not work until it is plugged into a flow of electricity. Here the electricity is our creative life energy. We are what energizes the body. But our body is not a device. It is more of an environmental suit that allows us to have a physical experience. It is perfectly fitted to our consciousness so that can change in response to our consciousness. In this regard, our body is a directly reflection of the flow of our creative life energy manifested/manifesting in physical form or physical expression. It is this responsiveness of the flow of our creative life energy in our body to our consciousness that the mind body connection originates.

As an individualize quantity of mass and energy, the body can be seen and experienced has a consciousness independent of our individual point of consciousness. As a result of the illusion of mind and all fragmentation in any form is an illusion, we can experience a merging our individual point of consciousness with the unique consciousness of our body to create the human experience. So a human we literally live between two worlds. The world of our body and the world of our individual point of consciousness. Each of these world has a different perspective on what is experienced and then there is the composite view, which adds an additional view.

However, if we move out of the illusion of mind, we can see our body is only a aspect of our own consciousness expressed physically or expressed in physical form. It is stepping out of mind and out of the illusion created by mind we can see how our own beliefs are shifting the energy within our body to create healthy and unhealthy experiences.

It is at the bridge point the body encodes the rules of Physical Creation, the beliefs of the human collective, and embodies the experiences we have had. For example scars on the body are dramatic ways an experience become embodied. However every experience remains in a subtle body memory many of which binds our energy as strongly as mental memories. In essence body memories and mental memories are the same just experienced differently with a different aspect of our being. We need to remember in the relationship of energy and consciousness our bodies can be seen as a portion of consciousness. As consciousness it has a mind and memories as any other consciousness. Its mind and memories reflect the experiences it has had in our current life. In this regard, our body has memories beyond what our current mind will have. It has embedded memories which occurred before our current mind became aware of itself and the experiences it has.

Although both our mind and our body have the same experiences of life, our mind processes the experiences we have into an ego and the memories we hold that define the ego. The body processes the same experiences and memories into how it manifests our biology and how it feels. Body memories tend to be remembered as feelings as opposed to images as characteristic of mind although eventually the feeling will most probably be followed by images as the mind characterizes what our body feels. In reality the mind and body are one. However, the awareness within the ego and mind is capable of transcending the life of the body but perceives what is experienced different than perceived through the body. Similarly, the awareness in the body perceives the energy of an experience quite differently than the ego. As a result, it is easier to look at the two as separate but simultaneous aspects of the same thing. It is much the way many traditions have separated the realm of spirit from the physical world when in fact there is no separation between them.

An analogy to understand how our body energetically creates conditions leading to health  (Top)

To understand how the body stores feelings and memories we need to remember all creation/Creation and any experience of, or in, creation/Creation results from a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy to animate the creation, there is no movement. One way we can understand how our bodied becomes encoded by the experiences we have to develop body memories is to look at this process of the body storing feelings and memories as a piece of iron in a magnetic field.

In this analogy, the iron is our body. The magnetic field is the flow of energy of the experience we have. Alternatively said, the magnetic field is the experience of the flow of energy giving rise to the experiences we have. The strength of the magnetic field aligning the iron core is analogously seen or determined by how much the experience is  freeing for our creative spirit to unfold true to its nature or how binding and restrictive the experience is. Here we need to understand that whether we perceive an experience a binding or freeing is determined by what we think and believe and controlled by the mind. That is, the same experience can be freeing or binding depending on what we believe and how we perceive the experience. It is this particular point that is key to the mind body relationship. It is our mind and what we think and believe that is determining the experiences we have. But we need to realize we have a conscious and nonconscious mind and set of experiences giving rise to an enculturated mind and transcendental mind. The bridge point between consciousness and energy is where what we think and believe gives rise to the experience we have and the reality we experience.

We need to understand, the body is always repairing itself and replacing worn tissue with new tissue. When ever we have a   freeing experience, or non binding experience, the body cells that are being repaired and replaced in that moment get aligned in such a way that health, well being, an enthusiasm for life and to live life is supported. Whenever we have binding experience, the body that is being repaired and replaced gets aligned in a way that does not support the growth and expansion of our creative  freedom.

Without a particular influence, patterns become encoded and copied again and again in the body until the patterns are replaced. The next time that particular repaired and/or replace portion of the body is repaired in the future depends on the experiences we are having at that time. If the experience is relatively neutral, the pattern is copied. If the experience is  freeing, it is repaired in a way that supports life. If the experience is binding, it is repaired in a way that does not support life. Hence we create conditions of health and disease over time. When enough of a particular type and kind of tissue has non life supporting patterns, accident, illness or disease arises. What is interesting to know, cancer is seen by many medical intuitives and conditions which continually eat away at us and is the disease of unfinished business. Whether this is true or not, it make sense. If we encode a pattern within our being that eats away at us because of how we denied our creative spirit and it is not replaced with something more growth orientated, it will continually eat away at us until thee is no more to eat.

In regards to the body continually functioning and repairing itself in a particular given pattern, our bodies appear to be very much like machines. Once directed or programmed a certain way it will continue to function in that matter based on its programming until told otherwise. This is why a way of being every day is so important as compared to one time or infrequent attempts to create conditions of health. The body is reforming itself every moment. The goal is to create a state of being such that every moment the body is creating a conditions where we have a desire and passion to live life that brings us an experience and feeling of being alive with life.

This one reason why it is important to have supportive and life nourishing experiences as a child and as an adult to have spontaneous and innocent childlike experiences. As a child, because the childís body is developing so fast, there are a tremendous number of pattern being imprinted that will get carried though life. Additionally, since so many of the childís experiences are the first of its kind, those memories always seem to carry a bit more emotional energy. Hence life supporting or non life supporting patterns are encoded early in life. As an adult, to experience spontaneous and innocent childlike play allows the tissues being repaired to be recast in life supporting ways and help one to maintain health. It needs to be remembered that unhealthy patterns first form at the energetic level and a scattering and fragmentation of our energy. In time, the more we scatter and fragment our energy the more we create experiences around those scattered and fragmented patterns.

Working the mind body connection  (Top)

As a creation within Physical Creation, we need to remember our creative life energy is split. Some of our creative life energy goes into sustaining our body and is used to create a condition which we call healthy or a body condition to give us the experience we need to have for one reason or another. Whether we like it or not and/or understand it or not, some illness and disease are exactly what we need to have to have certain types and kind of experiences. Other illness and disease are simply the result of our failing to supply adequate energy to sustain the body. However, we will not know which is which until we begin to listen to our body wisdom and to look at the gift of pain to see what the body trying to communicate to us rather than judging what we are experiencing in the moment.

The key to creating our reality and creating the experiences we have is to become mindful and aware of how we are directing our attention and awareness. To do this, we need to look at both our conscious and nonconscious intentions of both our individuated consciousness and our body. We need to understand that the world we see and experience, including our body, is the expression of our unique creative life energy/creative spirit and no one sees and experiences reality as we do.

We are an unique creation in every way. The world we see manifested before us and our body never lies. It is truth manifest. Only our mind creates illusion. Our body and the environment in which we find ourselves is the truth of our being manifest. It is reflective of the beliefs we hold at some level of our being and our choice to have a physical experience.

To change our reality we need to change how and what we believe. We are probably quite aware that we may think one thing and we may say something else. However, what we actually believe is not necessarily reflective of either what we think or what we say. Rather, it is reflected in our body and the world we experience. For example, we say we believe we need to protect the environment so we drive our car to the store to by organic produce. We say we help the environment because we do not eat food grown with chemicals that pollute the environment. But we will not give up our car and walk. In truth, we do what is convenient for us, not what we say we believe in.

Our body speaks the truth of our being as do the experience we have. The experiences we have in our body is not about what we think and/or what we say but what we hold within our being. Rather, our body and how it responds to the environment in which it finds itself reveals the truth we hold at the deeper layers of our consciousness; that lies in the nonconscious. In this regard, the world we see before us and that we share with others can be seen representing the beliefs and/or aspects of our being that we share in common with them. In knowing how to utilize the world we experience as our body and the environment we experience in our body, we can come to see how the inner is reflected in the outer and can access information that lies deep within our nonconscious that we are using to create our reality.

What we believe and what we hold is reflected in our bodyóin our bones, our muscles, our skin, our posture, our voice, our eating habits, our preferences and more importantly in our health or lack there of. The way this is accomplished is that we are a being of infinite consciousness. However, most of our awareness is nonconscious. Our conscious awareness (as reflected in what we think, what we remember as memories, and how we make our choices relative to the experiences we have) is a very small fragment of our consciousness.

This infinite nonconscious is available to us in any moment. It is in constant communication with us. Unfortunately, we are usually too busy and preoccupied with life and thinking to become aware of exactly how this body wisdom and/or intuitive guidance is attempting to communicate. For many, it is only when we feel the pain and/or discomfort associated with an accident, illness, disease or not getting what we want, that our mind begins to pay attention to our body. Even then we rarely actually listen to the message.

Accessing the mind body connection (Top)

We need to go back to that point where the duality of energy consciousness becomes manifested as a form of energy and a form of consciousness. This point is out of mind for mind is already the expression of duality of energy consciousness. It is to move into the flow of energy and into the awareness which lies in feeling as the energy flows to manifest and move upstream to the Source of Creation. Here we can change what we think and believe which has directed that flow of energy in the particular direction in which it flows. We can do this by asking our intuitive guidance "What do I need to do, how do I need to live to change what I desire to change?" Then we need to honor the intuitive guidance we receive.

There is a key point that needs to be noted here. To talk of a mind body connect is to already be in the duality of energy consciousness. We need to go back to before the concept of mind and body formed. We need to go back to the formless. We need to be in a place where we perceive mind is body and body is mind. We do this by stepping out of mind, and out of the experience as a detached witness to go into the flow giving rise to whatever experience we desire to address. It is to go into the feeling of the experience and look upstream toward the source/Source. When in this flow, we can ask our intuitive guidance, "Form where does this flow of energy originate?" the answer will arise within us. Some thought, idea, image or picture will arise that we recognize as causing the energy to flow in the direction it is flowing. We then need to address the beliefs and how and what we think and believe about what is provided if we wish to redirect the flow. We access these beliefs by simply asking, "How do I change this belief and/or change what I believe to something that better serves what I desire to create?"

Our creative spirit is a life giving spirit. The intention for our life is what created our life  and brought us into life. Our creative spirit will create life within our body if the creative spirit is free to have the life and experiences it incarnated to have. The recommendation is to become intimate with our creative spirit and allow it to lead our life. We can become intimate with our creative spirit by opening ourselves to feeling and allowing the fullness of being and the feeling of the expansion of our being to lead our life. Doing so will create for us all the health we need to accomplish what we incarnated to do. The hard part is to realize that sometime the illness we face is a direct result of what we incarnated to do for ourselves or another. Sometimes illness or disease are the perfect vehicles we need to accomplish what we desire to do.

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