Our body encodes the rules of physical Creation


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In many ways we can look at the physical world we experience as the superposition of many independent creations. It is analogous to the way  the sound of a orchestra is the superposition of the notes made by many independent instruments. In the same way each musician is a separate instrument making its own music, in is done to the orchestrated piece of music. Unless all the musicians play the same piece of orchestrated music in a similar fashion, they will create noise and a rather unpleasant experience.

Physical Creation can be seen as a symphony where each of us play our own instrument making music in agreement with the others in the symphony. In this way, there is a harmony in what we do. But to play in harmony, we all need to play by the same basic rules. We need to play from the same piece of orchestrated music and our assigned/elected part.

In being in physical Creation, in essence we put ourselves in a common sandbox where each of our creative spirits agree to play  the same rules. To enforce the rules we encode the rule in the vehicle we use in the sandbox. That is, we each use a physical body. Our physical body then “hard wires” or solidifies the same basic ground rules for creation for each of us. We can step outside the normal rules for Physical Creation as long as we do so from within the physical body. It is the perfect way to allow many infinitely creative beings to create together and ensures every says within the same creative rules for the common desires type of experience.

The phenomenon call pair production is a perfect way to see how these common rules become solidified and fixed. In essence we are an infinitely creative, independent conscious and have chosen to create within a creation. By incarnating into a body, our creative spirit fixes the ground rules for our creative endeavors. That is, although we may be infinitely creative, we play the ground rules of physical creation.

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