Physical Creation is a shared reality

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The basic essentials and concepts supporting the concept of Physical Creation is a shared reality are found in the topic, "The basic essentials and "physics" of: Being a world unto our self, World of the other, World of Om, Shared Realities, Creation within Creation." It is recommended this file be reviewed before preceding.

We are a creation within creation. Contrary to what we think, Physical Creation is not the reality we normally experience. What we normally experience is the reality we created within our mind and what we think and believe. Then, in some way, we come to an agreement with other as to what reality is and act on that shared common set of beliefs. We will modify what we think and believe based on the experiences we have had and whether or not what we believe is effective in our life to get us what we desire. Although we share a common perception this is not a share reality..

Sharing a perception is not necessary what is meant by Physical Creation being a shared reality. What is discussed above is related to a shared reality but it is not what a shared reality is. By saying Physical Creation is a shared reality we mean it is where we all live to a common set of "rules" to which we are held by our physical body. That is, a reality where we cannot escape the rule of Physical Creation until we leave the body.

It is for this reason some are of the opinion we cannot find true freedom until we transcend Physical Creation and or leave our body. However, nothing is father from the truth. The fact we cannot escape the rules of Physical Creation until we leave our body does not mean we cannot become creatively  free while in a physical body. Our body is a creation liken any other creation. Heaven, the Kingdom of God, and Nirvana are creation. True freedom can be found in any experience we have. Heaven, the Kingdom of God, Nirvana and the like can be found here and now. If we cannot find creative  freedom here while in our body, we will not find it anywhere else.

Given the fact that each of us are an independent and individualized consciousness, Physical Creation can be seen as a symphony where each of us play our own instrument making music in agreement with the others in the symphony. In this way, there is a harmony in what we do. But to play in harmony, we all need to play by the same basic rules.

In some ways creation in the Physical World it is like being in a sandbox. In essence we put ourselves in a common sandbox where each agrees to play by the same rules. In a sandbox we choose to create with sand rather than wood, mud, ice or some other starting material. Being in the sandbox, we have to build what we desire using the rules that govern sand. The rules of wood, mud and ice are not applicable to sand. We may be able to bring wood, mud or ice into the sand box, but the essential rule of sand govern what we can build.

To enforce the rules we encode the rule in the vehicle we use in the sandbox. That is, we each use a physical body. Our physical body then "hard wires" or solidifies the same basic ground rules for creation for each of us. We can step outside the rules for Physical Creation as long as we do so from within the physical body. It is the perfect way to allow many infinitely creative beings to create together and ensures every says within the same creative rules.

Although we may not like sand as a building material and it is difficult with which to work, we nevertheless need to follow the rule of sand if we are going to build out of sand. If we are going to use something other than sand in the sandbox, we are changing the rules and the way that we will be able to build in the sandbox. Although we can introduce new materials into the sand box, we may need to get all the other people in the sandbox to agree with what we do. Otherwise, disagreements could arise. What those disagreements mean and what they look like depends on the situation at hand.

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