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Planes of existence is, in essence, are the same as levels to Creation or layers to Creation. But there are two ways to use the term planes of existence that are related but different. One way is that it is synonymous with the concept of reality. In this context, a plane of existence is a reality of existence. The other way it is used, which is probably the more common way, is in the context there seems to be a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical plane relative to our existence.

As with the colloquial use of the word level implying one level is somehow better than another, so too the use of the phrase "planes of existence." However to see one planes as somehow better or worse than another is to live in separation. Rather, all are different expression of the same material of creation/Creation. It is only the judgment of our mind that considers one plane of existence somehow better or worse than another.

Relative to our creativity and how we create our experiences, the energy is perceived to flow from the spiritual into the physical. The energy appears to flow from the more non localized realm of what is called the spiritual down through the mental and emotional planes into manifestation as an extremely localized physical form. However, the truth of the matter is, it is all the same energy just taking a different form of expression based on how consciousness has focused its attention and awareness. It is only our perception and comparison between two forms of energy that give the appearance there is a flow form one form into another. But, that is the whole purpose of creation/Creation - to experience the different forms of energy based on how consciousness focused its awareness and attention.

Planes of existence are really particular focuses of our attention and awareness to which we routinely return. In many ways they are habits of focus. What needs to be realized that what is real is what we feel. How our mind characterizes what we feel is not real. The experience we have is the characterization and interpretation of our mind. What appears before us is only our mindsí interpretation of what we are experiencing. Our body and its environment is our truth manifested in physical form. The human physical experience is our consciousness expressed physically. Our body and our environment is our consciousness in physical form.

This is why when the Buddha sat under the Boda tree facing all the demons which appeared before him, he kept touching the ground. He new the truth of what is at that moment was his body manifested in its environment. All that demons which appeared were only creation of his mind. They all existed in the realm of the unmanifested and were not real. They existed as a potential to become real if he so choose them to become real. Rather, he kept touching the ground and feeling the ground to remind himself he was here in physical form and that is what was real for him in that moment. What is real is what we feel. Buddha could have allows his feelings and fears about the demons become real. However, he kept touching and feeling the ground to know this is what is real.

We need to remember, the essence of the creation process is that our consciousness creates a disturbance in the fabric of creation by what and how we believe. We bring our desires into an experience by directing our creative life energy into physical manifestation by how we focus our attention and awareness. Reality molds itself to what we believe and it creates an observer making an observation within a context of observation or within a particular environment. The three, the observer, observed and the environment of observation are interconnected and each one affects the others.

Part of what any consciousness believes in any one moment is determined by the environment in which it finds itself. The disturbance which is created materializes as an experience exactly into a form determined by the environment in which we manifest our energy. Each environment will allow for an exact representation of who and what we are as can be supported by that environment. Some environment will be unable to support some characteristics or attributes of our being. Some environments will amply others. Yet all the characteristics are still present within us. Those that cannot be expressed will appear in our imagination as unreal. Yet they are real. They are only not in an environment which supports their manifestation as to what we call real in that environment.

We only need to look at what is created and the experiences we have within the environment in which we find ourselves to understand what and how we believe. What this means is that in understanding our environment, we only need to look to our environment and the experiences we have within that environment to learn to understand what we believe for it accurately reflects who and what we are. By varying our environment we can cause unexpressed characteristics to be expressed and expressed characteristics are magnified or diminished.

This is what gives rise to the illusion of planes of existence. That is, there are environments which allow for certain characteristics to be express and others to be unexpressed. Yet, all is within us. Those that are unexpressed seem to lie in unseen or unreal planes of existence. What needs to be understood, often it only requires only a slight shift for what is in our imagination to be manifested as an experience. When this happens, whether we realize it or not, we have shifted to a new plane of existence for the environment in which we find ourselves is now different. What was unexpressed is now expressed and the can only be done in a new reality. In this regard, reality and the planes of existence are always changing. It is only what we think and believe and how we have focused our attention and awareness which makes things appear constant or that we have entered another plane.

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