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The cause effect principle or cause effect chain is reflected in the statement "For every cause there is an effect and for every effect there is a cause." Observing the cause effect chain has allowed humanity to develop science and engineering and all that has subsequently unfolded from those disciplines.

From a creativity perspective and the equivalency of energy and consciousness, we can say, "For every flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have there is a cause for that flow of energy and for every cause there is a flow of energy giving rise to that cause." The cause is a choice by consciousness in how it focuses its attention and awareness and the effect of the flow of energy is to awaken consciousness. Whether consciousness chooses to awakens to remain asleep is another question. Alternatively said, there is an intention held by consciousness which gives rise to a flow of energy that creates the experience we have and the experiences we have awakens (or gives the opportunity to awaken) consciousness as to who and what it is.

This, of course brings up the issue of a cyclic cause effect chain as to which comes first. Does the cause give rise to the flow of energy or does the flow of energy give rise to the cause. From a creativity perspective and how we create our experiences and the reality we experience, the answer is "both-and." That is, both exists at the same time.

At first this may seem strange. But if we look at the way a pendulum works and how consciousness can awake and glow to sleep, one can see a never ending dance between energy and consciousness - energy existing in an inherent ebb and flow and consciousness existing in a inherent awakening and going to sleep. Within the energy consciousness duality, a facet or fragment of consciousness going to sleep can be experienced as a flow of energy ebbing where as this same fragment of energy awakening the flow of energy increasing. Or, it can be see as a flow of energy awakening consciousness or as the flow of energy ebbs, consciousness goes to sleep.

In actually it is both. The role of consciousness in the creative process is to be the cause. The experiences we have in Creation is the effect and are a result of the flow of energy created by our consciousness. Creation is about the expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as it is directed by consciousness within a given environment as it flows to dissipation. Without a flow of energy there is no movement to observe. If the energy is not free to flow into dissipation, it will not be available for the next creation. Rather the energy remains bound  or fixed in the current form. The ability of consciousness to choose is what changes the form and the flow of the energy.

In any situation, there is a natural flow to the energy that is manifesting. The energy will flow in a way that allows itself to dissipate. It does not need to be managed or controlled. Although we may see the energy build up to explosive proportions the energy itself is only responding to the conditions at hand moving within its natural path and a path of least resistance for the given conditions. Within this understanding, we canít judge the energy of a hurricane, a tornado, a volcano or earthquake or any other event in life as bad no matter how much death and destruction may result. The energy is just being consistent with its nature and the nature of the physical plane and the forces at work in the give situation. This includes the actions by humans.

As long as consciousness maintains its focus, the Creation created by the resulting flow of energy persists. If consciousness does not change what it thinks and believes, the creation remains in a relative fixed dance of energy and consciousness and the energy flows into and out of a give existing form as determined by consciousness. However, if and when, consciousness changes what it thinks and believe and expands or contracts its awareness, the flow of energy changes from a given ebb and flow and increase or decreases according to the degree of increased or decreases awareness. This, in turn, causes the creation which manifests to change. When the focus of consciousness changes, the flow of energy terminates. Depending on how consciousness changes it focus, the flow of energy slowly or quickly ceases to exist and the resulting creation also ceases to exist.

The cause effect chain and our experiences

The cause effect relationship is a direct result of energy consciousness being one and the same is that there is a cause effect relationship to everything that manifests and we canít escape the relationship. Energy flows where this consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. As such there is a cause to every effect. However, this also means that if we create a new effect, we create a new or different cause-effect chain for the current effect is the cause of the next effect.

To work with this relationship in our creative endeavors it is essential to realize the cause is a choice by consciousness as to how it will focus its attention and awareness. Even if no action is taken the cause still exists and the cause is the arrangement of what is. Here we need to realize to not choose is still a choice. It is a choice to remain fixed in the past. The effect is the flow of energy in response to that choice. If consciousness does not change the flow of energy does not change and continues in its existing ebb and flow. This is true for every level of being. We cannot expect the world to change if we continue to live as we did in the past. To change the world we experience we must change. This is what the rainmaker and creative shape shift will do and is reflected in the discussion on the Hawaii HO'OPONOPONO

One needs to look carefully at how they make decisions and how the physical plane is a plane of manifestation of the cause and effect relationship. There needs to be the recognition that there is a cause effect relationship for every choice that we make whether that choice is made at a conscious or nonconscious level. However, we also must realize we, ourselves, and all that we are experiencing in life in the effect of an existing cause. In this realization, we can choose to be the effect or the cause. In consciously choosing a new effect, we create a new cause. To continue to choose in response to an existing cause, we continue to create the past within the existing cause-effect chain. In reality, contrary to what we may be believe, there is no judgment on any choice that we make and we are completely free to choose what we wish. We only need to be aware of the fact that there will be consequences to our choices and we will have to experience the consequences of those choices. Our current experience are only the result of previous decisions and choices, including our choice and reason to incarnate into the physical body that we have.

The cause-effect relationship is only a chain and does not of itself cause us to enter into repeat patterns. Repeat patters and cyclic type events in our life results from our attachments and holding to things of the past. Any cause carries us forward into a new effect and any effect that we experience will be the cause of the next effect. If we are free and allow ourselves to flow with the event chain we will not fall into a repeat pattern. However, if there is some aspect that we either like and try and hold onto it or some aspect that we dislike and try and avoid that repeatedly introduces the same type of cause into the current effect. Since we are continually holding or avoiding, the continually reinserting this cause we end up having the same type of effect such that we repeat events again and again in slightly different ways. This is the actual basis of the wheel of karma. The issue is not what we choose to create and/or experience. The issue is whether or not we are free and let go of each experience neither holding to the pleasure or avoiding the pain. What we need to become aware of in our lives is whether or not we continually introduce the same cause into the effect to create circular and repeat patterns.

Look at what happens analogous to the way we walk. To walk in a string line, the stride of each foot must be equal. If one stride is longer than the other, in time, we will end up going around in a circle. It may be a long broad circle but it nevertheless a circle. The cause effect chain is only a flow of energy in a given direction. For all practical purposes if flows only forward. If we attach ourselves to either something we like or something we dislike we lean or move off center. If we hold but let go, we move off center but only a little. We still move forward. However, the more hold on to either the pleasure or the avoidance, we being to go into a circle. Hence, the wheel of karma.

In many ways this principle is the same as the "on - off" principle. Either energy flows or it doesnít and the switch turning it on or off is consciousness. In attempting to pull the string on any given cause effect chain, one may get lost in the variety of chains of cause effect relationships that influence the response and choice by consciousness in response to what it experiences. Nevertheless, the cause effect relationship still exists and must be understood. The simplest way to begin to understand and use this principle is for whatever we see happen or experience, is to "pull the string" and go back through a series of successive questions asking "why?" (such as, "why this and not that"). Whether the experience or belief is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, we can still ask, "Why this as opposed to anything else?" Whatever we see happen, we can "pull the string" and go back and show a cause as to why that particular effect occurred as opposed to another. Out comes may be random when there exist a probably of outcomes, but there is nevertheless a cause that gives rise to what is experience.

In pulling the string as described, the cause effect chain as to why the particular effect we experience occurred will be revealed. Although the cause effect chain we purse may be seen running to infinity nonetheless we will see the principle in operation and we will come to understand what we need to do to change to change what we are experiencing.

What is important to realize about the nature of Physical Creation is that things and experiences grown and evolve from a seed condition. In this regard, Physical Creation is a place of unfoldment. We, as are all creations within Creation, are an unfolding creation within an unfolding Creation. Relative to our creative endeavors, we create the conditions then see it unfold and reveal the consequences of what we create. All that we need to do is to focus our attention and awareness in a given direction and hold that focus until we have created the effect that we desire. Once accomplished a whole new reality and set of experiences are created. Awareness of the unfoldment allows us to consciously participate in a cause effect chain. In this awareness we can become the cause for the next effect.

From the standpoint of creativity and the creative process, it is sometimes helpful to can look at each cause and the disturbance of the "still place" or place of nothingness out of which all creation forms and the effect as the maximum point of the expression of the cause. Hence the cause manifests into an effect that collapses back into a new cause. To create a new effect is simply to recognize that any distinction we give to the cause effect chain or how we define that point of stillness and nothingness is purely arbitrary. For stillness, any vibration is the creation. For a constant vibration, any stillness is the creation. It is only a matter of how we choose to define our starting point.

Additional discussion on the cause effect chain and it relationship to our creative endeavors is found in the discussion "The cause effect chain, karma, balancing duality and associated principles of classical and quantum physics in the energy consciousness relationship."

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