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 The human being is a creativity machine



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To create is to bring into existence something not seen or previously experienced or significantly different from the past. The most powerful ability we possess is the ability to make something happen or to cause an effect. In particular it is the ability to cause to come into existence something not seen or previously experienced. This is a special type and kind of ability. In essence it is about creating something from nothing. Yet we do it all the time and its an ability inherent within our being. It is our birthright and it is a feature that comes with the body we have. For all practice purposes the human being can be considered a creativity machine which cannot not create. It is a machine that allows us to create something from nothing.

We cannot not create. As an awake consciousness, we continually create new flows of energy by how we focus our attention and awareness in how and what we choose to observe. The thoughts we generate will propel us to create consciously or nonconsciously. To quote Alan Watts, "The mind grows thoughts as the field grow grass." As a human, when we create feelings for, or against, something because of what we think and believe, we are being the creator. We will cause a creator to come into existence by the choices we make based on the feelings which our consciousness causes to arise. Our creative power lies in what we feel. We do this all the time whether we realize it or not.

As such, we cannot not create for our mind will always be causing feelings to arise for or against any one experience we have. If we do not create consciously, in will do so, nonconsciously sometimes even creating accidents, illness and disease and the like to challenge our creativity. It has been observed individuals routinely have profound creative experiences, many of them mystical experiences of highest order. However they do not have the understanding and/or belief system to truly understand what they have experienced when they have the experience or how they created it. Sometimes they never understand it.

As a human, the creative/creation process seems relatively straight forward. We have a thought and we choose to act on that thought with some level of passion. Our body then responds in that it takes the thought we have and translates that thought into action into manifesting an experience of what we desire. This process is all very mechanical much like a machine.

Although it appears we can seemingly create something out of nothing and it appears as an incredible creative power, all that we really do is we transform energy from one form to another. We just donít understand how we do it or are aware we are doing it. Consciousness has the ability to transforms the potential of energy existing within energy consciousness into a form of energy it can then use to make something happen. The form of energy that consciousness uses is thought energy or the energy within, or giving rise to, thoughts.

It many ways the creation of thoughts out of a seemingly nothingness is a process of converting energy into particles without rest mass analogous to the pair production phenomenon. As with the pair production phenomenon, given the correct energy and the creation conditions a thought will manifest. In fact, as discussed in the topic, "The duality of mind," creating a thought can be seen as creating a thought and an "antithought" which resides in the nonconscious aspect of our mind. It is the existence of the "antithought" residing in our nonconscious mind which allows us to have that the thought we do and allows us to know good from evil, right from wrong, black from white, friend from enemy, and participating in any other duality of which we can think.

A second source of energy to create is by how we focus our attention and awareness without necessarily creating thoughts. In focusing our attention and awareness we can generate a flow of energy which we interpret as a thought and/or feeling. We then take that thought or feeling and allow our body to transform and amplify the energy of the thought into an energy that motivates us to act in the world. For example, we can look at a person whom we dislike and chose to focus our attention and awareness in such a way that we can generate a love for that person. (For many, creating love for someone they dislike is really creating something out of nothing.) Similarly, we can focus of a particular type and kind of experience and then find such an experience enters our life when conditions are correct.

One task we need to learn to do is to discern exactly which flow of energy is giving rise to, or dominating, the experience we have. As such it is hard to discern a single process and see it for what it really is without cross over from other overlaying creative/creation processes occurring in our life. As a result, we never really see how creative we are

Why call the human being a creativity machine?

One rather obvious question is "Why called the human being a creativity machine - why machine?" There are several reason why it is an appropriate term.

Machines are about transforming energy. Most see machines as mechanical devices that transform energy. An internal combustion energy converts the energy of fuel oil into mechanical work. A spinning turbine converts the energy of water into electricity. Motors are devices that transform electrical energy.

In the same analogous way the human body converts the energy in certain organic materials, which we call food, into a creative life energy. The difference between the energy that comes out of a turbine and/or an internal combustion engine is that the creative life energy of a human can be used to create. It is capable of creating something from nothing. It is capable of creating something that did not previously exist.

A machine can run automatically. When turned on and supplied with fuel and raw materials it continues to run and run and run until it exhausts all its fuel and/or raw materials. In this regard we are a creativity machine. We will create as long as we are turned on, have the fuel and have the raw materials. The fuel is our creative life energy supplied by the intention for our life and gives rise to our body as the perfect vehicle for the experiences we desired to have. The raw materials are desire and energy. The very nature of the creative experience in Physical Creation with a body causes us to desire. We are turned on when we feel and our feeling can be throttled and felt as our passion. When we are excited about something and have strong feelings about something we have the passion and desire to act. If we lose our desire for life and to engage in life we lose the energy to sustain our body.

As a creativity machine, we transform energy in two ways. Our bodies sense the energy of creation and transforms the energy we sense into thoughts. The human being is designed to "grow" or produce thoughts from the energy we sense. In the same way a fertile field will cause seeds to grow and bear fruit, the human mind produces thoughts. Thoughts are nature to the human mind. As said above, ĎThe mind grows thoughts as a field grows grass." The body then has the capability to act on the thoughts we have. We do not have to necessarily be mindful or aware of the thoughts we have. We will act on them regardless of how conscious we are. As long as we are able to move we will respond. We then transform the creative life energy we feel about a thought into action to manifest that thought. When we decide to act we transform the energy within the food we eat into life energy that sustains us and allows us to act on those thoughts in the world.

In working with the energy we sense, what we can come to see and experience is that which we call spiritual is actually a "stepping down" of the creative life energy that is manifesting much the same way the transformer outside our house steps down the electrical energy for us in our house. What should become know to us is that any one spiritual tradition is a set of beliefs like any other set of beliefs. Beliefs step down the energy of Creation much like the story of Moses and the Dancing Light. Any set of beliefs represents and only allows us to see and experience one facet of an infinitely multifaceted crystal. Each set of beliefs reveals another facet of the crystal and can give rise to a whole Creation. If we focus on one facet we will be unable to fully see the effects of the other facets and how they reflect and effectively do, or donít, pass the control of our creative life energy that is passing through the belief structure much the way light does not pass through a crystal. If control of our creative life energy is not passed through the beliefs giving rise to the spiritual tradition, the spiritual tradition robs us of our creative ability and/or creative power. But this is true for any set of beliefs, not just spiritual beliefs.

In many ways, the human body is an amplifier for the energy of our creative spirit and the energy of Creation we sense. It gives us the ability to create material forms starting from the formless energy which gives rise to its starting thought. The human being is an energy transfer device that allows consciousness to easily and readily translate or transform thought energy into a physical manifestation. As experienced by humans, consciousness creates thoughts. It then uses the body to amplify that thought energy and convert that thought energy into action through the mechanical and chemical processes. Consciousness then uses the bodyís actions to rearrange the world in which it finds itself to create what it desires. That is, the body allows us to amplify the energy we carry and/or the energy within thoughts to create. In this regard there are things that can be done in the physical plane that cannot be done in the non physical because we donít have the energy amplification and levels in the non physical to do create it. That is one reason why we become physical.

When we look at all humans have accomplished, it is this life creative life energy within us, that has allowed us to do so. Whether we have used horses, oxen, slaves or some type of machine to do much of the heavy work, it is this creative life energy within that has allowed humanity to accomplish what it has done. Although we cannot put this creative life energy in some type of physical container and give this life to another (except in procreation), it is very real. But we can store it. We store it in the memories we hold that cause us to become passionate or dispassionate about someone or something. In the way the atoms in a battery store electrical energy and the arrangements of objects in a gravitational field store gravitational energy, the arrangement of our memories, what we think and believe, store our creative life energy.

The body can be seen as a machine that transforms chemical energy to amplify or add to our creative life energy and then into mechanical energy to make things happen in the world. Yet, when we look at the body itself, we seen an internal combustion engine where organic fuels are combined with oxygen in a water based medium to rearrange the chemical structures of the fuel to create energy. Some of that energy is then converted to electrical energy which is used by the brain to direct the released chemical energy to be transformed into mechanical energy in one form or another. That, in turn, allows us to live and have an experience of life. But from a pure physics and chemistry view point the body does not creative life energy. That is, the body comes from an existing life and grows and unfold according to its DNA and its environment. So in someway, this creative life energy within the body seems to be different than other energies.

One way to look at our creative life energy is something like gravity in the realm of celestial objects and the nuclear force in a atom. In the way gravity hold the planets, stars and the like together, and the nuclear force hold the nucleus together, our creative life energy animates and holds the body together. But what is different is that there comes a time that the creative life energy leaves the body and no longer animates the body. When this happens the body dies and slowly dissolves back into its component parts. The piece that humanity seems to unable to understand is why this creative life energy leaves the body. The reason is that our creative spirit, the source of this life energy in the body is here only for experiences and when those experiences are had, it leaves. It is much like going to an amusement park or a movie theater for an experience. When the experience is had, we leave and go do something else.

As an creativity machine we can be operated in a "manual" mode or an "automatic" mode. In the automatic mode, we simply remain unaware. The body is designed and programmed for a human experience as to what it means to be physical as determined by the collective for the time and place of our incarnation and it will respond according to what we experience. However, we can also go into a manual mode. In the manual mode, the consciousness inhabiting the body can awaken and become aware and awake to its own existence and its surroundings to control and/or direct the body. In this second case it is to consciously create in the Physical Creation at this time and place. Most of us oscillate between the automatic and manual mode. In some areas of life we are purely operating on automatic programming. In other areas of life we take conscious control and determine how and what we will experience.

For many creative endeavors, it appears we need to do nothing and our environment will support our create efforts. Many of us seem to create what we desire with ease and others seem never be able to get what they desire. However, most do not realized how our internal world is related to our external world. Most do not realized that in addition to the correct internal space for creation we also need an external space. The reason why this interconnection between the inner and the outer is not recognized by many is that the human body is designed to operate within the environment in which we find ourselves on automatic. Consequently many of our creative endeavors flow with ease. However, as a human being, we can creatively challenge what it means to be human and change our environment to manifest creations that would otherwise not be possible. For example, flying is not natural to what it means to be a human being. Yet, today, humans flying around the world is taken for granted. It is possible because as a human we have change our environment to support that different way of being.

Maintaining the creativity machine

As machines need to have maintenance if they are going to run properly, our body and our beings also need maintenance. We have a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect to our being. Our body is the result of a flow of energy of our being expressing itself within Physical Creation. As such our body is the manifestation of the feminine to achieve that masculine thrust reflected in the intention for our life. In this regard, we should care for our body as we would care for the feminine aspect of creation. She needs to be given a safe and secure space in which to nurture her creation. Simply we need a safe and secure space to allow the body to express itself and what it feels for the creation sustained by the body are the experiences we have in life.

As discussed in the topic, "The human being as a four stringed instrument," there are four aspects to our being and each need to be tuned and cared for much the way we need to tune the strings of a stringed instrument. Analogously as a machine each of these aspects needs maintenance. The question is what type and kind of maintenance does each aspect need?

The maintenance of our creativity machine involves two primary aspects. One is do we have and embrace beliefs which allow for the free expression of our creative spirit spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in the way it needs to express itself to unfold true to itself. The second aspect is do we have memories and/or attachments which bind our creative life energy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In the same way maintenance of a machine such as an automobile is an ongoing effort for as long as we expect the car to run, so too the maintenance of our being.

If we wish to have the creative ability and creative power to create what we desire when we desire to create it, we will need to maintain our creative being. This is why the recommendation is made in the creativity perspective to hold our creativity sacred In holding our creativity sacred and look to call back our creative power wherever and however we may have giving it aware, we can maintain our creativity in a optimum fashion.

What exactly does the maintenance of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect look like? Or, alternatively said, what do we need to do to maintain the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being so as maintain and optimum creative ability and creative power?

Since we each are unique beings and live unique lives we each have unique ways of how we have given away our creative power. As such we each will have a unique path or way to do our maintenance. Of course, some of us may need to call back our creative power before we look to maintain it. The following topics provide some thoughts and suggestions as a starting point as to how to go about facing the ongoing effort of maintaining our creative ability and creative power.

Creativity maintenance relative to the spiritual aspect of our being

Creativity maintenance relative to the mental aspect of our being

Creativity maintenance relative to the emotional aspect of our being

Creativity maintenance relative to the physical aspect of our being

The recommendation is to develop a personal practice which allows you to hold your creativity sacred if not allow it to grow and unfold into the infinity of your being.

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