Dance of creation/Creation

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The dance of creation/Creation in many ways is like an invisible rubber band with painted visible ends which oscillates back and forth, stretch and collapsing. It is a never ending joining and separation, moving out and coming back. Joining into a wholeness and completeness only to separate and come together again yet never really separate.

The illusion of creation/Creation is that when viewed from within creation/Creation (from one of the painted ends) the separation appears real when in reality there is no separation. When viewed from the inside, standing on one end of the rubber band, the opposite end of the rubber band appears to separate only to come back again in wholeness. When viewed from the outside, the rubber band is seen oscillating back and forth, expanding and contacting, an ebb and flow into and out of form.

The dance of creation/Creation begins with consciousness becoming aware of its own existence. In perceiving itself as existing, it separates into the observer and the observed. Initially the observer observes it own existence.

The dance is for consciousness to hold a desire within its mind. The desire can be anything. It can be the reality it desires to experience or the experience of having and/or possessing a person or object. Holding that desire causes consciousness to separate itself into the one who desires and that which is desired. Consciousness then seek to heal the separation by fulfilling the desire. To fulfill the desire it needs to surrenders to the flow of energy which is created by the tension of the separation between the one who desires and their desire. The experience of that flow of energy is the experience of Creation.

Creation is the result of the fact that consciousness is multidimensional and infinitely dimensional. There are many oscillations occurring simultaneously and superimposed. The composite of all these oscillations is what gives rise to the Creation we experience.

Within this understanding, that which is desired can be seen calling forth the energy to cause creation/Creation to come into existence. It awakens to consciousness to that which exists outside of itself. Similarly that which is desired can be seen as grounding the flow of energy that arises from tension in the separation. It provides a focus for the energy.

Consciously entering the dance of creation/Creation is to hold what reality we desire to experience in our mind. Then knowingly surrender to the flow of energy which we create by holding that desire. It is a dance into and out of mind and into and out of surrendering to what we feel. It is to ask, “What do I need to do and what do I need to become to create a reality where I experience the fulfillment of that desire?” It is here we become the conscious creator of our experiences.

Within this dance, the creation of the desire, the “I want,” is the masculine aspect of outward thrusting that causes separation. It is the tension which lies in this separation which supplies the energy for creation. Seeking fulfillment of the desire is the joining and coupling of the masculine and the feminine. That joining gives rise to a flow of energy which we experience as creation/Creation. As such any creative act is an experience of sexuality.  The feminine aspect of creation is the return flow back into wholeness. The feminine aspect of being which is seen as nourishing and sustaining the creation for it is flow of energy giving rise to creation. Hence mind were our thinking resides is seen as the masculine aspect of our being and our heart, the flow of energy what sustains us, is seen as the feminine aspect of our being. Similarly, thinking is seen as masculine and feeling is seen as feminine.

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