The duality of Creation


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The duality of Creation arises from the fact there is always the need for an observer - observed pair. This is the same as saying for "I" to exist, there needs to be a "not I." Or, there need to be some standard or object to which to compare to know who and what we are. The duality of Creation in many ways is the same issue that Creation is not done alone. We need some discontinuity to know where we start and end or some other to which to compare ourselves.

Imagine if you wish that you are infinite in every direction and in every way no matter how you choose to look at yourself. You cannot conceive of having started or ended in any way. Wherever your look you find yourself. The question is, "How do you know yourself if you have nothing to which to compare yourself?" We each needs some contrast, some discontinuity, something that is different to know ourselves. Without some limit and boundary there is only sameness.

To have an experience of itself, to have an experience our ourselves, consciousness must choose to define itself in some way. It is the equivalent of saying, "I am" as opposed to "I am not." But just the awareness of "I am" creates the duality between, "I am" and "I am not."

No matter what we look at in whatever way we look at it, implicitly or explicitly there is the observer, the "I" which observes, and the observed, that which is "not I." Additionally, whether we realize it or not there is the environment of the observation. In a different environment, looking at the same thing will create a different observation.

This phenomenon is essentially the same as hole and a cutout in a piece of paper as discussed in the topic, "Implications of pair production in our creative endeavors." For each and every thing we think about ourselves, our world, others or our experiences, the opposite of whatever we think likes within our own being. For wherever judgment we make about anything, we hold the opposite of that judgment within ourselves.

For example, we can say, "That action is evil and since I donít do that, I am good." But to recognize that evil or that we are good means that evil lies within us. If it didnít, we could not make the judgment as to what is good and what is evil. Additionally to say that something is evil and that we are good can be reversed with no change in the picture. That is, that to which we point can be considered good and we are the evil. There is no difference. It is only our judgment and our choice as to what side of the duality we stand.

This duality as reflected in the topics, "Origins of Creation" and "The observer - observed pair and the nature of duality." Whatever stands before is only a reflection of what is inside of us. The person or experience we have is only what we ourselves desired and called into our life. We are both the creator and the creation. We are experience only what we ourselves have created and called ourselves to experience. We cannot judge what we experience for we are simply judging ourselves and further separating ourselves from taking responsibility for what we experience. In this awareness we can experience and live in the oneness of Creation. In doing so, we no longer feel separation. Rather we feel and seen the wholeness within ourselves and Creation.

The most important point to realize is that until we can see all that we judge and project outward lies within us we will be unable to see and experience the oneness of creation. All that we see externally and all that we judge in any way lies within us. We could not know and recognize what we see and judge in the way we do unless it was inside of us. Whenever something arises that we do not particular like, rather than judging it, we need to go within. We need to ask, "Why did I create this experience and what do I need to do to create something which better serves me and I can experience without judgment - rather being able to be fully present to what is, as it is.?" Then, act on the awareness which arises to recreate something which better serves.

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