Grounding a flow of energy in the creative process

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Grounding can be viewed is several different ways. However they are all ultimately about a focus of some type and kind which pulls our creative life energy into a particular type and kind of experience. That which grounds our creative life energy is the something which pulls or rather is the occasion for our awareness to localize from the infinity of our being into a particular form. The ground point is what calls forth our creative spirit to express itself and create.

Here an important comment needs to be made. We may think, believe and feel that which grounds our awareness and the flow of our creative life energy is the cause of our energy/awareness to ground. But, it is not. Rather, that which grounds is only the occasion for our awareness and energy to localize in a particular way. Whether we realize it or not, and are willing to accept it or not, we ourselves are responsible for the grounding by how and what we think and believe and the choices we make. We, ourselves, is what gives our creative spirit permission to come out to express itself or withdraw into the cage of our own making The ground point being seen outside ourselves is only reflective of how our our inner world is reflected in the outer and believing it lies outside ourselves is only the result of the illusion of mind. However, the ground point and the environment around the ground point do determine the space that is create and whether or not it is a safe and secure space for our creative spirit to express itself.

The concept of grounding

Grounding is about focus. We are an infinite creative being. Without a focus we may be free and unbounded but there is no creation/Creation to experience. There needs to be something, in some way, which captures our attention and awareness and excites us to direct our focus and creative life energy into an experience of creation.

Something may capture our attention and awareness but without being excited, we will not act. The proverbial "couch potato" is someone whose attention and awareness is captured but there is no passion to act. They only sit and watch. To become a conscious creator we need to have the passion to act. It is through how we focus our attention and awareness we create our passion or rob ourselves of our passion.

Energy flows as a result of an imbalance of energy. That is, for whatever the reason my be, there is a place of where there is a greater accumulation of energy than another. If there is a path, the energy will flow from the place of a higher potential, greater accumulation of energy or stored energy to place of lower energy or lower potential.

In a way analogous to the way gravity pulls objects to Earth to the ground, something which grounds us pulls our creative life energy into manifestation in a physical experience. Hence the name grounding.

What is important about grounding is the way the object of focus pulls our creative life energy and there are two aspect to the way our energy is pulled. The first is the more basic. The fist is that there is an object of focus which pulls our energy in some way and provides a place for our energy to flow into manifestation. The second aspect is how it pulls our energy based on the attachments we have form, on or about, the object of focus.

Probably the clearest distinction between these two aspects lies in sexuality. Biologically humans are pulled to mate. From the perspective our energy is pulled to mate, any member of the opposite sex is really adequate to ground our energy in the experience of mating. However, because of what we think and believe, we become attached one particular type and kind biological mate. More often than not in any creative endeavor, the attachments we have relative to the object of focus are more important than the object which grounds our energy.

Grounding our energy is about something to which we can literally and/or figuratively "plug into" which allows our creative life energy to flow. In this regard to the electrical analogy, grounding can be seen as completing a circuit or closing a loop. When the circuit is closed it allows the energy to dissipate.

Analogously the way we can plug an electrical device into a household outlet, turn on a switch and the device begins to operate, so too in our creative endeavors. That which grounds our energy is some we can "plug into" to or attach ourselves in someway and cause our energy to flow into an experienced of creation/Creation. When we are properly grounded our energy flows into manifestation of an experience and the energy totally dissipates in the experience. When we are not properly ground some of our energy remains bound in our attachments..

However, we do not need an actual physical contact for grounding. Grounding also occurs where opposites in separation are allowed to move toward each other. In moving toward each other, energy is release that the flow of energy generated animates the creation.

Our creative life energy flows much like the current in a battery or as ball rolls down the hill in a gravitational field. In a battery, the energy is stored in the arrangement of the electrons and the atoms. In a gravitation field, the energy is stored in the arrangement of the object in that field. Relative to our creativity, our creative life energy is stored, bound, and channeled according to the arrangement of our beliefs in our belief structure and how and what we think and believe. Some arrangements of beliefs store more energy than others. When a path is consciously, nonconsciously, accidentally or by happenstance, created to be able to act on the beliefs, the energy flows to generate the passion to act in the world on those beliefs.

Also our creative life energy can be stored much like water in the atmosphere in the clouds. When the water vapor in the clouds moves to a place where the correct conditions exist in the environment

the water vapor condenses into some form of precipitation, rain, snow, hail or sleet, to fall to the ground. Similarly, since our creative life energy can be stored in how and what we think and believe and we carry those beliefs with us, when environmental conditions are correct, things will manifest and we have no idea as to how we have been the cause.

Grounding and our creative endeavor

Grounding from a creativity perspective simply means our creative life energy is pulled from the unseen realms of Creation. For example, a vision held in the mind is brought into a physical manifestation or expression either as an object or an experience on which we focus in the physical world. Alternatively said, grounding is about an object of focus which cause our awareness to localize in a particular arrangement or form of beliefs.

To understand how this works, we just need to understand energy flows between two points - a place of high potential to a place of low potential, according to the path of least resistance. To understand how energy flows according to this principle we just need to look the way water runs down hill. It will always find that path that allows it to flow in the easiest way possible to the lowest point or "ground" state. When a flow of energy flows to the ground state, we say the energy is "grounded."

In our creative endeavors, there are things on which we can focus that allows our creative energy and passion to flow. The ground point is actually the object of the focus of our attention and awareness.

The ground point is where the solution lies and the direction in which we need to move to obtain the fulfillment of our desire. Exactly what those things may be are unique to the creative endeavor.

The seed condition for any creation is determined by the focus of the attention and awareness of the consciousness which becomes the cause of the flow of energy which gives, or will give, rise to the creation. In conceptual phase of creating a seed condition in the creative process, we explore exactly what that "plug" looks like to which we must connect by how and what we think and believe to allow the energy to flow to manifest our desired creation.

However, it needs to be realized to create the flow of energy necessary for the new creation it is necessary to undergo the sacrifice of creation and enter the chaos of creation. In doing so, we return to the Source of Creation to free the bound creative life energy so that it may flow into the new creation. The ground point then leads, causes or calls forth the flow of energy from the Source of Creation which lies within our being at the source/Source of our being to manifest the creation.

What is not understood by many is we become the source of energy for a creation. It is the passion that we feel and experience that causes us to act to manifest what we desire. That energy lies within us. In that moment when we allow the existing creation to dissolve we are one with the Source and the infinity of our being although we are not normally consciously aware of that fact. In that moment we need something on which to focus and direct or energy to continue to allow our existing world to dissolve and free the energy for the next creation. Otherwise, we will literally become stuck between two worlds. That is, we have not dissolved a sufficient proportion of our attachments to leave our existing world and fully being in the infinity of our being. Nor will we have sufficient energy to leave our existing world and enter our new world.

If we are stuck between the infinity of our being and the existing world, we will essentially become crazy relative to the eyes of the world. If we become stuck between our existing world and the world we desire to create we will live in pain. Sometimes the pain is so profound we are lead to addiction or addictive behavior to numb the pain.

We need to understand, we create the energy for creation by rearranging our internal world to generate the energy and passion to create. In looking at the analogy of how rain is made, in the way a heat source is needed to evaporate the water that turns into a cloud and subsequently rain, there needs to be some heat source that generates the passion in us to arise. Otherwise there will be no flow of energy to create what is desired. That heat source is our desire and the separation we feel in separation from that which we desire. That on which we focus also allows us to supply the heat for the creation process. It is within our creative ability and creative power to turn that heat source on or off and we do. However, normally we do it nonconsciously rather than consciously.

Because we have limited a portion of our creative power and creative ability for the purpose of having the physical experience we do not see ourselves as the cause for the experiences we have. We do not see ourselves as the Source or being one with the Source. Rather we see the cause for what we experience lying outside ourselves.

This is why the tradition concept of the muse exists relative to our creative endeavors because the muse is see as arousing the passion to act. On this point, the traditional muse is seen as a female who generates great passion if not sexual passion in an artistic male. It is the heat and desire for creation expressed sexuality that is metaphorically being expressed in the sexual attraction of the muse.

Relative to the heat and passion created by the ground point to manifest a creation we can return to the rain analogy for how we create. In this analogy we can see different steps (heat causes water vapor to arise, the formation of clouds, and the subsequent condensation into rain) because they are seen occurring at different locations in time and space. However, what occurs in the creative process occur simultaneously within us and our external world. That is, all the steps are superimposed.

There is no time and space outside the realm of the creative process. Whatever we hold in mind consciously or nonconsciously is always directing our creative life energy into an experience of where we have focused our attention and awareness. In this regard, we are having an experience of what we hold in accordance with the environment in which e find ourselves.

If the environment supports what we hold in mind, we see it manifest immediately. If the environment does not support what we hold, we either move toward creating that environment or what we hold waits till the environment is correct for its manifestation. In any case, as long as we hold the thought, that thought is manifesting in some way either as an experience or creating the environment for the experience. The longer we hold something and the more we are willing to act to create what we hold, the more the environment changes to manifest a fuller experience of what we hold.

In this regard, thoughts and ideas are like the clouds. They remain in the atmosphere as "unmanifested" rain until the environmental conditions are such that the cloud is pulled to earth in the form of some type and kind precipitation. The conscious or nonconscious ground point for the creative process is the object of focus that on which consciousness focuses. That focus is always pulling our creative life energy into an experience of the object of focus and we generate a passion to experience that on which we focus. As soon as the environment conditions can support what we desire, we being to manifest that on which we focus.

Two things need to be understood here. One may have only one conscious intention in any given moment but we hold a myriad of nonconscious intentions. Those nonconscious intention are always pulling and directing our energy. When the environmental conditions as correct, we manifest an experience of what we desire. We think we are not responsible for the experiences which come to us in our life. But most of us have done little exploration of our deep nonconscious mind to really make such a statement. If one intentionally varies their environment as within a metatheatric performance, we can being to see many of the nonconscious intentions we carry.

The second thing is that any intention we hold creates a creative tension. What needs to be understood about the creative process is there needs to be a creative tension to cause the energy to flow into the desired new creation. Without that creative tension, there is no flow. It is much like the terminals of a battery. There is a separation of the electrical charges which gives rise to the potential for a flow of energy. The separation provides for the creative tension and in a battery, it is the connection of those separated charges by a wire that allows a current to flow. We can say the wire grounds the higher electrical potential to a place of lower potential resulting in the current flow.

Energetically, the same things occurs within us for any creative endeavor and every intention we hold.

For any intention we hold there will be a separation of some types which will give rise to the creative tension,. We are separated from what we desire and that separation is the tension which gives rise to the energy. But we will feel the tension form these intention within our being and seemingly not know why we feel the way we do.

But what needs to be understood here is in any tension which response from an intention we hold, there will be some type of grounding or connection that we are seeking to make which allows the energy to flow to create or animate the creation. That is, there is a path that brings that which is separated together and the energy release in the coming together is what generate the creation or the experience of what we desire. Hence we are being pull through life by the deep intentions and the creative tension they create.

What is key to the experience of creation/Creation, our creative endeavors, and uncovering our nonconscious intentions is that we can feel the creative tension. We can feel the flow of energy and we can feel the dissipation of the energy in any experience we have. Our mind often calls what we feel emotions. In reality, they are only the different aspects of the creative process and the intentions we hold.

In working with the flow of creative life energy within our being, it needs to be understood energy flows the path of least resistance whether that energy flow within our being or outside our being. Energy will always find that path that allows it to flow in the easiest way possible to the lowest point or "ground" state including within our being. The ground state is a physical experience where our body acts in some way and the energy is allowed to fully dissipate in a physical experience.

When dissipation of the energy occurs we experience a great and profound calmness within our being for the duration of the dissipation of the energy. If the energy is not allow to fully dissipate, we have not reached the ground state or lowest level. That is, some of our creative life energy remains bound and is not available for the next experience. Here we experience some type and kind of stress, tension if not pain within our being. We only need to look within to what we feel to know what we need to do in life in any situation for our energy is flowing toward a particular ground point.

To become aware of what is directing our life we need to remember that in creativity, the energy arises between the conscious, subconscious or unconscious desire to obtain that on which we focus our attention and awareness. What we desire is separate and apart from us. The object of that desire, whether it be a person, experience or whatever is the ground point. It is the point to which we consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously direct our creative life energy and the life we live. In doing so, we cause an experience of creation/Creation to occur However, we must release the energy as it flows toward our ground point and not remain attached to the ground point and/or the experience of the energy as it flows. Otherwise we bind and or fix our energy within a memory of the experience we have or the object of focus.

Releasing our attachments become key. In talking about grounding our energy to manifest a creation, we need to remember creation/Creation is not done alone. We each need another or something to give us a focus for our attention and awareness. That is, we need the other to ground and direct our creative life energy. Here again, we have the basis of muse and what gives us a passion in life and for life.

But we need to realize and not forget, although we need an other to have any experience of Creation, we need to realize we are a light unto ourselves. We function extremely well with an internal compass without the need of an external reference other than a point to which ground our energy or focus our creative efforts. We do not need the other for inner satisfaction. Inner satisfaction comes from properly dissipating the energy within. Alternatively said, we may need a particular other to manifest a particular creation or experience of creation/Creation,. However, we do not need any particular any to ground our energy nor to give us satisfaction in life. . In this regard, it becomes very important for us to know what we desire to create and why. Otherwise, we will be creating nonconsciously.

There is nothing wrong with creating nonconsciously but we will always be puzzled why we have the experiences we do We need to realize we do not need to be lead by the external focus, nor should we be lead. Analogously, we can plug a lamp into any wall outlet in our house and it will light up. We should not be attached to any particular wall outlet. Nor do we need to be bound to any particular wall outlet for the lamp to operate.

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