The Magic of Creation.

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From the Truth in Labeling discussion “There is magic and power but not what you think it is” It was said: However, if you access the Source and work with the Source on its terms you can access seemingly magical powers. But there are not superhuman. Rather they are available all the time and accessible to each of us and are explainable with the correct understanding. You only need to observe them and then apply them. We only have to learn how to go within, learn to understand the language of the inner world and then act on what we find. The key is to understand the language of our own unique inner world.

The simplest magic that you have already experienced is synchronicity. There probably have been events in your life that appear magical to one degree or another. There are more intriguing forms of what people would call magic such as the ability to see through time and into the past or the future and those characterized as the siddhis in the Eastern Mystical traditions.

However the real magic comes in two ways. One is our ability to access creative ideas that we can then manifest into physical form as matter or as a physical experience. In essence it is the ability to create something - a physical thing or a physical experience - from nothing - an idea with no physical form. In this regard, our bodies are creativity machines or a creative vehicle. They are a vehicle that we use to connect the unseen and intangible world of energy and our creative imagination to a physical expression of that energy and/or thought in an experience. It is making the word flesh.

The other magic is understanding. There is a magic in understanding. Understanding is the key to the creative ideas you seek and anything you wish to create. With the proper understanding, there is no magic. There is only the obvious results and unfoldment of the given starting conditions. This is an extremely important realization. Because of the understanding we do not currently possess, we assume the understanding we have is correct and certain things are impossible. Or, if they can occur they are magical or require magic. To see and access the real magic of the Creation, one only needs to stand back, observe and look to understand and it will be revealed to you. Then you can see for yourself what is really important. The pieces that most of us have failed to do is to look and observe both within and without to understand our own unique inner language and what it is trying to communicate.

The magic in creation which comes through understanding, is not the kind of magic that most are accustomed to seeing and/or prepared to see. Nor is it what most want to see. Most want to see a magic that makes life easy the way they define easy. Of course, there is a faster, easier and gentler way than what mind thinks needs to be done in any give creative situation. But one must we willing to step out of mind to access that faster, easier and gentler way that to some is magical. In stepping out of mind and what one thinks and believes, one can begin to see the real magic of Creation.

The “true magic” of Creation  is more like the following observations.

The “magic” and power of Creation lies in the phenomenon that a flow of energy can awaken to its own existence. In awakening, the consciousness can come to the realization it can be the cause of the effect it experiences simply by how it chooses to focuses itself.

You are the creator of the experiences you have and the reality of those experience. This is true for each of us. It is our birthright. For most, that is too much to believed. Their mind cannot possible conceive how this is possible. It for that reason, that mind cannot conceive it possibility that most individual never gain control over the experiences they have. Rather they create at a subconscious and/or unconscious level.

Reality molds itself to what you desire. What in front of you is only what you yourself have desired at some level of your being for one reason or another. What you experience is the fulfillment of your wish. But you say, “I did not wish what I am experiencing. If I were responsible and had the power, I would have created something else.” Yet, that is only your mind responding to what it knows. It is not a response from the depth and breadth of your total being and nor is it a response from your creative spirit.

The reason why you don’t see the power of this magic in the way you desire is you also choose to have a physical experiences as a human being for this time and place. As such, until you access your creative power and ability and change what it means to be human or decouple your life from the human collective as to what it means to be human, you will not have such powers. To act on either of these, you will need to access why you are here and surrender to the flow of that energy. Then and only then from within that energy, can you change what it means to be human or your life.

Our problem in seeing and experiencing the magic that does exist in Creation is that we have never allow ourselves to truly experienced the depth and breadth of our own creativity and the Creative Power of Creation. We are too busy learning the language of the outer world and responding to it rather than going inward and learning the inner language.

Creation is magical enough to allow each of us to live true to the truth of our own being and yet allow the other to remain free to do the same. But to experience that magic, we must give both ourselves and others permission and the space to unfold true to who we are. The easiest way to access this power is to learn to hold your creativity and that of others as sacred. We need to give ourselves permission to experiment and see what does and does not allow us to experience a fullness of being. As you discover that fullness of being, calibrate your internal compass and allow it to guide your creative efforts.

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