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Relative to accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity, the fact that we are each uniquely different cannot be understated. Our uniqueness is the source of much of the pain we experience in our lives. As expressed in the topic, “The human condition as seen from the creativity perspective,” rather that live the uniqueness that we are, we are taught and conditioned from the earliest age to fit in and conform to the world and what those in the world think and believe.

The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective attempts to provide an understanding how it is that we each are a unique infinitely creative being. The creativity perspective provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material attempts to provide a way to view Creation and a set of creation principles so that we may hold our creativity sacred and access the depth and breadth of our birthright as beings of unlimited creativity.

Being uniquely different, there is no one that can tell us what to do in life to access and release the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power. We can learn from others and what worked and didn’t work for them. But, we must allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. If what we use and learn from another is effective at creating a life worth living and serves us, then we should use what we found. However, if we are not getting the results we desire, we may need to look at other concepts and principles to see what does work.

There is one note of caution that does need to be made here. It is that it takes a flower much less time to reach maturity than a tree. Some creations take much longer than others. If we are planting flowers in our life, we can expect quick results. If we are planting trees, we may need to wait years before we get our desired results. To drop one set of principles for another set may be analogous to digging up young trees because the trees have not flowered and bore fruit in one growing season. The two questions we need to ask and become extremely honest about is (1) whether we are asking to plant flowers or grow trees in what we desire to create and/or experience and (2) are the principles we have selected adequate for what we wish to create. Of course, if we are choosing a truly creative endeavor, it may take some time gain the minimum set of experience to understand what we need to do. If we consult our intuitive guidance on these two questions, we know if we need to wait or move on to some other principles.

It is here we need to look at the fruits of what the techniques and methods offered by others produce. If we desire to go form New York to San Francisco it all depends on how we prefer to travel. If we wish to go quickly, the we should fly. Walking will take much longer than flying, going by train, driving or even taking a boat. But each method of travel provides a quite different set of experiences. The question ultimately is, “What type and kind of experiences do we consciously and nonconsciously desire to have?”

We can look to the experience of others as to what method may offer us the best results for what we desire to experience. Similarly, if we desire enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven and the like, look to see what is offered and the result that are had. Enlightenment, Nirvana, and the Heaven have been obtained here and now by some in one life time. The question is, “What allows one individual to achieve the results they desire where as others don’t using the same method?” The issue may be what we thinks is happening and what a given method offers is not what is occurring. It needs to be remembered it is in our assumptions we find our problems.

Understanding what a technique really has to offer is extremely important when it comes to accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity. Our creativity is unique to us. What allows one individual to access the depth and breadth of their creativity and/or access an experience of the Source of Creation will not necessarily be like those used by any other. The recommendation made here is to eat and digest what one has to offer making it our own and see if it is effective in our life and it allows us to align with the feeling for the intention we set.

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