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The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective presents the concept that a unique infinitely creative consciousness within Creation had no one with whom to share itself. In its loneliness and desire to share, it created a state of being which gives the illusion of an infinite number of unique individualized or individuated consciousnesses. In essence, the Consciousness within creation created an illusionary separation such that each aspect of its being became an independent consciousness capable of awakening to the whole. Each aspect of this undifferentiated consciousness can now be a playmate with any other aspect. Yet each aspect is infinitely vast and is the original undifferentiated consciousness. The individuated consciousness only perceives it to be other than the whole.

As such there are an infinite number of individualized consciousnesses overlapping each other. Each have their own natural cycle of sleep and being awake. We are all interconnected and the overlapping parts of us are always going to sleep and awakening. It is how the illusion of Creation is maintained. If we fully awoke we would only see we are that original Cosmic Consciousness simply at play with Itself. Each of us are one of those individualized points of consciousness.

Consciousness/consciousness, at any level, defines itself by the experience it has. When Consciousness separated itself into individualized consciousnesses as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, in that moment, each aspect or fragment was the same and had the exact same potential for each was unaware and un-awake. Since each possessed a free will, each was unaware and un-awake, and each was identical and equal there existed a spectrum of possibility that lied between two extremes. One end of the spectrum was each possessed the capabilities to be totally unique unto themselves and find its true identity through that uniqueness. The other end of the spectrum was where each could make itself a copy of some other consciousness that it experienced and define itself as it tried to copy the external world in which it found itself. In reality, most do a combination of both.

Any individualized consciousness has the ability to create whatever it desires including creating itself to becoming a copy of another. To mimic is for conscious to create itself in the form of any other consciousness. Unless we are limited by the physical body itself, we can learn to become like, or have, the experiences that any one else has. We only need to focus sufficient attention and awareness on the individual or being and we can mold ourselves into their image. We have been created in the image of the Creator as a unique creation. Or alternatively said, we are expressing an unique aspect of the Creator. As such, we can mold ourselves into whatever we choose. However, rather than being true to our nature and the uniqueness of that aspect of the Creator, we can copy and mimic those around us. We do so by either (1) thinking what we see externally is somehow better or more appropriate than our own truth and our own nature and/or (2) never realizing and awakening to the fact that we have a unique expression if we live in the truth of our nature.

In any case, each aspect of consciousness is also an energy. As an energy, its energy is spread out throughout reality. Although each individualized consciousness permeated all that is and is infinite in its being, it is unaware was unaware of that fact. Each has to define itself as to who and what it is. As said in the previous paragraph, we can defines ourselves true to ourselves or define ourselves based on what we experience external to us. What is outside us is asleep and unaware only awakening to itself. What is inside us is asleep and unaware only wakening to itself. Because of how the inner reflects the outer, as we awaken ourselves, the world outside awakens. As an aspect outside awaken to itself it allows us to awaken to who we are.

Each aspect of consciousness is an expression of a different aspect of the original consciousness capable of awakening to the awareness of who and what it really is. Each seek a playmate or someone with whom to share itself as did that original Consciousness. Only now each point of consciousness is capable of experiencing and playing with any other point of consciousness. It can find and experience a playmate. As a playmate, we can each keep the other asleep and unaware or we can awaken each other or simply put what has awaken back to sleep. The choice is ours.

In any case, we each are unique. No one other aspect consciousness can or will fulfill the desires of another. Only in the totality of experiencing all the possible individualized points of consciousness or awaken to all other aspects of itself will one individualized consciousness awaken to its true nature and true desire. Only the illusion of Creation created by the mind keeps each points of consciousness in the “dark” so to speak as to who and what it really is.

Each individualized consciousness is similarly infinitely creative and infinitely vast. It is ultimately identical to the original consciousness and one with it. It is just asleep and unaware of this fact. As a result of this illusion, each is an entity and a universe unto itself. Each, if it so chooses, is capable of expanding its awareness to encompass all of Creation or creating a Creation as vast as the universe unto itself.

Additionally, each of these individualized consciousnesses is holographic. Because each individualized consciousness is only the expression of an aspect of the original infinite consciousness, each contains the whole. However, the illusion of mind, keeps the individualized consciousness in unawareness to this fact. Any mind can only experience that to which it has awakened. It will not perceive that to which it has not awakened. Alternatively said, unless we are aware and awake to what we experience in some way, we will not experience it. For example, humanity lived for centuries without the awareness of unseen electromagnetic radiation. Yet the radiation was always present. Only when humanity become aware and awake to its existence could they being to understand it.

The greater the awakened awareness of any one individualized point of consciousness the greater awareness of the whole. Yet, the whole can be seen in any one individualized point of consciousness. Like a hologram, the smaller the piece the less clarity as to whole. The greater the piece of hologram, the greater the clarity. This is the whole basis of the concept called enlightenment. It is to awaken our awareness to the wholeness of what is. The greater the awareness awakened, the greater the clarity as to the true nature of Creation.

Although the truth of the individualization of consciousness can be said in words and discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and what is provided here, what these words really mean and imply is beyond what mind can really fathom.

We each are an aspect of the Consciousness within Creation experiencing Creation as viewed from that aspect. In some ways you can say the Consciousness within Creation is schizophrenic and has only split itself into an infinite number of illusionary personalities that it thinks are real. Each of these “personalities,” the individualized consciousnesses, is capable of creating a whole universe unto itself the equivalent of the Creation we experience or it can experience the creation of any other individualized consciousnesses as a creation within creation. We create what we experience and the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe.

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