Inner Longing
Longing for the beloved/Beloved

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Consciousness defines itself by the experience it has. When consciousness separated itself into individualized points of consciousness as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, in that moment, each point was the same and had the exact same potential for each was unaware and un-awake. Since each possessed a free will, and each was unaware and un-awake, each was identical and equal in that moment. Each possessed the capabilities to be totally unique unto themselves and find its true identity through that uniqueness. Or, each could make itself a copy of some other consciousness that it experienced and define itself as it tried to copy the world in which it found itself.

What most of us do in life is try and define ourselves by copying the world in which we find ourselves. Then we are puzzled when we seem unfulfilled and that something is missing. We living in accordance with what we are taught and learn in life. Few of us look to our own uniqueness and the energy that flows within our being to define who and what we are.

This deep inner longing is our consciousness longing for itself. It longs for the free expression of its own creativity. It is addressed by creating something of intrinsic value to us and creating a life worth living that fits our uniqueness. It is something that gives a fulness of being and makes one fulfilled in life and is often accompanied by a feeling of expansiveness as we expand into the fulness of our own being - a infinitely creative being.

What is not realized by many is that without meeting the needs of our creative spirit and unless this creative spirit is free to unfold true to its nature, joy and satisfaction in life will be elusive. It does not matter what success criteria we use and strive to achieve, or how successful we are in the eyes of the world or in the eye of the mind. Joy and inner satisfaction depends on the free unfoldment of our creative spirit.

If the needs of our inner creative spirit are not met, when we do not live true to the energy that flows within our being, there will always feel a deep inner longing that can be outright painful. It is a physical pain and/or a deep nonphysical pain that one may be lead to somehow suppress. Yet, suppression of this pain, without addressing the origins and source of the pain, can lead to addictions and/or addictive behavior. To numb the pain and/or suppress the pain that we feel, many develop addictive behavior of some type to avoid the pain. Most are aware of addictive substances, food, sexual and the like that they can use to avoid this inner pain. However, thinking itself can be an addition if it is use to escape what we feel.

For some, this pain is perceived as being external to themselves. They look for the beloved/Beloved. If one focuses outside physical satisfaction and into the unseen realm for this feeling, the longing is perceived as for the Beloved, God, the Source of Life itself. If one focuses in a more earthly direction and into the physical realm, the longing is for the beloved or that perfect soul mate. The desire to satisfy this feeling can be so strong that we will compromise our truth so as to not be denied this feeling. Yet it is only the heart longing for itself. It is the desire of our consciousness to freely express itself true to itself as it currently perceives itself.

Ultimately what lies at the depth of this longing is the desire of consciousness for a playmate with whom to share creation/Creation and freely express itself. It is the ultimate pain we face and is the source/Source of Creation for this pain is the fuel for Creation. When we know this pain at its deepest levels and can be with it, we are one with the source/Source and the energy which gave rise to Creation as it currently exists.

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