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 Understanding we are beings of infinite consciousness

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As was described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, it was said the consciousness within, or behind, Creation rather than localizing its awareness in the totality of its Being, in a Cosmic Consciousness, it localized to seemingly fragment itself into an infinite number of aspect creating the illusion that It is a separate or separated entities. The awareness within an aspect remains awaken and allows the remainder of its awareness to go to sleep or become dormant as It experiences Its Creation looking for a playmate. In reality, we, as one of these aspects, are only awakening to itself and its true nature. We are a fragment, a flame, a portion of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation but no less than that consciousness for we are only asleep to the fact that we are the whole. As a pure individuated consciousness, each permeates everything and extends to infinity. As an individuated consciousness we are the same as Consciousness and create in exactly the same manner.

The key to the illusion of Creation is the realization that the "I" that we experience is an individuated consciousness at one with the consciousness within, and behind, Creation. Additionally, we are Consciousness Itself. However, each of us have a unique view of creation and no one has one like ours. We and the world we perceive and experience is an independent reality unto itself. We will experience Creation as such until we awaken to the awareness of Cosmic Consciousness. Then from that perspective we can see Creation exactly for what it is.

As a unique aspect of an infinite Consciousness, it will take and infinite number of finite experiences to fully and totally experience exactly who and what we are. Creation is simply the composite and superposition of all these unique aspects of this Consciousness simultaneously experiencing themselves.

What is missed is that we are the awareness that awakens within a flow of energy. We then begin to define ourselves based on the experiences we have as that flow of energy and in that flow. Yet we are not the flow. We are the awareness within the flow and it never dies. It simply redefines itself based on the flow of energy within which it awakens. Because of the intensity of the experiences in the flow, those experiences dominate our memory. But sometimes we remember. Sometimes we remember other experiences, other lifetimes, other bodies or other vehicles. We think it is our imagination but we never look to see what is really real. We fail to become aware that what is real are the feelings that give rise to our thoughts and images, not the thoughts or the images.

Whether we view ourselves as this Consciousness experiencing its own Creation or as one of these infinite fragments in the process of awakening to the truth of who and what it is doesn’t matter. It is an academic argument and mental exercises to argue one point or the other for in the end, they are, and will ultimately perceived as one and the same view. The question is how do we live our life if in fact this Creation Story is true and do we act on this truth to create what we desire. For many, before they can accept this view of Creation and act on the implications, they need a way to understand how it is possible and makes sense to their mind and what it knows. That is why so many Creation Stories fall out of use over time for they do not correspond to what the individual experiences with the beliefs that different from those that give rise to the Creation Story in question.

We can look at our individualized consciousness as a view from one of the porthole of a ship, only one of many possible views. The energy of the universe is constantly moving if only to reform what it is As such, a traveling ship is a good image for several reasons. It represents a journey, travel and movement. We can also look at ourselves as a current within an ocean, a note on the piano, a frequency in the infinite electromagnetic spectrum and several other ways. The discussion "Analogies for understanding the individualized points of consciousness" provides some analogies that can be used to help understand how consciousness localizes its awareness in one or more parts of its being yet we all appear separate and independent.

Within this aware, there is no "God" apart from us for were one part of an infinite spectrum of points of individuated consciousness. Yet there is a God in the sense that all these infinite parts make a whole which is full communication with every other part determining how the energy shifts and dances between the parts. We are free to choose what we wish to create. There are no obligations on us in any way whatsoever nor are there any limits or barriers on what we can or cannot create. We are free in every way. The only issue we will face is that we are playing a role in a larger orchestration that we have elected to play consciously or nonconsciously at some level of our being.

In the the creation phases of the creative process there is the separation of our individuated consciousness from oneness through the development of your ego, the "I am" realization. The dissolution phase is the dissolution of our ego to return to and merge back into oneness. It needs to be remember that the total Consciousness of Creation encompasses our consciousness and cause us to come into existence analogous to the way a note is chosen to be played on the piano - for a purpose. In this regard, it is useful to align with that cause of our existence.

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