Consciousness awakens consciousness


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Consciousness awakens consciousness
Two perspectives to consciousness awakening consciousness
An overall journey seeking a playmate
Sexuality and consciousness awakening consciousness
Overall summary

Consciousness awakens consciousness is about understanding creation/Creation is not done alone. We need some other, animate or inanimate, to give us an experience which we use to understand who and what we are. Each experience we have gives us the opportunity to explore why we respond in the way we do as opposed to any other way. In understanding why we response the way we do, we can come to understand how we are defining ourselves and what we think and believe about the creation/creation we experience. In piecing together all the responses we have we can begin to piece together the pieces and awaken to who and what we really are and how we are creating our experiences and creating the reality we experience.

Whenever any two individual points of consciousness interact with each other, each is provided the opportunity to express an aspect of their being which may not have been previously expressed and/or experienced. Each in turn, has the opportunity to awaken that corresponding aspect within their being. Given an infinite number of such interactions, any one consciousness will awaken to cosmic consciousness for it will have experience every aspect of its being.

Two perspectives to consciousness awakening consciousness (Top)

There are two ways to look at and understand how consciousness awakens consciousness. One way is through the realization of oneness and that all is one. The other way is understanding that an individuated consciousness defines itself by the experiences it has. Each is really the same process only they lie at different ends of a spectrum so they look different. At one end of the spectrum the consciousness believes it is the Creator. At the other end of the spectrum is whatever consciousness believes about it self.

The oneness of all that is: From the oneness perspective, all is one. We each are an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. We are only asleep and unaware of this fact. Anything and everything we experience is only us revealing ourselves to ourselves by the experiences we ourselves created. This view is the view of consciousness at play with itself. It works on the principle our inner world is directly reflected in our outer world and vice versa.

How consciousness defines itself: The second way to look at this awakening process is each individual point of consciousness defines who and what it thinks it is by the experiences it has. Additionally, each individual point of consciousness is an independent reality unique unto itself. Whenever any two individual point of consciousness interact with each other, each is capable of expressing an aspect of their being that may not have been previously experienced by the other. Hence each individual point of consciousness has a new experience by which they can further define themselves. As such, each individual point of consciousness has the potential to awaken to an aspect of their own being they did not know they possessed and redefine themselves based on this experience.

An overall journey seeking a playmate (Top)

In understanding how consciousness awakens consciousness, we only need to remember how Creation came about. That is, as reflected in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, the consciousness within, or behind, Creation was seeking a playmate. It was seeking someone with whom to share itself.

In this regard, each individuated consciousness desires to express itself to other individuated consciousness if for no other reason that to find a playmate or to simply announce who and what they are. It is interacting with other individuals and the world before us that allows us to have the experiences that we do and to learn about ourselves in our response. We then take these experiences and define ourselves by them. From a creativity perspective, ultimately, the only reason we are in any relationship of any type is to find out about ourselves. To see who and what we are. When we consciously or nonconsciously become bored with who we think we are, we become involved in some type or kind of new relationship that allows another aspect of our being to be revealed.

It is probably obviously that other individuals push us past our limits as to how we have defined ourselves as to who we think we are. They cause us to have feelings and responses we did not know we had or expected. When we get tied of being pushed past our limits, we withdrawal. When we become tired in any way with the limits we have imposed on ourselves we look for new experiences in life.

Each individuated consciousness is unique. Each will have a way to push another individuated consciousness past the limits set by their mind to control its definition of itself. It needs to be remembered we are each a being of infinite consciousness. It will take an infinite number of interactions with an infinite number of beings and an infinite number of interactions with any one being to fully define exactly who and what we are. The question ultimately is, "Do we awaken in each individual the uniqueness that corresponds to us?" Unless we do this, we fail to be who and what we are we never give what we really have to offer another. That is, our uniqueness.

The consciousness within, or behind, Creation shattered itself into an infinite number of individual points of consciousness to experience Itself and the infinite aspects of its Being. We each are one of those aspects. If we do not live and express the truth of our being, we never reveal the aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation to ourselves or to Consciousness Itself.

We learn though relationships. In particular, we learn who and what we are. Any individual can cause a second individual to see they are much more than who they think they are and how they have defined themselves. In doings so the second individual is able to evolve to an understanding of who they really are. Being push pass our limits may or may not be annoying. It all depends on how much of our ego is tied to the limit.

Obviously, when we are willing, there is little annoyance to be pushed past our limits of how we have defined ourselves. However if we are unwilling and refuses to change, we will become either very annoyed or angry. Awareness can come gently in playfulness, joy and bliss, or in great pain, agony, and/or annoyance The choice is ours.

It is important that we understand how others have touched us. In that understanding, we can see how we have or have not touched others. In understanding that each person affects us at very deep levels and we play close attention to the feelings that arise when we are with any individual, we will realize that much of our interaction with people occurs at a nonconscious level. We will realize we know things without having any rational way of knowing - especially about the other individual. Even when we seem not to be interacting with an individual consciously there is an exchange of energy that occurs and the closer we get, the greater the exchange of energy.

In this process of consciousness awakening consciousness a first individual consciousness will reveals themselves by acting in such a way that causes a second consciousness to be pushed past their limits in some way. When we are pushed past our limits in a pleasurable way, we never really pay attention to what is awakening within us. However, when we are pushed past our limits in an less than pleasant way, our "buttons are pushed" and we respond in a way that causes us to face a part of our being we did not know we had. However, the process happens so quickly we only benefit from what happens if we are mindful and aware of how we are responding.

We can see the process at work in very young children where before they develop their judgmental mind and ego. Before an ego develops, a very young child will just be who and what they are. In doing so, they frequently push their adult care giver to the point of anger. The child is not intentionally causing the adult to get angry. The child is not consciously looking for an aspect of the adultís ego to see if it can be challenged. Rather, the child, in being who and what they are, cause a part of the adult to be revealed.

The anger comes totally from within the adult. The adult has a part of their being that is challenged by the child. All the child is doing is revealing who they are. But in the process they cause the care giver to reveal a part of themselves the care giver was often not aware that existed. If the care giver were aware that the part of themselves the child reveals existed, they would not get angry or annoyed. They would not be angry or annoyed at the loss of control that they feel the child is causing for the would know the child is only being themselves and the child is only the occasion to experience something in themselves. Of course, once the child learns to push the adults "buttons" then it is not so much the child innocently revealing the adult. Rather, it is more about the child moving into mind and learning how to control and manipulate another. Although the child may still reveal to the adult a part of themselves the adult did not know what inside them, the child is no longer doing so in innocence.

One important lesson that we can all learn from is to review our lives and allow ourselves to re-experience the people with whom we have interacted. If we look at how they helped or hurt us, loved and hated us, affected us positively or negatively, we will being to see exactly how they have only been the occasion to awakened parts of our being that we did not know we had. If we allow ourselves to feel deeply the emotions we have about these people we will find a powerful learning device. There will be a instant feedback about our behavior and how we are responding to life while we were on earth, in physical bodies. We need not die and have the proverbial "life review" that so many individuals having Near Death Experiences are reported to experienced. We can have those life reviews at any moment in time. We only need to allow ourselves to feel the depth of the interaction we have with any individual and learn to understand why we are responding to them the way we do.

In talking about other individuals, it is import to understand that the earth itself is a consciousness that we experience. If we are open to it has to communicate, it also allows us to come to some awareness of who and what we are. It too awakens parts of our being. We only need to look at the feelings we have as a result of the physical environment in which we find ourselves in any one moment. In doing so we can learn much about what is driving us forward in life. Any interaction with nature can be just as powerful an experience as we have with any individual for in the end both are simply different forms of an individuated consciousness.

But a consciousness not only awakens another consciousness, it can also cause another consciousness to go to sleep and/or fall into habits and patterns that capture our creative ability and creative power. Essentially this occurs because of the way we are being asked to respond to life. Either we are somehow asked or forced to deny ourselves and/or learn a response patter to life or assimilate a belief about life that does not allow ourselves to be true to ourselves and the truth within our being. When we deny ourselves and our truth often we will experience a pain and/or discomfort. To numb that pain and/or discomfort we allow that part of our being to go to sleep. If we do not allow that aspect of our being to go to sleep, the pain and/or discomfort will persist and we will be driven to numb, suppress or somehow address the pain in some other way often leading to habits that develop into addictions.

This is basically what happens to each of us as a child when we lose our ability to creatively play. These response patterns to life which we develop that deny our truth is one reason why it may be necessary to step out of mind. It is to step out of mind to reject much of what our early care givers may have represented and/or taught us how to approach life to rediscover to our creative ability and creative power to be in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play.

It needs to be understood that although everyone is created equally as a unique fragment of Consciousness, none better or worse than any other, some have developed and defined themselves more in alignment with their true nature than others. There are some with greater powers of understanding who have access to more knowledge. These individuals will seek out those who need and/or asked for development and help them. If we come across such an individual, our interaction with these kinds of individuals no matter how much they annoy us will cause us to live with a greater and enhanced understanding of who and what we are. Often we will actually feel a calmness and increase in our power, understanding, clarity and discernment between matters of the heart and mind. We will see and experience ourselves learning to stand with courage and strength in the truth of our own identity.

Of course, there are those individuals who think they have enhanced powers of understanding and have given themselves permission to teach. But we know whether or not they are awakening our consciousness by the feeling of expansion of fullness we feel within our being. Anyone who is awakening our consciousness will cause us to feel a fullness or expansion within our being. No matter how pleasing, ingratiating, and/or interesting they may be, they cannot give us what they do not have. Unless one learns to stand in their own truth, they cannot teach another to stand in the strength of their own identity and what they teach will not create that feeling of fullness and/or expansion within the individual.

One cannot give what we do not have or have not become. We can only give the truth of our own being and what we have revealed to ourselves. Otherwise, the truth of our being is still asleep and all we can give is sleep and unawareness to the other person. For example, when one is capable of living in a state of being in wonderment and "Ah" of the universe, they can do nothing else but create the space for another to live in that same state of wonderment and the state of wonderment is only found in living and being the truth of oneís own being.

Sexuality and consciousness awakening consciousness (Top)

In understanding how consciousness awakens consciousness it is appropriate to note how sexuality provides one of the most powerful vehicles with which to explore an awareness of oneís being and to awaken parts of oneself one didnít know they had. Sexuality and consciousness awakening consciousness is provided in the discussion of the same name, "Sexuality and consciousness awakening consciousness" and it is a complement and continuation of this topic.

Overall summary (Top)

We must share our inner knowledge with other people. We each have a very unique perspective on the universe that no other person has until we give it to them. If we fail to fully live our uniqueness and give who and what we are, all of Creation is less than it can be. But there is no judgment on one not acting. We each have been given a free will to exercise in the manner we choose. Additionally, we all have abilities or gifts that extend far beyond what we use and give. This is the essence of how we create oneness. We share who and what we are and what we know and have experienced from the depth and breath of our being. In that sharing we come to understand the truth that lies within ourselves and within Creation. It is in that true we find the oneness of all that is.

One of the most profound understandings that come from understanding that consciousness awakens consciousness and all is interconnected and energy is flowing in the path of least resistance is that we cannot shut someone out of our life without causing a separation within our on being and denying a part of ourselves. In knowing how the inner is reflected in the outer, when someone or something enters our life it is only an aspect of ourselves surfacing to be recognized. If we accept it and experience it, learning what we need to learn about ourselves we are free to move on. If we deny it, that part of our being is never properly experienced nor understood an remains sleep and unavailable to us.

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