Enculturated ego


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The enculturated ego is the ego or identity our mind creates and we assume as a result of our enculturation. It is not the ego that results from the experiences we have had. Rather, it is an identity we assume based on how we have been taught to interpret life and understand ourselves by our society. Usually there are experiences we deny to satisfy our enculturation. As such, we do not develop an ego that is truly representative of the experiences we have had.

To live the enculturated ego, we define our life by the experiences we have had, but more importantly, we interpret those experiences and live by the way we have been taught. We tend to deny our personal experiences and internal knowings if they do not correspond to our enculturation. This way of living is knowingly or unknowingly taught to us by our family, the society in which we inhabit, and/or the individuals in which we surround ourselves. This way of living essentially causes us to deny what we feel and how we perceive. The reality we experience. In most cases we never access and/or develop our own intuitive powers but rather live life, consciously and nonconsciously, based on external criteria and expectations. It is the way most of us are taught live and few break out of this mold. This is the way the society prefers and encourages its members to live.

When we choose to recreate our life it is the enculturated ego which normally stands in the way and needs to be transformed. The ego that correspond to the actual experiences we have had in life is usually not an issue for we have never lived it Rather, in most cases, it is our enculturated programming which must be shed for us to create the life we desire to live.

To shed our enculturated programming does not mean we create an ego that goes against society and/or life the left hand path. Rather, from the creativity perspective in which holds our creativity sacred, it is about developing and ego that accurately reflects who we are based on our understanding of our truth and our experiences. That is, we create an identity based on our truth and what serves both our truth and our unique creativity and not what our enculturation has us believe about who and what we are.

To transform our enculturated ego, we need to become the mythical phoenix. We will need to create a symbolic fire which consumes the nest we have build in which we have found so much comfort to destroy the ego we have created so it can be transformed. Some thought on how to do this start in the topic "Transforming the ego."

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