Exploring the nonconscious mind

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Exploring the nonconscious mind
Cautionary statement
A prerequisite and background exploration of the nonconscious mind
The essence of how exploration of mind works
Exploring the nonconscious mind

Preprogrammed nonconscious attachments
The body as a key to the nonconscious mind
Exploring the unconscious
Typical approaches to exploration of the nonconscious mind

This file follows the topic, "Exploring our mind in the creativity perspective." Since this topic builds on the information contained in Exploring our mind in the creativity perspective, consideration should be given to reading it first.

Cautionary statement (Top)

The approach to exploring the nonconscious mind is different than the psychological and therapeutic approach and the healing perspective used by most current medical and alternative practices different from the creativity perspective on healing. As such, an individual involved with any type and kind of psychological and therapeutic treatment and/or desire to explore healing with this approach should read the "Cautionary statement and disclaimer" found in the topic "Exploring our mind."

A prerequisite and background exploration of the nonconscious mind  (Top)

The essence of exploring the nonconscious mind is reflected in a typical problem we face. That is, accepting our role as the creator of the experiences we have. The typical problem we all have to face is the person before us, no matter what experience they are providing us, is only manifesting what we desire to experience at some level of being. More often than not, the person is only manifesting what we think and believe it means to be human. The consequence is we do not see what is before as something we called into existence. Rather than looking within and understanding why we called forth what we did, we focus outward we blame others. Hence we never get to the root issue that causes what we experience. Until we are willing to at least be open to the possibility that we are the creator of our experience and what we experience is what we ourselves have asked or agreed to experience at some level of our being, we will really never access what we need to access in our nonconscious mind.

The essence of the creation process is that our consciousness creates a disturbance in the fabric of creation by what and how we believe. Reality molds itself into what we believe and as discussed in the topic "The Observer observed pair and the nature of duality" creates an observer making an observation within a context of observation or within a particular environment.

Our body and its environment is our truth manifested. Our consciousness is the observer of our body and the world in which we created or incarnated to have the experiences we desire to have. The three, the observer, observed and the environment of observation are interconnected and each one affects the others. The connection is at the nonconscious level, usually in the deep unconscious as opposed to the subconscious. We normally do not see the connection unless we choose to focus our attention and awareness so that we can see it or reveal itself to us.

Whether we realize it or not , who and what we are becomes a one to one mapping into the creation we experience. Or, alternatively said, our consciousness is reflected in the creation we experience. How to understand how this is done is probably best reflected in the phenomenon of pair production.

In the pair production phenomenon, energy in the form of a photon without any mass gets converted directly to mass. That is something that is "non physical" as being defined without mass is converted into mass. In this phenomenon the massless energy takes on a physical form. When it does so, it create a particle and an antiparticle or a hole and a cutout if we choose to see it that way. What is important to realize is that we need to look at both the hole and the cutout, or the particle and the anti particle, if we wish to see the original energy which gives rise to the cutout.

The human physical experience allow us to manifest who and what we are directly into physical form. But, as a human being, who and what we are is split between our consciousness and our body and the world in which our body exists. That is, our inner world is reflected in the outer. The world of our consciousness is manifested as our body and its environment. By looking carefully at the world we experience, we can begin to see what we hold in our nonconscious mind.

The interconnectedness of the observer, the observe and the environment of observation, in turn, creates a feedback loop. Part of what any consciousness believes in any one moment is determined by the environment in which it finds itself. By changing what we think, we create a new disturbance in what we have created. The disturbance which is created materializes as an experience exactly into a form determined by the environment in which we manifest our energy.

Each environment will allow for an exact representation of who and what we are as can be supported by that environment. Some environment will be unable to support some characteristics or attributes of our being. Some environments will amplify others. We only need to look at what is created and the experiences we have within the environment in which we find ourselves to understand what and how we believe.

What this means is that in understanding our environment, we only need to look to our environment and the experiences we have within that environment to learn to understand what we believe for it accurately reflects who and what we are. By consciously choosing and watching what occurs, we can begin to explore any aspect of our being and our nonconscious mind that we chose.

The essence of how exploration of mind works  (Top)

Physical Creation is a place that grounds our energy. In a way analogous to the way gravity pulls objects to Earth to the ground, Physical Creation pulls our creative life energy into manifestation in a physical experience. Hence the name grounding. What is important is the way it pulls our energy. That is, it provides a place for our energy to flow into manifestation based on the attachments we have. Our attachments are a result of how we have focused our attention and awareness as a result of how and what we think and believe. It is this fact that allows us to explore both our conscious and nonconscious mind. That is, what we experience in Physical Creation is reflective of our attachments.

The primary way we form our attachments is through our body and what we feel. For example we feel hungry so we go get food. We feel thirsty so we go get water. This, in turn, provides an avenue and model for us to reveal and/or form other attachments based on what we feel. We feel lonely so we go look for another. We feel sad so we go look for something to make us happy. In this regard the experiences we have and especially our pain will reveal our attachments if we follow our pain back to its source.

Pulling the string on what we feel, especially our pain, allows us to use our experience in Physical Creation to reveal our attachments in both our transcendental mind and enculturated mind through what we feel and that to which we are draw to satisfy that feeling. It provides a way to make the nonconscious conscious. We simply need to pull the string on what we feel and why we feel what we do as opposed to something else. As the experience we have in our current mind awaken memories in our transcendental mind, we may find ourselves returning to experience of past lives or prior existence. In essence, our nonconscious mind, notably the unconscious mind, is being made conscious by the experiences we have.

Attachments do not allow our creative life energy to flow freely from experience to experience. The key to our creative power, at any level of being, is to become like the wind. Coming with nothing (no attachments and expectations) and leaving with nothing (no attachments - no regrets in any way and no strong desires for or against anything). This of course is much easier said than done, especially in Physical Creation. Nevertheless, Physical Creation provides us the opportunity to begin to find freedom.

Exploring the nonconscious mind  (Top)

What we need to use to explore in our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is essentially the same thing and we can do it exactly the same way if we use the perspective of the detached witness. It needs to be remembered, mind acts a lens or filter biasing what we experience. It is just that the lens has a conscious, subconscious and nonconscious portion. From the perspective of the detached witness, we step outside the lens or the filter to see reality for what it is. So, whether something is in the conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind, it doesnít matter. We have stepped outside the lens or the filter and all that is in the lens or the filter looks the same.

However, without the perspective of the detached witness exploring the conscious mind will be seen quite differently than how we explore the nonconscious mind. Similarly, exploring the unconscious mind will be more difficult to explore than the subconscious mind for reason discussed in the topic, "The Subconscious and Unconscious." The main difference between exploring the subconscious mind as compared to the unconscious mind is that we will have memories from our current life to described what we remember in the subconscious mind. Since the unconscious mind arises from our transcendental mind, we will not necessarily have the minimum set of experience from our current life to explain what we find in the transcendental mind. Here we will have to learn to rely on feelings and understand that whatever interpretation our current mind provides us about something from the transcendental mind may be in error.

From the creativity perspective, mind is a property of our consciousness. Most of us see and experience our mind as being in command of how we respond to a situation. However, in the awareness of the detached witness, we can come to see mind is under the control of our conscious awareness if we choose to take such control. Although we may not be aware of how we have given up such control, our intuitive guidance can lead us on the appropriate path to gain that understanding.

Within the world of energy our thoughts arise from a flow of energy characterized by our mind. Energy flows as result of some cause. It is not by accident we sense the energy we do nor is it an accident the characterization our mind gives the energy it characterizes.

What needs to be explored is why our nonconscious mind presents the particular image, thought or feeling it does as opposed to any other, and why our conscious mind responds the way it does rather than any other. Simply said, there is a pattern to how our nonconscious mind will present information to us and there is a pattern to how our conscious mind responds to any situation. What we need to explore are these patterns that how our mind uses them.

What we will find in this exploration is that although the patterns of our nonconscious mind and conscious mind seem different, our mind is not fragmented and segmented even if our thinking and beliefs are. What we will find is that the same pieces are forming both the nonconscious and conscious patterns. As we work with one, we will change the other. As we learn to change how we respond to our external world, we will begin to have different thoughts than we did previously for a given situation. We will be able to observe something internally or externally to ourselves and actually see how our conscious and nonconscious patterns have shifted. For many situation, we can even recognize what in the pattern or what about the pattern has shifted. It is quite a marvelous experience to see this phenomena unfold before our very consciousness.

The way to begin to explore these patterns is to simply ask "Why?" or ""Why this particular thought, image, feeling and/or response and not another?" and pull the string on every answer we get continually asking "why?" until we arrive at an answer that is appropriate. Here "appropriate" means that we can see the full cause effect chain  that gives rise to the thought, image, feeling and/or response we do. We will be able to see where the cause-effect chain shifted and something new or some change in belief causes us to travel down the cause effect pattern in which we find ourselves.

Questions based on "What?" and "How?" like "What/how do I feel?"give rise to the images from the nonconscious mind and how our mind and/or body is characterizing the energy we are experiencing. Itís very important to explore the actual experiences of energy that give rise to our thinking and what is exactly causing us to characterize the energy we experience in the way we do. This takes us to the "Why?" question.

Questions based on "Why?" such as. "Why this characterization as opposed to something else?" tend to take us into the mind and its analytical processes that are characterizing what we experience in the way we are characterizing it. The question takes unto the particular belief structure and thinking patterns we have that create our expectations and the parts of our past that we hold onto.

We need to remember, the goal is to optimize our creative ability and creative power for each experience we have in life. Each experience should be experienced like the wind. Coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. However, we hold onto the past and that biases our future. We do so because of how and what we think. When we enter an experience like the wind, we can ask ourselves, "Why did I create this experience or why am I having this experience?" and we will find an instant clarity as to why with no need to pull the string. What surface is a reason in what we can call the obvious without any bias or judgment on our part. When something is obvious there is no string to pull. Our response tends to be "Of course this is why?" and we feel without any bias or judgment the freedom to change what we desire to leave it to continue more of the same.

The "Why?" line of questioning will take us into the mind's characterization of what we experience. This is what needs to be explored because it is mind that bias the characterization of the energy we experience, not the heart nor the body.

In pulling the string and accessing the belief or remembering the experience giving rise to the belief or feeling that caused us to move into the particular cause effect pattern on which we have been pulling the string, we will being to see how our experiences and what we believe about those experiences are creating the reality we experience. If we never pay attention to what our nonconscious mind presents, the nonconscious mind will most probably utilize pain, accident, illness and/or nightmares or their equivalent to get our conscious attention. The nonconscious will yell at our conscious mind only as loudly as necessary to get its attention. If however we learn to be mindful and understand how and why we think the way we do, we will be able to perceive the finest differences in the energy of any situation, including the thoughts and/or thinking of the person standing in front of us.

In working with these patterns of the conscious and nonconscious mind, remember we are working with energy, namely the energy creating our reality. In this regard understand that energy flows in the path of least resistance and the most energetic thing we hold in our mind about a given experience will arise to be addressed. We can use these principles to our advantage by creating an environment that will allow us to access particular aspects about our being. By creating a theatrical type performance, a metatheater, we can reveal any aspect you desire about our nonconscious thought patterns.

Similarly, we can use any experience we have to reveal ourselves if we look at what is happening as a theatrical performance where we are only playing a role rather than taking what occurs personally. In this regard, everything we experience, every event in our life now becomes the occasion that brings our awareness of another piece of our conscious and nonconscious patterns. If properly focused, this type of effort takes us on a very direct path to clarity in understanding how we have created the reality we currently experience. It the light of understanding of how we created this reality, we can create any reality we choose.

Preprogrammed nonconscious attachments  (Top)

We come into physical life with attachments and we have them in two areas. One is that we have incarnated to play a role. That role will require us to do certain things. The need to do these certain things are often experienced as nonconscious or illogical attachments. That is, they are preferences or attachment that we cannot explain having based on the experiences we have had in life. Some of the attachments are from the desires of Physical Creation that it has for us. Some of them our mind may judge as acceptable and some we may judge as unacceptable.

The second set of attachments we have in entering life are those of our transcendental mind. Mind is a properly of consciousness, any consciousness. Mind will always hold memories and mind has its judgments about what it likes and dislikes. Many of these carry over from one experience to another just as we have likes and dislikes that carry over from day to day as we live life. However, we are unaware of the energy that is bound in these attachments until they are given an occasion for the energy to flow. For example, we may have a prejudice against a race of people or a particular way of acting in the world which is unknown to us. Until we come face to face with someone from the race for which we have a prejudice or are required to act in a certain way, we never realize we have attachments that is binding and holding our creative life energy. Because of the need to form attachment in Physical Creation to sustain our body, we quickly, reveal our attachments which the conditions present themselves. In this regard, metatheater is a very effective way of surfacing attachments of the transcendent mind.

The body as a key to the nonconscious mind  (Top)

Although Creation is the composite of a variety of creative processes, our body can be seen as a bridge point where three processes come together. The three which specifically come together in our body are the three flows of energy resulting from the desires of Physical Creation, the desires of the human collective and the desires of our creative spirit. In this regard, our particular body is chosen for the particular "mission" in life we undertake. It is the perfect vehicle to accomplish what we set out to do in Physical Creation and to meet the desires of Physical Creation. This includes any particular desires the human collective had on influencing the intention for our life. However, meeting these desires are experienced as feelings and the feeling to do certain types and kinds of things as opposed to something our mind can understand and fully characterize.

Regardless of what our mind thinks or from where our attachments come, if we learns to align with the flow of our creative life energy and surrender to its lead, we can free ourselves from our attachments. We can creative  freedom and learn to be happy with what is and where that flow takes us. In doing so we will find that we can live like the wind, free and unattached. We will also be able to be in the state of wonderment and "Ah" at Creation. We will live in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration for we will truly be exploring the unknown depths of our own being and that of Creation.

We can being this process of surrendering to the flow of our creative life energy by doing three things. One is to set the intention to open ourselves to feeling and discerning what we feel and why. The second is to detach and become a detached witness. The third is to become very mindful and aware of the thoughts and feelings we have to see how we are choosing or not choosing to act in life and be willing to pull the string as to why this though or feeling as opposed to any other..

Exploring the unconscious (Top)

What needs to be noted here is that it was said thee is an alternative way to explore the unconscious. It is to take the perspective of the detached witness and understand we are the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality we experience. What this means is that we can stand apart from our life. As the detached witness, we can ask, "Why did I create the experience I have?" We only need to listen as that detached witness to know the answer. In surfacing the answer, we can choose to act on the information that is presented to us. To act to change what created what we experience we need to ask, "What do I need to do, what do I need to become to correct/change the experience I have?" We then need to honor the intuitive guidance we receive.

Typical approaches to exploration of the nonconscious mind (Top)

Some typical approaches to the exploration of the nonconscious mind are found in the topics, "Exploring the subconscious mind" and "Exploring the unconscious mind"

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