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Triangulation is a creative tool which come from the concept of using three references to establish oneís position.

Conceptually it works as follows. Imagine yourself in a very large field, completely flat. There is nothing in the field except there are three large objects in three different locations at the edge of the field almost outside of eyesight. Also imagine you have a map of the field and you are trying to find out where you are in this field relative to the edge of the map. For all practical purpose it is a blank sheet of paper for there is nothing in the field other than three points at different places near the edges of the paper representing the three objects. Otherwise, there is nothing else to be seen in the field. It is complete flat devoid of any marks. Much like being on the ocean.

If we orientate the paper such that one object is at the top we can draw a line from that object along the paper. We lie somewhere along that line. Now if we turn and look at one of the other two objects and draw a straight line on the paper from the object opposite the direction we are facing, the two lines cross and we are at the intersection of the two lines. If we donít really need the third position for we are at the intersection of the first two lines. However, if we look at the third object and then draw a third line in the direction opposite of what we are facing, the three lines should all intersect at the exact same point. That is, if we can draw accurately, take accurate reading of directions and the three point on the map do in fact accurately represent the three objects. If any inaccuracy exists, rather than getting three lines intersecting at a point, we get a triangle. The smaller the triangle the greater the accuracy in our readings. The larger the inaccuracy, the larger the triangle. In any case, our position is now in the center of the triangle. This is triangulation and can be used in many types of creative endeavors when exploring the unknown. All that is needed to never get lost are three fixed positions of some type observable from wherever we are. The question is, for any creative endeavor, are there three reference points we can use?

Relative to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, triangulation was first seen used in celestial navigation in navigating across a ocean. In celestial navigation, three star sighting are used to establish a position. Any one star sighting only tells us we lie on a line directed toward the star on which we focus. Two different stars in different parts of the sky allow for two intersecting lines to cross to tell us were we are. However, there are inaccuracies in the measurements and one can be quite far off. A third star helps to ensure the fix. A third star in a third and different part of the sky allows for three lines which intersect. Normally the intersecting lines do not all cross at a point but form a triangle. Our position is then located inside the triangle. The better the accuracy in our measurement, the tighter or smaller the triangle. The more inaccuracies we have, the larger the triangle and the more uncertain our position.

With the creativity perspective, to look at the accuracy of any observation we make we may want pursue using some type and kind of triangulation method. That is, to use three different approaches or methods to address the issue each providing a different perspective on what we seek to explore. For example, use three significantly different types of guided meditation using three different views or perspective but each looking at the same issue. The three views can be considered three sides of a triangle and the answer we seek likes in the middle of the triangle.

Triangulation is also a good technique to use with our own intuitive guidance. That is, use three different ways to ask our intuitive guidance. One could be through nocturnal dreams. A second could be meditation. A third could be some type and kind of body work. Again, the answer would lie with the triangle created by the three views.

In a true creative endeavor, the issue is our mind will characterize the energy we sense as to what we need to do to create what we desire based on our past experiences. Until we obtain the minimum set of experience to properly characterize what we sense, our mind will characterize it inaccurately. However, by look at the energy we sense three different ways, we use three different sets of past experiences. Although our mind will still characterize what we experience inaccurately, we will have a better idea of what is the properly characterizations of the energy we sense. Also, given the differences in what the three views present, gives us some idea of how inaccurate our mind may be in what it is characterizing.

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